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WRKO Town Hall event - March 2, 2013

Mar 2, 2013|

The Boston Herald's Joe Battenfeld moderates a special town hall meeting at WGBH. On the panel are WRKO's Howie Carr and Jeff Kuhner and the Boston Herald's Michael Graham. The guys all discuss some of the hot button issues in our country today.

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Joseph was from the Boston Herald you know for a much you know 25 he's our Jeff show in the morning occasionally and bags filled in for today. So what Joseph take it away. Thank you very much is this on my -- a panic not there's this. I log on to WRK goes 2013. Town hall. And debt we like to thank first of all the following sponsors for this event WGBH of course in the entire staff. Our presenting sponsor. The -- fire arms school and the participating sponsors perfect smiles. And attorney Melissa Victor in associates at attorney for elders. Dot com and of course you know our panel burst of ball. From Michael Graham dot com. And Boston Herald columnist. Michael Graham. And of course you all know W marquis -- afternoon hosts the radio hall of fame member. While and hand Boston Herald columnist and he's let me also on high noon our new web -- the Boston Herald every Thursday at noon. They want and watch it a Boston Herald dot com how we car. In RK has morning host and columnist for The Washington Times Jeff crooner. We're gonna have some panel discussions here with these guys first but were also gonna ask the audience participation. A little later. We have two microphones out there somewhere. We're gonna do a distributor round then. Of course we welcome your comments and questions. Just -- -- do what we can to get to you. But first gonna start with our distinguished panel here. -- corner here the first question is gonna go to you were -- Michael said. About sequestration -- well thank you all for coming here because it might be your bomb shelters by now -- the roads work game. Thank our water our partners there was no disaster deepening the birds in the country is. -- regardless. Thank you hurt for getting through these sequestration. You know it's a hardship for you again here now. Jeff you know the president and Republicans that feel to reach a deal. And now of course the game -- Washington finger pointing has well begun which were all familiar with. This may be a softball question but was ultimately the blame for this failure they. Well I mean. Aren't affecting about me if I'm going to be candid. Look sequestration. And this -- the point of Bob Woodward book and this is why people are asking all the time. Why would he left Winger like Bob Woodward who has been in the tank for the Washington media establishment going back decades. Why would he go out and write an op Ed piece and stick his finger in the life of the Obama regime. And the reason is obvious when he wrote his book on the August 2011 budget. Whatever you think of the book and whatever you think of the points made in the book what Woodward show is incontrovertible. He speaks the Democrats -- involved in negotiations on the hill Republicans. Who were involved in negotiations on the -- leading administration officials. This sequester. Was Obama's idea -- literally. He goes across from Boehner and he says okay John if we don't get is grand bargain I want mandatory budget cuts that will kick him. He's the guy who came up with the idea he's the guy who sold the idea his staff drafted the idea he signs it he owns it. So clearly if he says this guy is gonna fall. If he says -- 800000 people furloughed in the panic on. No firefighters no cops no food stamps children won't have food. A plane they're going to be falling out of the sky air traffic controllers are gonna have to get laid off three hour waits at airports. If it's going to be a disaster. Mr. President but all due respect. -- deal. You signed it. So how can you go around and be blaming Republicans now Republicans did agree they get past it. But my bigger question is this. We have one point 21 point one trillion dollar projected budget deficit this year. We've racked up nearly six trillion dollars in debt in the last four years along. We are now staring at seventeen -- -- -- IMF the World Bank international investors are telling us. America Uncle Sam. You're going broke. You're going the way of grief. So in a 3.5. Much only think about this for a million dollar budget. This is the biggest budget in the history of the world. Or the Communists in China and have budgets like this in Beijing they don't have budget like this. You can't find 85 billion dollars the cut I mean I don't wanna repeat myself what I think on the air but imagine -- sitting here 600. -- -- -- -- You're always thought I got a problem and powerful pop up are gonna get a heart dot com are among a call us my wife's gonna -- me I'm gonna get a divorce discard gonna fall. Literally that's the argument that. So to the Republican right today. We -- Capitol Hill to cut spending and not raise taxes to report the taxpayers of this country first. Spend up to one -- Mr. President one another fight all come to mind -- anything like. Republicans at some point but let's I wanna say I was -- -- a young man what are -- monologues. I think we've all learned. Got -- Coke rather Halliburton. You kind -- responsible for the sequestration. You find those responsible for the -- the ports. It's George W. Bush everybody knows that. George Bush's fault fiscal -- -- public involved. Burke bush I and others on it. -- talking of the error items. Every other procedure on your body. Type. Or kind of light note beside the -- a lot to be back. All that -- had a lot. Right now I'd say we put -- by the way out so we can bottom again that we about the time. -- finally picked him because at that -- replied years in the board responsible. President was a lot of -- like my favorite part. Of Obama's. Statement to the press yesterday. Was when he said. You know some people have been predicting apocalypse. Who are these beautiful frivolous and who has been spreading fear -- escort throughout the nation. Someone standing at -- very podium and say that -- is very -- with. Reading that -- -- got more upset because he mixed up the Star Wars metaphors I believe they're really upset about that -- -- guy you know I would -- -- mind -- right everybody goes through that again. And we expect Obama even liberal he probably thinks greed got shot ourselves. I have I have breaking news here today and I hope this I hope this is not a -- your faith in the integrity of rod Chief Executive Officer. But you know we talked about the senator's gonna have to take. Apparently that such a lot. Out. -- That this statement is like what they had to cut the the four million dollars out of the jog information agency that alas it already shut down last year which was. Very -- it really went back to the homes of the people used to -- -- -- to get the -- -- The white house press -- of the -- -- and let -- but yesterday -- -- all the in the -- there because apparently Arnie Duncan the secretary of education itself on on Thursday that that. Teachers are going to be pink -- And somebody here we call -- beat school district on the West Virginia and it wasn't true so late confronted. Jay Carney. But the Quebec should make applying for kissing Jake parties and -- and it really confront. They said that they saw what what is going what is going on here you talk about the published just that these features will be laid off -- all BS. But he said it. What the answer. What it's gonna make some phone call. Used to work for magazine's -- single. How you got it wrong again there it was their fault they -- and you don't have to call available at Golisano motivated now like that line. Well that that's not a drug that. What do you what do you guys think about this whole Woodward controversy is a big controversy -- Bob Woodward's claim he was kind of threatened. By a White House email yet. I think it's usually they be the -- beat the top box be thrown -- just say what he said you'll regret it. I mean that those -- product that's product rat he wasn't physically right now I mean here's what -- the -- about what -- is he's always had access both sides because somebody said he doesn't present the truth he presents. The truth is you'll his -- want it to be portray. That he's Albany perhaps have multiple sources. But basically sperling was saying to you might get I mean what was in line what you like -- off right but for your access and you'll be able to order more these. -- -- for me and how we we know what threats are now is not threat I we've been threatened before Jordan -- not. That was definitely not -- all over it it wasn't it was a threat is now now now. What I think I have bought I have nothing against what worked for -- and because of what it don't they work they were trying to take away what we makes its Olympic. I am amazed that Alley made this story without talking about Whitey Bulger on this so. I've never seen it turned out the opportunity to tell that authority. And I wanna say there -- any representatives of mr. -- hear the audience today I've never written anything and kind about it please there's a you're you're aiming well as the -- -- off there who was wearing a T shirt that says white for president. How I assume you can step up if you want now. Another question earlier yet but I -- like you know no joke I did tweet out a picture of the audience on just know it first started so. If you are one -- by the police or you're here was someone other than your spouse you may want to take care of them try to figure that. I -- want to ask you that though the Republicans though I mean. They do control widened. Half of congress so how -- -- the sequestration. In this big how they continually allow this happen. I mean I know they don't control while I mean do they deserve any blame for this or is it leaders. They have sent him what to bills to else except and then they -- -- last week reasonable bill that would allow him even more latitude. To make cuts or when -- Or make that it transfers between the department if you Eagles out of Virginia Beach, Virginia says. I don't want that whole -- I decide between teachers and fire. Fighters I'm talking about the public relations of which -- most polls show that people got to blame Republicans for this why you know. So what should they do a better job -- for presenting this and their leaders. -- it took -- like they loss last. I've been criticizing Republicans now for years. I think their leadership has been -- I think Boehner is -- I think Mitch McConnell this week. -- was -- PR battle after our and again look I mean think about this is Obama's. And yet somehow Boehner and McConnell are being bowling for. And I think it was a mistake to reelect Boehner as house speaker. I think Mitch McConnell going to be in trouble like he's gonna win by the Tea Party he Tea Party challenger. And look at what happened to -- I mean what Obama is doing to the Republicans is what he did around. He just -- roll -- you throw -- you throw mud and eventually expects. And so if I -- the Republicans. I would say to them once and for all you can deal with these guys. How many times -- outmaneuver you. So if he's on campaign -- you get on campaign. -- to give you one quick example. I would crucify him on four dollar again that's. I would have Boehner I have Eric Cantor -- Mitch McConnell aggregate anybody going. Nearly -- port. Who's gonna report a -- What was the last time you saw a story in the Boston Globe about one dollar a gallon gasoline and I'm waiting I don't know -- It's gonna run right up there on the story on Elizabeth Warren 740000. Dollar Condo that she -- spot. I was just say it's not -- of the Washington none of this would have been happening right now is sequestration of Elizabeth Warren though of course this is an example of why what Scott Brown is talking about bipartisanship. Elizabeth Warren is worth is of no help in this deals is because she's just totally citing. Went with the Democrats and that's part of the problem everybody is just on the same side. -- what she says she said it was about -- there and now that going to talk about who. Who's right here -- -- your nose yeah yeah that's that's a good point you may she may not go. But another another one of my favorite quotes from last week -- Governor Patrick what do you think of sequestration. Pumps a third. He had been this scared since they felt the empty Coke in office had. On the mean streets of the south side. -- I don't know if Governor Patrick is scared of 82 point 4%. Which is actually close at one point 25% cut. In the federal budget. Why -- -- terrified of a three billion dollar tax hike on people who work for a living you know businesses. In Massachusetts and what idiot proposed that three billion dollar blow to the economy. The ball Patrick. So how can you go to bed at night terrified that two park Rangers down at the you know Provincetown and you know whatever nature preserve our way in Providence. Colony and back. By the way by the way there like forty park Rangers at the Statehouse in the entire now I'm not kidding it's it's unbelievable with the idea that the partly in your salary yeah there's nothing more concerned. To the Massachusetts economy that it three billion dollar tax hike on targeting. Businesses and workers it's makes no sense at all how could be the case that 1% 2% of here is disastrous. But doubling the gas price is no big deal -- the -- like that 85 billion dollars out of consumer pockets about once a month. -- Governor Patrick and make the gas -- lower now he's proposing a permanent. Tax hike that goes up every single year just replaced. So I'm not asking Governor Patrick to say anything it makes sense and ask him to stop saying stupid things that contradict each other. If you pick one consistently stupid thing is that when I -- admired for that. By by the way just it just to reiterate took that we've been talking all of us but talk about. People here got -- pay cut on January 1. It was 2% right. You're you're here so I guess you haven't killed yourself into -- and how to start out right. I. Should work in government because federal spending has gone up 70%. Is president Obama's. In in -- -- I can bet on the public schools so -- -- -- they help me with this but. It's -- he's got up 17%. In the -- cut it 2%. I think there's still some left over if I'm not mistaken. They're they all the fat has been cut the -- until the -- now a -- you know lists. I we're gonna switch gears now to another big topic which is gun control which of course is on everybody's minds out of Washington it's becomes big political issue it's a big issue in this senate special senate election never happening right now. And of course that what happened in new town has come up and there's been a push from all sides to sort of get political advantage out of this especially Democrats that bank. Passing more gun control law as a reduction of amount of bullets that guns are allowed to have an assault weapons national registry base all. All these ideas are there any good ideas out there that you think. That could that could help prevent tragedies like this involving. Cutting back on guns or registration and or anything like that. Was the first I just wanna say that I don't I don't blame the RA again is being portrayed as this -- somehow it was once a it was -- a country club Republican organization now what side got super rightwing. The reason it's gone right weighing it doesn't compromise is because the Democrats abroad super left -- You that you can't really got it you're this guy it's out of Colorado in the state senate was introduced a bill to be in shock it's. Beat the hot struck on the -- shoes missed beyond this would be on Obama you -- -- -- the NRA is right to draw a line in the sand because. No I think what the last fifty years have shown us is that. Is that things that we never imagined could happened. Happened with regularity with with this crap out of these these people as we all know that our fathers Democrats are our own Democrats you know these are the game. We can you imagine the -- Kate Hillis is prosecuted. For first putting his name lottery -- and Deval Patrick is walking around after giving. This book war 250000. Dollars per voter registration. I don't think it'll put his name money -- no no that's yeah you're right and its trade and you know what the what was the editorial today in the Earl Jones just you know. Our our our newspaper said that your our newspapers said. I said dot. Said well -- Coakley didn't have any choice. Because that laws on the books. About myself. Is -- Coakley the same woman said technically it is not illegal to be legal in Massachusetts and -- -- is now compelled to enforce certain statutes that. I did not write that editorial but it's. So -- that that yeah I doubt it'll just drove me crazy yeah. But I mean is there any good ideas that -- can it be like they were talking about you know more background checks anything like that anything should happen. I mean I mean I think the whole gun control debate is a phony one. I think the administration. Exploited sandy hook from the get go I remember I'll never forget that fateful day -- finished fourth hour driving home. I'm listening on my radio. And they don't even know how many children have been killed yet that it was fourteen and go to the twenty -- Boom. We have to ban assault weapons boom we have to -- -- capacity. Magazines blown we have to start passing draconian gun control laws. We don't even know what caused it we didn't know what happened we didn't know there was one shoulder to shoulder is not think immediately. Jumped on it. And all my bigger point about gun control of this I think this is their Afghanistan. Win the Russians invaded Afghanistan in the late seventies everybody said all the Communists are now about -- Britney really start to dominate the world. They are now at their high point here now invincible. You are seeing -- backlash. Because of this push to go after people's guns and the American people can sense it. Middle America is angry I'll give you one quick example. Look what happened recently at west for. Here you have that Communist Bob jeffords' switch and he's an embarrassment to the people of west for. Pushing it by law where he wants to ban all firearms. With magazines. In this in in west for in the town of whispered. And the people fair enough -- enough. And over 500 people showed up it was overflowing. And like -- power like many on the left. He back down he would mean -- cable that he wouldn't stand up and fight for zone by law. Now imagine if we did that county by county state by state across the country. Like like all married and I believe the right to keep and bear arms and sleep with a pistol to my killer -- self preservation. But I think it is. An opportunity that would personal everything that your percent about how this is a cover for expanding. The goal the goal is clear it's nice I was on now. Route and showed it on TV showings in the day he said do you really brought -- bubbles that equivalents guns. I looked like -- do you really think that if he had the power he wouldn't. We need to stop because the court that's what look like I understand the European model to a raiders -- -- in the air or by that we are allowed it to two. Own guns and they're willing to sacrifice. The total dependency on the state. -- the bill -- worked don't yet rate you will have a little different -- you confiscate. Guns but you'll have a higher crime and overall death rate because the bad guys still kill you with a gun illegally or -- or as the case and in England censored in what -- -- so. It's a topic that is it is actually -- balance. My balances I want you citizenry to be armed remind the government that they were frauds and that's why we're the second and everything went -- I can make you make you mad. Because it is an opportunity to there are some Smart things you can do for example South Carolina right now where I'm from. There are no restrictions on mentally ill buying guns no mentally ill -- background it's not that stupid and date right wing -- friend of mine. The attorney general down there is pushing to change the law now there should be some. -- out some mental illness to -- you know stop and I think I'll support that I think that maybe not because well the middle let's check get to know who's behind it. That essentially means that you need a universal background check -- -- at least who this person is in his or lack of and that the mental illness registered some kind it's it's the but it can be done. If we. Take the opportunity we. Where the majority of Americans are with us. Where more Americans told quinnipiac polls two weeks ago the -- -- you know rate represented reason the President Obama. That we squandered because we're not able to -- it will do metal -- background checks or we won't agree to universal background checks that are reasonable that we look this is that what. And -- like -- to the point it's never it costs nothing ever it every day the bad guys wake up and wanna fight. Every day we have to wake up and fight and that -- -- Robert what's his name. Said in the humble paper the next day this is an all or I just need to find another way to bring this. The fact that they're stupid should not bait us into being stupid to. There are reasonable rational controls like -- is Lucas. -- -- rats officials like no -- and read the rats and -- like a simple. Federal. Background check it has a limited amount of racial justice are you crazy are you felt. And we should be able support that if we go to the to bite and that. That we. -- the the people in the middle who are looking at us was suspicious and what sounds reasonable and I trust you that your. No background checks and hand out in LM -- -- elementary school that we lose. Leaders. Of election. I it's obvious the agenda prime. Westward from you know Patrick proposed. -- the laws well. Statements senator cream Ernie says. That playing three. -- was -- -- slogan that right on every. If you had their way. I helped a little -- exit I thought. About that anyway. Today assault weapons all of life is probably be something. That would tell me what it is. Asked somebody what's this all. This proposal. Look what happened at all but he. They they they they in their hate to. To what to get some good and I lines in the New York Times they passed a they passed this gun -- Which they discovered to their -- last week would outlaw most of the guns held by the various police departments in New York expect. Everything that's more than seven bullets. Capacity is is now outlawed in New York. In many many people already know they're being semiautomatic and automatic guns which is a huge differences they're talking about banning you know -- among those some people don't know the difference is Michelle Obama right ahead of runner up. Let's get a cut the cut and alcohol babies. Jeffries did in his original language include machine guns right. Damaging -- right -- but if you have a machine -- the United States you're either a an historian collector who has like 9000 licenses to get it. Or. Al-Qaeda was roaming around before seven but he -- -- -- -- I did -- this is what scares me. Who earlier this week there was a candidate commemorating the one year anniversary of the -- Martin George Sherman's story. A woman told someone in public but -- Cameron just astonished me. Self defense is not acceptable. Now did -- reporters even -- like I don't. So she said no self defense is not acceptable -- sleep followed up with a question but what if someone's trying to kill an adult. Voting age person. -- United States that quote well -- just have to kill me because self defense is not acceptable. Forget politics forget constitution. Let's go to evolutionary biology. What is the number one imperative that every -- or is it live long enough to make babies that's what it felt. Self defense and hoping that -- outline. This woman says I don't wanna be an adult I don't -- be brought up I would not like I can see the bad guy breaks girl what I'm really. Wanna grab for the night make my drive. It. Felt like consumers click a gigabyte. IPad next -- it. And that. I agree absolutely Garland always -- -- out of that there are actually some laws out there where somebody comes in your home when you shoot them and you could be prosecuted. In Massachusetts. Yes Martha Coakley we discourage self help yeah I mean. I was not that was you. Euphemism for mass -- help them you know I thought they changed that law and -- ask that maybe there are some states I think I'm totally -- usually New York you read a story about a guy who was you know somebody's coming out of with a knife that he. He pulls up the equalizer in and he gets invited -- they write they write for the grand jury they've ever by. It's August right he's happy -- -- part of the party apps like report old kid in. He's up late any -- noise up ice truck he works in the trades -- tools out there he catches the guy breaking into the struck the guy had a night. And another -- I think like a club or something to this this guy was unarmed but very assertive. It's -- punch -- the guy in the face and sits on to the cops get there and they arrest the homeowner. So is -- they are prosecuted back -- we're gonna keep prosecuting him in it until fortunate enough publicity on an old a hip hop station. That we are able to. Able to Ford's. By the way did your party he has rat bastards you might yeah it is -- yet. I'm still open to get that game. Why is your thought better by. Better. The -- of -- is the only just one -- You beat two guns the second what is a throat -- -- your prediction anything I'll ask. It's. It's right it's almost like for the Democrats we've been tried this -- Clinton told how or twelve years ago lot if you if you soul strike against the commitment to work here at Arkansas and Tennessee all states and you'd be the president. It was right -- that accidentally dropped the assault left yeah basically he's given up on 'cause the Democrats in the senate or are these rural Democrats won't vote for. Harry Reid this is you know NRA supporter backed by the RA -- personally told Obama's -- flight sent right so what -- smoke and mirrors or whatnot. Opportunity though for once again talking about Republicans to go on the offense and take it to them. What opportunity to put together a reasonable rational. Still the mental health issues you deal with this that the glaring stuff. And do that -- as we passed it will you sign and I can't I don't think -- -- -- sign I agree Bob would say it's not up it's not enough it's not enough. I agree I think sometimes Republicans. Are afraid to do that debate could just light and give a little bit on something that's reasonable like you said like a mental health act. Just give on that -- to see what happens at fraud to them it's a gate here it is you know we did some and not on. Any reasonable -- trying to stick it to President Obama. The disciplines such conspiracies are ego maniacal he won't take half the deal. That's not to say exactly it's not let go around saying don't notice we'll deal is that enough what. All -- expose how not robbery is they don't -- be taken and taken away at the campaign -- -- A truck -- all the Atlanta always go partner that you you can do with the reasonable mental health stuff and they'll still be out there saying. I want to. -- little kids who -- cap guns to school which by the way actually happen. And by the way I wanna warn you expect a lot of commercials in the coming days from Ed Markey about gun control because he is he's on it jumping on the band and why on -- of course. And he's going to be that's one of its going to be is major issues and they can't wait for Republicans to stand up and defend this. I don't mind. All Joseph please people mistress or what you do you run through it. Like human minute just some of mark he's flip flop OK okay I do it says the -- and many people cannot promise that this happened thirty years ago and I think Ed Markey is the ultimate Massachusetts liberal which is now is among the mostly if you if you look at his votes. Sometimes most Democrats don't even agree of them on things that are crazy you noble war. But when he first started in 1970s the Massachusetts house. And then got elected US house. He was very strongly against abortion this may surprise you he he supported -- law being mean. Broke overturning roe -- And even in the case of rape and incest. He was for that mean he also took the plot in -- -- yeah and he also school prayer was offered school prayer. And a lot of socially conservative issues that now of course would be heresy. -- Massachusetts Democratic Party. He took and then when he started to think about running for senate in 1983 there was Bedford John Kerry's which eventually drop out. He of course all the sudden at a conversion and change and flip flop -- -- the original flip flop birds. But of course now no one wants to pay attention that everyone's like that -- about one Mitt Romney does it is the biggest what opera in the world it's terrible. But you should think about that and we you know these these things -- years ago but they should be important in this race until at least the -- Bring it up at the Democrat. Flip flop. Ed Markey wrote yes yeah I -- So I'll ask you to then. Are any of the Republicans running for senate going to take Ed Markey on on something like the Second Amendment. Well I mean look I I had Mike Sullivan on my show. He's Smart. He's tough. He's very good on the Second Amendment. He's got a charisma problem the problem with Mike Sullivan is he's very solid on the issues that. And with all due respect to the guy I mean cook she was even joking around my -- my executive producer. I almost fell asleep. I mean the guys talking in my own show on. I mean he's got it -- its handlers have got to say Mike you've got to put some -- into it may. But if he's willing to stand up for the middle class in other words if it takes. A page out of Scott Brown's playbook. And says I'm gonna run against Fox's government run against runaway government spending I'm on a runner run against that -- -- defense of the Second Amendment. I think you can give Ed Markey a run for his money. I think marquis is -- he's a machine politician. He's a phony he's a carpetbagger. And if if there were Republicans were Smart I would just do one thing any Republican strategists are listening. Go to Chevy Chase. And take a picture of that mansion. That Ed Markey who lives that you got to see this I mean that Putin doesn't live in a place like this I'm sick and just put that. All around Boston Massachusetts. And say this. Is where your next senator really -- by the way I did that in the original story in The Herald back in the 1990s. And the story back that was basically he would never even lived in mass as a congressman for seventeen years. He had never had a residence in -- owned a home in Massachusetts to make it -- only did after later. I had to make its disclosure I actually it -- contribution to the market campaign. Yeah I gave the GPS systems we could find his district. -- because my clarifies -- Scott Brown did not. And his page of the -- come out talk about the Second Amendment I don't think any republic exactly taking -- or not it's not at its final straw poll among the Republican club today. And Mike -- the grassroots candidate came in third. One Gabriel Gomez came in second despite the fact that he has a gazillion dollars and when you have these dollars Iceland campaigns. You hire people to go when the Strobl. A -- it was -- actually came in first. With as little energy yeah but he's also I think he's further to the left than the other what Obama actually might that might -- -- and it it can't Winslow vote for Deval Patrick and Barack Obama. And David moments ago. So I don't vote for people who vote for Barack Obama -- in excuse that it's already gave money to Obama claims he -- -- -- he just gave him money we're talking yesterday on high noon about how we we got to make -- forty request that they -- for rock for the latter the Gomez wrote asking the -- Patrick appoint him. To the senate that we've also got to try to find the other everybody else's outlook I didn't have to -- Not going to be -- -- all right. -- there is no -- while. A party masters as far as party -- there are some concern people all their people ideas but is part and an entire -- departed could meet at a boot at the miss was to diner and it still be room. For the -- sit down and to order. But so that they don't just as much as they do exist -- the -- -- people they've picked Gabriel Gomez of the ideal Republican to run because. He gave money to Obama he gave money to the super lefty Alan -- he was giving money to Democrats as recent as last year. He ran for -- still has has the talent just like when he came in third field theory. So he -- -- Democrats and. He's a loser. Easy -- if you were. Republicans for OK I don't I don't arteries and that he has so much support in a lot of Romney you look back and there's only one reason is because the guy has money and finally paid that's all that and consultants in that line. And that's what this guy is he's the cash cow in the race right and in Michael and those happenings Michael -- -- is actually more conservative he has run a campaign. Since. -- certainly Bob Dole was on the ticket. The last guy although he's the only kind of racist wanna count any light and that is true. But but it was once again it was -- one time. I think Edwards right now he has a lot of energy but he's socially liberals is socially liberal which is going to be a good thing in a general election if you run if you against Ed Markey. You've got a guy basically who is more socially liberal and Ed Markey was at least back in the 1980s. I don't think that's better necessarily hurt you in general election. So he might actually have a better chance because of that not not the primaries early but. I mean most of the state we see Apple's war so they have to run somebody who has the chance somebody -- more it. But what you would call my show a couple weeks or to the -- down in Maryland and in addition to get the picture of the dimension. They should get a picture -- -- -- his wife -- believe as a psychiatrist right now Blumenthal yeah driving around in a par with Maryland plates. And that's that's. And give others there is a rumor that he's also Baltimore Ravens fan. Haven't lived in Maryland almost slamming your Redskins -- Chevy Chase is right over the boards I think you are Redskins fan but but I guess is. Left to need to be the controversial person and I don't know in this -- anybody I would like to -- what you guys think -- Yet. Just Joseph just said you -- -- -- socially moderate so the have a chance to win was they -- more socially moderate and Scott Brown. Scott Brown's campaign you've got to two concepts I'm gonna grow a set of ovaries live on national television. And I hate Republicans do. That's not why why is it's not like law. That's that's my point. You can't -- more socially moderate to stop round. Scott Brown that was as a Democrat. Elizabeth Warren the president. Orders a terrible candidate awful candidate -- all thinking it. With the crummy job a lot about basic things like or they would back and she got jobs you -- have a crappy your candidate in his. -- -- -- of the people but I -- others that puts a 1000 dollar on award she was horrible. Scott Brown was super liberal any loss why. Because no Republican -- -- in Massachusetts. -- Period. It it happened it happened near the Republican Party. Is one in seven people war in regular elections for federal and statewide office since 2000. One in 74 and that's that's. And in the special election of -- grounds that one regular -- that's all right that's guided sky rocketed. Actually not how. That's what could get more liberal election pretty good bit more liberal than it. Get more sucking up the Democrats could not turn out there was a presidential election. But that's what killed -- this is what kills about brown insisted that killed that it did to congressman Portland. Right bill weld in in 96. All got. Think about Bob -- went 7%. Of the -- -- how you overcome. Guys 2000 what the president's election Republicans lost 2002 was it Republicans lost 2004 -- Republicans lost about six budget. Republicans lost 2008 was 2010 what -- Republican blow out across the country and every statewide and that. Republicans had a lot of Republicans not. Romney looking at one on one race. That is pretty big race that's one. Hispanic and it happens you've got to fourteen. What is happening -- -- Libertarian on the ballot up on the porch or. This is -- right right I mean -- one in any year. Here. How many years. Are not normal. To go back to 2000 I don't know what that -- it. And which is why this Republican focus for this election special elections should not be who can win. Them. The focus should be how to fix the Republican. So that two or four years from now you have a real chance to win. -- Well all the giggling angered Republican consultants. I don't know how -- attempt yeah. -- -- Republicans are telling gave Obama has right now you can win you get away and you get -- and he can't. And it's not because Republicans are evil or whatever it because the Republican brand is -- image we need to work on is the brain and the first. Where the title and all of Massachusetts politics. People are scared to pick it up so you spend two election cycles fixing it by running people to do some. But -- but frankly running the anti Scott Brown. Scott Brown Hart -- but he Republicans. So how do you wouldn't even that it worked. Only got to. -- Republicans again I'd I don't Republicans not too liberal and liberal my -- Everybody is gonna run. It ridiculous -- policies did you think -- can -- but one Art -- about leadership. I -- about Washington not what the Republicans don't know. Gabriel Gomez or done it well -- different kind of Republican call a guy who called something different Republican. A Democrat. So let's stop and so that Republicans can. The articulate like normal people might Republicans to. -- -- How close to Democrats it tries announced it enormous global election once of people remember. That's as I'm really Republican in reply. -- start building people that you know what so you lose 42 -- it you lose 3360. Or brokers. And the people -- in. Europe well. I agree -- who knows what is the branches where it is and SP indices like development how what -- it will. Back in -- -- some guy. How do you want to take it that exports. Let's fix it at that. It talked about the holy month high noon yet and the fact is that that that election in January of 2010 where Scott Brown won. In a way that was a bad thing for the state Republican Party because. You can catch the Democrats. Flat footed right and they haven't been caught flat footed again and it's gonna I think it -- Probably gonna take a few more election cycle have a bad feeling they're gonna just too big to get pull out. Plot every EPT card holder and union bug. In this special election just like a just like they did in the in November. And it's well -- sort -- the machine so outlets -- -- into. I don't give -- I -- be honest we can't we. But we can set ourselves up to win four years and. -- yourself to win by -- Bike to bike camping why it's. Rational Smart and like normal people like you call themselves Republicans. Because what that. Republican Party has -- -- itself with the super geniuses like. Eric for instrument Ron Kaufman of the game that they're like up there -- that was about -- crazy you're right I'm different I'm not like it. Well what are the Red Sox Democrats jacket and all the the jacket so -- basically the Republican brand Chernobyl Massachusetts followed. Problem was and I believe Landis and his second -- the problem I believe was that of the -- national Republican brand is what killed Scott Brown more than anything not the Massachusetts. He makes our candidates and the Republicans what happens is thousands and welded it wasn't a total accident since yeah. It's not much of that it was a national search a Republican I don't know. Well I -- about the moment. And general and remember. Look look. Here's here's the -- the the Scott Brown last November got 350000. More balls than he did in the special election right the probable. As the one million people voting Sochi out she beat him with a low information voters to why and that's why she is this. -- -- now and let's move onto another topic now I hate to cut that off but immigration which I know you guys wanna talk about you wanna hear about. Recently John McCain we've prowler members counts town hall meeting by constituent who asked -- where is the fence -- he's referring to. The McCain it and then McCain campaign platform and others. The -- build a fence in the Mexican border. Now obviously that's not gonna solve the issue but. I mean what can we no offense you built what what what will solve the only legal immigrant problem. Anything besides that right now that that they can actually Republicans actually passed. There's they're working on passing something now -- later. You need new leadership in in Washington I mean that's the only thing I mean I think. A tossup but yesterday for -- Jeff Sessions. I couldn't I couldn't believe -- they yeah they Jeff Sessions got this document from the state I think from the State Department. And there were due how many people applied disputed -- show yesterday due to people applied to -- -- -- for visas. -- not amnesty for visas to come into the United States. Eight point eight million people apply. Now there's a law on the books which of anybody's an immigrant here from the fifties and sixties they know what used to be a force which is. That if you fuel if there's a chance that your gonna become a public charge a public war of of the taxpayers you're not supposed to even get a visa right. You know how many of those eight point eight million people the State Department -- as B -- because that might become a public charge. 203. So obviously. They obviously they want. Let I know I know. If we enforce that law -- -- Tony wouldn't be in the country today. But that's that's what that we were up against. Of course they're promising immigration reform now what it but there is a big political battle in the Republican Party you have marker rule book rubio saying we have to come up with a solution on this and guys like that they think you know might help Republicans you know causes obviously Latino vote. Killed them in the last election so should be going that way or should they be going the other way which is a more conservative way say we have to stop the -- together. I think it's I think this comes back to I didn't agree with everything Michael said but -- comes back to the same to the same general point which is I was like -- -- important Harry Truman. He also to give people choice between Republicans -- Republican noble for the Republican every time when this case. Marco Rubio wants to give people choice between a Democrat the Democrat and guess what guess with a gonna vote for a battle -- -- -- -- You know like I thought you know I was. I spent time in Florida I certainly wish I would vote for rubio Crist and in a heartbeat. You know I think he's very Smart guy. Despite what Ann Coulter says but. You know. I don't know what he's at what what he's drinking the McCain Graham -- orphans I. You know what that they waited and South Carolina not related we didn't want without really. Which it says we're we're not gonna have been what's happening or people come and and until we get the border security now. I mean again that comes back to the question but I asked John McCain. You know where worst offense if not offense that wears the border security. I mean back in the back in the -- -- -- -- there. With us and you know quite Eisenhower -- started started around in the -- and you know -- -- -- can't even say. What the name of the -- what the name but he the operation was now because it's a racial swore. But how are you going considering he'd be you know increasing population voting population of Latinos and other minorities -- do you. Deal this issue -- ever win a national election again. -- Well I mean look I'm talking people on Capitol Hill are telling me this there's a civil war now going on in the Republican Party. You have Marco Rubio we have John McCain. You have senator Lindsey Graham. You have a lot of people and -- congressional house leadership who now believe the ticket to power for Republicans -- the back some form of amnesty. And that'll lead to outreach to Hispanics. I think it's a disaster. I think it's political suicide truck traffic certified. We have the numbers it's been going on now for about 25 years just go back to Reagan Reagan granted a limited amnesty to several million. Did that help the Republican brand no in fact the more Hispanics in the state is state California. The more democratic it is so if you have the demography of California. You'll have the politics of California. The Republicans now if they drink this poisoned chalice. Of amnesty for illegal immigrants they'll become I believe a permanent minority party. And I think what they have to do and it's the right thing I disagree with both Colleen Graham and Michael and -- on even on local politics. I believe politics is fundamentally about principle. And I believe if you stand your ground and if you say. We have a constitution. We are nation state we are here to defend the taxpayers of this country who pay for the politicians in Washington. You'll get no amnesty you'll get nothing until that wall is built on the southern border period. And if you plant and we have just holding -- for the Republican. Fine you may win a few votes in Phoenix you may win a few votes in Los Angeles. Which -- gonna lose Iowa Kansas North Dakota Idaho outside buckle up because we're gonna go for party. And I think it's about time that we told Republicans. Clearly and unequivocally. It's time for you to stand up for Republican principles. And for too long they have. Jeff -- let me -- -- -- -- let me play the devil's advocate here which is we all know the big pot the -- population in the voting population. Of minorities especially Latino voters is getting larger and larger. And the will of voters Republican voters is getting is getting smaller while that's the reality of the situation. So how do you deal with that mean you think that will help this -- build the fence. Perhaps I would recommend for example Heather McDonald from the Manhattan institute able Bible study and she actually looked at that. Three quarters have a self identified Latino Hispanic voters have told pollsters repeatedly. Amnesty is not number one or number two number three it's not even in their top five. So the major reason when asked why do you vote for the Democrats because they believe. Falsely I think that government is the source of wealth. So they vote for the party of government. So what are we what are Republicans doing you've been losing the Latino vote 647. Or going back since Ronald Reagan. All the geniuses Eric front strong right that geniuses. On. Export eleven to twenty million more on the electoral -- right -- Texas willfully blue Florida wolf it blew. Arizona wolf -- -- it'll be it'll be slaughter for Republican. So what I would turn around and say try this. Why don't you go Hispanic communities and I've done -- -- it was -- communities and here's what I felt -- -- roomful of Mexican Americans. How to socialism work for you -- You your family back on -- that government is still on socialism has been good for them being on welfare and good for them. This is the greatest country in the history of the world. Because we believe in something called the free market -- and -- you and your family to the path to prosperity. Now if you make that argument. And you go neighborhood by neighborhood by neighborhood not going in. I want insult Scott Brown but the models unveiled a model walks around. Ernie and I honestly an area I'm agreeing with -- is that if warming on a lot of additional insight who would I vote for this Supreme Court. All I'm let me see so I sucked my you think is -- -- Colleen and Anthony Kennedy everybody across the board nobody respects that. But if you go win and say hey look what it's different you know. The Irish have succeeded. Jews have succeeded Italians have succeeded the Koreans have succeeded. You mean -- wanna be rich you wanna have your own home. You wanna send your kids for the schools you wanna have a slice of the American dream because Democrats are keeping you -- nobody'll. They're keeping you going to get off get off the traffic. Argument because they'll tell you this final for fox. What's the one state where Hispanics vote for Republicans in big numbers. Texas. -- come -- -- their cowboy apps say what you want about Rick Perry or whatever and they say. You're production. Boat like attacks and act like that action be a Republican and then win. So stop the pandering and stand up for principle always its principal in the end is the most powerful weapon politics. Don't want economic matters here. The Massachusetts Republicans. I think -- -- -- of American politics. They look at you you here. They've lost before the end we can't win. -- like Chicago up we can't win. You mean to tell me that phone. Ice cream truck driver and mark my if you like study looked like him. Vampire you need to tell me you can't take it to design an election and even if you lose you showing the people. Yeah that. -- my gag reflex. Sorry. I -- when I say quickly Wimbledon you don't even in the day but I'd vote Democrat in Massachusetts. Are going to be shooting the they have no -- That's the point but not charity you're not figured out now -- miss them it's not that better -- that. Wonderful leg injury that in the. We may be talking past each other what I'm saying Republicans as. Forget trying to win by running another Democrat run as a Republican knowing that you -- lose. But it's lift up Republican values and ideals -- people can identify with -- -- -- Republicans. That's not to run as a Republican to open the gates of people go online you know what I while Michael and you have a Q didn't you have a key evidence school presidents -- -- Is this is this what you told the people you're gonna lose but yeah. Absolutely yeah. -- that is what -- updated it in 2000. We did an all volunteer bipartisan again school -- the Rose -- and foreign policy council passed away was there for Democrats is that what you're running. It is more competition. We got twelve members of the state legislature elected while the rest of the ticket with collapsing in 2002 we double the number. Republicans because we sent people to the streets at the grassroots level the straight talk and yeah for personal person face to face beyond the end. About this is what I want to do and they started winning that the state Republican Party would stop wasting time looking -- Magic candidates who can somehow win. And this Republican leaders say we're gonna keep building this field that's -- O'Connell is one of our people -- fat and was. -- people two great candidates like to run for bigger profits as Republicans. Government against big Republican ever and they won at the local level they can win. Com as. -- the legal immigration issue. Is. You even see the stories to -- and several people go back and look at races on how Hispanic voters voted. With Republican pro amnesty vs Republican not pro amnesty people. There was no improvement Republican turnout by supporting a Republican outcomes. By supporting -- -- none whatsoever but I was actually had get a a TV taping that it at this restaurant wanna win and ran a restaurant her family is from Brazil. And she listens to a certain shows and I promise -- mention and she said you know. I -- we talk a little umbrage because I waited in line I paid 7000 dollars I went to college years a student and paid out of state tuition because I was. Legal -- resident. And my husband we had to jump through hoops -- I can get married. And there's an entire community. Of legal immigrants who are being made up their their entire experience is a mockery. Because President Obama and Ed Markey are saying to them you should have cheated and come here illegally. If -- What I want. -- have cut back on the brand. You take some stupid money people those that awful while on the campaign it's been just one regular say hi. I came here illegally from wherever Ireland Israel Brazil Mexico and I'm Republican and here's why make the argument make the point. And I here's the 25000. Dollars in legal these guys did that guy stole my job when I hear. Is that they are are you really gets to meet the legal what the Democrats that they took with information these real voters did the right way. Using emigration -- yeah. He's trying to the people of this country. Now I'd love yeah. -- the good old days when politicians who brought up issues like. Gay marriage and when in the military and immigration were using wedge issues with and other economic crisis President Obama -- the state of union address ask not what you talk about. Immigration and you don't think that there is no call that a -- as she was -- wedge issue. Right now. I want it and I wanted to make sure there's enough time for people ask questions now we wanna get to they get to your questions right now that we have played time. One up to the microphones I know a lot of people go on the show all the time make calls or you go on FaceBook or -- on the Twitter page and and -- questions though. I know it is a lot of -- out there and so let's try to get some questions right now. We have the mikes there -- okay go ahead. -- is there SA neighmond. Where you're from. I'm leninism. My name's James and Quincy and I've got a question that the last the last third party candidate was really. Able to win would've been now Ross Perot back in submit news. And those until last and the media was actually willing to be -- -- so. No matter who it is whether it's third party or not how in the world are we gonna get me it's it's nice that we're all here but we are all. You know we're here we all listen to the station -- how if the media is not at all interested in a Republican or third party. What is there to do other than just hang our heads in finding your country and it just I I don't know what to do at this point. What you gotta go you -- I. I think Michael's right about -- -- oranges you know retail politics Tip O'Neill right Democrat but I -- ask people for their votes there's no question about that you can't have this aerial bombardment like they tried -- like the Romney campaign tried. But the the other thing too was that I mean third third parties. They. Most of the time I I think the at the statistics were they they crossed the Republicans nine seats. In the US House of Representatives libertarians in it and that's just. It's just it's just destructive you know four. And you don't you and other upped the price of libertarians here wearing gritty here that but you do. -- -- People -- you -- instead of having -- say there was going to be with his 70% of -- you have tyranny. Who's not only -- not be with you 100% of time has also pork. Yeah now. Mean that's that's what problem with the third parties and the thing as you know the if these if these places these these are prairie states go third party Jeff is just make it even easier for the them. In the short term but I think in the long term short term -- -- -- Want her word that we're I thought I. And I think in one election cycle or two but I think I mean look the week's collapse the Republicans replace the weeks. If the Republicans abandon their fundamental principles. You're gonna see the Tea Party I think form -- party and it's inevitable you're already -- -- -- split in the Republican Party. So we don't want the Democrats and Democrat -- And so there were I think if we're living I believe in historical times I think the Republican Party that watershed and leave the country that watershed. And here's my prediction I could be wrong but it's -- read you. The economy I think you're gonna start bottoming out I think it's already starting out. That debt is now out of control Europe the Euro zone is imploding. I believe we're gonna hit a major double dip recession I think it's coming by the end of this year and next year. They can spin it all they want this time Obama owns it. Com 2014. I believe you're gonna see major. Political pick ups for the Republicans in fact I think it could be political tsunami. I think they'll get major gains in the house. And I think they'll regain control of the sent. -- sell it for Massachusetts -- yeah Republicans just happen. But my point is that if you have four dollars a gallon gasoline. If you have incomes going down consumer purchasing power going down. Unemployment going up chronic economic stagnation. This debt that is slowly breaking the back of this country. We are going to be -- have to pick up the pieces. And the question is which Republican Party is going to be and I think whether we like it -- -- If we don't have strong fiscal conservative alternative. I believe the parties. And I believe the country's. And so really not to seem like -- dogmatic and attic. It's either our way or bankruptcy. Really that's the choice I think the -- -- and that's why I never given to do it alone. I don't believe in one election I don't believe one elections. Make or break it for a country but I think the Republican Party now have to ask themselves. Aren't they the Party of Lincoln. Are they the party of Reagan. Are they the party that -- America what it is today. Or are they gonna go the way of John McCain Lindsey Graham. You know and joy and just. Right down the line all of these -- keep losing. So why -- we wanna keep going down the path of trying to look for me to go back to Scott Brown up and wanna pick on the model. But there was -- model the model went to the center the model went to the senate left everything the Democrats that for the most part we don't need to go. And how did that work out for the model so my point. One stand your ground stand for what you believe and and I am telling you there isn't silent majority out there -- don't believe in the Republican Party anymore. To -- the reason why Republicans loss how we pointed out Scott Brown that -- 50000 more votes true. Then in 2010. But here's the figure one talks about. Romney got two million votes less. Than John McCain. -- he'd just gotten what McCain had bought just that folk. -- Romney would be in the White House Thursday. So clearly. The Republicans have a branding problem with their life. Let's go to another question now over here. Thank you gentlemen my name's Jeff Simone from Lexington mass I ran for United States congress in the -- fifth. Lost in a primary would have taken on Ed -- Had I -- it Michael Graham actually moderated one the primary debates thank you Michael thank you guys for a for hosting this. One comment couple. Quick question first I think -- house issue in Maryland against marquis I think it's more the fake Indian he -- a throwaway line. It's not gonna go anywhere that's my personal -- -- -- you got to still get to the pace of what. All of us your concern about the economy the and immigration all those things real issues. On but my question is this we're all here -- all conservatives Republicans. We -- year programs -- read your columns may watch Fox News senator. How do you break beyond. The echo chamber. How do you break through -- grassroots but I'm curious to know. How many people knock doors or make phone calls. I mean that's what it comes down general -- concern here is why he showed up so if you knock doors and made phone calls that's grassroots as getting out there. Listening to the TV or are watching TV or listening the radio. Doesn't get votes so what and we say grassroots split until somebody gets out there and maybe you don't like the guy a 100% but it. -- bright part said this if you are not supporting the eventual candidate. You're with Obama you with Warren -- -- -- and an innocence is true you know 7% are friends so. How do we break be on the echo chamber of -- Where we know we're right and how we actually make it. Think that was the first -- question to agree to it switches. You get information out beyond the people who were just -- -- part of the conversation and liked him. Hear from you guys does it the press won't do their job as the first questioner asked if as Jeff said you know you're going to -- -- route if the. You said earlier to our they're not gonna cover -- so what do you do. You know. I think unfortunately there isn't much you can do but -- my adult talk I don't talk a lot about I I tend to agree with Jeff that the I think the the yeah. The bubble that's such as it is the the bubble of you know moderate recession is about the pop were about to go with the worst recession and I'm afraid that's the only way and it's you know what's. It's it's going to be resolved the people or just good people gonna have to suffer the mean to -- people would just. You know what's ironic -- it that you Roger Williams used to talk about you know up that paper Balkans is amusing ourselves to death. And epic but think about how much how much easier it is to amuse yourself right now that was when Jerry was talking about that twenty years ago beat people. People have a choice of Reading in the newspaper in the world. And they make the decision not to read space. Because that that rather that rather go to PMC dot com and read the the latest arrest report on Wednesday -- You know I mean. And -- so that's true so what -- thought it was so so fine what what's finally gonna get their attention is -- I saw the -- in Boston many many years ago what prop to happen. Capital -- got away with murder. Until until prop two half was passed and he started closing down police and fire stations -- which it. Second you know I don't care I care -- you know Joseph Joseph blow was how. But if if I if there's wanted to answer the call I'm bought I'm I'm angry and they started chasing about a place researching some bodies washed out Austin. I'm afraid that's that that's what it's going to be you know it's gonna it's gonna require like major economic dislocation I mean it's real dislocation. And that made -- maybe even like having to I don't know cut the EBT card. I'd -- to find out go away. Absolutely. But I think I think he made a good point was -- witches in the grass roots -- -- a lot of people talk about grassroots. I don't know if you're out in the polls on Election Day I was out pulls a lot. Everywhere I turn ice Elizabeth -- people they were every. All of the polls it was no matter what you think of are they had a very impressive organization and they had dedicated people out there. Two or three people at least. You guys the way to -- -- joke they don't have jobs. Got all -- and they also wasn't all that it wasn't all that probably. I saw -- wrong they were not Elizabeth Warren's organizational awards organization was a handful of native Americans holding out are out now but it was. And they had a machine on this. On the machine they were just a lot of disorder people I was there I mean. There's the the senate where you can't just blame it you can't just blame it on on the machine the machine and energy to counter -- That -- a -- they are you kidding me. While they're actually voters that one out there so. Cool idea what would you wanna side. Yet. Right it. Listening to talk about the Cuban. I take pride sorry. What are people -- and that's the fact you can deny that the problem. I think it. But I think. Part of fixing the problem is to go out there and knock on doors and do what you -- I mean that's basically the outlook how I was talking about before retail politics. A lot of these people who elected Republicans elected to state -- and state senator that's what they do. And that's how they get elected at large. So -- you must focus will be out there I just want time be out there she LT just -- a ball warm. -- political -- vote. I'm. We're just sitting there in the Michael trap was excellent ball. And in the in the arts and Frazier wouldn't want a pay raise you were -- -- stated compact. And what it's like he you know smelled bad -- that. And they go by -- -- -- this pictures. From nineteenth century block oh crap I follow. But the F five times as many signatures all we will offer was a -- And -- -- offering them but she gets for -- burst of movement and I don't patiently next door and what Darryl flood their basement is which was what happened. And it's just I mean again it's. The dumbing down the it's it's it's really it's it's a cliche that the American electorate is really dumb down. Our next question please. Thank you Joseph Joseph Kevin -- from. Lamented that I want -- bout with -- welcoming Jeff Gordon to Boston to -- He. Must commend you -- -- Okay but your posture and what you're on to wait it yet today this afternoon. Okay is on principle. Joseph you -- -- your columns -- great human depth. Okay. Investigation. On things Aikman Michael we introduced to when you came to Boston a few years ago Alba. If remand that dirty water but now -- -- -- Always I was stunned at walked in. The sports jacket. Please I'm -- among the place this afternoon. Are sorry about that. Fine thank you weren't coming and I wanna say this I just came from BC -- out. In between that -- -- in the chaplains particular mall in case that what's in this room -- written. All the veil on campus so. But what they want to bring out in ages past. Spoke between islands in jest Xia hypocrisy that the contests and check from the ones of the prime time. OK if it's not Michael Bloomberg Milton Massachusetts. It doesn't go any -- and any given day. Holiday night weekend without while the absence. All right. Going. I don't one week is this Michael that's it for the next election cycle this cycle the correct -- it's beginning -- today. Okay Steve again on principle and posture. -- -- -- It's remarkable what you done you in the one police have been to recently in the rate of Boston and replacing markets -- New England. It's -- and -- so. Relieving buckle and backed -- as we said to me at the range. And -- -- Have an addict yeah and and I wanna say this okay. Why do we have to go -- K street. To even have calling countless. Say what we won the boat Scott Brown okay Scott Brown worked 2223. Months many things OK that I was dismayed that the boats. But one in February. Of two when he thirteen it's not 1913. When you would have to take. -- and -- average the continental railway ticket to -- it in none of them have calling us is Joseph knows okay. What's the last time at my keys to offices. Here in Medford. In the calling house okay outside it is. -- he chased the states and how's he lied on his deceased now. I can tell you one thing number press releases and events coming out of Martin's office has increased dramatically since the announces active game -- it felt like it it is. I Martha Coakley will be going after. Any minute now using taxpayer resources. Thank you gentlemen. Quest video question there. Like what -- what I've loved the story from the big big -- this is the two mile classic Ed Markey story you know. He he's at he's at the big big you know what this is the same press -- this same event where John -- at this title will be a bargain. And Ed Markey Ed Markey gets up there he says you know my constituents in -- are usually happy. But this tunnel and I felt that because it'll make it a lot quicker for them to get the Kelly's roast beef. In Revere. And everybody and everybody like Bruce I would. Because Natick of course is in his district and and 678. Years earlier. Tell -- have opened at the in -- And it could well the most popular restaurants in this in the town. I don't really know why this -- in the right there. What was the other -- story I'm not currently. Andy Miller question oh the yeah yeah I don't -- -- great story -- we gotta we gotta get that I gotta get this tape from buy from for me the hell or. You know if the killer was interviewing Ed Markey this was the first of a gotcha questions for us like to figure out. But it so we have these increases its nineteen. 83 -- Early 84 and you know of course everything is everything is all about the nuclear freeze. -- Get tough hot one remember that you know every lefties Nicaragua. Get -- to start you know -- asked him the usual traditional questions and biologist says. Up by the by the way congressman know which side we -- in Nicaragua. Total. Was he without without a week later. He also did know how many troops we have in Germany but that's kind of a drag but -- -- not -- job and apartment I. So that he guests on the equality like American League worst nationally did anything. And no no I think that it had commenced deep park and we're talking and they were debating that that's in -- done. But he east. But I cannot. What a fraud yet. I saw what's at that at West Newton that at the studios the you know a video link studios. That I like I walked what. Election. I had seen him in the best I've seen him anywhere like fifty years. I said. Is this an operational. -- -- -- -- It like it like as much as you'd just. Let's go to next question. Please at I'm gonna get that tape by Hillary we have to get somewhere and I'll. Why I know I know we're a why he's got he's got him. If white gets a plot always farewell dinner which the tape was made for for wipe the I can get like this. I'm illegal immigrant I have stood up and I don't useful illegal immigrants and tie -- and a question. Why my relatives have to wait for years and decades to immigrate here and then -- could just walk across -- border. They suggested that my characteristics the plane to Mexico and walk across the border to affect -- relatives do. My question to you is. I have knocked on doors and made lots of phone calls when -- try to eliminate income tax. Have spoken with a lot of intelligent people lose a lot of prejudice it is. And I don't know why would you want to pay it if you don't have to eliminate. And that while the poll that I was even ask -- questions. I have come to this country because in the constitution that says you have a right to bear arms. -- and end Nazi Germany. People are prohibited to bear arms. When I was -- results. When Minnesota attraction early twenties. People ordered to give -- arms. When it was it is else. How do you fight. That people. Who are willing to ideologues and armies and their -- impacts us. Not to do so these days when the moon is not ready for me I can go anywhere else is the healthiest country in the world. What do I do. I would say that. In the birds or members of the around the country think that Republicans have thirty governorships and they control 25 state legislatures entirely. So we -- here in the worst of the -- Jose which is that was that spot. It is you're not losing. Arguments as often as you think you more facts -- arguments on the boring but just this notion. The Republicans are not trial like him or there's something wrong with being Republican. This is where I think -- and I disagree. You can be disabled people to stop it OK well that's. To do when when woody geniuses I don't remember this great American genius country Rachel make it correct that which is which is finished an -- on each applicant said. They'll never broke underestimating the intelligence and public. Yet to go where they are in line with the message they can receive. It we can talk on talk Radio One about house resolution 127 and principles of you know when when the founding fathers but people are watching Comedy Central. And there -- watch and the movie it. If we abandon popular culture we try to engage. In where normal people are in normal conversations we hope by the doorway opened today. That it doesn't have that Smart or stupid they're never gonna hear it. That's what we need to be we need to be where the people are rather say well they got to get smarter and read the paper not read the paper so we need to go where they are. Which which is saying though is how you get the people were voting to cut their own throats and that is. That's an usual number of Massachusetts but it's not -- the majority America. And I don't know that -- some sort of Massachusetts it's for the people on the fans have rejected the notion of voting Republican that's what we can fix the brand. They'll be open to it because on the ideas I think -- there are a lot on the for a majority but is it working. Minority. In Massachusetts that share the ideas. I mean. I know I I agree with Michael look I think. If. We're losing the culture. And if you lose the culture you're gonna lose the politics. Now remember in the 1960s. The left was in a -- -- They were asking themselves how do we see how we -- how we see the power -- we achieve our. And so they went into -- later they called the long march through the institutions. And they said we'll take over Hollywood will take over academia will take over the public schools and eventually. This state will fall on our hands like a ripe fruit. Now she makes a brilliant point yes there are many people were willing to cut their own throat they don't care about freedom at bunker by the constitution -- we care about defending themselves. The problem with liberalism. And this is the problem with all left wing movements he goes against human nature. Fundamentally flawed cannot last. So this regime that you're trying to serve. It's gonna collapse. So to me the greatest weapon we have is the true. We have right on our side we have the constitution on our side so what I'll -- right now we would do which smashed the liberals and the second. If we would just insist that's why do a lot of stories on education. Our schools are becoming the laboratories to indoctrinate our kids. But if they knew about the constitution if they knew about our founding fathers if they knew about the principles that made this country great believe me we have. Very different electorate. So rather than idea I think -- -- brought in on us. Rather than doing an aerial bombardment. Where is just television -- after television -- after television -- and you see these Republicans show up every two or four years. If we went out and actually educated the American people. About what this country was founded -- You see a very different ball game. But the problem is we're seeing the culture and if we continue to see the culture. Then we're gonna loose. Now to me that's why I say. Take it to won't take it to -- -- school boards take a -- when your select committees do what they did in -- -- I'm just giving one microcosm. And if we do that county by county state by state by state we're gonna win. Because we have the truth on our site but even more than that I'm telling -- mark my words I'll. Are you can film it and I'll stick my reputation on it. 2014. Is going to be a blood bath for the Democrats. This idea that Republicans are in the wilderness there in exile for now. But our time is coming because this -- bomb is -- below. And the only alternative left is ours. So what I'm telling all of you is hang on you're saying you're in the wilderness hang on. Give me about eighteen more months and then you'll see these Democrats running prevailed. Jeff bluntly predicted Romney won would reduce that I get out I was talking about it I I just went out Jeff said the work bloodbath but that's XP how. That is also going to poison chalice earlier I've antibodies. To the authorities -- you see the story today no joke story kid. Com had on his voice mail answering I think it is -- it quoted a line from the fresh prince of -- theme song about Suton basketball in the driveway. Someone from the doctor's office called to confirm what they heard the -- shooting. They knew it was a high school students they called the school the school shut down the school -- to school the whole county. When in the locked down. They get tracked this kid down take him and interrogate him over DJ jazzy Jeff. In his voice message because those because these stupid people in America we hired -- its -- We have to have a couple more questions and by the way just -- The Herald website the apocalypse has not happened yet but I'll be sure to let you know if it has an odd yeah. Yeah man. If you -- go ahead. Page element of big fan I keep looking electoral awaiting the drone strike but. Holly I'm gonna get right to it well which crashed Larry Dillon at 530. I have my theories which yours. You know I talked to I talk to guy who had this on on good authority. And last last year somebody asked at the state police academy class somebody asked this say they were doing the accident investigations. Class. And somebody asked that the top of lead investigator of the best -- investigator. Said what what do you like crash was going at. At 5:30 in the morning and the guy said. This again this is their top investigator state police he said it has all the marks of sorts. That the only way. The thing I want something what was he doing nothing promises passenger doing. My extracted him. Like early in the morning make it difficult to focus on that's it. Some of the papers forehand out there that I ever -- I've made I've made many calls let's what's the radio station. Ask people what's he doesn't reputation he doesn't have that kind of died okay he but. He was I mean. Do you think they don't want us to get his his phone records. I mean that's going to be some that produced -- me. You know that's something so the coming in those phone records. But it. Like maybe by the year you know. I'm not sure it'll look the problem the problem with sweating or Bob sweating McLaughlin is but you know. You you have people you gonna have people who say yes I gave cash. From block. But then you need somebody who -- McLaughlin giving money to Marie. Because you -- -- you know why they say however no one those of us from Medford and Somerville Cambridge we know Mike and lol well -- -- what is a lot of people don't know. I guarantee it. You get that guy on the witness stand for five minutes. Everybody is gonna have to happen or what yeah. Everybody apparently accepted a bar -- Could figure out what that Mike McLaughlin is that they Tim Murray is because it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's going to he's gonna escape that because I think probably did take some cash but it endlessly -- -- core operating witness I don't think they're gonna. I don't think they're gonna -- a and by the way. You all about another part of unfair since it's in state the state justice system so all the Macy. We all agree while we stole more 57000. But that's what they got -- fortunate -- 7000. He's woody ears. -- well one stole. Hundreds. Of thousands just every year gap -- right off what was it photo finishes with a grand jury. When I was a young man. He's twelve months Max on. It. How does that concern. You Alan Schwartz. Every year. The bat real story -- him or me. Is that we're losing as popular votes. Tim Murray and John Kerry in the same year I think the legislature should forced him or -- run for governor I don't want to life. We have what I want my other question -- go ahead. He Obama machines razzle dazzle. Multiplies beyond comprehension topics and discussions are to mount an effective opposition where the field of play has been so confused. By the establishment progressive deceptions we need a single issue on which to gather the votes door to door. And I'd like to know how many people in this audience have ever heard of the Laffer Curve Arthur Laffer. So. I think that single issue is the contest for capital between the government and the private sector. And the constitution. Is the only way to make that establishment. Vs the private sector difference visible to the voters. Can you guys talk about that please. You have to you have to put it in terms people understand like where -- Reagan did in 1981 -- said -- recession is when your neighbor loses his job a depression is when you lose your job people go to your lap occur they just they but they -- that they wanna hear. You all about about how -- affect them I mean again. Yeah it just may come down to the fact that. You know the the people are given the people who will vote for these -- and these names that are office are just gonna have to be. Severe lesson economically. In the gonna have to suffer unfortunately. We're all gonna suffer weapons. And -- optimist I think the one depresses me most is I thought -- of the Americans always Selanne is -- Don't degrade complaining if you ever go like that customer service -- Target these people scream -- repair underwear like it's -- plutonium grade material. And yet respectful more years of with a four years of crap. And people decided that we'll just -- -- crap. Good luck the work that's the problem -- flying lap that. The point where when you lower tax rates people are so much more willing to pay their taxes the end up with net more government one -- -- the government that's like Reagan. Cut tax rates to 20%. But but tax the actual tax collections without. George Bush -- the two -- quarters for tax collections ever in history both after the evil bush tax cuts that Laffer Curve with it I really don't try to get -- -- are neighbors in different why aren't they demanding more why except this Sox. People that work two part time jobs to make two thirds of the money that they were making 2006. And it's I don't want it. We would -- -- times before but what they did it. We've voted people -- -- office we did something and that's what scares me the most is our neighbors just going. This is what is this just an aside don't normally have to suck that's what we've got our enemy you know. Parents and George Bush does. It answers to answer your question. I'm a big fan of Arthur laugher I I think he's right you cut taxes you generate economic growth you can actually more revenue coming into the government. It was a winner for Republicans in the eighties which -- now. You have so many people were becoming packs consumers. So we have almost 50% of the electorate. They are dependent upon government benefit so few alum and as -- Romney's famous 47% comment. He said look I can tell -- -- -- cut your taxes but I'm not paying any taxes so they don't care. So that's why I don't think it's a winning issue but I do think is a winning issue I think it's it's the silver bullet. It's the one weapon that we have. And how we touched on -- I think he's been on. -- Really I would go door to door and say look look at that level look at at spending look at the budget. One degrees. Because it's coming and just hated it and hit it and as the economy tanks were grace. Because of Obama. You can't spend an -- away to prosperity and I would I would never I would say -- guys you can either agrees. And and -- -- And sit by and -- civilization collapse. Or here in America we can stand up and saying now. Actually. I I walk into a pilot. I've said that on us if we're gonna have European socialism and -- world agrees on the -- better people are charming rate it was well. Unfortunately my wife's a talent that enough on that note we're gonna have to wrap up now. Thank everybody here for Tommy Ellis thing WGBH. For letting us use this all year I want to thank of course. Our sponsor fifth. -- masks firearms school. All in perfect smiles. As well. And -- all of their other sponsors victory so it's an attorney's. Of course I want to mostly thank all our our panelists here. Michael Grant deft putter how he. In all of you thank you for coming out on -- week and I hope you had a good time thank you -- great questions thanks a lot.