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WRKO Town Hall (Part 5): Question and answer session

Mar 2, 2013|

Carr, Kuhner, and Graham field questions from the audience. Some of the topics that come up involve the possibility of a third party being the answer and what exactly the Republicans need to do moving forward.

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I wanna make sure there's enough time for people ask questions now we wanna get to they get to your questions right now so we have played time. One up to the microphones I know a lot of people go on the show all the time make calls or you go on FaceBook or -- -- on the Twitter page and and -- questions though. I know -- a lot of -- out there and so let's try to get some questions right now. We have the mikes there -- okay go ahead. Arabs is SA neighmond. Where you're from. I'm innocent. -- -- was -- in Quincy and I've got a question that the last the last third party candidate was really. Able to win would've been now Ross Perot back in some mid ninety's news. And those until last and the media was actually willing to be reporters. So. No matter who it is whether it's third party or not how in the world are we gonna get me it's nice that we're all here but we are all. You know we're here we all listen to the station so how if the media is not at all interested in a Republican or third party. What is there to do other than just hang our heads in finding -- country and it just I I I don't know what to do at this point. What you've got to look you gotta. I think Michael's right about -- -- oranges you know retail politics Tip O'Neill was right Democrat but I got asked people for their votes there's no question about that. You can't have this aerial bombardment like they tried him like the Romney campaign tried. But the the other thing too was that I mean third third parties. They. Most of the time I I think the I think the statistics worldly they crossed the Republicans nine seats. In the US House of Representatives libertarians in it and that's just. It's just it's just destructive you know for. And you don't and another upped the price of libertarians here wearing gritty here that but you do. You're costing. People -- you you're instead of having it to say there was going to be with his 70% of time you have -- Who's probably gonna not be with you 100% of time has also rock. Yeah now. Mean that's that's what problem with the third parties and the thing as you know the if these if these places these these are prairie states go third party job is just make it even easier for the. In the short term but I think in the long term short term and wouldn't. Want her word that we're -- day. I thought I think in one election cycle or two but I think I mean look the week's collapse the Republicans replace the weeks. If the Republicans abandon their fundamental principles. You're gonna see the Tea Party I think form a third party I think it's inevitable you're already -- major split in the Republican Party. So we don't want the Democrats and Democrat -- And so direct I think it's reliving that even oracle on I think the Republican Party that watershed and leave the country that watershed. And here's my prediction I could be wrong but this is part read you. The economy I think you're gonna start bottoming out I think it's already starting out. That -- is now out of control Europe the Euro zone is imploding. I believe we're gonna hit -- major double dip recession I think it's coming by the end of this year and next year. They can spin it all they want this time Obama owns it. Com 2014. I believe you're gonna see major. Political pick ups for the Republicans in fact I think it could be political and wrong. I think they'll get major gains in the house. And I think they'll regain control of the -- Tell him for Massachusetts -- yeah Republicans just happen. But my point is that if you have four dollars a gallon gasoline. If you have incomes going down consumer purchasing power going down. Unemployment going up chronic economic stagnation. This debt that is slowly breaking the back of this country. We are going to be -- have to pick up the pieces. And the question is which Republican Party is going to be and I think whether we like it Orton off. If we don't have strong fiscal conservative alternative. I believe the party is doing and I believe the country's. And so really not to seem like it dogmatic and attic. It's either our way or -- Really that's the choice I think the country. And that's why I never given to doom and loan. I don't believe in one election I don't believe one elections. Make or break it for a country but I think the Republican Party now have to ask themselves. Aren't they the Party of Lincoln. Are they the party of Reagan. Are they the party that meet America what it is today. Or are they gonna go the way of John McCain Lindsey Graham. You know and joy and just break down. All of these -- keep losing. So why -- we wanna keep going down the path of trying to look for me to go back to Scott Brown now that I wanna pick on the model. But there was -- model the model went to the center the model went to the senate left everything the Democrats that for the most part we don't -- though. And how did that work out for the model so my point. One stand your ground stand for what you believe and and I'm telling you there isn't silent majority out there -- don't believe in the Republican Party anymore. Can -- the reason why Republicans loss how we've pointed out Scott Brown that earned 50000 more votes true. Then in 2010. But here's the figure one talks about. Romney got two million votes less. Than John McCain. -- he'd just gotten what McCain had gone just that -- Romney would be in the White House Thursday. So clearly. The Republicans have a branding problem with their life let's go to another question now over here. Thank you gentlemen my name's Jeff Simone from Lexington mass I ran for United States congress in the mass fifth. Lost in a primary would have taken on Ed -- Had I -- it Michael Graham actually moderated one the primary debates thank you Michael thank you guys for a for hosting this armed. One comment couple. Quick question first I think the house issue in Maryland against marquis I think it's more than fake Indian issue it's a throwaway line. It's not gonna go anywhere that's my personal -- I think he got to still get to the pace of what. All of us they're concerned about the economy's. And immigration all listening to real issues. But my question is this we're all here we're all conservatives Republicans. We -- year programs -- read your columns may watch Fox News senator. How do you break beyond the echo chamber. How do you break through -- grassroots but I'm curious to know. How many people -- two hours or made phone calls. I mean that's what it comes down general we're all concerned -- why he showed up -- not -- made phone calls that's grassroots and it's getting out there. Listening to the TV or are watching TV or listening the radio. Doesn't get votes so what and we say grassroots split until somebody gets out there and maybe you don't like the guy a 100% but it. Major bright part said this if you're not supporting the eventual candidate. You're with Obama you with Warren you were with and an innocence is true you know 7% are friends so. How we break be on the echo chamber of our. Where we know we're right and I don't we actually make. Think that was the first guy's question to agree to it switches. You get information out beyond the people who were just -- -- part of the conversation like them. Hear from you guys as -- the press won't do their job as the first question asked if as Jeff said you know you're going to deck which you -- it that you said -- -- two -- they're not gonna cover it so what do you do. You know. I think unfortunately there isn't much you can do what -- -- don't talk don't talk a lot about I I can do with Jeff that the night -- the the yeah. The bubble that's such as it is the the bubble of you know moderate recession is about the pop were about to go with the worst recession and that. I'm afraid that's the only way and it's you know what's. It's it's going to be resolved that people -- just good people gonna have to suffer. I mean the people would just. You know what's ironic is it that you Roger Williams used to talk about you know -- that paper -- -- -- amusing ourselves to death. And to think about think about how much how much easier it is to amuse yourself right now that was when Jerry was talking about that twenty years ago. Beat people. People have a choice of Reading in the newspaper in the world. In the make the decision not to read space. Because that that rather that rather go to PMC dot com and read the the latest arrest report on Wednesday -- You know I mean. And bad so that's true so what -- thought it was so so fine what what's finally gonna get their attention is I saw I saw the -- in Boston many many years ago what -- to happen. Capital white got away with murder. Until until prop two half was passed and he started closing down police and fire stations people sports -- Second you know I don't care I don't care -- you know Joseph Joseph blow is how. But if if -- if there's what -- really answer the call I'm bought I'm I'm angry and they started chasing about a place researching some bodies washed out Austin. I'm afraid that's that that's what it's going to be you know it's gonna it's gonna require like major economic dislocation I mean it's real this location. And that made and maybe even like having to I don't know cut the EBT card. -- -- find out go away absolutely. But I think I think he made a good point was the witches in the grass roots is that a lot of people talk a grassroots. I don't know if you're out in the polls on Election Day I was out pulls a lot. Everywhere I turn I saw Elizabeth -- people they were every. All of the polls it was no matter what you think are they had a very impressive organization and they had dedicated people out there two or three. Well at least. Other Italian guy he deployed in a gallery to joke they don't have jobs down. Got -- and they also wasn't all that it wasn't all that probably wants -- you're wrong they were not Elizabeth -- organizational awards organization as a handful of native Americans holding out are out Obama it was the Massachusetts state democratic machine they can elect Liz Warren can elect Liz Taylor. Yeah -- out of the machine in -- On the machine they were just alive just ordinary people I was there I mean. There's the the senate where you can't just blame it you can't just blame it on on the machine the machine to -- energy to counter act. Is that -- while they are you kidding me. While they're actually voters that one out there so. Cool idea what would you -- site. Yet. Right. The -- listening to Graham talk about how the candidates. I -- the right I'm sorry. What people. There's and that's the fact you can deny you can fix the problem I think that. But I think. Part of fixing the problem is to go out there and knock on doors and do -- -- that's basically the outlook how it was talking about before retail politics. A lot of these people who elected Republicans elected to state -- and state senator that's what they do. And that's how they get elected I asked our. -- you must focus would be out there I just one time be out there she LT just a ball warm. You're the political -- vote. You know. I'm. We're just sitting there in the -- trap people sitting -- ball. And in the in the its. Future would want a pay raise you were about -- the stated compact. And what it's like he you know it's about bathers on that. They go by and they see this this pictures. It's from nineteenth century -- oh crap I follow. But the F five times as many signatures and all we will offer was paid. Offering the -- -- for the worst of the population -- what they'll put their -- which was what happened. It's just I mean again. The bombing that it's it's it's it's it's cliche. The American electorate is real dumb. Next question please. Thank you Joseph Joseph Kevin -- from. That meant that I -- -- -- with welcoming Jeff -- to Boston to and to com. I must commend him Jack OK but your posture and what you're on to wait it yet today this afternoon. Okay is on principle. Joseph -- quit your columns -- great human depth. Okay. Investigation. On things Aikman Michael we introduced to when you came to Boston a few years ago Alba. If it meant that dirty water but now a separate personal always I was stunned at walked in. The sports jacket. -- I'm not a place this afternoon. Are sorry about that. Fine thank you aren't going and I wanna say this I just came from DC -- In between that -- which in the chaplains particular blow him pace that what's in this room they're written. All the -- on campus -- But what they want to bring out in ages past. Spoke between guns in jest Xia hypocrisy. Of condescension. From the ones that prime time. OK if it's not Michael Bloomberg Milton Massachusetts. It doesn't go any -- and any given day. Holiday night weekend without while the absence. All right. Going. I don't one week is this Michael that's it for the next election cycle this cycle thereafter. It's beginning -- today. Okay east -- again on principle and posture. -- -- -- -- It's remarkable what you done you in the one police talked to recently in the rate of Boston and replacing markets of New England. It's yes and I'm so. Relieving -- and backed monarchy as we said the -- at the range. And I. After getting out and and I wanna say this OK why do we have to go to each street. To even -- calling countless. Say what we won the quote Scott Brown okay Scott Brown worked 2223. Months many things OK that I was dismayed that the boats. But one in February. Of when he thirteen it's not 1913. When you would have to take. -- Nikkei average the continental railway ticket wasn't in none of them have calling us is -- knows okay. Was the last time it markets its offices. Here in Medford. In the calling house okay outside it is. Jesse chase estates and how's he lied on his deceased now. I can tell you one thing number press releases and events coming out of Martin's office has increased dramatically since the announces second game floors it's like -- it is -- I am sure Martha Coakley will be going after. Any minute now we're using taxpayer resources. Thank you gentlemen. Request you have a question there. Like what -- what -- of the story from the Big Dig Witten this is the mile classic Ed -- story you know. He he's at he's at the big you know what this is the same pressed on this same event where John Kerry's at this title will be a bargain. And Ed Markey Ed Markey gets up there he says you know my constituents in -- are -- happy. But this tunnel and I felt that because it'll make it a lot quicker for them to get the Kelly's roast beef in Revere. And everybody and everybody like Bruce Iowa. Because Natick of course is in his district and -- 678. Years earlier. Kelly should open its. In -- And it could well the most popular restaurants in this in the town. I don't really know -- this now. After -- be right there. What was the other marquee story time apparently. -- question oh the yeah yeah I don't with a great story here we gotta we gotta get that I gotta get this tape from buy from premiere at the door. You know -- the killer was interviewing Ed Markey this was the first of a gotcha questions as far as I could figure out. But it so we have these increases its nineteen. 83 -- Early before -- you know of course everything is everything is all about the nuclear freeze. -- Get -- hot one remember that you -- every left these Nicaragua. If -- -- to start you know -- asked him the usual traditional questions and biologist says. Up by the by the way congressman know which side we -- in Nicaragua. Total. -- -- It was without without a week later. He also did not how many troops we have in Germany but that's kind of a drag that's a -- last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And no no in the exhibit that commenced -- park and we're talking and they were debating that that's in hockey's god and but he needs. But I cannot. What a fraud. I saw what's at the West -- that at the studios the -- you know a video link studios. That I like I walked walked. -- -- -- I had treatment and best I've seen him anywhere like fifty years. I said. Is this an operational. -- it like if it like as much as you'd just. Let's go to next question. Please -- I'm gonna get that tape by the query we have to get somewhere. And I'll. I why I know I know we're okay and why he's got he's got him. The fight gets a plot always farewell dinner which the tape was made for for why the I can get like this. I'm illegal immigrant I have stood up and I don't useful illegal immigrants and tie -- and a question. Why my relatives have to wait for years and decades to immigrate here and their relatives could just walk across the border. They suggested that might characteristics a plane to Mexico and walk across the border just like -- and relatives do. My question to you is. I have knocked on doors and made lots of phone calls when -- tried to eliminate income tax. Have spoken with a lot of intelligent people lose a lot of prejudice it is. And I don't know why would you want to pay it if you don't have to eliminate. And that while the poll that I was the and I asked them questions. I have come to this country because in the constitution that says you have a right to bear arms. And in Nazi Germany. People prohibited to bear arms. When I was -- results. When Minnesota attraction early twenties. People ordered to give -- arms. When I was at his notes. How do you fight. The people. Who are willing to ideologues in our youth and -- -- impacts us. Not to do so these days when the moon is an opportunity for me I can't go anywhere is -- healthiest country in the world. What do I do. I would say that. In the birds or members of Iran Contra -- -- Republicans have thirty governorships and they control 25 state legislatures entirely. So we -- here in the worst of the -- Jose where is that it was bad spot. It is you're not losing. Argument is often as you think more facts. And arguments on. The boring but just this notion that Republicans are not trial like him or there's something wrong with being Republican. This is where I think -- you know I disagree. You can be disabled people just don't get the best thing to do when when woody geniuses -- remember this great American genius country Rachel make it back to look at. Which is which is finished in Italy Germany instead they'll ever went broke underestimating the intelligence. To go where they are in line with the message they can receive. It we can talk on talk Radio One about house resolution 127 and principles of with the founding fathers but people are watching Comedy Central. And there are you know watching the movie to it. If we abandon popular culture and try to engage. In -- are normal people are in normal conversations -- by the -- opened to them it doesn't have that Smart or stupid they're never gonna hear it. That's what we need to be we need to be where the people are rather say what they got to get smarter and read the paper not -- the paper so we need to go where they are. Which which is saying though is how you get the people were voting to cut ropes and that's an that's an unusual number of Massachusetts but it's not certainly the majority of America and I don't know that -- some sort -- Massachusetts it is for the people on offense had rejected the notion. A voting Republican that's what we can fix the brand. They'll be open to it because on the ideas I think -- that there are a lot on the for a majority but is it working. Minority. In Massachusetts that share the ideas. I mean. I don't know I I agree with Michael look I think. If we're losing the culture. And if you lose the culture you're gonna lose the politics. Now remember in the 1960s. The left was in a -- -- They were asking themselves how do we see how we -- how do we see the power -- we achieve our. And so they went into -- later they called the long march through the institutions. And they said we'll take over Hollywood we'll take over academia will take over the public schools and eventually. This state will fall on our hands like right fruit. Now she makes a brilliant point yes there are many people were willing to cut their own throat they don't care about freedom and under the constitution and we care about defending themselves. The problem with liberalism. And this is the problem with all left wing movements he goes against human nature. Fundamentally flawed it cannot last. So this regime that you're trying to serve it's gonna collapse. So to me the greatest weapon we have is the true. We have right on our side we have the constitution on our side so what are tea right now we would we would smash the liberals and second. If we would just insist that's why do a lot of stories on education. Our schools are becoming the laboratories to indoctrinate our kids. But if they knew about the constitution if they knew about our founding fathers if they knew about the principles that made this country great believe me we have. Very different electorate. So rather than like I think I was brought in on us. Rather than doing an aerial bombardment where is just television ad after television -- after television ads and you see these Republicans show up every two or four years. If we went out and actually educated the American people. About what this country was founded on. You see a very different ball game. But the problem is we're seeing the culture. And if we continue to see the culture. Then we're gonna lose. Now to me that's why I say. Take it to won't take it to Beaumont school boards take a tool when your select committees do what they did and whispered I'm just giving one microcosm. And if we do that county by county state by state by state we're gonna win. Because we have the truth on our side but even more than that I'm telling -- mark my words all. Are you can film it and I'll stake my reputation on. 2014. Is going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats. This idea that Republicans are in the wilderness there in exile for now. But our time is coming because this -- bomb is -- below. And the only alternative left is ours. So what I'm telling all of you is hang on you're saying you're in the wilderness hang on. Give me about eighteen more months and then you'll see these Democrats running prevailed. Jeff bluntly predicted Mitt Romney won would we do I get out I was talking about it but yeah I just went Jeff said the -- bloodbath but that's XP. That is that is also going to poison chalice earlier yeah daddy to the. Authorities conduct you see the story today no Joker story of kid. Com had on his voice mail answering I think it is it's also quoted a line from the fresh prince of Weller theme song about Suton basketball in the driveway. Someone from the doctor's office called to confirm when they heard the -- shooting. They knew he was a high school students they called the school the school shut down in school not to school the whole county. When in the lockdown. To get tracked this kid down take -- interrogate him over DJ jazzy Jeff. In his voice message because those of -- because these stupid people in America people we hired to make our kids Smart. We have time for a couple more questions and by the way just checked The Herald website the apocalypse has not happened yet but I'll be sure to let you know if it has not to yeah. Bad. If you -- go ahead. And gentlemen a big fan I keep looking electoral the waiting for the drone strike but. Ali I gotta get right to it well which crashed Larry Dillon at 530. I have my theories which yours. You know I talked I talked to guy who had this on on on good authority. And last last year somebody asked at the state police academy class somebody asked this say they were doing the accident investigations. Class. And somebody asked but the top of the investigator of the past -- investigator. Said what what do you like crash was going at. At 5:30 in the morning and the guy said. This again this is their top investigator state police he said it has all the marks of sorts. That the only way. The thing I want something what was he doing nothing to what was its passenger doing. Extracted him. Like early in the morning make it difficult to focus on that's it. Some of the papers forehand out there that I ever -- I've made I've made many calls let's what's the radio station. Ask people what's he doesn't have a reputation he doesn't have. It woke me he but. He was I mean. Do you think they don't want us to get his his phone records. -- mean that's going to be something -- here me. You know. Something's so the coming in most phone records. But. Like maybe -- here you know. I'm not sure it'll look the problem the problem with sweating Obama sweating McLaughlin is that you know. You you have people you gonna have people who say yes I gave cash. To block. But then you need somebody who -- McLaughlin giving money to Marie. Because you ought to get -- they say however no one those of us from Medford and Somerville Cambridge we know Mike and lol well -- off what is a lot of people don't know. I guarantee it. You get back I am the witness stand for five minutes. Everybody is gonna have had what he gets everybody apparently except that well. Could figure out what that Mike McLaughlin is that they Tim Murray is because it. This would be I think fortunately -- the -- He's going to he's good escape that because I think probably did take some cash but if -- Wesley Wesley -- -- operating witness I don't think they're gonna. I don't think they're gonna -- -- and by the way. -- -- about another part about fairness and stuck it in state the state justice system itself the Macy. We all agree while we stole more 57000. But that's what they got imports for the 7000. He's woody ears that. Might well one stole. Hundreds. Of thousands just every year yeah right look up what was it photo finishes with a grand jury. What I was a young man. And he's twelve months Max on. How does that concern. You Alan Schwartz. Every year. The bat real story temporary. Is that we're losing -- talk show host Tim Murray. John Kerry in the same year I think the execution forced him or to run for governor -- don't want to life. We have what I want my other question -- go ahead. He Obama machines razzle dazzle. Multiplies beyond comprehension topics and discussions are to mount an effective opposition where the field of play has been so confused. By the establishment progressive deceptions we need a single issue on which to gather the votes door to door. And I'd like to know how many people in this audience have ever heard of the Laffer Curve Arthur Laffer. So. I think that single issue is the contest for capital between the government and the private sector. And the constitution. Is the only way to make that establishment. Vs the private sector difference visible to the voters. Can you guys talk about that please. You have to you have to. Put it in terms people understand like where all Reagan did in 1981 -- -- said Leah recession is when your neighbor loses his job or depression is when you lose your job. People go to your lap or are they just they but they -- that they wanna hear. You all about about how -- affect them I mean again. -- it just may come down to the fact that. You know the the people are given the people who will vote for these fools and these names that are office are just gonna have to be. Severe lesson economically. In the gonna have to suffer unfortunately. We're all gonna suffer weapons. Natural optimist. I think the one thing that impressed me most about this of the Americans always excel -- -- -- Don't agree about complaining if -- ever go to like that customer service desk. Target these people scream of apparel underwear like it's you know plutonium grade material. And -- -- that four years of that four years of crap. And people decided it will just -- -- crap. Good luck the work that's the problem that's my -- that. The point where we lower tax rates. People are so much more willing to pay their taxes the end up with net more government more money into the government that's like Reagan cut tax rate to 20%. But what tax. The actual tax collections without. George Bush had two -- quarters for tax collections ever in history book after the evil bush tax cuts that's Laffer -- with it I really don't try to get. -- are neighbors in different why aren't they demanding more why except this Sox. People can work two part time jobs to make two thirds of the money that they were making 2006. And it's I don't want it. We -- that -- times before but what hated it we've voted people -- -- office we did something. And that's what scares me the most is our neighbors just going. This isn't what it is it's just an aside don't normally have to suck that's what we've got our and -- you know. Parents and George Bush does -- answers to answer your question. I'm a big fan of Arthur -- I think he's right you cut taxes you generate economic growth you can actually more revenue coming into the government. It was a winner for Republicans in the eighties which she now. You have so many people were becoming packs consumers. So we have almost 50% of the electorate. They are dependent upon government benefit -- -- alum and as does Romney's famous 47% comment. He said look I can tell -- to cut your taxes but I'm not paying any taxes they don't care. So that's why I don't think it's a winning issue but I do think is a winning issue I think it's it's the silver bullet. It's the one weapon that we and how we touched on and I think he's been on. -- -- Really I would go door to door and say look look at that level look at at spending look at the budget. One agrees. Because it's coming. And just hated it and hit it and as the economy tanks were grace. Because of Obama. You can't pacs spend an -- away to prosperity and I would I would I would say with -- you can either go to grace. And. And and drink -- though. And sit by and -- civilization collapse. Or here in America we can stand up and now. Actually. I I won't if a pilot. I've said that I was your gonna -- European socialism nearest world agrees -- the food's better -- are charming rate it was well. Unfortunately my wife's -- and not enough on that note we're gonna have to wrap up now. Think everybody here for -- you know one thing WGBH. For letting us use this all year I want to thank of course. Our sponsor fifth. -- masks firearms school. All in perfect smiles. As well. And twelve and there are other sponsors -- so it's an attorney's. Of course I want to mostly think all our our panelists here. Michael Grant death order Howie Carr. In all of you thank you for coming out on -- week and I hope you had a good time thank you -- great questions thanks a lot.