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Ann Coulter Checks In On Kerry And The Sequester

Feb 25, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm. Today Ann and Howie talked about Kerry's gaffe in which he made up a country and the looming sequester.

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All right joining us now on the line is site in -- She is the author of -- many books including a mug which was a bad New York Times best seller and will soon be out in paperback. And and thanks for being with us here today. Absolutely did -- LA guard yeah. Well -- I you know -- -- -- first we have so much good news you know why I know -- like me you consider. Bob Menendez one of the poster boys of the modern Democratic Party. And and now and now we have new developments today in the story now we thought that he was going with. The under -- he was soliciting underage Dominican prostitutes. Only because they were doing the jobs that Americans were whirling. But today the daily caller has found an American prostitute. Google claims that does she is done business with these chair the new chairman. Of the for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. A professional escort who travels the East Coast seeing clients in cities for Miami to Boston. Has identified a photo of senator Bob Menendez is a man who paid her for sex. The women in her late thirties told the daily caller prior to seeing Menendez is photo she had been paid to provide sexual favors to several. US senators including a New Jersey Democrat and other politicians were no longer. Living. Menendez she said is quite a hobbyists he sees a lot of girls and doesn't seem to have the skills to have a relationship. It's originally -- we're a prostitute which you down as having a lousy personality. All of this just gets better and -- Jeff I know where where we went to plug in this first hour about the sequestration and in this that this amazing. Tag team of wolf that the president display idea. I don't I don't think it's going over the -- at this war I mean maybe with a low information voters but I think anybody who's who studies this thing for more than five minutes. Sees that this is a complete scam. Yeah definitely because it. Everybody's pulling this scam including deep deep one the one department of the federal government conservatives generally support the Defense Department. It's this is known as these firemen and first. Argument where whatever people want gently to referring here to local governments. Obviously spending that much money we do we need to have art therapy for the homeland. And you know the government officials come back and say OK okay you what you want government spending to go to -- gonna have to layoff requirements. Yeah football in high school. -- high school football teams are a error an inviting target as well. Yes as a Defense Department is saying well that's it we're not going to be able to deploy the USS Truman. -- the -- now. And I know how well how about getting rid of the eight billion technical harassment training seminar that the Department of Defense. I -- a lot of things we could cut. I'm getting rid of the Department of Commerce. Better than I mean not. And as concerns and screaming from the rooftop it's not cutting. It cutting the rate of growth according to run ball. Even with these drastic. A little cut the clone either the federal the federal budget would still go up by seven billion dollars over the next ten years. I mean I haven't seen different estimates but it's basically just. Not increasing. The federal budget on and on yet more acute billion dollar -- On Drudge over the weekend Sonja the government. Employees consultants of course. Making a million dollars he probably can't balance the outlook. I I know I know that you're we're getting caught we were -- tax from people you know work your prison guards -- the federal prisons and people were in the military and again why the these are the prices that that. Actually have real jobs. Their they're the ones that are being held hostage. You know. Nobody in the coming just like game of the government coming up but the one. These you'll -- -- federal programs we can support as opposed to the 80% we don't support. I think I'd start but the entire federal Department of Education which you know Reagan program on women needing. That entire department of how America got by for 200 years without it federal department of education and kids were actually getting educated. And then in the top of the teachers union that -- desperate move. President Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. Where no one pages and and no children to learn anything about that but what's (%expletive) up a lot of money. Would have been handed to do educator -- -- it does include limiting the department I mean I don't know really in the accident that one and a Democrat that's. And they have more than we have even though Republicans. Keep keep seeming to win more elections despite the cycle. President Michael. When they count the presidency the house and senate. Bad bad things get done they happened to do list they are ready to go they finally got you know the one thing that that FDR couldn't get through the national healthcare. And I believe the problem is it never gets pulled back. What happens when Republican but I mean it is not going to war is at and. Right exactly well Remy -- to look at Richard Nixon he's responsible for the EPA affirmative action I probably few other things I've forgotten and. You can still never gonna -- bills that are somewhere else -- just anyway why bother trying to. -- -- -- Right exactly the Italy. But I. I don't know what the you weekly points and cuts it was almost like they put troops arm in the in the the water yesterday in DC I mean these people. When did you hear -- did you hear Juan Williams I mean he was play was talking about the you know about how the the liberal media. As opposed to the conservative media they're the ones who mounted G dot against you -- as you well well and as you well know what's acidic Chris what's hero Juan Williams again for -- this where this was -- -- -- That it was the Archie bunkers in the world right wingers or. Who were more resistant or close minded back here in the other side. About allowing music well I hope I don't think that's right -- the -- when. When in fact what I've learned is. Very painful way and I can. Open a certain show -- the scars. And iphones. Is that it's big. Media institutions who identify probably more liberal. To left leaning. Who will shut you down stab you and kill you. -- If they perceive that you are not. Telling a story in the way they want it -- Mean there are necessary mean do you you know what you know what as well the same thing happened to you gonna happen Juan Williams you know I mean you can't see you can't say anything about about the Islamic terrorists and a. We didn't know many in the dependent that are dominated by the last. They always become more and more and more dominated by a weapon in the beep -- primary available. Being being the university. And international. Or it's hard to imagine that there where there were professors who wants. They weren't discriminating. Against against bright competent competitors who held views. Political -- they do agree with but it senator spoke little caddy and suddenly got to know conserve we don't care how good. Still play are we don't care -- tell that they are sorry John Lott opera more gun went on and on the preeminent economy in the country. No he can't teach kids. At least -- and. I was like speech codes mean what -- -- what -- chilling phrase that as you would think the liberals would be is is -- I have friends like. Oh no they feel leak site the First Amendment what it's for something they like like. Like new needing a good -- -- complete and. By by the way so one of the techsters pointed out in the in the globe on Saturday we you know you know the globes having some problems -- don't break it. -- all of our hearts. But that they had a they had their panic story panic story National Park Service division. And they said that thousands of volunteers are going to be laid off volunteers are going to be quite. It's terrible when you try to volunteered they lay you off you're eligible for unemployment if your -- every Acura laid off volunteer. -- I wanted it there was that there was that story in the investor's business Dalia about that this guy enough -- enough in Colorado this a statement state that rampant cholera Agassi's state rep and cholera. -- Salazar. -- -- arguing for the disarmament of college students Salazar said that if women feel like they're going to be rape does note that's no justification for -- a Glock. It's this is a quote from this guy. And were energy -- here in this quote think of -- -- and. It's why we have call boxes it's why we have safe zones it's why we have the whistles. Nowhere else. He can't imagine how they consider something like that I mean not Republicans and not an idiot but. I went. To save that you don't worry about getting raped just blow the whistle. I don't care an -- and other hand gun battle on yours ago. I mean he studies have been done a million times. A woman is being impacted. You know people always wonder to fight back or -- and -- just comply but that wanna get away with my life. And the impact areas. Unless you -- had gone -- back an Angel yet. But the -- fighting back and were more likely out more harm done to the one exception to that I just added if you haven't. And they'll you know it is important and -- -- -- -- consequently is that women if you're being -- like back and enjoy it. Yeah and now and -- two good -- too good stories about the use of this is Second Amendment Indianapolis a fifteen year old is in critical condition after being shot by a pizza delivery person. He was -- he was robbed and they demanded his money in cell phone they took two pizza boxes. He gave them some money the cell phone he -- he said this phone was in the back of his cards that are grabbing his phone. He grabbed his own firearm and fired several rounds at the yield. -- you spent a 21 year old man sprang into action to protect the -- we Thursday night when three suspects barged into their northwest Harris. County home. They were baking a cake with his mother and father and all of a sudden there was a knock on the door these guys rushed. After the father was down the suspects when after the mother that is when the -- -- and got his dad's -- he opened fire and hit one of the suspects who died in the back bad. I think -- re always so if if only. They had a rape whistle. Yeah and these these these youths these more youths. You know these big deal fell through the cracks of the Reagan bush years could be alive today robbing more pizza deliveryman and collecting. And I have -- staging home invasions in Houston. It reminds me of another point that -- statistics the on people. There always is setting up make news talk about that orbit that would have to like -- particularly great. And that that done and home mart you know acts more like we'd be used to kill the homeowner bail out and kill an intruder. On the new -- full. You know already included an updated number one. More than 90% of the time the gun on the used to kill the homeowner advocate who would die -- there is no evidence that people are more likely to commit suicide. Because they are outgunned and available on Japan at a much higher rate of suicide and they -- -- The second packet back which is exactly on the point you just meant to -- as. It. Account that you need to play buoyant mood and public confidence -- they aren't -- You know we could go on get on the applies to make article article on the day. I'm Kenya opening that we believe the don't. Show up as a defensive unit but on it -- anger scale it. You always I think we still have a law in Massachusetts that if you if you suffer home invasion -- worst you were expected to retreat. You -- it's like -- like a horror movie you're supposed to run up -- that the addict and get the -- there are now. I believe that it was very bad. Yeah I know what is it is very bad habits it's -- it. It's terrible but that's you know that's what that's the way it is I don't under how. Well do that but didn't make apple all. It's. -- broken into your hole you're defending your life. And gabbana gown you know prosecutors coming in in the second gathered the whether you would have time to make it to your addict before being sought or grabbed by the intruder. I -- that penalizes the -- bothered DePaul. Did this is the -- thereof I don't think they're gonna get -- work -- after via Second Amendment I just don't. You why it's -- wonderful. Now this is one thing that beat -- the majority of American golf -- and being the podium and speak. Don't really agree on no matter how much appeal weaker against the people. And then in their bone scan or an Intel all the liberal -- of the content we need to remind you about the first demand we have got hundreds of divisions have on the First Amendment. There there's been caught up until hell I think the last decision on the Second Amendment from the spring for a put back in the thirty. I'm in the world even before that but it was a very old case of and yet even they're bound Americans know they have a right to bear arms. And that's why it's in the constitution it is it right of the people witnessed some common walk. We didn't get -- right from the constitution the constitution merely acknowledged the preexisting right something that's -- all. And and they also know that it's very important to have gotten in in the home especially in the in certain neighborhoods or your pizza delivery man and a big city. It real -- You know why it's foolishness. -- the true purpose of the Second Amendment which is that. Not an amendment -- mean anything. Without the second. And did you watch the Academy Awards last night in I don't I didn't think he would I didn't think -- like I you know I. I'm kind of surprised these these people watch to the very end you know people like us and they and then they were shocked that Michelle Obama speaking speaking of people with guns I've surrounded by a phalanx. Of armed security. You know steps out there too was a team to give the best picture award I mean you -- that I think you have to assume. That the that somehow somewhere along the line the Academy Awards are going to -- You don't insult your intelligence or your beliefs you know. And I apparently wasn't even very funny I was reading Nikki thinks. Why is she called that lights marking. And she says she said it was the worst group that was the worst Academy Awards that does she think she thought you'd ever seen in terms of no no humor no no nothing. I would have no opinion on the rankings it and I don't think I've ever watched. I find them painfully boring. And self reflective of an -- congratulatory. And moreover at a really -- movie about much I think a lot of this stuff on TV. Mike Campbell black men and have a cocktail and stop the TV show what a movie theater. The only bogey got the only -- I've loved every might know who conceded just independently totally love it added at a got -- refuse those. What was that movie. Why haven't seen that yet if you look at it now. But they changed the -- they changed. After all or they change the -- read the book they sent me the book it was a very good -- actually you know there was a it was a true crime -- book about this gangster squad that went after Mickey Cohen and Jack drag them those guys gangsters ultimately have to work through. Yeah it's very interesting I mean I know they -- artistic liberty but I mean -- part but it's like. It's like. Better than Robocop one of my other favorite -- like what finding out guys get killed when you basically -- about -- two hours which is by -- of feel good movie of the year. Putt but -- interesting. Obama would have liberty but the truth it is true. That the mob never really got a foothold in Los Angeles because of the applaud. Commissioned by. 51 of -- police received -- -- just go out and it didn't matter what they do they could break the largest stock Mickey -- destroy it doesn't. Don't you think about the country and in the mob would obviously as you know if you get barbecued in New York religion you know Kansas City. And Chicago even they opened this go but L -- seems completely immune until it and yeah that's because of the -- -- -- it's shutting down Makiko. Yeah I I I feel like -- I'm I'm I'm kind of glad that won the Academy Award but I -- I get may have told to this before but it it. I like their right to the very end and then they're doing the tyrants at the end of the movie in the talk about what happened. And they say on January 20 1981. The hostages were released. You know putt putt about a half a fact that without any contacts. -- and -- -- -- You know it was like a pro American movie for two hours and at the very end they they have to go. Yeah LB Ben Catholic pastor you know returned it was Cambridge roots. -- but it isn't like that all of -- to whitewashing of history we're just gonna say we're just gonna air -- -- Reagan out of the Texas. And -- think that many -- Canada too I guess they shot a lot of it in Canada but I mean the thing maybe he should occur each woody when he accepted the award maybe. -- think maybe I mean if he does if he can't bring himself to -- the United States of America. Can he bring himself to thank the CIA. Yeah. We had just just one element of the United States of America I'm sure they helped them build a -- they -- Yeah the FBI is the one that constantly turning on Republican president that leaking. So dangerous scrapped for the New York Times so you'd think liberals would would be able to get -- and thank you for the CI -- What was it that you know that was a funny you so did you see them now the what is at zero dark thirty that's the movie about the Osama bin Laden. You all these all the actors in their did you see that was I saw that on fox today there they all want it they're all trying to get together campaign. To get this up Pakistani Doctor Who was actually the source of the tip that led to the -- -- -- a lot. The tried the they're trying to organize a campaign to get him out of prison. I'm no good good thing I think I've ever heard of the group back there have been. Well but the point the point it's nowhere if if they're here all the rock Obama had leaked the story to the New York Times but I wouldn't be imprisoned. This week. You are you suggesting that their campaigns -- not acknowledged that tax. I don't know what I'm sure it doesn't you know I I. Never heard of of a -- talk about a great source I mean this -- against they gave him the best information of the 21 century to the American government and they said they cordoned. They couldn't wait -- community they didn't I don't think they deliberately turned to men but they just didn't get probably about. You know. Open to the classic Democrat that would have looked at a the president doesn't. As well as people accountable and bring it which is described in my book to -- -- -- a democratic president that you are an ally of the United States as if you were a good and true when loyal friend to the United States of America. Prepare -- attempt to -- -- and destroy it imprisoned. Scanned into the Communist. If you're an enemy of the United States suddenly you'll start getting you know broad -- broad. The chocolate -- Right right now but now there were no what all the Daria are the most what are those Egyptian liberals are saying that the country is about to descend into total chaos you know because we're gonna have Gordon had with these elections and there are already having riots you know and in in the wake of the soccer riots you know. -- and -- the the and time again that the Arab Spring becomes more for fraud every day. Yet yeah -- yet -- could have been some good things out of it. I mean Clinton -- and he. I don't know what they're called but the anti government -- is the first. -- -- -- -- -- Applauded when he area. I mean that would have been the times due to fund -- arm bombs were dead yet here it is heavily pro western pro American. But I Obama turned his back armament and the consequent. Now you know they couldn't do what any -- -- stormed out of funded by by Russia on the Muslim Brotherhood now we don't tell my friend over it. Yeah I know and that -- country is that's turning into a Somali you know army. Home and abroad has -- can best be thousands. Of arrogance that. Think you know don't be fooled by liberals claiming all they care about our humanitarian. Service. Forceful reform blowing and he forgot that's what John Kerry said you know -- when he returned from his visit to the fictitious country of Jesus. And by the way by the way that's story broke. Not in the American papers bottom the American networks in the London Daily Telegraph. You know American reporters a lot of us all. Nobody thought it. Not good. I mean does it again Condoleezza Rice super not a big fan Condoleezza Rice but she wasn't she is a Republican I beep the horn. That the convention tonight so I changed my tip might at least on the not not a terror overall which -- -- -- Yeah what do -- murder ribbons if she'd made a mistake like that. I think if I didn't expect that. Little bit that -- the American Media -- -- -- isn't even. It's it's far more than simply a double standard and an honest person and even an on an client that's. If you're buying that a particular away just not a factor Acura bones -- quite as much of and I don't make you an -- guilty sometimes you do -- the other side a little bit that is not what is happening with the American mediated people who are. At least you know -- -- talk on talk radio media. If people are more pop propaganda machine they know they are being done about it. They're going out of their way to between the truth and I'm not that which is why you so much stock from the London telegraph. Or the Daily Mail. They they they ignore our they ignore what's going on I mean they leave huge I mean this is why fox is succeeding because they they have 50% of the country is is. Underserved. By the media and it's it's a -- Yes and then with. Where I'm -- with with CNN draining the in the tank full blooded decades now. I I mean it's almost like whomever was running the end and was just thinking how can I get the ratings even while or if they're somewhat more physically repellent with -- list. And it has no understanding of America I could even -- -- go to. Only to go to places like -- or make it different than you'd think he'd take a page from pocketbook. Right every other industry. People imitate that right now I'm here it. Yeah I know it's -- it'll -- I think the only place CNN is number one their two places CNN is number one any airports and in hospital emergency rooms other than that nobody ever watched. And you compare that is there anything at all. They all the image of the end and that being. The -- into the middle MSNBC on the lap and popular. It's absolutely on the road CNN and every bit of -- -- in an attempt either to more boring if it does like watching paint dry. But the way sports Spencer did you see him just -- Spencer the the media guide for for Mitt Romney who's who's always been you know that it seems like he's you know about the two Berkshire viable load. Guy he's he he was asked directly is the media in the tank for a bombing and he said now. -- -- continue to. How can -- Admit -- admit what you've always gotten 48% of the vote with guys like this run and -- you. I felt like I didn't see interviewee is obviously preposterous lot of faith. But he may have felt like it would it down -- like sour grapes from the -- what do you. You know DBS. Spokesman says the blame blame a lot of. George said so instead the headline is Romney media advisor out of his mind. Like one more thing to show you here. Ben Affleck and -- again we give back that this due Academy Awards. Here's a quote from him. I don't spend so much that I can't afford to pay a little bit more in taxes. Okay. But guess what. He got he got six point 21 million in tax credits from the California film commission. And of course California's got plenty money while there are flush with cash what. Why many get up there. Why should be given that. -- -- Steven Spielberg. He got in 3.5 million tax free film credits. Obscuring how all these rich liberal I keep telling us they're dying to pay more in taxes. Never say no thanks I'm not gonna take it adopted it. Jingle one chain. With Leonard DA DiCaprio and Jaime fox got an estimated eight point four million. In film tax credits from the state of Louisiana. Laugh oh yeah. I know they did talk about that too much of the. He's movies all of these are examples -- that collective sigh of that it is apparently a cup -- Hollywood because of either Republican senators and congressman and I got a Hollywood they get to meet for five minutes would -- have been -- And think everything is fine let's do everything that they've been wonderful industry. Well you know liking these vertical industry of the I would public accountant and yeah I'm just listening -- -- haven't -- -- -- -- -- excise -- -- all right -- And now the new Jack Valenti of the movie industry is none other than the very ethical senator Chris -- Actually something about it. Let's get -- get at least get. I never held accountable as a Democrat the hand he Andrew Cuomo on Barney Frank. Probably have to read. Of the top. What three people responsible for the financial crisis. -- -- leading banks. And -- -- in the making the making and let's not forget don't mortgages. Which then got spread throughout the stock market collapse the economy. Is also a friend of Angelo still a countrywide might want to get away. And apparently upset right. You know folks who work for someone to blame to avoid the never ending recession. -- not just Obama but you. Drag it out made it worse. They begin this all the initial review of would be Andrew Cuomo had applied. Kind of -- -- and -- -- party. Barney Frank of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are looking good going forward. From 2007 AM we got a break I appreciate your -- -- us we'll talk to you next week the title of your newest book is mugged and also beyond paperback correct. I would not allowed getting the hard back while you still can't. All right okay that's what they told me at the bookstore on a Saturday that it out. -- -- -- -- Carrying my pocket that just how he just just just wait until it comes out paperback you know. We'll go out and tell you where I'm the -- where I was trying to get that. The other two. Her right -- okay thanks in. 18774694322. Weeks.