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Should a child be suspended for bringing a water gun to school?

Mar 22, 2013|

A Hopkington boy was given a suspension because he had a harmless toy gun. Was the school right in its decision?

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But before we get to the bake off. Lot of stories to cover. But -- big local story. That actually now is getting national attention. And Fox News is picked up other cable news networks are picking up some of the national media has picked it up. So it's a local story but a national story or at least a local story with national attention. A Hopkinton mother. Is outraged. But check this out. That her five year old son Jonah the woman's name is Christina stone. By all accounts good mother good mom. She says that her son. What's -- recently suspended. -- say Jeff what's the story here kids get suspended all the time OK he's fire it's a little young to be suspended. Five year old getting suspended you don't hear that about but every day. But. What's the story here. The story is this. He was suspended. I kid -- not. At the center school have been administrators at the center school in -- Suspended his five year old boy and little Jonah. For bringing -- -- and gun to school. A little toy -- I'm flabbergasted Jonas still was in school when he pulled out this plastic toy gun from his pocket it put -- in the principal's office with a half days suspension I didn't know he had -- -- and that day I didn't realize that a toy gun would be. Quite that severe punishment. You think. You think. And so apparently. The principal call a kid -- not the principle called this joining in as little drawn a five year old and and I mean that Joan I didn't know why he was being called and apparently he bought this little toy gun and it really is not a serious thing is like a little I mean it's not often appears a little plastic -- on a stirring -- a picture of it right now. He bought it on a trip to Arizona they want our recent family vacation he bought this little toy gun apparently he brought it to school. He was showing a Jewish friends apparently his mother didn't even though he was bring in the gun to school -- got the toy gun to school. And he just slipped it in his pocket and went to school. And all of a sudden all hell breaks loose. Saw the administrator song with a little -- -- some of the teachers song with a toy gun. They were a kid you not this is another new town there's going to be another massacre. Children are going to be shot dead. So they haul this five year old boy into the principal's office. And according to several witnesses this -- boy was in pierce. He was so nervous he is going to really what's going on -- -- pandemonium Hispanic. Aren't the center of it what just happened apparently he could hardly swallow. You know you knew when you get so nervous -- you elegant neck spasm. Apparently he was so nervous but he was clutching his throat his neck because the poor kid couldn't swallow he doesn't know why he's being brought into the principal's office. Hopkinton school officials say it's a matter of creating a safe environments for children. And while they would not confirm the incident they did say suspension can be the punishment for bringing a fake gun to school. Particularly when you're talking about. Young kids. Make did send a lot of case by case basis. To the punishment fit the crime. No. -- you would they not see where they lost their minds in Hopkinton it's ridiculous. I mean look think about it. Yes everybody sensitive after new town and sandy hook yes I understand that. Yes it's children -- and look yes there is school shootings everybody's on pins and needles. But guys what happened to common sense. You know it's a toy gun you see it's at Torrey -- and you've confiscated at Oregon from the little five year old OK so it's not a real -- So maybe you call up the mother. You know all you say hey your son Brian -- guy and we talked of going -- away from -- -- May scare some of the -- students with everything that's happened in new found. Although he's five years old I don't really understand. Frankly I don't like to me I don't think he understands very much or what what happened in new ground but anyway let that go. Apparently the mother as do the little boy knows nothing about Motown she didn't even. Well let's try and nobody out in five I mean what does a five year old -- was he will what you gonna exploit Newtown. This in front of the TV you watch this now mean we went a -- bodies. -- -- is doing what she meant getting involved and I get you indoctrinated in the gun control of five. I mean he's five for God's sake let him have his childhood. -- should you should be telling our kids being massacred exits to a spider is old but anyway the point is this. The boy is brought him. The principle like -- I kid you not. Stars giving his -- lecture on how we should be bringing in toy guns and needs to understand what happened after Newtown and he's understanding this is making everybody nervous. And then they called the mother. And the mother -- the Dryden. And the mother has got to pick up the boy and he starts lecturing her about what happened in new talent. And how irresponsible is for the board have brought them a toy gun. So now my kids you're not the kid is facing a half days suspension. This is going to be in the principal's office for half a day. The mother is appealing the suspension. And I don't blame her whatsoever. She says look Mike has already been scared have to -- This is already punishment enough. And now this school has advised her that I she has to sit down and explain. What he did wrong. He explained new town. The massacre of twenty kids. And how you can bring toy guns into school anymore. And she's saying that the kid is completely confused. It was just a toy gun he can't really understand the new town he's he doesn't know what he did wrong even today is day -- Because that age group doesn't hear about this type of thing they don't understand that this is gonna scare people. Yes. Are they war we are we losing our minds is society now means is unbelievable. So instead of look I'm the principal. Okay people come my teachers come to me you're -- did you hear a little draw five year old little Josh how is that has a dinky little Brittany. Has a little -- a dinky toy gun a little dinky toy gun. That he got from Arizona. All really OK well -- want a real gun moll. Busy shooting -- it kids now what's he doing well he's showing it to his friends it's called Oregon frankly it is a dark article Oregon. All really. Okay. Let me call a mother that lesson number doesn't hello my mrs. stone yes. And I -- principal corner here your little Josh brought a little toy gun and and it's getting some people worried you'll understand after new pound people are sensitive plate this is principal -- saying yeah yeah -- you are wrong. -- if you're going way -- Fort Worth it right maybe I'm just saying let me just that and granted the toy gun. We're just gonna hold it and we'll give it to Josh at the end of the day and little trust to bring the toy gun home. And please just come out to bring a toy gun to school okay because that is he coaching got to do that I can do not get the administrators off -- back. Because it teachers and administrators are -- I swear -- -- all the world water pistol over water pistol lets you tell. Grow up it's a water -- anyway I'm just saying you're the principal that's how you handle it okay personally for Jeff. What kind of event principle -- once limited bureaucratic nightmare I'm just -- -- Once you have some zones and stand up very resilient enough that you are worse than Hopkins inference when -- -- not just his -- he's suspending -- donate his principal -- let me throw principal -- -- have teacher comes a principal cooks it says little Brittany has a little pink toy water pistol that should try to end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Water. Okay. What are you wanted to do about it. Hope we can go back to class and shut up. That's -- I'd say go back -- -- -- shut up that's why you'd never be principal -- -- that's why my world does much better delivery and then Jeff corners world. I'm just telling you Ireland final principles of political position. You have parents complaining wisely got the white guy and you know shooting -- kids or whatever aiming at kids I'm telling you. People are so sensitive nowadays it's ridiculous what we're actually going to be and GI -- with Hillary and now they are well I'm local Cox I agree with you through wizard and from my point is well because it's a toy gun that's the problem big still -- plastic. I know cooks I know about all I'm telling re treating cafeteria potentials are more dangerous and notorious -- I'm just saying in the wake of new town. -- stop -- with that so I'm telling you in the wake of new town hundreds explained you -- as a principal. Look if I'm Jeff corner. I say look this is ridiculous. You know the kid brought a lousy point Don everybody grow up. I'm telling you your principal you -- parents who are gonna complain you let teachers are gonna complain about administrators were gonna complain. So there isn't what you gotta do is you've got to take the toy gun away from the kid. And call the mother up and say look just have a little Josh -- deployed on anymore OK and a story but no genius. Has to suspend the kid. Genius has the call the mother however compound. Pick upper sign -- and bring him into the principal's office making huge federal case out of this. Now the mother who's completely right says -- kid is traumatized. When the bigger part to me is this forget that day suspension which -- -- is despicable. Now she's got to sit down and explain to his five year old kid -- down. Jonas mom says by the time she reached her son in the principal's office he was terribly upset and quite frightened she thinks that should be punishment enough. But instead they'll be meeting with the superintendent tomorrow for disciplinary hearing. Disciplinary hearing you seemed. And more than that 45 years older destroy the innocence of her five year old children are saying you know. See there was this tragedy that occurred a couple of months ago when kids your rage were shot in the head. Yeah there were all shot Matt sharp in the face very bad very bad guns are bad guys are very about. And you see they were their brains are everywhere they're blood was splattered everywhere can you understand that little Josh. The people out there wanna kill you yeah yeah they wanna kill you wanna put a big gun and blow your head off. You see. The NRA. Very backed gun is very backed. Is this -- a subject our children to these people are insane. So are we gonna stop them from playing cops and robbers in the Clinton in the schools school yards or hair yeah exactly or red -- -- yet had dogs -- yeah our god forbid cowboys and Indians are sure mop berg. Dallas Cowboys and Indians -- being politically -- politically correct but how we you're GI Joseph Lauria do. I mean now -- my my little boy cousins second -- we used to play Rambo. That was a popular movie at that time we used to play Batman and Robin. I was always Batman. Did you sit at home so they can do you think genius ha ha ha ha -- so what do you do back and that -- I mean. This is decision seemed. So let me ask all of you this do you think the principal was just being responsible. To heightened and and -- and reactive. To heightened sensitivities. In the wake of -- Or do you think this is over zealous and overkill on his part and now this -- five year old boy. How has been traumatized and essentially suspended. For bringing a little water pistol. 61720666868. All of your calls next on the corner report. Wake up with the ship -- here on Boston's only talk station this is AMC TV WR -- It's attitude. It continues to be remarkable market into.