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WRKO Town Hall (Part 4): Immigration policy

Mar 2, 2013|

The panel talks about what will solve the illegal immigration problem. Howie thinks we need new leadership in Washington to get anything done. Kuhner wants a wall to be built on the southern border. Michael suggests putting the Democrats on the defense by showing legal immigrants and how they have struggled through legal process and then beat out by illegal immigrants on jobs.

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Let's move onto another topic now immigration which I know you guys wanna talk about you wanna hear about. Recently John McCain we prowler members challenged at a town hall meeting by constituent who asked them where's the fence -- he's referring to. The McCain it then McCain campaign platform and others. The water build a fence in the Mexican border. Now obviously that's not gonna solve the issue but I mean. What can we -- offenses in your belt what what what will solve the only legal immigrant problem. Anything besides that right now that that they can actually Republicans actually passed. There's they're working on passing something now playing better. You need new leadership and in Washington I mean that's the only thing I mean it's. A -- but yesterday for mud Jeff Sessions. I couldn't I couldn't believe -- they yeah. They Jeff Sessions at this document from the -- I think from the State Department. And there were due how many people applied that -- -- -- show yesterday due to people applied to get visas for visas. Operative not amnesty for visas to come into the United States. Eight point eight million people apply. Now there's a law on the blocks which of anybody's an immigrant here from the 50s60s. They know what used to be a force which is. That if you fuel if there's a chance that your gonna become a public charge public war of of the taxpayers you're not supposed to even get a visa right. You know how many of those eight point eight million people the State Department -- this be because that might become a public charge. 202 great. So obviously. They obviously they want what worked I know I know. If we enforce that law -- peace Tony wouldn't be in the country today. But that's that's what that they were up again. Of course they're promising immigration reform now what it but there is the big political battle in the Republican Party you have marker rule book rubio saying. We have to come up with a solution on this and he and guys like that they think you know might help Republicans you know causes obviously Latino vote. Killed them in the last election so should be going that way or should they be going the other way which is a more conservative way -- saying -- we got to stop the -- yet. I think -- I think this comes back I didn't agree with everything Michael said but he comes back to the same to the same. General point which is I was like -- used -- Harry Truman. He also to give people choice between Republicans -- Republican noble for the Republican every time when this case. Marco Rubio wants to give people a choice between a Democrat the Democrat and guess what guess with a gonna vote for a battle -- -- -- what. You know like I thought you almost. I spent time in Florida I certainly wish I would vote for rubio Crist and in a heartbeat. You know I think he's very Smart guy. Despite what Ann Coulter says but. You know. I don't know what he's had what what he's drinking the McCain Graham cool often so I. You know what that they waited -- -- South Carolina not related we didn't bullets without really. Which it says we're we're gonna have been we're having more people come and and until we get the border security now. I mean again that comes back to the question the -- asked John McCain. You know where worst offense if not offense that -- the border security. I mean back and back in the -- -- -- out there. With us and you know Dwight Eisenhower -- started started around in the mop and you know what you are you kidding it's okay. What the name of the -- what the name -- he the operation was now because it's a Rachel's are. But how are you going considering he'd be you know increasing population voting population of Latinos and other minorities howdy to. Deal -- this issue ads ever win a national election again. Well I mean look I'm talking people on Capitol Hill are telling me this is a civil war now going on in the Republican Party. You have Marco Rubio we have John McCain. You have senator Lindsey Graham. You have a lot of people and the congressional house leadership who now believe the ticket to power for Republicans -- the back some form of amnesty. And that'll lead to outreach to Hispanics. I think it's a disaster. I think it's political suicide -- graphics card. We have the numbers it's been going on now for about 25 years just go back to Reagan Reagan granted a limited amnesty to several million. Did that help the Republican brand now. In fact the more Hispanics in the state is -- California. The more democratic it is so if you have the demography of California. You'll have the politics of California. The Republicans now if they drink this poisoned chalice. Of amnesty for illegal immigrants they'll become I believe a permanent minority party. And I think what they have to do and -- the right thing I disagree with both -- -- -- and Michael enemy on even on local politics. I believe politics is fundamentally about principle. And I believe if you stand your ground and if you say. We have a constitution. We are a nation state we are here to defend the taxpayers of this country who pay for the politicians in Washington. You'll get no amnesty you'll get nothing until that wall is built on the southern border period. And if you -- We have just pulled -- confident Republican. Fine you may win a few votes in Phoenix you may win a few votes in Los Angeles. Which -- gonna lose Iowa Kansas North Dakota Idaho outside buckle up because we're gonna go for party. And I think it's about time that we told Republicans. Clearly and unequivocally. It's time for you to stand up for Republican principles. And for too long they have. Jeff Jeff let me play it does it -- Let me play the devil's advocate here which is we all know the big pot the pot population in the voting population. Of minorities especially Latino voters -- larger and larger. And the will of voters Republican voters is getting is getting smaller while so that's the reality of the situation. So how do you deal with that mean you think that will help this -- -- the fence. Perhaps I would recommend for example Heather McDonald from the Manhattan institute -- able Bible study and she actually looked at that. Three quarters have a self identified Latino Hispanic voters have told pollsters repeatedly. Amnesty is not number one or number two number three it's not even in their top five. So the major reason when asked why do you vote for the Democrats because they believe. Falsely I think that government is the source of wealth. So they vote for the party of government. So what are we what are Republicans doing you've been losing the Latino vote 647. -- going back since Ronald Reagan. All the geniuses Eric French -- -- -- the geniuses. Along. Export eleven to twenty million more on the electoral rules right so Texas willfully blue Florida -- it -- Arizona wolf -- -- it'll be it'll be slaughter for Republicans. So what I would turn around if they tried this. Why don't you go Hispanic communities and I've done outreach to Hispanic communities and here's what I tell -- -- the roomful of Mexican Americans. How -- socialism work for you and -- You your family back on -- that government is still on socialism has been good for them being on welfare has been good for them. This is the greatest country in the history of the world. Because we believe in -- the free market. And it can lead you and your family to the path to prosperity. Now if you make that argument. And you go neighborhood by neighborhood by neighborhood not going in. -- salt Scott Brown but the models unveiled a model walks around. I mean honestly an area I'm agreeing with only -- -- if warming on a lot of additional insight who would I vote for this Supreme Court. All on let me see our eyes -- -- I think Unscom mean Anthony Kennedy everybody across the board nobody respects that. But if you go in and say look. You know. The Irish Catholics. Jews have succeed Italians have succeeded the Koreans. You mean you want to be rich. He's one of your home. You wanna send your kids for the schools you wanna have a place of the American dream because Democrats are keeping you -- nobody'll. They're keeping you when the adults get off the Atlantic. Target because they'll tell you this final for fox what's the one thing where Hispanics vote for Republicans in big numbers. Texas. They comment what -- -- -- say what you want about Rick Perry or whatever and they say. You're production. Boat like attacks and act like -- action -- a Republican and they win. So stop the pandering and stand up for principle always its principal in the end is the most powerful weapon politics. -- don't want economic matters here. The Massachusetts Republicans. I think Turkish republic of American politics. They look at you you. They've lost before the end we can't win -- -- the -- up we can't win. You mean to tell me. That following. Ice cream truck driver -- -- like study looked at him with a vampire. You mean to tell me you can't take it to -- an election and even if you lose. You shame the people. To. That. Touch my gag reflex. Sorry. I think when I say quickly -- -- if you don't even win -- day is definitely not vote Democrat of Massachusetts. Are going to be seeing the they have no -- That's the point but not charity you're not figured out now -- miss them and so I said yeah I pattern is that it. Wonderful leg injury that in the. We may be talking past each -- what I'm saying Republicans is. Forget trying to win by running another Democrat run as a Republican when you lose. Lift up Republican values and ideals of people I would spiked right Republicans. That's -- -- Republicans to openly gay people go online in a while Michael that you have a -- didn't you have a key cabinet school. This is this what you told the people you're gonna lose but yeah. Yeah. My -- is what I -- the -- that it. We did an all volunteer bipartisan again school fact that Bristol and foreign policy council recently passed away was there for Democrats were surprised at what you're running. It is more competition. We got twelve members of the state legislature elected while the rest of the ticket was collapsing in 2010 we doubled the number -- Republicans because we sent people to the streets at the grassroots level the state talked -- Yeah for first person face to face beyond the boring and. About this is what I want to do and they started winning that the state republic important stop wasting time looking for. Magic candidates who can somehow win. And is -- Republican leaders say we're gonna keep building this field that's John O'Connell is one of our people run fat. -- people two great candidates like bigger run for bigger profits as Republicans. Government against big Republican ever and they won at the local level they can win. -- -- -- the legal immigration issue. Is. You even see the stories to Jefferies and several people go back and look at. Races on how Hispanic voters voted with Republican pro amnesty vs Republican not pro amnesty people. There was no improvement Republican turnout by supporting our Republican outcomes. By supporting and -- -- not whatsoever but I would essentially had get a that TV -- that it at this restaurant wanna win and ran a restaurant her family is from Brazil. And she listens to a certain shows and I promise to mention. And she said you know. I love we talk a little -- because I waited in line I paid 7000 dollars. I went to college years a student -- paid out of state tuition because I was legal risk resident. And my husband we had to jump through hoops -- I can get married. And there's an entire community. Of legal immigrants who are being made up there they're -- into a mockery. Because President Obama in Ed Markey are saying to them you should have cheated and come here illegally. Should. What I want. -- can't cut back on the brand. You take some stupid money people that awful while on the campaign -- spent money on just one regular say hi. I came here legally from wherever Ireland Israel Brazil Mexico and I'm Republican and here's why make the argument make the point. I here's the 25000 dollars in legal these guys did that guy stole my job when I hear. That -- as I usually gets to meet the legal what the Democrats and took with information of these real voters did the right way. Using emigration -- no -- -- He's trying to people that's got for. Now I'd -- You'll remember the good old days when politicians who brought up issues like. Gay marriage and -- in the military and immigration were using wedge issues with an economic crisis President Obama did -- the union address last month when he talked about. Immigration. You know things that there is no -- that it wedge issue with pure huge.