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Pay Raise, Whose Gotten A Pay Raise?

Feb 26, 2013|

Congress voted itself a pay raise. The President's salary is not included in the sequester. Howie asked the listeners who among them has received a pay raise and how long ago was that.

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I think a lot of people are or are ours -- perplexed by but perplexed but disgusted by the fact that the idea. The government especially a Barack Obama and his minions like a governor mini me. Massachusetts are pretending that this is this is such a terrible thing with the sequestration. Going on. Special when you think of how much but here many many many people in the dreaded private sector have taken. But he in this economy witches you know I mean it in this economy has has been -- driven into a ditch. By yeah Barack Obama. The the the recovery that should've been should have been under well under way for years now has never occurred. Because. Do this this this deficit spending this why he'll out of control spending this. These beat these increases in power he moments in welfare at the the flooding of the concrete body. Illegal aliens going on to welfare. Just everything has -- transpired to make it impossible. -- for a while increasing number of people who want to make a living in the private sector. In yet this this president and his and his minions have the audacity to go out there and talk about how. How terrible. It is that. This -- be to a point 4%. Hot. In the inquiries oh my god it's the end of the war. We got a couple -- back talk what it what does where have you been what have you what kind of problems have you had in the in the dreaded private sector taken more than 2% pay countered you know people of taken more than 2% cut. You know. Again everybody as I said yesterday everybody who works took a 2% -- -- in in January because they when they worst when they ended the Social Security. Holiday if you were in the upper income groups you're on your own your rough. Rate of by your top marginal rate went up in some cases 4%. You know but nobody's nobody's writing any sob stories about the people in the private sector losing 2% of their income or in some cases up to 6%. Seven anyone says just want to know why the government can't I can't figure out. How to trim their budgets 2.5 percent when everyone in America has had everyone else in America -- had to deal with a lot less whatever happened to sharing the burdens wasn't that Obama's campaign slogan making everything even it's time for all the Paulson. Have but by the way of the welfare recipients taken up taken a pay cut this year. And if they go on down 2% -- the compound 6%. Moan don't believe they have -- because. The welfare recipients. It's Barack Obama is and but all hat tricks main constituents. 413 what is the rate of federal spending reduction from ten to 8%. Three years ago I eat at 20000 dollar pay cut -- -- increase in hours. The only one of twelve to not quit now 2% Social Security increase. Three years ago company insurance did not meet minimum Massachusetts requirement I paid a penalty. This is Joseph in the big scary trucks senior driver seven years with same job. So you know this is this is what's going on I mean you know. -- he's that he's talking about. He's he's talking about the government workers who haven't taken any pay cuts who while aren't going to take -- pay cuts. And I he he's making it sound like I like it's Armageddon. As in the east and and everybody's out here is listening to it and they've taken a huge cut statement did bid to win the jobs of two or three people now. Because of -- all the cutbacks there's there's. Millions upon millions fewer people working in the private sector now. End and they're being asked the patent war and more and more money for all Obama's constituents who don't work and haven't worked in generations. 1877469432. To pack your next with Howie -- go ahead pat. Yes bigger barometer of private sector however -- increase of almost ten years or -- yeah animated -- and -- I'm just -- wages without my weapons do which to replace him back. So without a couple of an adjustment I was about reports that every year and look what happened with Egypt's sequestration. -- It's just a carburetor broke because -- budgeting and I believe this corporate Sammy here was at baseline budgeting. So instead of 4% what's -- going to be to our team. That's it's still an increase every year or so acres we have to cuddle up more. Are tired of seeing what's gonna happen is the private sector they're gonna Ellis and that to assimilate all the great because of the -- -- they won't have anything. And that's where -- sort. Yeah and obviously I was the -- the same thing you know this is -- this is a guy who I mean you know you've had inept presidents in the past like Jimmy Carter. But this the first time you actually ever had a guy who was actually out to kill the golden groups. And I don't you what does he what does he wants to turn the country into into another Third World hell hole like when his father came from. Where he wants -- totally dependent our government -- we only control all of our lives. That's what he won. Now the the problem is that -- you know there's not the you know we're going to be a queuing up for a toilet paper it's going to be like it's got it where we're gonna we're turning into a Third World country you know week he's he's determined to -- the entire economy. I'd love -- -- -- -- read this out one more time this is a story. About the terrible tragedies that are gonna curse -- sequestration occurs this is from the Associated Press last weekend from National Park Service. 3500. Volunteers who provide 40000 hours. On a resource on research resource management duties would be eliminated these are volunteers. Are going to be eliminated. What do I have to know how we're gonna save money to eliminate volunteers. There aren't that aren't my grip body that it would have -- -- to do it right that he's in China. But what you're going to get -- right say. Right now -- -- do stuff like that you really well. I don't even know if they don't cost base out when they write this. -- birthday this year. If you're prepared spotter and the attack the. And yes it does. Thanks for the call 187746. I'm just I'm just glad this guy yesterday got -- was able to what number one stomach buying Google wall. And the number two stomach reading the entire story from the Associated Press that the find out you know I mean I I would never read the story of -- by the -- but. This how how ridiculous is that stop in the you know -- this story and here but there's a we keep talking about these deep spending its. Deep spending that's what the New York Times keepsake. That -- the New York Times just reported about deep automatic spending cuts that will strike hard. Without bothering to provide -- single concrete number about spending levels in any fiscal year. The New York Times. They're they're just a bunch of common might -- of journalism. You know they're they're just you know they are there or there were -- working girls of journalism horse. If you indication didn't get the reference for common might Walker's Larry you're next with how we cargo -- Larry. Oh yeah how many people are getting hired by a internal revenue for obamacare is a -- And other world at 1212. Or thirteen 1008 you gonna be sequestered. It. Add to the gross domestic product of the United States of America to have more people. To have twelve or thirteen thousand more people are rummaging around in the records of productive companies. Looking for a way to get more money so the thinking given away to war. To the non working classes who -- last support Barack Obama. Thanks for the call -- your next without cargo ahead -- You know you. I just -- -- a couple of thing the Presidio which it to 2% increase. Well -- they call it. -- -- I -- -- had backed. Who spoke at week -- 40% of my a and as did this result as the likely sit at this scare tactic. So a lot of -- it's. But. Nobody is listening -- well I think that are attracting to these people. It's just sit -- Please don't you know he's but he was quoted you off the record last week of Barack Obama's saying that you know it's it's apparently it's not working these scare tactics anymore you know -- I mean how many you know that but the little boy who cried wolf the same thing happened they have right. You know I mean I have to tell people didn't listen anymore because they know what could be asks. It you know it would Jay Leno said about what is great gave way it was done Eric Gerri Willis edit. And it would see. -- -- greatest thing ever hurt. Obama. Went down to Florida and get all this gulping. -- wouldn't spread to all this money. Put this. Testing. And then he would sister willow to cap and then -- -- -- at this to get its economic. -- I'd tell us at Atlanta said that Taylor I would have -- -- by Taylor just like with what could graduate college. A -- it lag. But I don't. Yet know that's a great would -- over the weekend -- -- Obama you know. Boller played golf with Tiger Woods and tigers of the president was a very good golfer for a guy who replaced by being the week you know. Actually no other -- handicap is that right now. Doesn't understand economics. -- -- Julliard -- with how we cargo ahead Joseph. And our other -- and I just wanna say -- keep up the good fight. But jobs businesses -- it -- saying that it decided to up. -- not provide healthcare to their workers. I give their work than a dollar an hour raise but it's cheaper for those businesses to pay the far right that it provides health care. Or. Same thing if there was a story in The -- same thing here in Massachusetts say it's it's happening everywhere -- I mean it's biscuit. This is making the health care system model which was the best it was and still is to a certain degree the best in the world. It's making added measurably worse and more expensive. What do what do great combination what do daily double. -- That's right bloody. I don't think about the good work thanks a lot. In -- and you don't ever say anything about the 2% you know the 2% according via hurting people. Of moderate means you know the 2% cut their pay. You know now now they're finally starting to mention it because places like war cut corporations like Wal-Mart or rob Darden which Jones. Olive garden and red lobster. They're starting to report that that their customers are going go spending less time at the restaurant last time Wal-Mart because they have less money. Mean that's the only time you've ever that's the only time you've ever seen any mention of it is on the business pages when the quarterly reports comment but he's -- sob stories about these people. But he you know that mean they follow why they think they follow Obama are like this is normal. Mean it's ridiculous price that I saw the headline today on Good Morning America was were I was working out you know the same Good Morning America where they. With a big news was -- Eastman his wing Dancing With The Stars while that's a web stopped presses. And then you know -- government Michelle Obama's talking about the automatic weapons that's you know in -- them but aren't there are being used. And a you know that they had their their story on the sequestration. How how to cut its count down to cuts. Like you know what it gets the -- the earth is gonna be hit with a meteor. On on for -- I don't think it's gonna happen. -- -- --