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Illegal Alien Slight Of Hand

Feb 27, 2013|

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been released from jails and deportation centers across the country in anticipation of the upcoming sequestration cuts. President Obama says he knew nothing about this....Howie was tired of this slight of hand Obama does where he denies knowledge of what his right hand is doing.

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And -- probably heard or now. The the -- the beast people in this administration have absolutely no shame. They the now they 24 hours after the story broke about releasing the illegal aliens. If -- up to 30000 album in the next few days because of the current because of the current. Budget situation allegedly. Now the White House is saying they knew whom bing. Good thing they're pulling the sergeant shall root team dating whom and think about releasing -- illegal alien criminals. Back and back out into the communities. They're saying that this was all about that the Department of Homeland Security did we year. This was all about immigration customs and enforcement. -- They're the ones who made the decision. Ice announced Tuesday it is released several hundred undocumented immigrants in recent weeks as funding cuts womb. This funding cuts long. There are no funding cuts they are but they are the new meaning. They Harden roaming. Party describe those released as low risk non criminal detainees but several Republican members of congress have spoken out against the releases senator senator. City what is today's poll question and a what are the results thus far. Do you think the President Obama knew about the release of illegal aliens from -- Yes I do. When you think about winning it's about 96%. What's you're just a Taft -- 92%. To -- you know. -- I was born at night but not last que -- can you imagine guys that you know horror just yeah you know. It's kind servers you know punctures. Pencil sharpener is paper shop colors they decide to suddenly without any authority from anybody. Bob -- These bureaucrats decide to suddenly start releasing illegal aliens into the community it's not very believable. -- and it's say it's it's rather insulting that they would try to one. Put us over us I mean it's it's it's also rather predictable given this administration by. You know if if if it if if something doesn't work out it must be somebody else's fault because Barack Obama -- take blame for anything -- we as real. All right before get talking about this this this ridiculous. This as the latest scare tactic that they're using which by the way is apparently according to a poll is not working in the least 25% of people are. -- following us. Mean. Again maybe he should of consulted with a little boy who cried wolf before he decided to go down this route yet again. But -- first I wanted to talk about a we had a great food delivery just now my -- mind -- With inviting Italian war than an extensive menu featuring authentic Italian cuisine you'll feel like you're right at home and my Ngo -- yeah. Located whispered. -- month to month job offers generous portions of all the traditional Italian dishes including real harm chicken marsala and all the possibly you can -- Monster mom just be and we are firmly friendly restaurant is a perfect option for. The perfect Italian lunch or dinner more -- people. I think you can get the gift certificates at. Perks at the visible give Mike perks dot com. So what makes a lot thanks for bringing minced up I'm having some meat lover's pizza myself right now. Hope some illegal aliens who -- not detain them -- steal the steal my pizza. 18774694322. 617 sunny and seventy listing to you a poolside in Houston Texas. That's great yeah. Let's. Top seventy here it's it's I think it could be worse I mean in this case in this case I'm very happy that it's been pouring rain all day because it's. It's really getting rid of a lot of snow near Boston sort of it's a it's a kind of a good thing. But it's it's not really -- It's it's fun not yet another yet another great that I anyway. 18774694322187746943. 22 this is there's I mean this is really this is really noxious by by Obama a meat to it should be releasing illegally aliens into the community. Into the larger communities. Well rounded up I mean they're saying they're not dangerous -- why the hell -- -- round -- -- you know we we we all know. At the police officers amongst us no better than anybody else how how difficult it is to get ice to come down and pick up an illegal alien. You know when you want when you -- I just I just I got an illegal alien who was driving around. Unlicensed unregistered on inspect and uninsured etc. etc. And fixing it falls motor. License plate patients say it's expected at the exact terminology about. But anyway. There now they are now they're releasing these people they they haven't even got east west they that it's not even taking effect for 48 -- course nobody nobody believes it. But they're releasing illegal aliens can you I mean it's just. What's your what's your -- Bob Woodward I mean this is it is Bob Woodward has he's really -- -- -- He's gone off the -- he's gone off the common my walker media reservation here he's not he's huge -- off the cool late now for a base this Bob Woodward -- of Watergate fame and the Washington Post. Talking about the Barack Obama in this this this this. You're responsible. Skier campaign that he's running what does this sequestered so called. We now have the president going up because that is key piece of paper in this agreement. I can't do what I need to do. To protect the country. That's -- kinda madness that I isn't meant as long. Time it is and yet madness. That's -- that's a good word for madness. This is from this is from the Wall Street Journal from -- Paul while -- goes call that I believe. This White House has never been fussy when a statutory tax or even the constitution interferes with its political ambitions see Obama here immigration executive quarters recess appointments and much else. Could be the mr. Obama is exaggerating the legal stringent C of the sequestering gambit to force congress to shut it off. You don't that's I mentioned yesterday I mean he's like this guy doesn't hear about the the rules of the laws but you but now we say oh my hands are. Eight is he had never been -- before when he wanted to do something he just goes ahead and doesn't it applies to everybody that -- -- say anything about it. The truth is that the -- were already gives the White House the legal flexibility to avoid doom. If 5% cut the programs that have increased. More than 17%. On average over the Obama presidency counts as doom. Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn said this week that that perhaps that the perhaps what they should and instead of talking about the you know -- is shutting down air traffic controllers are letting illegal aliens go. Perhaps they could cut some of the grants for security conference in San Diego that featured quote zombie apocalypse training. Or funds -- towns like -- New Hampshire population 23000. I know what one might pounce on site you know team I have nothing against Tina left -- New Hampshire. But this -- New Hampshire really need to up purchase armored tank like vehicles called beer caps seriously. Before throwing park Rangers may be star with a 10% of the 75000. Department of the Interior employees were conserving wilderness of Washington DC. The -- 75000. Department of interior. Employees just in Washington is part is that possible. Before slashing cancer research stopped funding the 130 million dollar a year national center for complementary and alternative medicines. That studies herbs and yoga. But of course that -- that that really wouldn't. You know go along with the hysteria there that -- to. GM up here. So. Until recently Obama's administration has been saying that that's 750000. Jobs reports. The Democratic National Committee you know never letting facts get in the way of habits or knowing it's not going to be called out by the mainstream media for obvious reasons because mainstream media is part of the Democratic National Committee him in in eat in either formal or informal way. The Democratic National Committee is now saying two million jobs will be -- gone from 750000. To two million. But for the fierce threats and hype over the looming budget sequestered at a new high Tuesday when the Democratic National Committee more than double the White House estimate that 750000. Jobs are facing the acts. Keep the spending cuts they should put that in quotation marks by the way cuts. Take place and stay in place. As of 750000. Job losses weren't scary enough the DNC email urging supporters to pressure Republicans cut a deal with President Obama said the more than two million jobs could be lost. Even the White House wasn't biting on that number earlier this month the White House said the job losses could hit 750000. Dollars. 1877469432218774694322. A direct -- kit I hit the witness anymore I can't I you know I I I deal with that way you know when when -- go home at -- I wouldn't think of watching TV anymore. This is that this is the lead story in the Boston Globe you know another wrote the you know the dying. Dorchester daily that that's. You know while being shopped around by the New York Times. Defense industry on hold its next year. Jobs its cash. There's -- Projects -- -- on certain. Business executives said the local defense industries in the state of costs. Unable to make basic decisions. Because political leaders in Washington but so far been unable to agree on -- budget compromise again. If you work for a living Virginia were one you took a 2% like right when the so petrol tax holiday. -- after several years. Were you when a state -- process. When your income was she patched. -- 2% it. But again -- -- -- get in the way of a good story and never let a crisis go to waste. Even if it's not a real crisis don't let it go to waste tried to do it just you know if you. It's like Mussolini used to say as long as you whistle usual while. Keep telling the same story over and over again and -- wood and an entertaining way -- he hit a little different slightly different. Theory about the big life and her -- that he said as long as. You it didn't matter you switch your headlines around you know 41 date -- the next in your local newspaper kids who was newspaper editor. He said as long as it was entertaining and I catch that caught people's attention. It. Then believe it I mean most of Benito Mussolini believe it or not was it was the early expert. In the low information voter. I should be should get to assess some Benito Mussolini. The biographies and just reading and read -- -- -- just as you can see I mean he can they can be taken lessons for mostly here. And I you know I I know it was a Amish dictator compared Hitler you know but he he had a good -- Give -- the he wasn't an effective demagogue. One. 8774694322. To read this administration didn't put -- this amount of effort into prevention. Preventing the loss of the last 23 million jobs. We might have had some real improvement in the unemployment numbers so Obama had no I -- they were being released isn't this a perfect exam appropriate argument for smaller government. There. There's a great when a great text and five away patriots wave three players sequester blame. You can't tell me that the -- seven you can't tell me the federal government can't find a way to -- 22 dollars per 1000 dollar spent without much pain I've been doing it for two months now. We've been doing it for two months now. I don't see that the Indian again did did you local newspaper go out and I interview you'll or one your neighbors and talk about the devastation that you were facing because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gary your next with how we cargo ahead Gary. They always you know I hope no matter what on this sequestered actually -- you know goes through no matter what because. You know between international Obama's judgement with releasing these prison is you know supposedly what two million people. But by by the time Friday comes -- -- -- up to three million people out of work because of a rock Republicans. Political Armitage you know we we call it and I'll certainly we we are being in the of the date tomorrow but it did decent are in the why did jump into the you know TV spotlight stats -- Does that mean. No matter what I mean if if if Obama whatever we want to give Republicans not I want this requests to go through because they can't control the judgment calls. That this Bozo when I'd like to call it from the side. He's sorry that Gary has already trying to lock it back it started yesterday afternoon when he was saying well you know you're gonna feel the cuts immediately what are second until until like yesterday you were saying we -- gonna be you we were gonna feel immediately the you don't you you've decided to release the the illegal aliens before that before the sequestered so called even took place. Ollie at this time that this this moron actually knows that even his followers know that they yes I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I can't -- this 2.3 cities are crying about I mean look at a normal worker he's lost 2% for the payroll. If it's got that it's a -- money. You know we lost three point 8% on the Medicare accounts for dividends over 250 -- -- this is. An ecumenical afforded. And I mean we're a little bit because there's more -- -- afford it but. Again hopefully this requested goes from no matter what on Friday. And halt police somebody's going back -- some -- -- stupid people that follow Obama like he's a guard or figured out that he is. The biggest yeah we've ever. Thanks for the call Gary. 18774694. And -- -- -- are -- his teacher it's about to go out mail on mailing in my -- you -- -- your form good cut. 18774694322. Juanita. So it was like I had a I was wearing a nice shirt today irresponsible client. Than that it fell through when. That I heard monster monster was coming -- so I switched over to a bigger -- features I don't wanna -- media. I don't wanna spill in the marinara sauce on Malia and nice -- structure you know the bitter clinger is too nice to real waste teacher from Bob. Apple exports wearing enemy and you can order right now. Good for exports were dot com might -- next what power cargo ahead Mike. The solution to all night long process I think it's best they all -- -- any lost jobs in this country really easy. Stop giving away money problems occur answers are not apartheid we get wrapped up -- -- or even hours. Yeah I you know why I say I agree I mean why don't we know we're still giving money to Egypt. You know I mean Egypt does not our friend anymore I mean maybe you could say Egypt was never really our friend may be Bosnia are. Ever our friend were giving them the means to make war on our brand. Right exactly there they're taking Israel off the map but the Egyptian airlines and you know the the liberals in Egypt such as they are or are boycotting the elections because they know their fixed by the Muslim Brotherhood. And the riots all over the country every every day and and -- told giving them worst -- I think giving the subject's. I think I think given the jets yeah. So it's just -- three how much were giving away. And how easy would be to take get 2% out there. Don't need to Connor as we don't need to deport anybody -- are. We just need to stop given the damn money -- people that don't like us. Right now well let's that's a start Mike I don't think that would you know that are gonna make up a trillion dollars a year but that. You know it's it's astounding is that we're running a trillion dollar deficit that we're spending is spending a trillion dollars more than we have. There were collecting and yet that they're still saying it's not enough it's not enough net. You know. Every. It's like it's like it's like alcohol. You know community -- what the citizens for limited taxation is good to taxation here in Massachusetts always say you know. One taxes too many in a thousand or not enough. You know. They can't beat the art -- Hacksaw -- elect's behalf to have this money you know whatever the whatever they got they had last year whenever they have now. That's the absolute minimum that they could they can exist with all of us. If you're if you're over the age of thirty you you've had good years you've had bad years you haven't gone up in income every year. Was it was at the end of the world when you lost some injury and come maybe if you get laid off and you lose all your income it's a disaster. But sometimes your income goes down and sometimes it goes up. And you know it's. But no say in baseball you know you can't get to -- as you know home run he can't get too down could you that you could you struck out. It's the same thing with with the money common common. Coming in. To your counsel and and get now now all it's the end of the world it's Armageddon. Thanks for the call like 18774694322. Dennis your next with our car go ahead Dennis. That it was supposed to come to a point fatigue and sit tight. And the other the other thing is that he never released these people on the inside of the border. And I didn't like table started that -- a gentleman proper -- Yeah all right I think everybody everybody's thinking about all these so the it's so -- programs that they that they know that that we're -- involved in and they you know this is this just foolishness. I mean how the National Endowment for the Arts you don't mean okay. That's OK maybe maybe you want to win you know when courage encourage arts in the small towns where they don't have like a symphony or borrow art museum or something like that. But you know -- if the if the alternative is releasing illegal alien criminals into the community. I'm gonna. I think I'd rather have the illegal aliens continue to be locked up rather than have an art program for. You know for Peoria Illinois. Probably would talk about the jets there's also. Tanks involved in that aircraft carrier. An aircraft carriers and tanks involved plastic -- over the. Why are we giving money why are we giving armaments to the Muslim Brotherhood. Put it down the road. The working person running it can afford it. But we can't afford air traffic controllers -- by the way the meat is going to be poisoned if once via once the -- start. -- -- I don't know I've read the paper every day and they that they have the same price they don't have be sequestered in Europe and they have the same they already have -- problems apparently half of the media get in Europe has forced me eight. You know and they. See a later one. 8774694322. Don't forget congress spent more than the up first you're the sequester a moment she -- relief thirty days ago. 18774694322. How we we have said them six F sixteens sixth. At sixteenths. 1877. Hey I have an idea or fire whoever let the illegal aliens out I'm sure will save money. They never they never fire anybody you know that that's that that just doesn't happen. All right Kate -- this year has just -- Cape Cod this year dot com it's a it's a great. Opportunity get fresh fish every every week. And this this week there were they're giving they -- there that are route delivering to their subscribers. -- buyers caught in monk fish and scallops and monk fish depend on which plan yet but aren't we got both. That's great I love scallops love the month in Cobb in Iowa well a fresh. A -- finished 18774694322. The -- -- none of none of the none of the scallops have been sequestered that we didn't get 2% if you were scallops and we did last time that we sandy. -- yeah I think it was two weeks ago we had we have a huge -- huge amount of scallops game and I hate to want. I hate that two to one make do with less than a less than 2% with 2% last it would it might he might indeed be the end of the world. You're on May have to bring -- puffing out your people have been suggesting that this is they. A crisis of this these proportions is. Is something that bit by offering -- need to confront mean it's not a weather crisis it's if it's eight. Well it's smartly fiscal crisis either it's it to BS crisis. Bob your next with Howie -- go ahead Bob. A good afternoon Ali -- big bearing the big thing is that that actual the most dangerous person in the United States. It David Axelrod. Obama starts not not the taken do all of this by himself. This is -- are all were the only thing is I think he overreached he he estimated. The patience of the American people. What was you know there's only so many times you can go to the well whatever aspect of -- -- is right. And any other thing is there and nobody ever talks about this. He went to Egypt. And help it -- are elected. Q -- you realize that they dropped App Store you'll ever more about that he went that he. No you -- you -- all -- you need to talk about Mubarak or mosques were. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thought -- works into all the yeah yeah. And Hugh -- the architect don't get him elected and not talk -- story it's just been swept under the out. But these and the other thing -- tried to create its people aren't -- These are not trot -- just outstanding at the rate that you spend it they want to increase 10% in all OK. Is so if you are spending. Our billion dollars and this year you are not gonna be spent in the billion dollars all going to be it will spend 888000. You're not going up off the -- what you were people. -- you know what the liberals were saying in January 1 when people were bitching that the took a 2% pay cut that these are just greedy bastards making -- get used to you can get used only 2%. Only -- it's only 2% when when you're eager player might -- gets cut but when they're. When there are ox is gored all my -- How we look at other thing. I'd I yeah I work in -- out of our business that we we actually have a view I'm all the key employees. The NTT employee they've retired. The big thing was you always vote was there and just spend it because if you don't spend the budget the money won't be indexed -- liked -- idea. Right this that's just yet few if you'll if you come to June and it's the -- -- the fiscal year -- -- on June 30 you don't whatever date that your fiscal year ends in a government agency and you'll like you're gonna have some money left over you spend that money real fast. Thanks thanks for the call 1877469. Worth three. 2218774694322. Let's see how we Etsy. It. When Warren -- in the jumps in Hollywood put in their fair share I mean what we talked about the other day -- Affleck got a gotten 16 million from the state of California which is totally broke. For a rough make enough effort for his move beyond Argo right. And you know -- the video was says I don't mind paying -- accidentally went to -- him -- check for six million that that movie did very every well. All right join how we cart WRKO -- how we car and Jeff corner and the Boston herald's Michael Graham for a special town hall meeting. Presented by mass firearms and moderated by The Herald Joseph Batman -- the WGBH building on March 2 from two to 4 PM. Courtesy of mark mass firearms college lending solutions perfect smiles attorney Melissa Victor. And Boston's talk station 680 W more jail be the sixth call right now. 617931168061793116. Sale how we are. And I and the east Berlin and I. And yeah. -- 187746943. To a 218774694322. That's the toll free number about how -- or show. How we loved the show please -- phone number of the seafood place we would like to do try to do business with them banks or you can just text that -- -- thanks. We have a phone number four and we have it's it's -- -- -- and the -- and that yeah I do and also I again looks like the it's like a drug Condoleezza website I don't see I don't -- -- -- -- -- It's like kick caught this year dot com. Cape -- this year dot com. But I do not see -- phone number here. From becoming. Obsolete but when we have the the buggy whip. And 187746943220. OK here -- here's one this is from the Washington Post again in the Washington Post I don't know maybe it's losing. Excuse -- 54 million. Teacher pink slips cited by Duncan he's the secretary of education Arne Duncan not backed by evidence. Not backed by evidence. Something an Obama administration officials said is not backed by evidence. That can't be. The description of the post's request a landscape that has been coming out of the Obama administration has been alarming specific and in at least some cases -- Quote -- literally teachers now were getting pink slips were getting notices that they can't come back this fall. Unquote education secretary Arnie Duncan said Sunday CBS's face the nation. When he was pressed in -- White House briefing Wednesday the day the come up with a single example. Duncan named one county in West Virginia and acknowledge whether it's also Questar related I don't know. As it turns out it isn't. Officials -- and he. -- -- County West Virginia say the transfer notices sent to at least 104 educators had more to do with the separate matter that involves a change in the way West Virginia -- Kate's federal dollars designated for -- shall. So what kind of phone number for fair share yes. 50 wait for a 706004. Say it again 50 aids. -- 706004. OK that's great. -- 1877465432. To an -- and you don't DB are you like me do you not watch the Sunday shows nearly as much as you used to. This is a good example of why I don't I wondered why have the listened to with two -- guy -- sit sit there. In front of a camera. And lie. To my face. About the the in this case the effects of the sequester but it it could be anything else could you know it could be anything with these people. George your next what powered car go ahead George. You know they've been -- scared everybody in the -- think I was waiting for one more group. To get effect it is -- white you know under forty. Cell then we got a problem. Just about every group except that total sales. At its let us that would actually get anything against. But you know the order -- -- cob registered -- talk about furlough days in where this goes through one -- week. You know as you furloughed. It's so that that would data shall do you think well my industry approach. You don't dictate that you also don't work and beginning of this year were the payroll tax -- it taken over under -- -- out of my teacher. I'm still work in the same amount of hours. But I still otter box so at least what I do -- that shouldn't have to work. She loses -- -- -- -- a lot if they take it out your pay check adjust our workforce. Well you know -- into why I feel sorry for anybody who was you don't fix a 20% pay cut just like you do but. You know it it's not a fault of media and you -- in the dreaded private sector or the Republicans it's the fault of the this this irresponsible administration. You know what it means to sequester or we know this -- also note that the budget we -- in the that there could be spending more money this year and next. And and it's just tactical. That this administration against -- passes that they get. -- it taxes go up gas is more expensive you know -- -- people -- just one thing but how it -- lots of different things. Flock to different costs that we incur that the middle class continued to get counted on that the government can't do it out. We say we don't they pounded on we see him remember rubber hammer all right -- -- -- -- ever read where she cute little quiet -- -- -- she said. Was just play the sequestered making cuts this way it was just plain dumb and then and then would Deval Patrick the governor said he was scared. So I thought you know talk about just plain dom if the ball Patrick is a scared he's just plain dumb as an eight. Thanks thanks for the call George 1877469432218774694322. This is from Jim Garrity on national review. The TV producer Michael -- marbles only in America can -- president proposal law. Get it passed and then actively campaigned against implementing. It was his idea you know best once he is. Brilliant -- there or more likely asleep earlier caller said Axelrod or somebody like that. Barack Obama knows how to do one thing elect Barack Obama a public office -- that's model elect Democrats -- elect -- three -- elect people look Barack Obama likes. Barack Obama certainly doesn't know how to govern effectively take away a congress -- rubber stamp the democratic agenda and he fails flail about. Obama was well hopefully I'm prepared for the presidency and he really hasn't spent the last four years trying to catch up. Instead he goes from situation to situation either trying to recast the problem in ways but he does have some scale and permanent campaigning for office or else. Flail about on the scene while hitting people's buttons quickly and -- random and hopes the eventually the laws of probability will allow him the ball long through anyway. His campaign style. Rallies didn't move the poll numbers on obamacare Democrats to this they never used the word stimulus when discussing new spending and I don't think you're gonna hear the words sequestration much after this thing is over. 1877469432. To -- car. He won 8774694322774. I'm actually far more frightened over the prospect of -- not knowing about a release of prisoners and I am over coverup. A that you need to be worried about a month going I am pretty sure he knew that it was happening and it just. It didn't play well even that even among low information voters so old. So why he threw ice under the bus he's almost gonna have a lot of people to watch. To toss under the Bosco is again he can't take any boy and he's he's Obama he's he's a member of a privileged class. Tony you're next with how weight class a cargo ahead Tony. Our family. Has just won a -- despite -- -- as saying that you do have I larger audience and I hope that listening in now. Talk about how to -- room that the federal government has turned -- first responders. Director of the sequestered goes through that -- reduction in police and fire and county is I don't confidently and that's the impact. Right I just read I just I read to the story in the Washington Post about Arnie Duncan said there were gonna lay off teachers and it's just not true. It's a lie in the Eagles allowed to be surrounded behind them by my first responders did not want to be affected. -- --