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WRKO Town Hall (Part 3): Senate special election

Mar 2, 2013|

With the Senate special election coming up in MA, the panel discusses if there is any Republican who stands a chance. Kuhner brings up Mike Sullivan, who he believes is strong on the issues but he has a charisma problem. Graham says there is no Republican Party in Massachusetts and that you need to get someone who is socially moderate for a chance to win, like Scott Brown in 2010. Howie adds that in a way the 2010 Scott Brown victory was bad for Republicans because it woke up the machine.

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Joseph please be -- mr. story that you can run through it. Like -- minute just some of that mark he's flip flop OK okay I do -- -- -- -- many people do not Imus has this happened thirty years ago and I think Ed Markey is the ultimate Massachusetts liberal which is now. Is among the mostly if you if you look at his votes. Sometimes most Democrats don't be angry at them on things that are crazy you noble war. But when he first started in 1970s the Massachusetts house. And then got elected US house. He was very strongly against abortion this may surprise you he he supported -- law being mean. Broke overturning roe -- And even in the case of rape and incest he was for that mean he also took the she'd. Yeah and he also school prayer was -- school prayer. And a lot of socially conservative issues that now of course would be heresy. -- Massachusetts Democratic Party. He took NN when he started to think about running percentage in 1983 there was for John Kerry's which eventually drop out. He of course all the sudden at a conversion and change and flip flop you won the original flip flop birds. But of course now no one wants the pay attention -- that everyone's like that was inadvertent but one Mitt Romney does it is the biggest what opera in the world it's terrible. But you should think about that it -- you know these these things happen years ago but they should be important in this race until at least the -- Brings it up at the Democrats. Flip flop. Ed Markey wrote yes yeah. -- -- So I'll ask you to then. Are any of the Republicans running for senate going to take Ed Markey on on something like the Second Amendment. Well I mean look I I had Mike Sullivan on my show. He's Smart. He's tough. He's very good on the Second Amendment. He's got a charisma problem the problem with Mike Sullivan is he's very solid on the issues that. And with all due respect to the guy I mean cook she was even joking around my -- my executive producer. I almost fell asleep. I mean the guys talking in my own show on. I mean he's got it -- its handlers have got to say Mike you've got to put some more wrong thing to it may. But if he's willing to stand up for the middle class in other words if it takes. A page out of Scott Brown's playbook. And says I'm gonna run against taxes and Iran against runaway government spending -- on -- -- run against that -- on a rise in defense of the Second Amendment. I think you can give Ed Markey a run for his money. I think marquis is -- he's a machine politician. He's a phony he's a carpetbagger. And if if there were Republicans were Smart I would just do one thing many Republicans strategists are listening. Go to Chevy Chase. And take a picture of that mansion. That Ed Markey who lives that you got to see this I mean that Putin doesn't live in a place like this I'm sick and just put that. All around Boston Massachusetts. And say this. Is where your next senator really -- by the way I did that in the original story and -- back in the 1990s. And the story back that was basically he would never even lived in mass as a congressman for seventeen years. He had never had a residence in Matt owned a home in Massachusetts to make it -- -- after later. I had to make its disclosure I actually made a contribution to the market campaign. Yeah I gave the GPS systems we could find his district. -- because my -- -- -- Scott Brown did not. And his page of the -- about talk about the Second Amendment I don't think any republic exactly taking -- -- you guys -- at its final straw poll among the Republican club today. And Mike's old and the grassroots candidate came in third. One Gabriel Gomez came in second despite the fact that he has a gazillion dollars and when you have these dollars -- campaigns. You hire people to go when the Strobl. A -- it was -- actually came in first. With as little energy yeah but he's also I think he's further to the left than the other what Obama actually might that might all of and it did Winslow vote for Deval Patrick and Barack Obama. And David moments ago. So I don't vote for people who vote for Barack Obama -- in excuse that it's already gave money to Obama he claims he -- -- -- he just gave him money we're talking yesterday on high noon about how we we got to make -- forty request that they -- for rock for the latter the Gomez wrote asking Deval Patrick appoint him. To the senate that we've also got to try to find the other everybody else's out laughed about it -- -- you're not going to be out all right yeah. -- there is no Republican Party. Masters as far as party goes Ericsson -- people all their people ideas but is part and an entire -- departed could meet at a boot at the miss was to diner and it still be room. For the -- sit down and to order. But so that they don't just as much as they do exist the -- of -- people they've picked Gabriel Gomez of the ideal Republican to run because. He gave money to Obama he gave money to the super lefty Alan -- he was giving money to Democrats as recent as last year. On he ran for -- still has has the talent just like when he came in third field theory. So we just -- Democrats and. He's a loser. Easy -- if you were. Republicans for -- I don't I don't arteries and that he has so much support in a lot of Romney you look back and there's only one reason is because the guy has money honey get paid that's all that and consultant -- that line. And that's what this guy is he's the cash cow in the race right in the in Michael and those happenings Michael -- -- is actually more conservative he has run a campaign. Since. -- certainly Bob Dole was on the ticket the last. Guy although he's the only -- one account means light and that is true. But that it was once again it was that long time ago I -- I think gambling is right now has a lot of energy but he's socially liberals is socially liberal which is going to be a good thing in a general election if you run if you against Ed Markey. You've got a guy basically who is more socially liberal and Ed Markey was at least back in the 1980s I don't think that's -- necessarily hurt you in general election. So he might actually have a better chance because of that not not the primaries early but. I mean most of the state we see Apple's war so they have to run somebody who has the chance somebody's more it. But what you would call my show a couple weeks or to the -- down in Maryland and in addition to get the picture of the dimension. They should get a picture of his wife were believed as a psychiatrist right now Blumenthal yeah driving around in a par with Maryland plates. And that's that's. And give others there is a rumor that he's also Baltimore Ravens fan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Left to need to be the controversial person and I don't know in this -- anybody like to -- what you guys think this. -- Just judges said you got to get somebody is socially moderate so the chance to win was they -- more socially moderate and Scott Brown. Scott Brown's campaign you've got to two concepts I'm gonna grow a set of ovaries live on national television. And I hate Republicans do. That's not why why is it's not like law. That's that's my point. You can't be more socially moderate to stop round. Scott Brown that was as a Democrat. -- Warren the president orders a terrible candidate off -- can't get off thinking it. With the crummy job a lot about basic things like or they would back and she got jobs you -- have a crappy your candidate in his. I'm a woman of the people but I -- others that puts a 1000 dollar on award she was horrible. Scott Brown was super liberal any loss why. Because no Republicans in Massachusetts. Peter. Period it it happened it happened near the Republican Party. Is one and seven people war in regular elections for federal and statewide office since 2000. One in 74 and that's that's. And in the special election of Scott grounds that one regular one special right and that's I think I think sky rocketed. Actually not how. That's what could get more liberal election pretty good bit more liberal than it. Get more sucking up the Democrats could not turn out there was a presidential election. But that's what killed this is what kills -- -- -- the same -- that killed that it -- to congressman -- Right bill -- in in 96. All got. Think about Bob Dole went 7%. Of the -- -- how do you overcome. Guys 2000 what the president's election Republicans lost 2002 was -- Republicans lost 2004 -- Republicans lost about 600. Republicans lost 2008 was 2010 -- big Republican blow out across the country and every statewide. Republicans had a lot of Republicans not. Romney look at one on one race. That is pretty big race that's why. Hispanic and it happened at a fourteen. What is happening for. If Terry on the ballot up on the porch or. This is -- right right I mean -- one in any year. Here. -- how many years. Are not normal. -- go back to 2000 others -- that tell you. And which is why this Republican focus for this election special elections should not be who can win. Them. The focus should be how to fix the Republican. So that two or four years from now you have a real she still -- -- -- out. Well all the giggling angered Republican consultants. I don't know how landed ten -- Let's think Republicans are telling gave Obama has right now you can win you can -- you get -- and he can't. And it's not because Republicans are evil or whatever it because the Republican brand is -- image we need to work on is the brain and the first. Where the title and all of Massachusetts politics. People are scared to pick it up so you spend two election cycles fixing it by running people who do some. But -- but frankly running the anti Scott Brown. Scott Brown Hart -- but he Republicans. And even that it worked. He got to. Let Republicans again -- I don't Republicans I'm super liberal and liberal -- -- Everybody is gonna -- It does look policies did you -- but one -- how about leadership. But Washington -- Republicans now. Gabriel Gomez or done it well -- different kind of Republicans call a guy who called something different Republican. -- Democrat. So let's stop and so that Republicans can again. The articulate like normal people might Republicans to. -- -- How close to Democrats it tries announced it -- -- election -- people remember. That's as I'm really Republican in -- -- start building people that you know what so you lose 42 -- it you lose 3360. Or brokers. And the people doubling in Europe well. -- who knows what is the branches where it is and -- -- like -- -- how it's it will. Back and I -- some guy one time. How often take it that exports. Let's fix it at that a nine. It talked about the holy -- high noon yet and the fact is that that that election in January of 2010 where Scott Brown won. In a way that was a bad thing for the state Republican Party because. You can catch the Democrats. Flat footed right and they haven't been caught flat footed again and it's gonna I think it's -- Probably gonna take a few more election cycle have a bad feeling they're gonna just too big to get pull out. Plot every EPT card holder and union bug. In this special election just like a just like they did in the in November. -- -- well it's not machines so outlets are playing into. I don't give up I would be honest we can't we. But we can set ourselves up to win four years and. I felt that the -- bite bite -- taught by Kemp campaign why it's. Rational Smart and like normal people like you call themselves Republicans. Because what would the Republican Party is done to itself with the super geniuses like Eric for instrument Ron Kaufman again. They're like up there at. Home that was about as crazy you're right I'm different I'm not like it. Well I want the Red Sox Democrats jacket and all the the jacket so -- basically the Republican -- -- the Chernobyl Massachusetts -- Problem was and I believe lenders in the second but the problem I believe was that of the the national Republican brand is what killed Scott Brown more than anything not the Massachusetts. He makes our candidates and the Republicans what happens is thousands and welded it wasn't a total accident since yeah. It's not much of that it was a national search a Republican -- does a well I don't know about the moment. And general and remember. Look look. Here's here's the deal the the Scott Brown last November got 350000. More balls than he did in the special election right the practical. As the one million people voting Sochi she beat him with a low information voters to why and that's why she is the senator now.