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Chump Line Tuesday February 26, 2013 - Studying For The Drug Test

Feb 26, 2013|

Our favorite message on today's chump line was a dude who said he was going to study hard tonight so he could ace his drug test which just became required to get welfare in Indiana.

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Hey can I have a friend that grew up in Poland. Admit that at this the most popular show over there. That -- regret it because it's made it look like all Americans were saying. Old we're old world that's not true rule. Hasn't met a talking Morrison and who was the voice mr. Who knows that they want a bitter clinger teacher. Call 61793116. Say though we're just -- we're just let someone -- Six and 61793116. It or you win a bitter clinger teacher if you could tell us who the voice of mr. -- was -- telephone is already ringing off the hook. So there is now goes -- Yeah. How these -- that made us. You can say hey -- it's. Yes we do and you can make that check payable to was Howie -- the world's greatest. Radio metro west. And they've been a couple of acquired it's bones that we get this bad about it yet that we -- in the world that -- want. It is I just you know I. I really hope we're alive for all of us are -- on on Saturday after the sequester her as Martin who was the voice of mr. add. Up. -- all. In all. -- the the it's still open at 6179311680. If you want to know with a voice of mr. Ed was. Give us a call and you could win a bitter clinger T -- from -- sportswear and program -- If you wanna order once score for exports were dot com. And -- regrets about going away. Is that -- missed some doubts people who say the will be where a night or you may -- -- -- always putting in his -- the -- Well was good to get back to count one. Food today on Tuesday we think the -- America's. America is in Boston's premier. Asian mining experience is located on -- one -- that it's August it's a great -- ago we thank the long family for sending over every. Tuesday whether I'm here or not how -- what are replaced ago when you're hungry for Chinese fruit Pete who was the voice of mr. read. -- Hot it was -- well. You got a piece called I've talked to CN do you -- bitter clinger T shirt from Howie -- show. -- -- -- that's the that's the right answer. Yeah my favorite two bases but -- right. Yes and now. We've heard much from Anthony collegial lately have we want -- FISA I -- -- on the wagon when the -- they comedians abuse every. It was legal one of the good news though wasn't -- well bill. -- -- Very funny. -- be jingles of course. Another another another guy who's on the radio classics channel I never knew that over radio class success magic radio came along but. The wild -- o'clock show was originally a radio show. We'll western weren't that weren't that good on the radio either from -- -- Best show up the best show the best radio show that I hear all those channels as a dragnet I mean I've dragged it seem like such a porn ball show in the sixties and seventies but. Q1 Q1 of the 1940s is a radio show you must surely. Outstanding contributions so so realistic compared to the other stuff. These. This is his -- -- speech. Not anecdotal evidence is this bit of ineptitude. Is to it would characterize it. People on public but they're they're a state of Massachusetts. Will -- -- -- drug abuse. We don't we're all going to be. Did you see that yesterday. You know Barack many governor many -- -- is is out. Trying to stir panic over these over mrs. sequestration. Bombs or. Yesterday he said at a press conference at the Statehouse. And -- years. I'm scared. You know to say you're scared of sequestration. That's just -- the home. There's a certain -- India was also saying yesterday. Our house and wouldn't stay up all night and studies in my -- because he did. We look at what Carl walker is well there yeah I now. Story of the radio news. The live police were investigating synthetic pot -- sold in stores can be. If if medicinal marijuana is legal I mean what's how could they say the synthetic pot is Motley. -- Do -- -- selling eight cracked in middle and man it's. You know. Yeah. Yeah. Bad. This is the new. The do was John Kerry you know letting it all hang out John John Kerry unchanged. -- -- -- in the globe might be going under because more and more in Britain about the arts. Battling non English speaking did not read. That's true that's true they is that the globe the globe winner after Leo they they tried to was. They tried to drive there or readers out of state with these. Crazy social programs that they supported. In the place of their former readers who left the state. And went to New Hampshire for either Tennessee or South Carolina. They they were replaced by people who is this -- says that don't don't speak English don't read English and and don't work. And you kind of hard to use classified ads if you don't speak English or read English and you don't have you don't have any money. Or you are or you'll leave or you only money is -- beat the cart. Warren -- -- Former. And it is. That's funny how that works is that you know another is that what you like the globe the globe doesn't seem to care about the hammering that that it's few remaining readers are thinking. With the high cost of gasoline. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling Kelly -- you shout. OK that's it for the chump like today the trump -- is the reported -- mail message service about which archery called leave -- message to the hour or that there and I excluding weekends chump like number -- like to what we've such messages. 6177793469. We may have been a clear message at this time each week. Women stay up all night and studies that might drug guys that I do get. We would -- well water it is well there. Wow. You shot.