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Should we be putting kids in jail for minor drug offenses?

Mar 25, 2013|

Rand Paul says he would like to keep young people out of jail for non-violent drug crimes. Do you agree?

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Welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff -- Boston pulled those there. 6172666868. Is the number you can also breakfast at six savings. Kentucky senator Rand Paul. He's making a lot of news today. He was on doing a talk show around she was on FOX News Sunday yesterday. And what he essentially said was this we're having some audio trouble so we can get the clip but let me tell you pretty much what he said. Although he's not a proponent of legalizing drugs. He doesn't want to legalize drugs his father Ron Paul does. But Rand Paul doesn't want to legalize drugs. He doesn't believe people should go to jail for nonviolent. Drug crimes. And in particular. He doesn't want kids. Teenagers young people. Two. He says get their lives ruined by going to prison for drug defenseless city nuclear -- doing marijuana. Or whatever doing cocaine or whatever it is. And he says they make a lot of mistakes in their in their teens and early twenties but by the time we get into their thirties and forties people wise and up they Smart not. And yet these decisions to send these kids to prison. Could derail them for the rest of their lives. And so here's what we are pretty much of despair and they're pretty much quote what he said on FOX News Sunday. Quote I don't wanna encourage people to do drugs. I think even marijuana is a bad thing to do I think it takes away from your incentive to work and show up and do the things that you should be doing. But I also don't want to put people in jail who make a mistake. There are a lot of young people who do this and then later on in their twenties they grow up and get married. They quit doing things like this he then went on to point out and -- you point out the obvious. That recent presidents have admitted to drug use in their past. And that's straight drug laws could've put them behind bars. And south their potential as he put it quote this is Rand Paul yes they are FOX News Sunday. Look the last two president's could conceivably have been put in jail. For their drug use local whatever happened it would ruin their lives he said they got lucky but a lot of -- kids. Particularly in the inner CD don't get lucky. They don't have a good attorneys they go to jail for these things and I think it's a big mistake. There is now a growing. Chorus of support. Not just among libertarians. Not just among some liberals but even among some conservatives. Saying that it is time if not to legalize drugs. At least two essentially decriminalize. Its use doesn't Rand Paul is talking about at least for young people. Now I don't he may say they should do some community service. Maybe they don't just get you know -- slap on the wrist or whatever but he's basically saying they should not go to prison or serve any jail time. And they cite many reasons he Rand Paul sites. This will devastate their lives it will derail their lives it'll basically put them in a criminal environment in prison. Where they start getting involved and other criminal elements and suddenly before you know it you ruin somebody's life. Because they did drugs in their teens. All so it's leading to massive incarceration. And there's a story in today's Boston Globe huge new report here in the state of Massachusetts. Incarceration. Rates have gone through the roof. Over the last three decades. Even though violent crime has been slowly coming down. So we are imprisoning. A lot of what they call nonviolent. Offenders. And of course one of them are drug users or drug dealers because of mandatory minimum sentences. And so as a way to save money. And to lower the cost of incarcerating so many nonviolent criminals. Many conservatives. Grover Norquist. Rand Paul. The list is growing growing. Are now joining liberals like senator pat Leahy from a Democrat from Vermont you're seeing a left right alliance. Essentially saying either decriminalize drug drug use or even legalized. Drug keeps. Now let me be very candid with all of -- I like Rand Paul -- -- among nine out of ten issues. On this one I think he's there wrong. I think she's underestimating the damage. The drugs -- young people. The drugs do to our society. And I think it's a big myth is this. It's a notion that it's a non violent crime. Yes in theory if I stand here right now and I don't shoot you or smoker crack pipe. -- -- Snort some cocaine in theory right now in front you know if I was doing this. Right now I'm on the air whatever I'm pulling Howard Stern or whatever trying to be a shock jock. Yes in theory you can say well it's a nonviolent crying. Just corners not hurting anybody except himself should be his business. That's not reality. Reality is that the seven out of ten instances of child abuse. Are we either caused by alcoholism by the parents were drug use. It affects our children. Many people who do drugs go want to commit many violent crimes later on because they've destroyed their brain on drugs. It's not just for the money issues because -- they lost all inhibitions. Drugs are essentially a form of moral and social. Poison. And when people say they mean well the prohibition on drugs has not worked. We're not talking about a glass of beer. We're not talking about a shot of whiskey. Drugs are essentially a form of poison. Moral poison physical poisoned mental poison. And they are decimating. Our young people and I can almost tell you this from first hand experience I've never used drugs I never will use drugs. But one of the things that shocked me. When we lost four to five years. He says grace and I were looking to adopt children and we have now we have two beautiful children. But before we adopted our first child were looking and looking and looking. I cannot tell you how many young people we met who were pregnant thinking about giving her child up for adoption placing an adoption. Who had used drugs. And they brought their friends and they would exchange stories and why they couldn't do you know -- deal -- having the trial but. How were rampant drug use what is throughout our society and schools. How children are now starting in elementary school at 1112. Ecstasy. Marijuana. -- Sniffing glue. By thirteen 1415. We have a whole generation of children. -- it's literally hooked on drugs. It's destroying their minds. You're not able to function at school. Many of them drop a note many of them have huge out of wedlock problems said -- with teenage births out of wedlock birth rates. They get involved all sorts of crazy violent activities. He hit it's bad. Drugs will steal your soul. When everything is said and done. And don't even take my word for it there have been countries that have tried legalization. Go to another once. Duke QQ can go to marijuana cafes and get stoned anywhere in the -- They hand out free needles in parks. You are practically half the population. Are early hooked on drugs. And I think what many libertarians don't understand. He's the reason why people like George Soros. And why the hard left have been pushing for drug legalization. Is they wanna be able to control the population. You wanna essentially make them slaves of the state and what's the best way to do that get them stormed. Get them so addicted to drugs. Get them just so utterly. Disconnected from reality he can basically control on the well. So I think this is -- the legalization. Will lead to massive. Drug use. It will create more problems that we have now. I think it'll destroy our youth destroy our social fabric I think it is a path frankly the hell. And I know the path to hell is paved with good intentions. They may have good intentions. But this I believe is a dagger. Aimed at the heart of our society. We should not be legalizing poisoned 6172666868. Is the number. And need -- Europe's first welcome to the coroner report. -- at this point Anita and steer policy battle yesterday in the email. On your recipe you know a recipe was fantastic -- it was it was I who cooked you -- That that was the problem. I appreciate at a it would no need our anyhow I this -- -- coming online call a -- bit. I think -- -- and I encourage children that would normally try to drug to do drug -- no camera they thought and I normally do you agree with him 99% of the time. But I feel that that in and encourage kids that normally wouldn't try to Buick has that they spoke meant not let me -- -- -- shot and next thing you know that. I agree with you I need I completely agree with you I think it's it's already -- in our schools. If you legalize it the -- you're unleashing the floodgates. Unleashing a flood gates. No your right look let's be honest one of the major reasons why a lot of people don't do drugs is because they know they may go to prison. You take away that deterrent. -- mean you can be doing drugs left right and center -- brush your youngster I mean we're talking about kids and I was talking specifically about kids. Guess you're right. They're gonna start doing drugs even -- are already doing. Now we're gonna have a whole generation hooked on drugs. 6172666868. And once a generation of owners. Steve you're up next welcome to go and report. Good morning Josh does call earlier today but I do you agree with you because I wholeheartedly because. This is what alcohol -- more. It -- -- to a grand -- and some -- got what they all preparatory crack cocaine I think they should be. I'll -- but I think what Rand Paul was talking about because I watched the end that you. He was talking about people. Debt like get get caught policy small rural water already been looked in the third set up bowl. 00 people -- -- they did no criminal they had all criminal. Actually he was not a real building they went to jail for possession of marijuana option say they had a little bit too much and maybe it was a it was. You -- -- deal of marijuana should I don't think he's talking at all. -- walking up. -- decriminalizing all the garage just to keep people out of prison my belief is that if you get caught. -- a small amount of marijuana I think just like -- wage maybe a community service bench. And then you know they'd -- go to jail because. We don't have enough room to put the people don't know really commit condemn like you like your segment were you what you had a -- more dot Detroit a lot of people may be drug. They can go right Biggio -- do not pass go do not collect 200 -- go to jail but to get somebody -- start young kid in jail for smoking marijuana. All right in -- -- the last three president would have ordered British chili dipped bears got caught and they all admitted they. Start Arianna what do you when he made that argument I swear I'm not trying to be tongue in cheek my argument was that's why we should keeping illegal. They're getting the damage they've done the country Obama bush Clinton. -- reason why aren't all that were in state. Yes I don't just let me ask a question -- courage. I don't know what he told I. Was -- wedding. I'm glad I only an addict I'd been so open twenty I see more. Bad break we're -- where their parents are -- much then. Then benefit people that smoke -- wanted to restrict that Igor heroin or crack cocaine a little bit different I think you know once you're an addict -- you're addicted -- poster page. You're in deep tissue rich serious trouble up the I know I didn't read a book I -- I didn't choke hold geometric -- -- DC are you are you clean and sober now. If play eleven coal clean and sober for almost twenty years out here that. God bless you Steve thank you for that call should do drugs to be or marijuana I know I think Steve is -- talk about marijuana. Should marijuana be decriminalized. Essentially. For young people 6172666868. Do you support the decriminalization. Of marijuana. Will continue next on the -- report. There are 96 point nine reasons to listen to W -- Kato. Here you just --