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Chump Line Wednesday February 26, 2013 - Boogeyman Show

Feb 27, 2013|

Our favorite message from this week's chump line was a song based on the old south boogey man shows with President Obama as the boogeyman....

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We. Can't wrap and -- and. It is. That's a very mean spirited that for you'd say c'mon. By the way -- someone said there's a second a Muslim in congress now is name is Andre Carson from Indiana I did not know that. Day off the mark. Here are terrible property under your. What Europe whether the FT well I guess there's other orbit it's like it's golf always it has kind of strength appetite. I tried to read that story I. I don't much threatened by that story about Campbell cops in the -- sending out emails that he's with a picture pretty good looking girl and says -- -- -- Right. I don't know you know we literally in this society of its growing sicker by the day but. Have a good amount. Confident about the veracity of that story suit says it has a certain Jay -- like ring true. It's been completely. It was that we -- where anti American anti war and don't get back over the incident you know. It -- and that's you know that's kind of a good point the the the first slot was not to release Americans from prison it was to release illegal aliens from prison. I've often said over the last few years. And over again and GM might -- for any special treatment just treat me like in illegally. Partially say -- Undocumented worker or should I say. Knew there. How -- -- about you haven't shingles deck of a chartered by the New York City and the other day. So my doctors have like an occasional -- law. What about phone well a bit later. By the way speaking of speaking of Boston firefighters the week where your world GA was arrested in Boston for right smack. From -- pretty yeah. It's pretty serious title and only they have the drug problem under control Boston fire departments if you can judge this case. -- leather shoes and dad and I believe that it's cost me 88 said. What did audible. Thank you swing the envelopes legal pro X when the 88 cents. You might say well you -- -- radio station -- ended up from the male world. They go to this static class cities have been there empathy when a magnet. So it's more important to stay out. They've been through increases in the cost of this since -- you know it's so good attitude and what we have masters and that a little bit you can. Excuse me -- buy forever stamps you know that's -- open in forty -- -- -- a bunch of forever stamps when they were 44 cents on took him 44 cents in the first class piece of mail. I read that you had a great food deliveries. To -- -- -- -- and MS. We'll have opened that they'll make it -- feedback. I've got a medal maybe when I have Elizabeth Warren over my house for -- right we get some of that Julio -- bass you know it's you know starting catcher on the banks of the yeah. The banks of the Connecticut River also known as the Atlantic Ocean is this is -- live with Warren polish the last year during the campaign. Western mass says -- as a coastline. That's what's gonna be great about that train running from Pittsfield New York it's gonna run right along the coast. You know you'll be able to see you'll be able to which you know Pittsfield -- we've seen the Atlantic Ocean and you're on the right side of the train and just see the -- it's it's obvious scenic trip. Down to the now for the Big Apple. -- illegal aliens that are being released that. Particularly I think BP card and registered vehicle before they. I would certainly -- so -- mean if if not it's it's it's certainly not fair to cruel and unusual punishment to. Says an illegal alien loose in his new homeland without -- A complete. Picture of welfare benefits not not just BBT card at the unregistered. Vehicle. He needs -- section eight housing he needs. He needs a mass health car. He needs a Ev3 free clothing. He needs C and a bomb off all he needs free cable TV he needs free heating oil from Joseph four oil. We can't expect an illegal aliens to actually go out and work for a living now can win. The government down -- It. -- -- -- -- -- Anybody is anybody nervous. Are you are you sweating. You know won control of we just just didn't ending up having an anxiety attack about the fact that. This past current Friday. No I didn't think so mean either. And that -- is -- but let me show. That baby is due BO OK it's do clothes. -- know about the negative. I. Want and based. When -- picked guys that have -- off. Democrat and good appetite for every Obama files are back at you at -- The boogie man. Go boogie man is out to take away your EBT card stopped the boogie man. -- -- -- -- Poll well over. Just by a shotgun and forget about it. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired U. All right that's it for the trump went through the trunk line is the recorded voicemail message service of how we car show you can call and leave a message. That any hour of the day or night including weekends we may or may not play your message at this time each week day. The troubling number if you like to leave such a message is 61777934696177793469. We -- now. And -- is trip that -- -- can show. Basically think you video lady could do without clothes everywhere we know about the book needed. Can I can pick one you know we conduct -- network. That -- off. Whatever and -- have to -- real palpable and back -- off you shelter.