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You Can Have My Pen Knife When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands

Mar 15, 2013|

Delta Airlines along with several other airlines are objecting to the Transportation Security Administration's new policy allowing passengers to carry small knives on aircraft. You cannot bring a bottle of shampoo but you can bring a knife...Guest host Michele McPhee wondered does this seem sane to you.

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You agree with the TSA decision to allows mom minds through airport security. Now that's why it it'd have to be the topic for this hour 88%. Like why now now now now. OK see you both know how much care product cost good hair product. Good hair product -- his and his hair product I like I don't European -- All sorts of stop I cannot tell you. That closet like things are yet to throw away going to security it's -- so lots is dangerous. But at -- night is not. -- bottled water that I just -- the stool or guys on me -- dangerous. But a pen knife is not. Guys I've got to bring a little empty bottle through securities that I can on the water -- -- on the other side because you know and I don't pay eight dollars -- -- water on Lincoln's past the security. I might -- they made my you know my dad had a little this before they did the the nice thing now I don't have this little tiny Swiss army knife. Now you know he knew we should about it and email it backed himself I was thinking you know that little -- is what -- -- through now. And not -- if you had that in -- dropped to in the wilderness you could survive for a month is not thinking. It can scan things it can shop things I can do everything in -- and I think talent throughout. My father is an army guy and he had a Swiss army knife any use it as a box cutter. Every time we had a box it came in the mail he polo is Swiss army knife office key chain and that's the little one that he had. I -- Wasn't a box cutter. That led to the slaughter aboard airliners that flew. About a block away from my house at Logan Airport. Did he used sharp instruments. To commandeer those planes can explain to me why this is a good idea. It's 774694322. Because now. -- -- of Delta Airlines. You've heard the flight attendants you've heard all of the personnel aboard that aircraft. You know basic. That flight attendant it's your first line defense especially on the flights that don't have the federal air Marshal. So you going to allows somebody to carry eight deadly instrument onto a plane when I can't carry hairspray. How in the web world does this make sense so today they had -- Delta Airlines joined the growing opposition Friday. To the TSA its new policy allowing passengers. To carry a small -- -- on a plane. Why. Excuse me knife and long knives on a plane. -- -- Also acceptable these days are small baseball bats. Toy plastic -- Your use. Polls. Hockey sticks. Sticks in to golf clubs. And folks. And if you -- you know. Plus past those brain surgeons in the TSA. -- -- -- about it. I know women who probably take jobs in the TSA just to collect all the very expensive cosmetics. That are confiscated on a daily basis. I doesn't make sense what so ever in what he aiding. Is that delta based in Atlanta as the world's second largest airline. It is the first major airline to -- flight attendants pilots federal air marshals. -- insurance companies and it backlash against the policy. TSA spokesperson. David cast their bet -- Declined to comment on the letter from delta he said the TSA plans to implement the policy. April 25. As schedules. So to me why. They TSA and I infuriating part about this brig GAQ let's new policy. Is why are we gonna do it because -- yeah I gay. Where literally getting the response from the Obama administration. Why are we going to and not. Because we want to -- and -- So silly. Peter -- overreacting ours is the dumbest thing you've. Bernard well either so in my opinion you're getting stock in this without being worked in Washington. Indeed see it's that important issues and it argued that mr. stringent I was Groucho Marx said. All the Arctic it's I don't think problem that suggesting the wrong remedy the problem. The problem is its young Arab men who all -- we can have great people in the USA if they would just profile. At the FBI and law enforcement do their jobs and the latter Brett I don't care people working off op where -- I Arab men I remember appear when I was sixteen years old I was in the any and I went to Israel whether whether wealthy family from Connecticut. And our plane was delayed because a pregnant woman smuggled the bomb. And she was an issue as a Muslim pregnant woman but it's not just the -- -- the women to. -- -- -- if you want. Already but -- you are of -- -- dissent and flying alone that should be a red flag. We're not quite elderly mother who has dementia trying to get on a plane I mean it just make cents. They're when they're say Megyn elderly people get aquaculture lawless southern not that -- -- that's why. Israelis agree that it internal lock for the gulf find it that people may not on a plane that would happen. But Peter -- right I mean this is thank you very much for the call and -- brings up an important point. It's like look we he would do something alarmingly stupid. Like -- pen knives and didn't get the whole country worked up about the idea that now. Pen -- which my father used at the box cutter my entire life. We'll be allowed on -- look at the hero in and look we're gonna show you something shiny meanwhile North Korea is aiming missiles at us. In. The president of the United States talked about. How close we are to war what I read and over there stockpiling a very dangerous weapons this makes sense. Rick you are next on the highly our show with Timothy welcome. Yeah it excellence and forward into the trap they they do these ridiculous searches. You can't have more than tree ounces shampoo. And civil they loosen up what do you do he turned out nicely into it deadly weapon which it is and you already are true they say they must be love in this Rick why don't you just really somebody put -- -- It's and I are dangerous maybe somebody will save your life with one. OK so -- you are trying to. Your argument and someone just reminding me. That the first woman killed on 9/11 -- Karen Martin she was from Salem Massachusetts and thank you for reminding me she was attacked with a box cutter. -- -- -- -- -- it can be sharpened to the exact same point as a box cutter -- more dean. My father used a pen knife. Many many many times in my life. To open a box so thereby it was suggest that the usage of the pen knife to slice open a cardboard box. That it had the exact same capacity as a box cutter that killed Karin Martin. I can take a lipstick. Container take the lipstick get out and punch out here Ottawa it but it spoke to get you're in the cabin with the with a pile. It doesn't get you in there it's not pre 9/11 anymore. You wanna get a -- a lot of guys. You want to know what I didn't go to career where go ahead complain about a third night. Don't just keeper about -- I'll -- you know I think it is there is an element of reasonable. Behavior. And it's reasonable. I argue to take some security matters it's reasonable I argued to profile people who are traveling alone who don't have a history in the United States. I think it is reasonable. To say OK Richard Reid tried just that issue on fire so everybody has a walk around barefoot at the airport. All reasonable is not reasonable. To allow people to carry sharp implements like the ones used on 9/11 I mean I -- like the regular. You wouldn't let your data on the airplane with a certain -- I'll be Smart enough not to -- as pen -- -- did -- -- -- do you have now and not to carry more than two ounces of bumble and bumble hair shine. -- -- -- Thanks for the call I think it's whining wreck. When I spent an awful long day September 11 2001. Standing in the rubble wondering man my friend where. I'm overreacting and I consider that 343. New York City firefighters 37 Port Authority cops and 23 New York City is not as well regarded. Along with 2996. Other Americans on that point. So forgive me if I like them overreacting. When we allow a shock and landing. Much like the one Mohammed. And his followers used to kill Karen Martin and her fellow. Flight attendants. It now. Why. We feel like it. And it's guys like Rick that wannabe and -- right now welcome. Arabic is absolutely wrong. I'm let's not forget -- electric and it she was brutally murdered. With a box cutter I can't imagine that the painful look at that she cannot. You might throw with a pen pencil back -- -- night to do it when I was in my teenage and that's. -- -- -- -- -- Alan Ball and night aren't you in the light at the end up being a major catastrophe. Isn't that wonderful. Yeah catastrophe in at an in flight attendant and like write about. -- I -- what they're saying it's no matter what the cockpit all be open. I can't I don't wanna be playing. And watch someone might from what I get poked out there that night because some -- attack. Want back cockpit door hole and how I don't want to like is that not to be taken I wanna be say why. You forgot about the Christmas April to the boom bomber the -- ideal -- to nobody but the very well educated. English and English so he's not exactly raising red stars on -- on and off line as it. Hello I'm. Michelle I want to know that I that they can be I'd fly into you'll have to pick at lunch -- not going to do it. It ignite the Waco and until it. Why can't speculate don't think kinetic and that -- and I'd been on the I got on the plane with. The regal three and a lot in different time and -- carry on. I know I look at I accidentally got -- some things -- and but I've also -- that plastic away and it will possibly determined that the applauses for his -- would argue that this knack. Let clauses four -- -- so arbitrary. But to say hey you can't have you let us but that I can have his pen knife. It's just. It's because I don't. It won't be a major catastrophe I don't understand why yet. It thank you don't see -- logic either. I am the biggest civil libertarians out there and tell me oh rain. What to do -- my own home I had apps are there. The tragedy that I personally witnessed on. It given lots of life. From right here in New England it is reasonable to inch CE of the flight. Crew. Passengers. Just this morning I was looking at the speech. Speak at sentencing remarks of judge William post them on -- MC PAT. -- Mean -- remarkable. Speech to Richard Reid remember Richard re -- tried to blow up -- by English ablaze. Eighty. All right in that -- -- And he said. Essentially. I'm not Larry because I know you are all going to. And and it's -- -- -- And you. To. This is exactly -- -- just some very moving it seems to me and said you're the one thing. That two classes most precious. Freedom. Our individual freedom our individual freedom to choose to as it used to eat not believe me. Individually. -- Esther reed and -- on the that's flag of the United States of America. Of guide how long after. This is forgotten that still stands for freedom you know I'm always well. Custody mr. officers stand and now each again right up. And patriotic parts -- And so that's why it just doesn't make sense to put people in harm's way he don't want me to have a water. But I can have a knife it just doesn't make sense debut are next on the highly cartel welcome. I it's it's troubling to even think these you know I'm not a conspiracy theorist but it. It just seems to me that this is the Obama administration their whole gambling at the TSA in general. It's almost like -- -- industrial -- attack away for two assailants as undisputed top -- -- -- convenient crisis to. Do so I don't know I really I just it's insanity. If either since any -- dialed Barkley clever -- area -- Especially considering this is on Sunday that I know has a lot of special ops sources if you know what I mean. And naked at 21 of 21 and that includes the Navy SEALs air marshals. EJ and have all types oppose that TSA night and rule changes so I think in blue. Who has been highly trained to kill. It's fully aware that you can use a pen knife to wipe out a flight crew. Yeah you know it's just plain common sense -- it's just so insane about it or just diabolical. Order mirror ball. You know because why else. They're hoping for some characters that that happened. -- -- a fight with the church you name it every every which way this country is being treated to a waffle. Because has been divided and so many different ways it's. It's just horrible it's like it was -- meant there that the we'll. And that's what thing in -- that is why I am apoplectic. About this change that there -- a million things that Obama is doing that's really should be raising eyebrows we've talked about every game this week. Ken -- China's purchase of one point six billion bullets what does an extraordinary number. Many of them all point which cannot be used in international war. And you have the you know urban assault vehicles being purchased you have these FEMA camps erupting. All over the place including right here in Massachusetts on a military bases. You have these drones that are roaming not just overseas in Afghanistan. But also right here in the United States. You have fast and furious -- answered saying daddy I need answered. In you wonder why. We take umbrage. At an official. Like -- in the TSA by the -- for like. TSA head. It took them -- he did appoint someone to be the head of the TSA and when he finally appoint someone to be the head of the TSA. That person says. I don't -- you think I don't hear the flight attendants thanks I don't care what the air marshals think I don't Q would -- things. What did you ever want to do because we're the Obama administration. And that's part of that begins right under my skin. -- himself with incompetent idiots which is exactly what Hitler did. So that everybody's -- nobody he couldn't close circle to you really used on on its. It's it's scary it really is and I just pray a lot more uses. But anyway take care. Thank you very much for the call. Robert you are next on we -- show welcome. Yeah have to choose abortion kind of -- I think it you -- are -- -- field. The reason for the 9/11. There incidences and that it is standard missile pretty government sponsored standard operating procedure. For the pilots apparently airplane overtook the hijackers most impact. To -- hijacking and went to Cuba. Second. A pin enactment that's -- two and a two recorder which is all I can do more damage with a cross and which is a lot more lethal than that little. Pin. Tell me -- look I agree with -- civil liberties to carry a pen -- if you give me one reason one good reason why you need one and can't going to carry on bag. I mean I'm sorry and you checked bag give me one reason that you need a pen knife with. Let me just tennis and what other people checked -- these days on the aircraft. Very few big mostly carrying out so I carry my little pocket I. I've got to you know get rid of letters sent it back it's it's it's it's very -- and you pop festival Robert. Well Cleveland fails go to. So -- we want to sit next year to cleaning your fingernails I can assure you of that as nothing more revolting than a -- Cleaning under his fingernails of the pen knife on a plane. I've done this president because you all you ladies just paying your -- I can't believe. How are remarkably rich list. That's a remarkably sexist remark Robert. Especially considering that the first person to die and that dark morning with a woman named Karen Miller who is from Salem Massachusetts. A remarkably sexist and stupid comment though I appreciate you make an idea JoAnne you are next on how we are -- Michelle -- -- And I'm -- My husband our former American Airlines pilot and one of the things I'm wondering why people out -- keep them safe in the air. SP FX TO program. Which not very many people know about it's called our federal flight deck officers program. And it is the arm -- And I can't believe we didn't do that already. -- it's been in existence for awhile. And every line. -- men and women. Better in the cockpit and armed have done that on your own chicken no federal money. The government without front. So they -- take their training they go to Mexico for their training our parent. They'd do this all and -- -- on the pay for all of themselves because they -- we've -- And that's it is doing and look I know think you can do almost anything to craft a weapon we -- you know you heard me talk about the guy blew his own. You know you know why not talk about chestnuts roasting on open fire. On Christmas Day a few years ago land how quickly forget so believe me I know that these terrorists a hell bent on killing us and use any means necessary. But does that really and there are. And did take over the cockpit is one of their. Is is the first thing they want it to you and those men and women that are in the cockpit that aren't. Bad is their area to different. To seat the airplane in one -- gathered on the ground. -- -- and neither time Darlington and I'm all for that trust me I think every pilot should be trained every single line. And I hope that they have a double barreled shotgun -- borrow from Joseph Biden right in the cockpit. And -- -- they -- -- -- a couple of warning blast but he is -- bigger issue why do you wanna make it easier for them are black. You don't want to it and then you don't want tension out when cockpit are indeed. That's the other thing that keeps them guessing all the time whether they can get there and not get their head blown off. And trust me when I drive I don't drive put enormous amount of faith in the TSA anyhow. Might ironically I kept it -- say all right I got to college. -- I wouldn't put any faith and that. But I cannot tell you one thing -- then whereas the American Airlines pilot that brought the first airplane. Back to New York. After 9/11. On them has a -- very tough thing ended June knowing that so many of his colleagues. Would never make that trip again so thank you for sharing that -- I'm Michelle -- this is -- our show 8774694322. Of the top line is open. 6177793469. This is how -- our show. I cannot believe how many people. Think it's a good idea. To allow in -- on planes. It's -- seem to me. I'm Michelle -- this is how we -- show 8774694322. We get up and attacks saying it's just like the gun argument. Pen knives don't kill people people kill people okay. If you keep pen knife on the ground when I'm not stuck in a -- in with you. Fabulous. Pick kidney out of the way guys like match which was nasty and now rich -- one legitimate reason why you would need -- pen -- on a plane. Chris backing up his answer was he wanted to clean his fingernails. But it. Is that accurate. As we -- So rich eight. Feet -- way to get the -- to clean your fingernails with -- and knife Egypt but that IDR stowed away luggage. Checked luggage line. Come on now is that key pilots are in favor this. Guy because these -- Qaeda behind bullet. -- doors no it doesn't matter. Every terrorist. Pushing this night up against the throw. Of a flight attendant tried to get -- to open the door there is also at the code words it's almost impossible to get into one. Of these. -- -- -- still don't wanna sit next to some cuckoo bird had a knife. Tickets flights micro. In think me if that makes me sound like some sort of -- any state. And racer because that is certainly not. And does this any sense to you this TSA. Okay -- -- but he can't -- you -- a lot. No no. That they would depend night the tour and having a blade. I can't really get too graphic on this but they're being an ex law enforcement -- federal it's deadly. It's deadly how long do you think the blade is gonna block kinda ridiculous but the the second facet to this in this from people have alluded to it. When that would like getting -- the real problem I'm gonna throw a name matches and if you recognize. Molly Norris. Do you recognize the name I do not Molly Norris would it cut to live in Seattle who instituted. To raw. Mohamed day. I would get -- way off topic. Don no no you did the same think that the threat is Islam the threat is not up the -- it's Islam isn't is the problem. She put that out they had -- the people we should be profiling. That's what we should be watching fought and we should have. All kinds of basically. I mean it's idiotic to to try to. Intentionally insult people for no reason I mean I don't I don't condone that. But I guess is idiotic. Tuesday you well -- you don't even get sprayed on by kidnapping and I don't Larry about it especially when I know a lot of people. -- as somebody said. Tell that guy. Who thinks it's a good idea to bring -- can I find that I can skidded gear and headed juggler with a two and a quarter inch knife and I believed that guy. Exactly venue that control the airplane. But my point. While we don't always on the clock -- I completely end to CNN but it's it's a bigger issue thank you Don for the call. It's not about necessarily just the cockpit. It's about terrorizing the entire airplane has -- night. -- it's it's taking control -- and set up the. As I said chestnuts roasted. On an open fire but. This is. Crazy. This is crazy now do you. Be allowed. To walking to City Hall. Boston to pay a parking ticket learned what they pen knife. -- think that would be acceptable. -- I doubt it what do you think Tom welcome. You're on the -- art show Michelle McPhee welcomed on. Thank you very much -- -- -- of a pen knife attack at venerable weapons but may I tell you something about the TSA. The last time I flew. It makes me very comforted to know now that I can carry -- and not on believe me because. What's more dangerous in my pen -- this woman said to me sir. You're gonna have to leave decide I'm behind and so I really need it. No sir it's six ounces you cannot take it on the aircraft most of -- six ounces it was quite steroid cream. I heard who can't believe that my hemorrhoids Freeman and -- -- equator as dangerous weapons I personally would not want to have a night on an aircraft but might have Roy -- I would love to have with -- that's all I gotta say the TSA I don't know if they can differentiate between one danger and another danger. And that's the thing I mean look why do you wanna encourage danger by allowing knives on the plane. In in my buddy has given me one legitimate reason they you'll king. I can't possibly flat without my pen knife please. We got clean and Rick his fingernails. When he did the -- -- can not wanting to have. Not on a plane hit it well I use it to clean my fingernails look at it that's one thing disgusting. It's definitely you certainly something you can wait to do in the privacy of your outer -- out. So Stephen and you have alleged reason that you possibly fly without it and -- please tell me now what does -- logic. Welcome. Yes hello hello. Can't tell you why I don't first of -- I don't -- and I don't want to -- -- would like to carry my -- with me if I do. Simply because it's going. And I don't I can but -- couple times a year. Now. About a ten inch pencil and nobody gets on that thing with a -- -- anything can be turned into weapons. It's. Yesterday in -- in Israel certainly. It's. Not -- terrorist takes over. It's it's -- married and I want Karen and -- As we can. Tell you. Why there. -- And -- -- and did not this is it. -- -- summoned interior and knife somewhere in the interior one of those -- -- measure which callable inherited it has like construction. Stick of wood -- most you to hold your -- in place. That sit back can be dangerous is is there anything at all. And I got a -- -- guys it has been and put my other comment I wanted to. Why does it on the guys Steven because -- sat down next to Richard Reid. He -- into it and you've seen Richard -- you -- but I'm sure everybody -- -- eyeballing plane because not acting. Yeah I think he should demand profile but she tried that next to me I'm sorry that -- repeat that. With my beer here. But now -- gonna make it let's try and that the day. -- that. And even a guy Richard Reid and argue with that and how do you feel. I got a couple of moments and -- warrior. OK well thanks Stephen for the call when it's tough guy why do you want to pen knife because -- mind. I mean is that these arguments I don't. If you -- legitimate reason that you need to carry a sharp -- going onto a plane and we entertaining but it to clean your knee doesn't because it's mind. Sorry not fit in the bill Jaffe next on how it our show welcome. Back -- that guy and that is -- battery loses. As I've -- A guy on TV spokesman said that. They were doing this so that they can focus. Their attention on more serious weapon. But to me it's only now they're gonna have to start actually measuring the night because Julie Guy with a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And look -- you -- a lot more than it'd be just broad. Brought me. You know because I know wants -- -- to get that I have my. Full bottle of shampoo in my carry on bag for a weekend trip and I. So if you does not let little minds go through you don't think it's not that big ads go through -- it'll get through the big bottle shampoo because no one's paying attention. If things come back against a big night -- Eventually somebody that -- Three inch knife or orange. -- -- it was going to be responsible when somebody do it again. Thank you -- Thank you for the can't keep your next -- compete. Mitchell thank you. I think your pocket -- Foremost in my heart and I've flown halfway around the world and I don't ever remember one time where our. Needed to air pocket knife while an airplane. And they talk about these secure cockpit and all that business. It's some terrorists came -- to my wife and said I'm gonna cut her throat question clear there are good tool. Do you know need merit on airplanes period. End of story. I -- I'm so glad you said that. That's exactly the point of view that most reasonably minded people should pat it's not there is actually no reason that you need your knife on a plane. Clean your nails because it's mind. People -- certain through -- you know assault weapons that's always been -- in late Leo and so. They're terrible strategy and and that's level elementary school. I don't think Symbian so -- certain art consultant with a council of air or. Her fingernail clipper I mean let's face it -- they don't need to have itself on you know. Period. And they really don't believe me keep I'm well aware that this is. Thank you for the cocky aware that the probably much more behind the scenes look -- you know what -- is on the planes. While -- a matter because you know North Korea has point missile out as well believe me but it's weren't. I'm discussion the united rate this is a -- our show on John --