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WRKO Town Hall (Part 2): Gun control

Mar 2, 2013|

Howie believes that the NRA is right to draw a line in the sand. Meanwhile, Jeff thinks the media and some control advocates jumped on the Newtown, CT tragedy without all the facts. Michael says that if you put a gun ban in place you will have a lower gun death rate, but the crime rate would be higher. The panel thinks that no new gun control legislation will pass. Michael Graham adds that he wants to deal with the glaring stuff such as the mental health check.

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I we're gonna switch gears now to another big topic which is gun control which of course is on everybody's minds out of watched units becomes big political issue it's a big issue in this senate special senate election never happening right now. And of course that what happened in new town has come up and there's been a push from all sides to sort of get political advantage out of this especially Democrats that bank. Passing more gun control law as a reduction of them out of bullets that -- guns are allowed to have an assault weapons national registry base all. All these ideas are there any good ideas out there that you think. That could that could help prevent tragedies like this involving. Cutting back on guns or registration or an or anything like that. Was the first I just wanna say that I don't I don't blame the RA again is being portrayed as this -- somehow what was once a it was once a country club Republican organization now which side got super -- The reason it's gone right weighing it doesn't compromises because the Democrats have -- super left way. You that you can't really -- you're this guy it's out of Colorado in the state senate was introduced a bill to be in shock it's. Hot chopped on to -- issues this beyond this would be on Obama you got you at the NRA is right to draw a line in the sand because. You know I think what the last fifty years have shown us is that. Is that things that we never imagined could happened. Happened with regularity with with this crap out these these people as we all know that our fathers Democrats are our own Democrats you know these are the the we can you imagine the Kim -- Ellis is prosecuted. For first putting his name a lot of rehab and Deval Patrick is walking around after giving. This book war 250000. Dollars per voter registration. I don't think Kato put his name money -- no no that's yeah you're right and its trade and you know the other what the what was the editorial today in The Herald -- just you know. Our our our newspaper said that your our newspaper said. -- set up. -- well Marsha Coakley didn't have any choice. Because that laws on the books. About the myself. Is -- Coakley the same woman said technically it is not illegal to be legal in Massachusetts and -- -- -- is now compelled to enforce certain statutes that. I did not write that editorial but it's. So -- that that yeah I doubt it'll just drove me crazy yeah. But I mean is there any good ideas as shape can it be like they were talking about you know more background checks anything like that you think should happen. I mean I mean I think the whole gun control debate is a phony one. I think the administration. Exploited sandy hook from the get go I remember I'll never forget that fateful day -- finished fourth hour driving home. I'm listening on my radio. And they don't even know how many children have been killed yet that it was fourteen in the envelope that it -- -- Boom. We have to ban assault weapons when we have to -- high capacity. Magazines but we have to start passing draconian gun control laws. We don't even know what caused it we didn't know what happened we didn't know there was one shoulder to shoulder is not think immediately. Jumped on it. And all my bigger point about gun control of this I think this is their Afghanistan. Win the Russians invaded Afghanistan in the late seventies everybody said all the Communists are now about the Britney really start to dominate the world. They are now at their high point there now invincible. You are seeing -- backlash. Because of this push to go after people's guns and the American people can sense it. Middle America is angry I'll give you one quick example. Look what happened recently at west for. Here you have that Communist Bob jeffords' switch and he's an embarrassment to the people of west effort. Pushing it by law. Where he wants to ban all firearms. With magazines. In this in in west for in the town of whispered. And the people fair enough is enough. And over 500 people showed up it was overflowing. And like -- power like many on the left. He back down he would mean -- cable that he wouldn't stand up and fight for zone by law. Now imagine if we did that county by county state by state across the country. Like like all married and I believe the right to keep and bear arms and sleep with a pistol to my killer snipers self preservation. But I think it is. An opportunity that would personal everything that -- percent about how this is a cover for -- -- -- the goal the goal is clear it's nice I was gonna. -- showed it on TV showings in the day he said do you really brought hope all all of the ticket Owens goes. I looked like -- do you really think that if he had the power he wouldn't. Any stop because the court that's -- look at like I understand that the European model to a -- -- -- in the -- -- -- that we are allowed it to two. Own guns and they're willing to sacrifice. The total dependency on the state. Ford does that lower don't yet rate you will have low bit rate to confiscate. Guns but you'll have a higher crime and overall. Death rate because the bad guys still kill you with a gun legally or -- or as the case and in England censored and the I've -- so. It's a topic that is it is actually -- balance. My balances I want you citizenry to be armed remind the government that they were process that's why we're the second and everything went okay. I can make you make you mad. Because it is an opportunity to there are some Smart things you can do for example South Carolina right now where I'm from. There are no restrictions on mentally ill buying guns no mentally ill -- background it's not that stupid and date right wing -- friend of mine. The attorney general down there is pushing to change the law now there should be some. Backed out some mental illness to ship you know stop and I think I'll support that I think that maybe not because well into the middle let's check get to know who's behind it. That essentially means that you need a universal background check to find out at least who this person is in his -- -- -- and that the need of mental illness registered some -- it's it's the but it can be done. If we. Take the opportunity we had. Where the majority of Americans are with us. Where more Americans told quinnipiac polls two weeks ago they think the NRA represents -- reason the President Obama. That we squandered because we're not able to say it will do metal elements background checks or we won't agree to universal background checks at a reasonable that we look this is that what. And there like if -- the point it's never it cost nothing ever it every day the bad guys wake up and wanna fight. Every day we have to wake up and bite him that whispered Robert what's his name. Said in the -- paper the next day this is an all or I just need to find another way to bring this. The fact that they're stupid should not bait us into being stupid to. There are reasonable rational controls like -- Lucas. They re -- rats officials like no -- and read the rats controls like a simple. Federal. Background check it has a limited amount of race and justice are you crazy are you felt. And we should be able support that if we go to the item that. That we. It's the the people in the middle who are looking at -- was suspicious and what sounds reasonable and I trust you that your. No background checks and hand out in LM sixteen -- elementary school that we -- Leaders -- The election. -- I it's obvious the agenda from. Westward from you know Patrick proposed. -- the laws well. State -- senator cream -- says. That playing the -- was -- those -- slogans. And right on every. If you had their way. I felt -- exit. -- about that anyway. Today assault weapons all of life is a lesbian something. It would only what it is. Asked somebody what's this all. -- -- Look what happened at all but he. They they they they in their -- To what to get some good and I lines in the New York Times they passed the idea of the past this gun -- Which they discovered to their chagrin last week would outlaw most of the guns held by the various police departments and -- your expect. Anything that's more than seven bullets. Capacity is is now outlawed in New York. And many many people already know they're being semiautomatic and automatic guns which is a huge differences they're talking about be handing you know saw among those some people don't know the difference is Michelle Obama right ahead of runner up. Let's get a cut the cut and alcohol may -- -- Jeffries did in his original language include machine guns right damaging -- right -- but if you machine -- the United States you're either a an historian collector who has like 9000 licenses to get it. Or. Al-Qaeda was roaming around before seven but he -- -- -- -- I did -- this is what scares me. Who earlier this week there was a candidate commemorating the one year anniversary of the trade -- George Sherman's story. A woman to hold someone in public but a camera that just astonished me. Self defense is not acceptable. Now did -- reporters even look like I don't. So she said no self defense is not acceptable -- sleep all stop with the question what if someone's trying to kill you. An adult. Voting age Percy -- United States that quote well -- just have to kill me. Because self defense is not acceptable. Forget politics forget constitution let's go to evolutionary biology. What is the number one imperative that every living or is it live long enough to make babies that's what it felt. Self defense and hoping that in essence outline. This woman says I don't wanna be an adult I don't wanna be brought up I would not like I can see the bad guys breaks girl what -- really. Grabbed the -- make my drive. It. Felt like consumers -- a gigabyte. IPod next -- And that. I agree absolutely Garland always lands -- out of that there are actually some laws out there where somebody comes in your home when you shoot them and you could be prosecuted. In Massachusetts. Yes Martha Coakley we discourage self help. I mean I. -- was thought that was a euphemism for mass mailing help them -- I thought they changed that law and I don't ask. It's maybe there are some states I think military you know occasionally in New York you read a story about some guy who was you know somebody's coming out of with a knife that he he pulls up the equalizer in that he gets -- early right before the -- injury they've ever by the it's August right he's happy as a part of the party apps like three or portal kid and he's up late -- -- noise up ice truck he works in the trades -- tools out there he catches the guy breaking into his truck guy having night. And another -- I think like a club or something to this this guy was unarmed but very assertive. It's -- punch -- guy in the face and sits on to the cops get there and they arrest the homeowner. So as pro they are prosecuted back -- we're gonna keep prosecuting him in it until fortunate enough publicity on an old a hip hop station. That we are able to. Able to of course. By the way did you party as rat bastards you might. Yeah it is hot yet I'm still open to get that game. If you're not better by how. The last of -- is. You're on -- just one gotten. You beat two guns the second one is a throat out. -- your prediction any thing -- -- It's. It's like it's almost like the Democrats we've been tried this -- Clinton told how or twelve years ago lot if you if you soul strike against the commitment to work here at Arkansas and Tennessee are all states and you'd be the president. It was right -- us accidentally dropped the assault left -- basically he's given up on as the Democrats in the senate are these rural Democrats won't vote for. Harry Reid -- -- is you know NRA supporter backed by the RA personally told Obama's -- flight sent right so what -- smoke and mirrors the one opportunity though for once again talking about Republicans to go on the offense and take it to them. -- opportunity to put together a reasonable rational. Still the mental health issues you deal with this that the glaring stuff. And do that -- -- we passed it will you sign and I can't I don't think -- -- -- sign I agree Bob would say it's not up it's not enough it's not enough. I agree I think sometimes Republicans. Are afraid do you do that debate could just like and give a little bit on something that's reasonable like you said like a mental health act. Just give on that -- to see what happens at throw it to them it's a gate here it is you know we did some -- Not any reasonable I'm trying to stick it to President Obama. That he's such a uncertainties. Ego maniacal he won't take half the deal. -- cannot say exactly it's not let go around saying don't notice we'll deal is that enough what. All -- expose how nut job -- is they don't -- be taken and taken away as a campaign -- why they -- a truck they -- lead the Atlanta always go partner that you you can do with the reasonable mental health stuff and they'll still be out there saying. I want to. A rest little kids who -- cap guns to school which by the way actually happen. And by the way I wanna warn you expect a lot of commercials in the coming days from Ed Markey about gun control because he is the -- and read on it jumping on the band and why on that of course. And he's going to be that's one of its going to be -- major issues and they can't wait for Republicans to stand up and defend this -- And I remind us.