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WRKO Town Hall (Part 1): Sequestration

Mar 2, 2013|

The WRKO Town Hall begins on the topic of sequestration. Jeff Kuhner explains why he wants Republicans to stand up and challenge the Obama administration on making budget cuts. Michael Graham jumps in to jokingly blame sequestration on George W. Bush. Howie Carr wants to know who is going to report on the $4/gallon gas prices and has a concern in general about problems that are not being addressed by the Obama administration.

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Joseph was from the Boston Herald you know for a much you know 25 he's our Jeff show in the morning occasionally and bags filled in for today. So what -- take it away. Thank you. I will welcome to WRK goes 2013. Town hall. And debt we like to thank first of all the following sponsors for this event WGBH of course in the entire staff. Our presenting sponsor. The mass fire arms school and the participating sponsors perfect smiles. And attorney Melissa Victor & Associates at attorney for elders. Dot com and of course you know -- can all burst of ball. From Michael Graham dot com. And Boston Herald columnist. Michael Graham. And of course you all know W marquis -- afternoon hosts the radio hall of fame member. -- and hand Boston Herald columnist and he's let me also on I news and our new web -- the Boston Herald every Thursday at noon. -- want watch at a Boston Herald dot com how we car. Can't RK has morning host and columnist for The Washington Times Jeff co owner. We're gonna have some panel discussions here with these guys first but were also gonna ask the audience participation. A little later. We have two microphones out there somewhere. We're gonna do a distributor round then. Of course we welcome your comments and questions. Just razor -- do what we can to get to you. The first gonna start with our distinguished panel here. -- corner here the first question is getting -- you were talking as -- said. About sequestration -- well thank you all for coming here because it might be your bomb shelters by now that -- the roads work game. Thank our water our partners there was no disaster and nine boards in the country is. -- regardless. Thank you hurt for getting through these sequestration. Yet you know with the hardship -- again here now. Jeff you know the president the Republicans that feel to reach a deal. And now of course the game of Washington finger pointing has all begun which are all familiar with. This may be a softball question but was ultimately the blame for the failure they. Well I mean. Aren't affecting about me if I'm going to be candid. Look sequestration. And this was the point of Bob Woodward's book and this is why people are asking me all the time. Why would he left Winger like Bob Woodward who has been in the tank for the Washington establishment going back decades. Why would he go out and write an op Ed piece and stick his finger in the yard of the Obama regime. And the reason is obvious when he wrote his book on the August 2011 budget. Whatever you think of the book and whatever you think of the points made in the book. What Woodward show is incontrovertible. He speaks the Democrats are involved in negotiations on the hill Republicans. Were involved in negotiations on the -- leading administration officials. This sequester. Was Obama's idea -- literally he goes across from Boehner and he says okay John. If we don't get this grand bargain I want mandatory budget cuts that will kick him. He's the guy who came up with the idea he's the guy who sold the idea. His staff drafted the idea he signs it he owns it. So clearly if he says this guy is gonna fall. If he says that 800000 people furloughed in the Pentagon. No firefighters no cops no food stamps children won't have food. A plane they're going to be falling out of the sky air traffic controllers are gonna have to get laid off three hour waits at airports. If it's going to be a disaster. Mr. President but all due respect. Your deal. You signed it. So how can you go around and be blaming Republicans now Republicans did agree they get past it. But my bigger question is this. We have. One point 21 point one trillion dollar projected budget deficit this year. We've racked up nearly six trillion dollars in debt in the last four years along. We are now staring at seventeen -- -- -- IMF the World Bank international investors are telling us. America Uncle Sam. You're going broke. -- going the way of grief. So in a 3.5. To think about its four billion dollar budget. This is the biggest budget in the history of the world. Or the Communists in China and have -- -- office in Beijing they don't have budget -- You can't find them fight all the cut I mean I don't wanna repeat myself what I say on here but imagine seniors 600. And you're counting Jeff goes to. -- don't -- -- I got a problem and -- but I'm gonna are gonna get a heart tuchman our. -- a call -- my wife's gonna -- me I'm gonna get a divorce discard them fall that literally that's the argument that. So to the Republican right today. We -- Capitol Hill to cut spending and not raise taxes to report the taxpayers of this country first. Spend up to one -- on Mr. President one another 85 all. Your mind -- anything like. Republicans -- -- on -- I was gunned down a young man what -- your monologues. I like me. I think we've all learned. -- Coke rather Halliburton. You -- was responsible for these sequestration you would find those responsible for the -- the ports. It's George W. Bush everybody knows that. George Bush's fault fiscal -- -- public involved. -- bush -- and others on it -- -- talking of the error items. Every other procedure on your body. Well we're kind of light note beside the -- a lot to be back and -- that at -- Right now I'd say we put went by the way out so we can bottom again. The time. He'll finally picked it because it had read and reply. Years in the -- responsible for what president was a -- it -- Yet. Like my favorite part. Of Obama's. Statement -- the press yesterday. Was when he said. You know some people have been predicting a -- -- Who are these beautiful -- as the who who has been spreading fear. Escort throughout the nation. Someone standing at the very podium and say that apple -- very room with. Reading that people like got more upset because he got mixed up the Star Wars metaphors I believe they're really upset about that it -- guy you know I would get -- mind -- right everybody does and then again. And we expect Obama even liberal he probably thinks -- -- shot ourselves. I have I have breaking news here today and I hope this I hope this is not a -- your faith in the integrity of rod Chief Executive Officer. But you know we talked about the senator's gonna have to take. Apparently that it's not a lot I don't know. -- this statement it's like when they had to cut eight the four million dollars out of the jog information agency that alas it already shut down last year which was. Very disturbing really went back to the homes of the people used or they're trying to get the money yeah. The white house press -- of the commonly -- -- yesterday the world all the in -- get there because apparently. Don't that the secretary of education itself on on Thursday that that. Teachers -- going to be pink -- And somebody that we call -- beat school district on the West Virginia and it wasn't true so late confronted. Jay Carney. Go back to make applying for -- parties and -- and it really confront. They said that they saw what what is going what is going on here you talk about the -- just that these -- will be laid off its all B yes. But he said it. Want the answer when it's gonna. What makes a phone call. I used to work for time magazine what does -- -- How you got it wrong again there it was their fault they want to -- -- have to call it double eagle on don't want. Though like that line collapsed and that's not a drug that. What do you what do you guys think about this whole Woodward controversy is a big controversy -- Bob Woodward's claim he was kind of threatened. By a White House email yet. I think it's you know -- be the Debbie -- -- -- -- say what he said you'll regret it. I mean that those that's -- -- that's -- rat yeah he wasn't physically right now I mean here's what. The thing about what -- is he's always had access both sides because somebody said he doesn't present the true he presents. The truth -- you'll his -- want it to be portray. That he's Albany perhaps have multiple sources. But basically sperling was saying to you might get me what -- was in line what you like it off right bought for your access and you'll be able to order more these. -- -- for me and how we we know what threats are now is not threat I we've been threatened before Jordan -- not that was definitely not a threat no no it wasn't a threat is now now now. I've nothing against what worked for and that's what it all the work they were trying to take away what we makes its Olympic. I am amazed Alley made this story without talking about Whitey Bulger I'm just so. I've never seen him turn on the opportunity to tell that story. And I wanna say -- any representatives of mr. -- here in the audience today I've never written anything and -- about it please there's a guy you're you're -- well as the Dalai solve Boston mayor who was wearing a T shirt that says white for president. How about calcium you can stand up if you want now. Another question earlier -- I don't want to let you know no joke I did tweet out a picture of the audience on just know it first started so. If you are wanted by the police or you're here was someone other than your spouse you may -- take care of them try to figure that. I do I ask you that though the Republicans though I mean. They do control one. Half of congress so how -- -- the sequestration and in this big how to make continually allow this happen. I mean I know they don't control while I mean do they deserve any blame for this or is it leaders. They have set him what to bills to hell yeah except and then they -- him last week instead -- a bill that would allow him even more latitude. To make the cut so when -- yeah. Or make that it transfers between the department if you Eagles out of Virginia Beach, Virginia it's just. I don't want that hole. I decide between teachers and fire. Fighters I'm talking about the public relations of which it most polls show that people -- gonna blame Republicans for this why you know. So what should they do a better job -- presenting this and their leaders. -- it took -- like they lost the last. I've been criticizing Republicans now for years. I think their leadership has been -- I think Boehner is -- I think Mitch McConnell this week. They've been losing PR battle after our. I can look I mean think about this is Obama's. And yet somehow Boehner and McConnell are looking for. And I think it was a mistake to -- Boehner -- house speaker. I think Mitch McConnell going to be in trouble like he's gonna win by the Tea Party. Tea Party challenger. And look at what happened to Mitt -- I mean what Obama is doing to the Republicans is what he did around. Aegis you throw -- you throw -- -- throw mud and eventually expects. And so if I were the Republicans. I would say to them once and for all you can deal with these guys. How many times have -- outmaneuver you. So if he's -- can -- you get on campaign. To give you one quick example. I would crucified him on four dollar a gallon that's. I would have Boehner I have Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell -- anybody. On the airwaves -- port. Who's gonna reported a big -- The last time you saw a story in the Boston Globe about one dollar a gallon gasoline and I'm waiting I don't know I. Is that a run right up there on the story on Elizabeth -- 740000. Dollar Condo that she -- spot. -- just say it's not rout of the Washington none of this would have been happening right Tennessee frustrations of a Elizabeth Warren though of course this is an example of why -- Scott Brown is talking about bipartisanship. Elizabeth Warren is worth is of no help in this deals is because she's just totally citing. Went with the Democrats and that's part of the problem everybody is just on the same side. -- what she says she said it was at the Mike there and -- going that talk about who. Who's right here I -- knows yet. That's a good point you made she may not know. Well another one of my favorite quotes from last week -- Governor Patrick what do you think of sequestration. -- secure a third. He had been this scared since they front the of the cope she often had. On the mean streets of the south side. I don't know if Governor Patrick is scared of 82 point 4%. Which is actually close at one point 25% cut. In the federal budget. Why isn't -- terrified of a. Three billion dollar tax hike on people who work for a living you know businesses in Massachusetts and what idiot proposed that three billion dollar blow. To the economy. The ball Patrick. So how can you go to bed at night terrified that two park Rangers down at the you know Provincetown and you know whatever nature preserve our way -- -- it. Colony and and a by the way it by like forty park -- at the Statehouse in the entire activity it's it's unbelievable with the idea that the partly in your salary yeah. There's nothing more concern. To the Massachusetts economy. An 83 billion dollar tax hike. On targeting. Businesses and workers it's makes no sense at all how could be the case that 1% 2% of here is disastrous. But doubling the gas price is no big deal double in the -- -- that 85 billion dollars out of consumer pockets about once a month. -- Governor Patrick and make the gas prices lower now he's proposing a permanent. Tax hike that goes up every single year just replaced. So I'm not asking Governor Patrick to say anything it makes sense and ask him to stop saying stupid things that contradict each other. If you pick one consistently stupid thing is that where I can admire him for that. By by the way just it just to reiterate took that we've been talking all of us but talk about. People here got to pay cuts on January 1. It was 2% right. You're you're here so I guess you haven't killed yourself you know it's -- -- about it right now. -- Should work in government because federal spending has gone up 70%. Is president Obama's. In -- opt out I can -- on the public schools so he does -- they help me with this but. It's -- we've got up 17%. In the new cut it 2%. I think there's still some left over if I'm not mistaken. They're they all the fat has been cut -- Bloomberg until the B now a pot you know lists.