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When Did You Stop Being A Democrat?

Mar 20, 2013|

David Brooks of the New York Times says that liberalism has changed. Today many progressives seem to believe that government is the source of growth, job creation and prosperity. Capitalism is just a feeding trough that government can use to fuel its expansion. Howie asked when did you first realize you were no longer a democrat.

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We talked about this a little bit yesterday within that time that really get into -- I want to bring it back today. David Brooks is the columnist for the New York Times and -- he he's a really right now I mean these are right right now he was so he was brought -- as a conservative by the earlier times so you can imagine he's not really. Conserve. You know what I mean but he's he's one of them has had mentioned this -- people -- was -- echo people like two remember this. He said that he knew that Obama would be a good president because when he met him you know they -- that manner George will's house the conservative columnists and commentators went over -- George will's house may have had dinner with them when he was president elect. And Brooks came out of the debt currency knew it was going to be great president because he had a nice crease in his pants suit trousers. Like you it's like Joseph Biden saying he was Queen Elizabeth that what's that. It's the same thing and he get an -- Kris mystery out of what what does that indicate. But anyway even even David Brooks who spent the last five years basically fawning over comrade Barack has decided has gone that's on. Over the line. It has decided that the progressives are out of -- -- why I'm bringing this up because -- When when did you first realize that you were not a Democrat anymore when did you personally you weren't Democrat. That the Democrats had had changed I mean I think a lot of people league they can they can still remember when certain things happen. Or certain events occurred in the Royce that the Democrat party was not really getting it done. For people like you like about them like us. And I think it's happened this is David Brooks. Epiphany on the road to Damascus says there were even though again he's supposed to he's supposed to be a conservative all along but he's not. This in the New York Times the progressive shift he's just noticing the progressive shift by the way. Because she's too busy checking out people's pain that's in -- the -- and the to realize what their what kind of legislation they're introducing. Today many progressives seem to believe the government is force the source of job growth there. Creation and prosperity capitalism is just a feeding trough the government can use to fuel its expansion. And astoundingly -- that's. Today progressives are calling on government to be the growth engine in all circumstances. In the space of the recovery just as the economy is finally beginning to take off. Thanks -- a hangover from some of that Kuwait if he thinks the economy's taken off. These Democrats want to take an astounding four point two trillion out of the private sector reported in the government where they can believe it can be used more efficiently. How house Democrats wanna get this money. The top tax rate shoots up 49%. The -- new taxes on investment inherent. Corporate income financial transactions banking activity. Today especially after the recent tax increases the total tax burden is already at historic career. Totally bring I don't know David. Larger the only person reading this column doesn't know all the stuff wasn't known -- for years. Here's another here's another -- stop the presses. If you combined federal state sales and other taxes. Rich people and places like new York and California are seen the government take sixty cents or more about just Boller earned. -- A school for it's not just rich people. Democrats would make that tax burden much much happier. In fact the entire democratic governing version vision for President Obama -- -- is based on the notion that we can have a borrowing welfare state and paid for by taxing. The top 2%. The problem is if you set the tax burden -- such astronomical levels you really don't begin the change or behavior and you wind up with a very different country. Maybe he just got back from vacation in Cyprus who knows. You don't have to be -- rabbits. -- -- to believe -- when you start taking away 8980% of somebody's top marginal earnings. You're gonna get some pretty squirrel we have -- And here's the kitty. The last paragraph. It is a pretty good last year. The progressive budget in the house seems to have been written by people -- medically sealed in the house of government. They working government they represent public sector workers they seem to have had little contact with private sector job creators and no. I -- about what factors might play. In their thinking paging. -- Warren. Paging the fake Indian is that that that you put a -- and put picture next connector that would be it would have Bernie -- space. It's a reminder that while Republicans may -- on a daily basis. Back to the holiday and Richard work and again. Many progressive have what I've lost touch with what actually produces growth and prosperity. So when did you when did you lose faith in the Democratic Party. When did you Wear and and a lot of people here listening to a show were raised as Democrats were on your family was for it was democratic or. You worried that you were democratic yourself just because of the Vietnam War perhaps. And you but but as time went on you just begin to see that the Democrats did not represent you a -- -- it was it wasn't that that path. The an overnight thing for me but. When I start went about college I thought the north like government was good you know these people and people were the working governor. They -- did good things and then Dem I want to work for the Winston-Salem journal and I think I can't start recovering government. And like one place -- cut at the couple was Winston-Salem state university. I'll go in there like sometimes on Thursday Thursday afternoon actually I didn't know they don't I didn't know the joke at that point -- you know saying have a nice weekend on Wednesday afternoon. Uncle went there. And half the offices will be closed. And the other half of the offices everywhere just have their feet up in the be reading magazines Thursday was a good -- go over there cassettes that they Sports Illustrated there. Everybody was -- you know all the guys in the all of the other guy especially in the athletic department there were read sports almost no one was doing anything. I had that you join the most I begin I did do that you know story every day it's 123 stories today in the I had always have something in the camp. For Sunday for the Sunday paper. These guys were the one thing. I and I suddenly and I know how much they may have had access to the salaries and they were making like. My I was making big money they were not they want making big money either I was Macon. Deadly school -- make it tore three times Grossman and I knew they won't work and that being -- yet. It was the same way at City Hall there was the same way at the county buildings were county commissioners from. -- -- doing. And I released -- -- Texas for the score. And then of course the move move back to Massachusetts and Jimmy Carter was president. And pretty soon hosted in gas lines. Pretty soon I was buying a house. The interest rate was 18%. Pretty soon I was seeing myself somebody's gonna pay for this. And it's can be Jimmy Carter -- never vote Democrat. So that's my story that's my that's my epiphany. Brian you're next with Howie -- go ahead Brian. And 76 that was the while. And college teachers go looking. And then -- -- -- the gas line or not but everything out. I'm a great game and I Reagan. I'm sure it was -- I don't know I don't what do other Democrat. But Harry -- you know I'd tell if you do. If you plan fine. Equating want equal to it wouldn't imagine it. Well parcel out what are you were absolutely he dead this guy has he hasn't old no sense of propriety in when he should keep his mouth shot. You know and remember when he said that the war is lost. The you know your surge I mean even if he believed that he sure in the senate. -- -- -- -- -- What is about there's about. That double look at it like these people have very you know. Very you know. It's the only -- -- weren't looking for his paranoid and you're a particularly -- Thanks to a call Bryant 18774694322. How we go lesson you should've gotten from your time in Winston was I need to give myself a government job you -- For a government job once and a while we're gonna Boston's City Hall. 1980 it was twenty years old supper and suffering that -- from that 18% interest rate and having to worry you know go to Tony grounds those Arco station at ball square and a -- line every the day that -- my car with gas. Yeah and they they asked -- Lisa do you wanna -- -- so -- somebody came down from white's office in the notes Adams clubs you only knew The Herald was hurting big time and a post pretty good writer pretty Smart guy. Actually can damage you wanna go to work from here once. Critical work from. I didn't I didn't want to work -- -- -- it may be a war stupid. Nor should it held I should held up for the MBTA. 23 years 23 years and then I could retired four. Defined benefit pension and a full health plan or Massport. Could it could -- the move up in management Nicklaus saved all those sick days and kind of made up my time card and pencil like everybody else that. Than you know -- walk away with like huge pension hand. 400000 dollars in unused sick and paid sick and pay days. That's why shouldn't forget forget get the job done in north Caroline actually got a job. I should got a job at Massport you know they did that the league did recent. You know MBTA. MBTA is okay if you can stay inside you can work in the power plants out the but he got to drive one of those buses I mean that's -- that's combat pay as we've seen recently. 18774694322. How we -- first what was the Ronald Reagan and I haven't looked back sense. In my first. I go to my first -- which were recovered. And then because I didn't wanna get drafted -- -- I didn't get drafted in the I would voted for Carter and I was mad at. I was mad at Ford for pardoning Reagan for pardoning Nixon I don't know why that was at. Now I look back on. I mean Nixon did Nixon was a -- compared to discuss when it comes to crimes and you know. Not not. I eating by the constitution. And just you know operating high handed fashion Nixon Nixon. Cared about what. The opposition thought this guy doesn't. Mike your Mac and might discover a secure what B what is supporters think Mike your next with Howie -- go ahead Mike. Ali -- -- -- -- that afraid to be trapped in -- from -- -- whatever we do that again that Democratic Party acted get drafted. There I shouldn't be in America wasn't normal place before apple like come back it was bulge posed as his fitness in all the teams that we add. The Democrats demonize -- more in. Abortion is bigger debate abortion in America to legalize abortion. I should what was due supporting it -- it was all Democrats Irish -- so there again -- -- a -- It might how about the fact that all these Irish Catholics were worried it will prolong life for a few years before like you -- not just had much of Ted Kennedy but Ed Markey now Ed -- started out as a pro life Democrat. Exactly and then all of a sudden out of the biggest chicken right between my -- was well try other gave amnesty to the objective indicator. And I know a lot of my brother for -- the link in that bomb. They'd get the air blows in the ST. Application we will you know what I mean in the don't understand -- forgive my -- well I think they should talk. Thanks so call Mike 18774694322. I quit voting for any Democrat at the state -- a national level in 1994. A Bible I still. I very seldom vote for a Democrat but I can't say I never vote for a Democrat -- a couple of Democrat friends and office but you know their bid to be Republicans and other states and there are. I want I want -- because that would I don't wanna I wanna watch. The imperil their careers. Andrew your next with Howie -- go ahead and drove. OK all we go to break OK we'll take a break 18774694322. On our car. 1877. Or six high or -- 18774694322. So once about text or how come I don't wanna -- to clam more in the city of Revere. Was enough it was a trial one time Lou it was a via. While they were bring you know these worker police and ask him if they were taken payoffs from mafia and what's the world I didn't. Mean Brennan is damaged or what your position in the city years I worked for the city of Revere what your position. I am the clam. Inspector. That's what he said I swore to god. The clam inspectors so couple weeks later and buzzword for channel 56 of the time two and one at city hall and with a camera rolling and started asking how I can apply for jobs clam inspector. Don't be I would you know would anyone be more. Be more. Qualified. Than me to be clam inspector by the way I just did the ad for a cans for Ken's place in Scarborough there are opening this. This weekend -- much reports Friday or Saturday but there are opening that's another good sign of spring along with the maple sir. Serve -- it's been and I'm glad that they will cause they've all CFC assumed now that Kansas reopening. I think that that's a terrible thing that was passed over for the jobless clam inspector. 1877469432. To -- out a UNH a Democrat I got that -- got a job and saw how much tax was taken up plus I began reading the union leader. And learn what you -- did impeachment. Exactly. See howling it's us in seventy and I had to spec houses in the interest was 18% last time my vote for the them. You know I've never voted for them for president since then that's for sure about it not since I was paying those 18% -- -- I was I was work and you know what guys that it. Bought houses two or three years earlier -- bottom in the last -- the last Euro Ford administration. -- were paying like 5% interest in Lebanon nice places to implement summer girl who was imminent. And it bumpy area in -- and and and I was -- and warm with the 18% interest I was paying more than they were paying him. Hope to to buy -- new. Oh man that burden me. I just. I just was I was where I was I ran to the polls on Election Day in 1980 -- vote against Jimmy Carter. 1877469432218774694322. Let's see here. 413 says if we have you easterners are heading to the Berkshire's these -- -- farmer release form and -- -- makes great sir we could use some help out here on the western -- the western -- Grammy Warren would put it. OK so they're they're so they're having a maple syrup maple -- Sunday is also when not a Massachusetts and who was in New Hampshire and Vermont and Maine. 18774694322. -- are next with how we cargo ahead Jack. -- I spot all the equipment all 97. Well I mean I used but I read at a place on potter house boulevard you know that wasn't that bad of an area but I know. I know my. Yeah I couldn't afford to buy though in the in on port on the -- house boulevard. I had the I had to go down to was Spring Hill -- the well known suburb of -- -- Up to that sort of -- media agenda it's 76. All of a because. You know your democratic counsel -- that's. -- -- And action. Knowledge that they that they guys why are we didn't a rejected everything. I saw that it kept under the right that'll break and I you know we get -- -- back Arabic so I'll. That it's all chip on on. Trade. But don't agree always -- -- I have fought it out where -- and treat it Robert Ball. Orange -- charity trader at Robert block cool and so that bright Jarrett. Jack and amber. It column -- it's right there. Robert -- Robert Bork's America women will be forced back into the back -- That's right -- yes. Are. Blocking Morris apple rejected any worse day. I and I know eggs exactly this it what it what a joke I remember that too that was. And -- remember what Clarence Thomas came up secret kept his mouth shut he couldn't say anything each day he didn't dare say anything about Clarence Thomas. -- not yet Ted Kennedy he wasn't. He was a disgrace I tell you why you know we I would that some real tour and I I could never stand voting for Tip O'Neill. And one year one year they didn't have a Republican up against them about when bill Barnes I don't know what he was doing that year Jack. They the only guy on the ballot against them was a Communist. I voted for the Communist. Why don't -- Thought she would occur Errol partridge. And but you know Obama -- -- -- on our way to treat each and I don't walk. -- anyway are. That he will want you. I know it is like and again the whole thing is he'd he was good anchor and a woman -- court. -- being attacked by the lights of Ted Kennedy. And a good thanks for the call Jack. 1877469432218774694322. Let's see. Republican craps demo -- same thing and by Baghdad to view we've been discussing it -- -- well page show on the this inveterate. Control of this clog this inveterate. On. -- not to say they you know I'm I'm not too impressed with the Republicans but I added the thing is I mean I can't. I couldn't vote for I don't think I could vote for a single person -- in the -- in the senate for as a Democrat I couldn't I couldn't vote for model here you know off their -- -- -- that there were a handful still left in the -- like land -- and prior. I wouldn't vote for them. Because they vote for Harry Reid for for the us senate leader. Mean I want Harry Reid gone I'm tired of hearing read I was tired of him before this last thing with the with the troops. Karen your next with Howie -- with the Marines go ahead Karen. So I -- earlier column Mike. You know in the seventies after the amnesty and abortion and the -- and have a look backs so. I went to college in the late seventies. Three things -- -- Democrats and I was brought -- you know Irish Catholic Boston. My dad didn't even think Kennedy Ted Kennedy was that Chappaquiddick that's how liberal brought us. But I would say you know abortion number one. The bunting situation that they can't about in this city kids I didn't date but those kids out to Brookline in our. League that never. That would mean well it is pitted people at the bottom against other. -- them know the editorial writers in the editors they all lived out in places like Cambridge and Brookline in west. Exactly bring their kids out to New -- schools and you know what you're really care about them on fire they just swap and want to lower class neighborhood for. Right now Mike Dukakis remember that Mike Dukakis was all for -- because we have to Obey the law will wait a second you live in a town that surrounded by Boston why don't want to argue Canucks won a -- Brookline annexed the Boston and then you'll have a little more skin in the game. Yeah. I'll let you know how does that make any sense that I went -- or really what you'll get caught collagen all all the well. And you know they brought it just struck me very funny that this bit late seventies. They brought on the minority students two weeks before everybody else. Touted what they said -- they had to you know. Get adjusted. To college life and that they all had to you know get to know each other and I don't know I felt like it was. Just separating people didn't make any sense to me. And you know some of the minority students were well Vietnamese because I was working class town some of them were from big -- So they really weren't doing anything to benefit those kids they just. They just see things in terms -- race. Ya I know affirmative action that was one of the things that turned me against the Democrats to -- I know affirmative action was started under Nixon but it was more or Democrat thing going on and it was just. You're right the -- terribly how horrible unfairness of affirmative action is just I'd still. It's still bugs the hell out of me even know were everything worked out pretty well for me in my career but -- built to be passed over. You know while rich well rich white people would get the jobs they weren't they were discriminating against the the middle class in the lower middle class white people. Even the even though they might have more ability than the rich once it was still the same thing money talks no Irish need apply and how we card.