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Michael Moore wants to release the Newtown death photos

Mar 14, 2013|

Mr. Moore thinks the country needs to be shocked into repealing the 2nd amendment. His idea, release the photos of the dead children from Newtown. How sick?

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Welcome back to the corner reward. Brown -- are great text message what's the number trucks. 97897. Attacks and us. Saying his ideal. -- co host team to replace sensual fun and that's -- is seeing. Eric Holder and Anthony Weiner and you know they can call it until we know boulder show. We know -- report I love it. 617 is 666868. Is the number. Talking about left -- Lunatics. Talking about moon bats. And in this case a very fact wound up. Michael Moore for an. This Keon. -- V pilot then the champion of the progressive left in the Hollywood community. To me nothing more than a shameless propagandist. But anyway people keep telling me the lives say he's one of finest filmmakers. Of our time. Michael Moore they gave fats so big Mikey. Big Mike -- Has now gone to the Huffington Huffington Post. And on that progressive website. Has argued. That is now time to galvanize Americans. Into supporting. Strong. Rigid sweeping gun control. And how does big -- -- how to -- so propose to do that. Crowd so wants to do that. By -- June not a having the pictures of the dead children. Slaughtered in mass occurred in new talent at sandy hook released to the public. And so in his blog post think. Michael -- big Mike. He's asking grieving parents. We're disenchanted law enforcement officers or just simply concerned citizens anyone who has access. To those pictures to those finals. To take him. And release them to the public post them on the Internet post among web sites get them up on newspaper shalom on cable television. Around the clock and in particular. He cites the pictures of where children's faces have been blown off by that crazed killer autumn winds up my that cycle -- And so he says go down the pictures. Of faces blown off. Mouth blown off bullets in the head dismembered bodies that this will shock and outrage. The American public has such a degree you also play on their emotions. That there will be an instantaneous. Call for V repeal of the Second Amendment and for massive confused at -- gun control. In other words don't. You wanna see how -- this guy is what our bottom feeder this guy is. He wants to exploit the dead bodies of children. He wants to use their bodies. To serve and advance his radical liberal agenda. How long can you go. -- -- this is what liberalism has come to you can't make your case on the merits. You have to basically pimp out. The photos of dead children to -- rile up the population. You have to exploit. And tarnish their memory. By making them almost a freak show example. By showing them at their most vulnerable. Self. -- bodies dismembered. So you can get a reaction from the public. And this is the guy. But many left wingers champion this is the guy that -- been popping composed brags about this is the guy. That many liberals want to see his movie Fahrenheit 9/11. And were cheering as he was lying in bashing about George Bush. Big my key -- so if you're listening shame on you. Jeff corner on the corner report. Welcome back and put our report this is Jeff -- boss didn't bulldoze their. It's 172666868. As the number. You can also practice at 68680. Michael Moore get big Mike. Mikey. Is now -- taken to the blogs. Saying you're about to get the gun control law be in full. A force to get them out in huge numbers. To get the American people to rally. To their anti gun agenda. It is time for the pictures of the dead children the twenty children mass occurred at Newtown. To be released to the public. And hand such horror. Will cause the outrage needed to force politicians. To sign on to sweeping gunman's. My question to you is a simple one. Do you stand with Michael Moore. Do you think that the pictures of those dead children 67 years old when your face is practically shot off. Should they be released to the public 6172666868. Is the number. Kathleen thanks for holding Europe next welcome. And had taken my column I I actually don't think those kitchen should be removed it stinks our own and different happened. It was O four -- and that's just part of it not just the best. Exploiting children and taking guns off. And I had law abiding citizen and is not just finished. And the and the so I think it would -- could be is to. Post pictures I think abortion and and teach children. And -- scored abortions look like because the back. It's genocide for killing -- and are -- and I mean hundreds of thousands of baby. A week -- month. And no -- outraged. -- -- financing -- Kathleen let me ask you this. God forbid that was your child what you're trying to is that there's a school shooting. And -- 67 year old child son or daughter. He's brutally gunned down shot in the chest god forbid shot in the face many of these short shot and had. And some prominent Hollywood director. Comes along and says why don't you release your photos to the public so we can get sweeping gun control what would you say to that person. -- -- No elaborate why would never why would I do that while -- Arie came or not desecrate the memory of your child -- -- Okay you went -- child like that that's not you the last memory you want anybody to fear your child. I mean to me that's sick. I mean -- -- it's sick it's it's morally sick it's psychologically sick. And yet I'm telling you this posting he's gone on the huffing and puffing composed -- is getting tremendous traction. Many progressives love it there line and I using him saying it's a brilliant idea. And -- that they will say and do anything. To get their liberal agenda passed even -- exploit for bodies of dead children. That's that's sadly that's the modern liberal left for you today. They don't need and then perhaps figuring him. And that's that's why my friend doctor Michael Savage is Denon when he says liberalism is a mental disorder what I mean look at this I mean is this not seriously is this not a crazy idea. 617. And the -- -- it's completely insane and and Kathleen look I'm just surprised there's not more outrage out there. I mean this is there no wins and I mean I remember driving back. I'll never forget that fateful day which finished my eleven to noon show my fourth hour. And I was driving -- can reach guys getting reports some shooting in Connecticut. It seemed like a lot of there are some victims -- seem like he's not just that one child or whatever one person shot during -- he's isolated stories. It seemed like there were a couple of people shot initially. And you grew and grew and grew and by two mood to thirty Unionists is a big story. -- their children a lot of dead people this was a massacre. And we didn't even know member was Ryan lands everybody thought the brother had done it not -- Lanza we didn't even know the basic facts. And -- -- The liberals for all -- enforce the gun control gun control limit high capacity magazines. Get rid of assault weapons get rid of semiautomatic weapons. Get rid of everything. -- -- We don't even know why it was done or who did it -- circumstances of the case boom. I just want the moment they heard their children bank that was the opening there were looking for. They couldn't even wait would forget 24 hours they couldn't wait twelve hours. Before they push their agenda now they thought they had the American people by the throat on gun control now they're saying. That gun -- that Obama's pushing I mean outposts. So what do we do now what do we do what do we do we are going Hollywood what do we do what Mikey. That's so what should we -- Release the pink shirts -- shock come into -- 6172666868. John Europe next thanks for holding welcome sir. Ari Ari got traded don't I'm good how you John -- are you're going to go on a great job results thank you John. I got -- -- a golfing society -- number one number one mr. should be noted Michael moron. -- -- Should John can I -- that can I use that are. Absolutely -- love its argument for a nominee users from now on drilling they're going. And Mugabe -- You know whoever he should become a poster boy for Mayor Bloomberg in New York City -- -- that probably can't. And a half after a tough task. At hand bags through the call but -- Barney Europe next welcome. -- -- Thank you so much -- being -- we got some contact the big sky at an 88 team makes me so check back. Every parent my feet is ugly mug. Every time I see him walking shoot everything. That spot if I was a parent while most children that I can come across my child's picture. It and that's -- Would -- they make me so sick. It's it's ridiculous that he can even think. That the images. Are those -- point infant babies. From my nut job. -- -- Promote gun control that bad bad gun control -- not the -- people like -- me that. Are responsible. With sardines and I children by its -- gang members. They beat good guy and -- coming in from. Already seen that illegal this has nothing to do know where. Any thing. And here they here they are a true true act and I can't agree more with Q and you callers and I -- Everything about this guy he is that jerk and even idiot. Thanks -- have called Bonnie. Bill Europe next -- Hello good morning I actually Ricky Wright although it might be overkill. I'll tell you why. For the same reason that the anti abortion people hold up the picture of the dead fetuses because it was such a shocking thing called oh. The public overwhelmingly want something done something anything. Take a big step in the direction of doing some third so I actually think it might be overkill. What seated differences this. The abortion is a state sanctioned policy is something as being peddled by our government. Saying not only is it legal -- federal funding for so. To show the pictures of -- taxpayer dollars are contributing to. Our Timmy I see no problem with -- the difference is this with Newtown. You're talking about dead children. Who were gunned down by a mass murderer. And all Michael Moore wants to do he's used those dead children. To score cheap political points that's sit. Period and this had nothing to do with the guns -- this is this is the profound disconnect. -- this this was it an act of heinous man. Animal Lanza who is mentally ill severely mentally ill. Whose mother had him playing violent video games for 5678. Hours and yet nobody wants to talk about the up. Suddenly now all of you think about this this is what happened our -- Some crazy guy. Killed his mother. Told her gun it's. Went in and shot up a school because he thought it was some kind of a video game or something because he's so crazy. And all of a sudden world demonized for owning guns. All of a sudden I'm a criminal. I'm partly responsible. Because this guy because like because I want I want I want to announce -- in Massachusetts I'm getting a gun but you wanna own a gun or you own a gun to defend your family. All of a sudden you're responsible. Because of the -- one long deranged man. 6172666868. Marianne. Thanks for holding welcome. Good morning trapped under current footprint in the political hit and has not -- that you're both -- children and the -- trained killer in pretty good -- the problem. If a person not to gonna hear a utility getting your computer let me know math instruction on -- wanna -- And where you know and your medical help and then go in I'll help but he didn't get it it was too late try -- but. He got all those children out of money in the -- should be politically I'm helping -- folks you can turn now walking the streets future experiment. Number matter if you think I'm no Bob that's not important and like the ladies and -- formal. My abiding citizens have been let him in the Second Amendment to protect and defend our thousand current TV to protect -- -- against Arab governments. Thank you so much -- and very very well said I mean I wanna ask all of you this question. If you get cut up by by a steak knife by a machete. Somebody hacks you up. Or somebody uses an -- to decapitate -- Or somebody shoots you -- -- -- bullets do you really care all the way up which weapon as used are we really are you gonna stand there and say well I don't mind being killed. But for God's sakes don't shoot me. Cut me up into pieces blow me out. The take my hat off with about -- but for God's sakes don't use a gun and certainly not an assault weapon that's not an offense -- my dignity. 6172666868. -- Europe next go. Except you know that thing is that a woman -- the constitution. But they are are are right. Fourth Amendment is part of the competition without rights. If they go and try to. -- put band from plant patent infringement of our life and the competition. So can do about it. Would mean that every legislator who votes for this has now welcomed their vote to uphold the constitution. Second thing is I believe that -- they put up as Michael -- itself -- picture. But they're doing is there isn't that so there is propaganda leftist propaganda. The country is -- very Wilson. Thank and the dunhill -- annoyance and not a I mean think about it. -- bigger part of a bigger agenda can't legally I bit. We didn't present there is still this on the American public. -- -- trending lower and then nothing stands in the way of the state. Nothing stands in the way the power of the federal government immune -- citizens are now defenseless. Especially against criminals. One -- potentially virtue when your family why because some nut job. I went out and killed his mother was watching them playing violent video games for six hours some poor severely that as the guy. We never got treatment his mother was in denial for years. And then decides meant. Fantasy crazed mind of his throw me shoot -- school world look I -- -- school on these video games apple. We blow off heads all Dutch -- And we're gonna lose our fundamental rights because of that out. But I want to ask all of you this question. What is more sacred. Really been children. -- -- -- -- to think about -- and -- children. You it is to lose I was there recently at an event on Saturday in Boston. For these Cystic Fibrosis Foundation great event -- and met some great people. And I wanna get into its roots in the morning you're driving in the car look I don't want to press you. But the top two CO brother standup. And talk about the loss and death of his younger sister. Who never got to graduate. Who never got to get married to who never got to have children who never got to live her life. Because of this debilitating disease. There wasn't a dry eye in the room myself included. We're not talking even about sixteen year old you're talking about 67 year old ex. Dead. And you wanna use their bodies for political propaganda. And you're the man that -- That the cultural left a lot. And I -- is an end and glorifies in this country. Where the liberals. Noise it's one call you have liberals calling defending him but where the liberal saying you know what enough -- we're gonna draw a red line. We're gonna debate the Second Amendment -- and their big gun control but we're not gonna use the bodies of dead children. But Colleen thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. I'm -- I think Michael Moore is twisted and -- cats. And I think it does just that much about Michael Moore. Infringing hit him now for more attention because I -- he is -- attention grabber -- more rain the Indy theory it. And I know -- Michael -- a lot of when Eric Holder. Couldn't provide an answer I mean I didn't act it out now one word out of that injured. Very good point calling -- right have you know is he's never said anything about fast and furious I'll tell you right now. I mean I'm I'm I'm a -- you know what cooks you wanna make a couple million bucks buddy we should write a script not really. The government is running drugs in Damascus are running guns into Mexico to the drug kingpins. And they're trying to track supposedly these drug kingpins. But the -- gets lost. And then they get used by gang bangers. And people hundreds of Mexican citizens get killed and then two Border Patrol agents get -- I was shocked right here on American soil. And then the whistle blowers trying to tell the story about what happened and they're being constantly threatened and bullied and intimidated by the US government. That's not a Hollywood blockbuster. I mean I go see a movie. -- -- The moron Michael moron and moron why don't you going to do a film on -- better yet how about this one for a sexy Hollywood story. Our compound in -- Ghazi is surrounded by G artists. Our ambassador is warning the US government please give us protection. But they're overrun and for Americans are dead and our government is trying to cover up and -- what happened. Is that not another incredible spy movie is spy thriller. Another Hollywood blockbuster. And I've just giving you tools story lines up front so that you could write and make yourself millions of. Wake up with -- -- scooters here on Boston's only talk station this is AMC TV WR OK so. -- attitude.