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Indiana's Welfare Drug Testing Requirement

Feb 26, 2013|

Indiana House Bill 1483 which would require welfare recipients be drug tested or lose benefits passed 78-17 yesterday. Howie was delighted and hoped such a requirement would make its way east.

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Now there's a story. All of this was a heartwarming story Indiana house backs drug tests for welfare recipients. Some welfare recipients were faced drug testing under a proposal that's been approved by the Indiana house I think all welfare recipient should face drug testing. The house voted 78 to seventeen on Monday to acquire all applicants for the temporary assistance to needy families and program to complete a written screening test for possible drug abuse problems. He written screening test I don't think that really works -- while blows like got to fight as possible drug abusers would be then need to undergo a drug test. Anyone failing the test would then have to -- take part a treatment program to continue to receded to continue receiving benefit payments. -- when they test positive for drugs they just throw them out of the program and for years that I would be more appropriate I would like. Bill sponsored job McMillan Bork who -- real says it's aimed at helping those with drug abuse problems and create an improving home environment for children. Some question whether there're enough affordable drug treatment programs. Democrats of course. Anyways so sandy what as people question and one of the results thus far. Should drug testing -- requirement for welfare recipients. Absolutely. 5050 currently. That'll change that change -- -- people who know and I don't work come home yes yes. We're the four letters in or coming soon ACLU. Well yeah that's true to the ACLU. Below -- it's it suggests it's just so. So mean spear that. To what to ask Roy to -- welfare recipients to be tested for drugs. And by the way you were talking last night with Brad Jones House Minority Leader. About this this proposal to one to notify -- sex offenders in Massachusetts. Right to free legal counsel. To war two jacked -- there -- that there readings as a sex offender. And that they can have a public defender -- the -- going to -- via a special. EGA agency hearing and and try to get a cut -- -- -- to lower level. It turns out that the freshman Democrat -- who. Proposed this marvelous light -- notifying all sex offenders that they can use state money to -- to fight their sex offenders. Level. Is a is a guy who has made a 139000. Dollars last three years as a public. Is this great. We used in ways that -- -- Demetrius at solace was a it was it was Leah bad guy he was it was a wonderful. State -- -- -- Compared to this guy. So anyway that's who was that's who's promoting that's who's promoting some public defender is trying to help dispel public defenders get more business by -- But helping sex offenders you know it's it's important that taxpayers pay for sex offenders to. Get get their classification or so they don't have to worry about. About being noticed in their communities so they can commit more crimes. That's what it boils down to. 18774694322. Can you buy a wizard -- with the BBT card. Assume you can buy it was a weapon he beat the card you know was -- Nader is one of these things -- or. When daddy it's me it's it's via -- if I guess it's -- The the container. In which one can place clean urine -- -- don't -- sit -- and to the in the bathroom. Of a drug testing facility to war to produce the parents sample -- to determine whether -- on drugs you just pour out the the Europe and the clean your majority of pain in the and placed in the -- Nader. In the -- and later he heard -- the wizard Nader and and then use it and it's very it's a very valuable piece of -- Piece of equipment. Many NFL players have been known to to have these -- to have these wonderful wonderful. Innovations. 187746. Mine were three to two Florida mom with fifteen kids wondering who's gonna pay for them it's on YouTube -- name is Angela Adams. It's a fake one anchor says somebody else -- was terminator. Yeah I guess it is but yeah you know that today it whatever it is and it keeps eight keeps clean urine and so postal that you could -- the drug test. 1877. Forcing people wanna talk about this and the drug tests. The drug okay 18774694322. I think people writing these stories by the whale leafs desperately need to I. I think these people start -- started taking drug test before -- filed -- This guy wrote media yesterday at text -- said that there was a story in the global but the National Park Service. A bottle terrible things are gonna happen to defy if the sequester went through. And I looked up the story today actually it wasn't -- story it was a story from the semi official Associated Press. But listen the Senate's this of I mean again -- -- the scare story about this quest. 3500 volunteers who provide 40000 out -- or re on research management duties would be women. And I'm just saying that I'm just saying in the anyone why anyone writes that sent that should be should be tested for drugs. What are what are we supposed to think that if you fire volunteers that somehow how is that related to the sequester. How aspiring volunteers what does that have to do with -- any kind of money if you're volunteer you don't work. It you don't you don't get paid him Jagger next with how we are going had him -- And I love my life as I'm not a I attic that I. The market that when they -- very good at that high tech is back at -- -- lot of yeah. I guess but I'm gonna say is a big thing here. I worked with an alcoholic in right attic while I like the parents yeah about. I look like acting side. It lawyers they're actors Eric you know and not on all uphill -- -- aren't -- -- -- when it's hot it's. Involved that's been shut down all the mental stability is so many people out here at the knees. Right noticed he shut down all the all the mental hospitals -- -- they yet they had that they they had that the transit when they call it did the institutionalization. Of the mental health. I haven't heard that the eco. That are not -- and there are so many homeless and people don't realize. It's the panic but the lock out and there is no. It absolutely no help but ask. And as a matter. -- -- I get help these -- out the problem I don't I didn't have a drug opposite one market that. I got hot I admitted it right away that -- up and I never denied it I'm not exit out the way we. It's an excuse. The point is I did like. -- -- either of you mean little wizard made errors which made it. Yes I don't know that the Natick appointment let it I did that in your service and I'm like Powell and wind in the state is you know basically at my. But she might see my feeling about the drug testing is is just a way to clear up -- welfare world subject I idea that. I think that most of the most of the people who were on welfare are on drugs one. I think your app that right and I think -- should be back -- and but like they act I was making that he earned it a week. And it back to -- I employment by not sitting at my side I sort of look at -- you hurt me. And -- have I like that at the end of the summer. So I need to cut every day app but it you know what it means he. Approved its people and the people at the oh and I went a little bit out as a single might want to. Is that they are better at Sharon and it said it -- simply dissolve it and you know any dependent I think no. I don't but I don't get pregnant I look so what you're telling Michael -- I don't. -- you know impregnate. They said they said that you should get pregnant that's what George that was the advice they gave you. I made it joked that that by that pregnant came back here at Daniel didn't help that they picked up the right basically. That's old enough that the country is. Now another example post screwed up it is but I guess I'm just in favor of using the I'm just in favor of using drug testing to just clean -- welfare -- apps are you got caught -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know what I'd really you know the wake up I'm -- that I never lie. The what are things again they -- it acutely at college in the -- But there was no program and -- You know there -- -- and the battle -- city appropriately it would it would help you that says. I know is more in -- that got up and a lot of people realize. Yeah well we have a yeah there was a case. My your kids walked this walk to -- sometimes walk to school up past the whole whole foods in now Wellesley and a 730 right beef Europe about three weeks before Thanksgiving last year. This anesthesiologist. For my Newton Wellesley. Just barreled out of the whole foods parking lot and -- registry not out of the park she went over the over the all over the be a barrier and in onto the sidewalk she was stoned out of her mind in the you know and again that these these doctors are supposed to I don't know where they get that that the the the drugs they're not supposed to be ready for prescriptions for themselves. Maybe there rob maybe they're friends are writing prescriptions for -- I don't know but this this woman just -- she's lucky she didn't kill anybody she could to kill people and in kids walked along the street going to high school shoot and kill people on the we're driving. Thanks for the call MJ. 187746943221877. I can think anything that would cut on the welfare -- I'm I'm all in favor you know. It's it it's just it's it's the it is it is just such a complete disaster. What's what's happened with the with the with the welfare system. I gotta I gotta aboard why have a much of I get the bugle is going to be worn out one of these days it got so many bugle like calls to want to get to hear. 18774694322. Hub your next with how we cargo -- a -- You got a great idea hollered all it was great navy. Boarded Doritos liked. Mobil 100 deaths and focuses -- back in 97 there was no -- off all do you bought your eyes at all -- Lot of guys -- it's been eight years in the -- brought up well. What it would -- appeals. With a kick off from water -- Anything up all the marijuana. No -- all aviation all about it all right but it original choir boy. Oh no course not I don't blame yet not a bit I don't blame your bit for that. But -- -- is a database so. I don't think you're gonna -- somebody got -- most people wryly you know most people worn on the ball I mean again the ACLU will come in there and they'll sue the hell out of these guys -- we force some liberal judges I doubt this legislation will -- will last very long. But it's good to watch it's it's good to war rattle their cages and at least make them think that yeah you know -- -- the clean up their acts. Thanks for the call -- the Florida tried a couple of years ago did make. You know they did they were were they they were doing the same thing they're gonna have drug testing for a rough for all welfare recipients I think he got thrown out port you know wanna make common ACLU or some other -- -- that type organization. GM your next with how we cargo ahead Jim. -- the problem. Yeah all our other truck struck port 46 years and a lot of accurate bloody pretty. Air without corporate fraud does well you support. -- search it will -- -- law -- -- -- -- artillery support the practice and -- -- -- -- double the tapestry of what they're about like the and tonight at certain about a little bottle are wet spot -- -- and that I would strap it's my body able without. Richard spot digital audio. As well that's sort of the -- out -- -- -- -- -- Back at the you don't like ten years ago when the Big -- was still going on I remember they -- they had they methadone clinic in the south end. In all these drivers who wait we got it at The Herald we you know we were still in the south and at that point so -- we could see these these people right in front of us. These guys were committed in trucks you know the will pick up the -- take in the fill out the Hopkinton Europe to Melrose. And they want go win in the morning and they wanna get their methadone. Methadone and then that would go out on the road. Now you you know I don't think I don't think you should be driving a big scary truck if you're on methadone did should just. We. Aren't being. But anyway out abort abort a we tally up -- I president brought to build up -- date somewhat you load it now but what are my inspiration properly or. Well. Thought about it a lot of back up but. Okay thank you thank you war they Q Jim 1877. My new books got a picture of Rodney Dangerfield with the -- this Tucci who was later shot in the head by the winner -- and he ever cheapest and she went to the wedding of Sammy Davis junior. And brought a young Rodney yeah I don't you don't really see too many pictures of young Rodney Dangerfield but he was he was young in this update your club 1960. And does pick another picture of what -- put the picture in the book but to the picture of luck -- you with a Frank Sinatra as well. 18774694322. Give state workers drug tests especially at U mass that's banned from Amherst. Hey you know what if you way if you gave what if you give the people you massive drug test especially like the graduate students who teach the classes I mean you'd you'd really have you could really clean -- -- group that via payroll pretty quickly SP if you. If you blow when after marijuana now. Now how much more than abused and marijuana but I'm I'm sure -- -- -- for. Well forty years now forty years UMass Amherst is reform want at least maybe longer. Mark your next with how we cargo ahead mark. I don't know how good. I believe god everybody has a mandate should be our drug needs while -- said. I -- drug itself might work. That's the thing mark that's the -- you know you're just some that I operate the Dutch -- the if if you have to war if you have to give a drug test to war. Didn't have you should have to get a drug test in order not. To war right. And why should working people be discriminated against that have fewer rights than -- abouts. Exactly I -- not get random random -- record Grumman over there and -- and -- -- -- in all yeah. Nobody Arnold's or anything anymore I mean I used to long time ago but in all -- -- -- -- -- that an old problem that you lightly built up. At all Jim oh yeah but you know all the other Republicans I mean I don't understand it -- it's. I -- -- struggle and -- worked in 07 days a week trying to get as many outbreak and then. I felt it was built models oh and there are particularly excited yet -- put them. And does that work and may be. -- -- -- isn't it amazing that you don't like -- the the mainstream media is just like totally taking a pass on these rising gas prices in there in their. They're covering this this this phony sequester rationed scandalized -- our first story like it's like it's like it's -- -- Let nickel belt I mean that's I think they'll get out that the government in my life. And elements probably got a couple of months that would trying to get my bank development job and -- mob but yeah I would -- you know we could political outlook. Yeah I'm not. But you know the parliament between elements and I'd try to get -- on. And -- -- like so -- it yeah it but it's like. But what about all of deductible. Loss I'm. And it got a month they thought of it will -- as you. Thought oh I hope not. Good good luck mark 1877469432218774694322. Start to read today at what that Padilla health club today this time. Backs and Somalia since they had the shingles. I'm how much social busy but it's it is that at its worst it's worse than you did you really think it is that he actually withdraw. But anyway I was talking to this guy and he was say him. He -- I never thought I would say. But I'll be happy when Hillary Clinton becomes president because she can't be any worse than this guy is -- was financial advisory said. He says -- you know. I might my clients make make big money -- I -- tomorrow these taxes these increases in the taxes you know the millionaire billionaire taxes that. Extra 2% on the on the Social Security. Did. The fact you -- on the -- now no not at all but. But the fact is that 2%. Increase on the up on the Social Security payroll tax that Obama put through he's trying to screw rich people he that he subsite people who work. He had he hates people who that's basically what it boils down to. And it's -- try to hurt them he he's not he's he's trying to war. You know -- slow walk all the fracking to grow even though he knows what fracking would that be the be the biggest economic boom to the country probably in the last. Seventy or eighty years. And and yet the people least curtain. People the people what he thinks that you know the people are making a lottery in cup. The people who -- who who don't have a lot of disposable income to pay for these higher gas prices that are unnecessary. But you know that's that's the way he's operating -- and it's huge it's just a complete disaster mark your it marked in another mark -- -- mark on that. Yeah -- And trying to get all I. And I just want to chime in on that drug testing there short story in your -- under 49 years old. An -- out out of work volatile plot for job. -- I have a smoke any pot in about five years you okay. I don't drink I would -- destroyed. And it came back positive for you actually. And I -- under -- canopy. So my wife is actually opposition. And she said well what probably what. Wouldn't you have to all restrict Dunkin' Donuts coffee everyday. She said or that they like they. The others honesty in the pop at some point. That copy as well it may well in some of the same feel that they will now want. -- -- -- -- And it only seems hard to imagine more I know the worst worst and you're the first person I've ever heard use the Dunkin' Donuts excuse back positive for eight Friday. In the coffee. -- That they grow all stopped together. And you would never. Watching she made a good point but it's secure and. So small amount. -- -- -- -- -- Bakley but it tested pockets and I would not for a subsequent test like that there's a lot I mean it's ridiculous. And they -- and the other kind of where it came back negative and and it's it's it's just. -- go for maybe you should go for the here test is that what they did a second time around. -- -- -- the same sample but they put forward different kind that epic came back negative. Now thanks -- Thanks for the call mark 1877469432. To leave this crop this good people -- I don't know. This guy says that's better than a senator goal Lucius toothpaste X is a when you went to -- -- where is the he was assess the state senator with a severe drinking problem and he got locked up an in house arrest. And they came around to make tested them. Every day they they were accustomed to see if he was still drinking get the -- delivered you know like at 3 in the morning when no one -- no one could see him. And so they they came in 1 morning. And that they tested many tested positive for urban -- on his -- in the breathalyzer he blew -- he'd do just that you don't press a small wasn't wrong to -- small minded being that a couple drinks. And he claimed it was the two picks. Trauma come -- we have a lot of fun with but the -- names of the yet to place you know her via a Bristol. Bristol court what was it forget Bristol -- Harvey's Bristol Coleen missed -- that was just one we have we have dozens government side. One we'll keep talking about the drug testing we come back 18774694322. Point guard. -- -- 18774694322. -- Indiana. House of Representatives which is controlled by Republicans. Overwhelmingly. One of those states like north kuril. That sort of went against the grain it didn't break eat evenly urges. A little bit for a -- like most states that. The be it went heavy Republican this time around and the they voted 78 to seventeen yesterday to want to impose drug test on welfare recipients among. -- favor -- you know it and if you wanna say it's punitive the going NC it's punitive you know I just I have this -- this problem from what I can see. You know ICI CO these people in the in in projects -- on the street tonight in Boston and there are like they are nodding off that will be the -- basically and a there're there're. I noted that -- on welfare they can't or he can't work if you're not off soup and -- you know. So you know if you get some offer would be a goal let's that's fine with me. A condition of our driver's license should be to take a (%expletive) test hole Commonwealth's 61 so quiet and go along with that. -- when they started having urine tests in the NB a random urine tests and a said as a as a measure of solidarity with the people we covered he would be happy to take your analysis every. A urine test every time before you were well I I would be glad to do that as well. Someone says -- you'd test positive for a -- that idea via text or said your test positive for cheese it's. Actually this afternoon eyewitness spots for -- I had some just before the show again. -- idea I was I was able hungry like you didn't wanna wait for count loans. -- sent evasive the bag of achieves its. I've gone up from 1950s. Still it's still better buy than anything else in the met in the machine pretty much mean that the real cost bock bock 25. This guy says he's a Boston fire department employee drinks eight and nine crop cups of Dunkin' -- today. And he said no problems on two tests in the last two months. I can't I can't see the it's Agassi in the mayor wanna you know or residue or anything like that and -- On the copy that's. That's crazy. 1877469432218774694322. They're trying to use the drug testing get people out of the army National Guard. Here in Massachusetts. You know it's you're in. Your region to get that 413. Officer mark your next without we cargo and an officer mark. Oh you haven't cheated you know wait for the guy AMP up the vending machine and get to this starts. I was hungry today officer mark you know I I -- like it's that I had done this from the first day I exercised its iPad it's simply got that instantly had the shingles and it was a most kind of dizzy now. Well eighty cents it was really the -- cute aren't they sent. They go I want adults or refute that that coffee series now a lot of perpetuate the stereotype -- -- Dunkin' Donuts property think -- adult. I'm sure you've got a lot I'm sure I'm sure everybody within the sound of our voice his head has had hundreds if not thousands of gallons of bunker and moments crop. Yeah and and I at a few random drug tests and my date to end. Guess what -- second and -- Did die and you did your department have been random drug tests officer mark. What's that a lot I would say -- before you reporter and I. Not loaded go to hospitals would stop but obstacle but it you know -- -- didn't -- who work adopt them and I think they go all right so get beat. You know typically that was not a lot but out most -- my upper -- on the oil was so like you know. Still that it took depositor. Yeah and also what just came up with -- -- one about one gooch senator -- -- was claiming he was he was a victim of bad toothpaste. He or another one of the another one of the brands we came up with was arm and hammered. -- -- Thanks thanks for the call officer mark 187746. Mine for all parties hardy's best Bristol goalie that was the I was the one we we have used that we would a million. 1877469432. To buy your next with how we cart web Mike. Today yeah attic I called it about the club felt like excuses based in Europe and the probation office when it positive though. Well. A couple of the forty. -- -- -- -- They're most of all -- people you know what I was almost. And you -- to gain the system -- almost he bought it used to give classes. On how to obtain state benefits and you know. But DDT cart there there. At the store. And -- MIL later to my girlfriend are talking about all these Jeter you know I think they you know from what I would grow up all the kids to be huge now and I -- look at these jail and the moderate. Take it into the convenience store. And again chips are spring and so there only like five and six. O'clock in the morning on a school day at which and a pack of smokes and you know what you pulled -- debate Fort Worth. -- You guys so. Now the map that don't you're talking about those guys they're driving trucks. Actually in the heroin addicts and -- that don't bounce to them now and they can option. Yeah. Do you think I mean you really think someone on methadone ought to be right who has to get a ship it west Gordon going to bet that that place in the south and I don't know what they do is they give you a little cop and they make you they watch to make you drink a cop so he can't just go around -- quarter and I'd trade the cop. For you know some of the real some of the the real stuff you know -- you know. But I don't know I just don't I just opened the people who were driving driving should -- they. -- -- Big and they really have zero tolerance for booze you know I mean the gonna they gonna ID give my rights I suppose the you could you can get away with having one or two drinks and not marble point eight. Point oh wait. But I think most people while most people global point oh wait -- I mean if the if you can't drink when you drive. Why should you be taken -- and -- And I don't. I don't to stabilize I don't to stabilize -- but still it's a it's a drug -- -- thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. Some acid reflux Mets will give you -- false positive for the HC believe me I know Borg. Now I don't know I gotta be pretty cynical I worked in the probation officer that was the most -- someone comes and says it's the acid reflux Madison well. OK okay yeah yeah Garcia -- senator who GO. Bill you're next with how we cargo ahead bill. You know looking at the entire scope of the problem. It's that she chased these people not a an. And it got -- model all huddle many of these people back teach it more public assistance like that where it will be -- to. Right -- the source surety evidently they have the ability. Yeah Willie Willie can't say they well I mean they have -- they have so tightened it up a little bit that since then diabetes you know the can't. You can't be a -- urine koehlke. But you can't have by you can't have a manic depression and any of that stuff and I know that's up is really easy you -- -- it probably easier than the proven Europe now you know. I've got depressed -- us how to improve someone's spot depressed if they say they're depressed bright. Exactly. Do you look at the streets. With these people. Now I'm hoping I think it's just that -- option you know. The depression had to be a pretty depressing time did that bill. But yet let me get nobody was solid this -- out of the disability pension for depression in the Great Depression. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Paul your next with how we are going at all. How I'm wondering if that ball bought -- -- -- people. Perhaps you know our water and the copied dean -- in the comparable. I've got a united thinking about it you can -- if you can take all of the -- urine samples from. Somebody who's done well there the next logical that would be too. In spirit. Some sort of -- pact between the light of these people. That explodes on the partnering give them you know a couple of weeks of it's you know. I don't know but that's -- -- -- I don't know about a -- for that I but I -- -- -- I would give drug test some all a favor given of drug tests I if I were in the legislature in Massachusetts and that's what I would do I would that would be my first bill. Drug testing for welfare recipients who would get out of committee or anything like that but at least. You know made my mark. -- point guard.