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Pistol Packing Howie

Mar 25, 2013|

Howie and Sandy spent Saturday getting certified for gun permits and related the experience to the audience. also discussed were choices for personal defense weapons and the differences in difficulty from town to town in the Commonwealth in getting a gun permit.

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Yes I did yes CNB and I did go and we did give terrorist certificates. From the mass firearms school on Saturday. And I'm going to be going down to war Wellesley police department to get my idea permit to carry I don't know what would that it were that easy for me. -- you don't you you know you don't have no one major Livan of people republics. I had to take a proficiency exam before -- -- my permanent. Elected it was going down and interests say hello and sign a -- documents and think that might -- -- took my daughter with me she didn't have anything to do Charlotte I got to write a letter and get recommendations and the passing proficiency exam and now and it's up to the chief of Charlotte's eighteen she camp that she can't give you permit to carry concealed weapon -- she -- and I guess get a permit that shot right pepper spray or pepper spray. She may go to New York to work that's one idea one -- pepper spray which gets -- ST on the subway. Actually one in my sings if she goes to New York -- justices ever have some pepper spray it on the green. But the red light for that matter. Like -- think OJ from Chelsea here just arrived at the station this morning I saw something from GA. Pleased -- not then open them up congratulations mr. trigger happy. Don't forget mister throw down today to. -- American's best friend here's my here's my sign that Jason mean it's a nice side. We put the senate majority office and put them on the office gore if you come through this bore you will be killed. Like that for -- the Spanish translators and the only says that's the that's the one that counts in Chelsea's that one underneath the Spanish translation. Seem endless war is where it -- at all. -- -- -- -- so Chris you -- you know you're kind of a Sissy you don't have a permit yet you don't have the you don't have your -- certainly not permit either. -- up apartment -- opera -- -- apartment or shortly. Chris you getting an -- if we put this sign up everybody in the room passed the Carrey I don't care when it watches that are. You do have to be fair careful what you like you for use your Euro 90% of the time you're the first one in that the into the door insight into the office. She don't have to worry that much about it. But that -- only in -- form. I've just pulling your weight and occasionally get an early. All right so war so there thank you Judy for that that's a very nice makes guess there's at least the way we have a good time at the mass by -- school thank you James and everybody and they really mean it in really interesting -- for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- comfortable -- -- -- at this -- -- -- -- Yeah and Charlotte the Charlotte was very happy to have her picture taken with a -- Uzi. And you know she could humorous in the round -- for friends on FaceBook and cause her grandmother's heart attack which saw. OSHA also at a picture of her holding 212 revolvers. In her hand and that that that. Jeff -- the morning I called -- -- Oakley she's blond -- and yelling you're the one who's trying to backwards shots with a laser pointer out there I did do I did do I want I like that there was it was fun it was. It was really funny is that my pacifist counselor my husband is the moment turned out to be natural sharpshooter never missed the target ones. -- -- well -- shots I was. I was supposed to be aiming for the head. It's all old habits are hard to change even as simple issue that all these years and so. Discount him naturally. Head and before but I -- right. Not just talk male manager and two you know says it's. She was her sister was up there this weekend she lives in Manhattan cultural style show. The achievement of the -- to its plan to sister you know who's who's kind of should not a -- she's. I think what she won the male managers -- the mice the mice the mice small thirty. -- all in line. She's gonna she's missed that that's -- that -- and I'm of that that was a nice wrong that was very night -- like like that you know like I originally because it's a last week I was going to. I if I gotta go at 22. You know there were part and that is -- Weiss. Certified in these early eighties he knows about guns obviously he says. -- -- twenty -- can be much you know -- you know close quarters you know you have that you want this thing for someone accent that's the sign come through or be killed. Mean he can't really make that statement with. Why don't you get a shock on his plan was his shocked I was. When he when he when he putted chamber when he put out bullet in the chamber there and collected -- universally recognized sound like you do hear that sound and nobody's they're gonna run numbers going to be. No I don't I don't care much for I'd rather have 38 count over reverend ball over. I just I don't know. It was also ask him about the sawing off the shotgun he said he said in some cases you can saw the shot the of the parents. I didn't know that I thought it was a federal that was a federal crime there's she saw the barrel shotgun. But the biggest sprays little bit more just -- shorter shotgun imperiling. Yeah. -- we're we're talking about a -- with -- at the memorial but disguise these guys got a picture of men in my new rifleman Richard the events that. And he used to carry a used to Wear raincoats all all through the all through the year whether it was on the reigning year. Call in almost finished he and he was carried us off shotgun under under his arm. I don't know what happened when he got invited the pool parties on the fourth of July but the like that you like -- shotgun. Here's one killed by Chico -- anyway. 187 we're glad that we -- went that we -- mass firearms school for rock for having us having us there and it's gonna once it's good I'm glad number early happy my daughter's idea. As a certificate as well which via I wish the other ones it's. As well she that I am gonna Europe some pepper spray for and for new especially if she moved to New York for the summer. All right 1877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number up how weak -- short it like to join us here this afternoon. Every weekday afternoon. If you would like to -- -- -- like to listen to the show on on line you -- was so go to our web site which is how we car. Dot com we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com you could not take part in our daily Internet poll question her daily Internet poll question. Is brought to -- powder house mortgage for fixed rate mortgages in the tombs with no closing cost coal power house mortgage. 807620000. City would be what's the poll question and one of the results thus far. Could the deposit seizures that happens Cyprus problem here. Yes they could 89%. Are watching their 401 -- and savings account and an eagle high -- don't forget checking accounts through. -- gonna be big when they when they move they won't move against everybody I think. Our. You by the way I have a new book coming out here in -- -- -- man. Luckily enough now and we didn't -- mess with rifles which is government met mixed. Used automatic pistols and semi automatic pistols and and revolvers. It's about the Stevie Flemmi Whitey Bulger as partner in his confession you can all you can now order the book go to how we car show dot com when Tori show. Dot com. And you can get it it's it's you can pre order right now that list price when it comes out is going to be 2599. You can get it for 1999. And free shipping and handling and that's so I give a shot then but check out and you'll see yet. It's that was on Hamels on to what you you're better off buying it for mosques by and -- from directly from me. In the pre order that you save money you'll just get at a reduced price and you'll have to pay shipping him. But soon enough followed browned April 12 that will be available at all bookstores everywhere. Yet wanna -- about guns absolutely they can talk about guns. 1877469432218774694322. -- last year take him my older daughter to what Lesley College. And a to -- she didn't end up going to Wellesley College when we went into the old Sears building in the enough. Porter Square Cambridge. And I told exit you know it's that you have listed NeuStar was beat college -- was -- this Wednesday. India. Seniors and this is where they bought some of the guns that they used to use the wondered -- when they were killing people. Image for displaced over them on. You know that don't have looked -- these -- don't have a if they historical feeling for the east these great moments and in Massachusetts gang land history in Massachusetts -- history. 1877469432218774694322. Bob your next with how we cargo I have Bob. Extraordinarily proud you know. You know automatic -- say they'll replace like guns yeah but I'm sure that awaits Schmidt in less than thirty. When you can't support that god prepared in Europe that went in stuck and so it's great yeah there are elected -- opera. It's. -- and -- it was a Ruger -- Auburn. Yeah -- -- that was gonna Maria Ruger and 38 -- yeah that was the did at that he said -- about eleven ounces it was gonna I wanna I wanna very light Bob the one you -- fifteen -- -- what it was like hey. Thousand dollars was eleven ounce of -- fifty -- it yeah I know 30801. I was by surprise for the what I want it was 400 box. But then again it. Aren't you that the thank our western built. Thank you Bob. -- goes without saying I hope everybody understands that. 187 set. We're talking to some guys around here today that says it's it's really not a good sign given the given the vibes around this place that that the more and more people are -- are hurt our armed. -- -- -- -- -- I don't. Hamas. Won 8774694322. Flank your next with how we cargo -- frank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First of all -- -- illegally in the colony Eric it is this. As double one of the true all want what is what is legal -- what -- -- -- -- two young talent got a blow you know blow it. But to all let's call the reciprocity. On carry -- many other states. -- apartment upstate New York Jets to fight our city had a shot that is only illegal but caught up less than eighteen -- -- -- It's cut out so wait a second. -- up at the shotgun is illegal what it's come off less than eighteen inches. The barrel short eighteen -- cycle kicked our rightful -- be shortened sixteen and. Oh OK okay subtler so but they they told me that they would get -- they could give us. A a -- top permit and the EU top permit would be good enough main. Nobody is saying if I get you talk permit and I that I can get reciprocity and in Maine Maine and Maine and Florida -- that -- the two states I spend most more time in. If I'm not a Massachusetts amusing in main floor right. Yet there are several states that. Take reciprocity to a -- you walk the intake -- the proxy. Statement. Well I mean New York is all screwed up they they got this lead they got this latest thing that -- Cuomo pass through the legislature what they Republicans helping in the senate it's apparently it's all screwed up -- nobody nobody it was writing the legislation to what the hell they were talking about it. And I don't think everybody's celebrating because the assault weapons band bill is not going to be it's actually initial -- it's -- it's a all of its false flag. What -- or universal background check which means. That is what I felt it's sunny it's sort of like give it to them the grant was gunned -- you know. They've got to actually if you put the original bill failed to prove that -- only got. Well that cigarette blogger Philip L in 1930 by the probative they got it back doorway again. Right now -- just and that's what. Wayne Lapierre -- -- and -- on Meet the Press yesterday that that this is just these street that's what he said basically that was a backdoor way that these things aren't real but they're just trying to walk. Yet you know there fumble along for a method to take people's guns away from. And that's that's all -- -- -- in I I agree with them and I -- what he -- to -- Bloomberg you know what had nothing to do with Bloomberg being Jewish but. I loved -- when he said you know peaking at the camp idea American people. -- the play the -- play the -- with David Gregory pretending that the American people for or against the Second Amendment -- -- -- -- -- about this. You know they they got a good poll on gay marriage so now they say the Supreme Court house to house -- rule in favor gay marriage. Even though. As far as I know until the until the last couple elections no state has including California. Including YE. Has ever. It's the game has ever passed gay marriage and a week in Massachusetts liberals they want more evil of them vote Maine had to vote before they finally passed that. In the last election. So but now -- got to poll out that now they say well we don't you that we will you know everybody's for everybody's for a gay marriage. But now they have all these polls come out that they. Everybody. Is for the Second Amendment and nobody wants to have handguns banned but David the so -- let's. Appalled when the polls in their favor there there the sacred word they're vets -- ward. But when the polls or against them the Paul -- account it's a good list. Me ask you about background checks. Because the mayor referred to the poll 90% of Americans want universal background checks. Here's this survey from finished -- this week among those people who own guns 85%. Support my youth awarding the will of the American people by standing in opposition to universal. Akron to know not as not all because here's a thing. The whole thing universal checks is a dishonest premise that there's not belong hill that provides a universal checks. Criminals aren't going to be checked they're not gonna do this. Deep shooters in Tucson in a roar in -- they're not going to be checked their unrecognizable. NRA supported the national instant check system on dealers. Where ability the reference in 1999 when you testified. -- -- -- billion dollars into the system now it's not fair it's not accurate it's not incidents it. Is it that it's not instant the mental health records are not in the system. And they don't prosecute any of the criminals that they catch well it's a speed bump for the law abiding resources they -- -- logic does nothing to anybody else when it was -- Last time they had -- somebody was sent to prison here in Massachusetts for violating partly -- you're supposed to be get a one year on laughter. It be if you have an illegal handgun during the commission of felony. Right that -- -- old former former judge now state rep running for the Republican nomination for the senate he said he had sent somebody to prison. On or off for another year on the partly fox I can't remember anybody. In the Bartley fox was passed back in the seventies I remember when it was passed them it was occasionally forced -- men but not since. So they yelled that Adam Williams I have a background check no we -- Almost guidance so we got then. To her. -- -- cash and diet took the gun and killed her and then went to the school. Now how was it how was a background check on -- stop animal hands. It's not. But she this is that it's that this they're dishonest because they they know that it's like stop at points it's going to be the eventually they're gonna say. Well you know we that would have to do with none of these things are working so we're just gonna take them all away from you missed that -- guns away. The -- right away. One help to get to war it took awhile to what you don't get to what gay marriage and it took a long long time but that we're here. -- your next with Howie Carr go ahead run. Much Albers. -- personal protection operate -- -- -- Yes -- daughter. Once -- -- satellites as the years ago when you're looking at that rule comes in street elements. Wait too long rifle 38 special at 357 Mac yes. -- -- -- -- Why a 22 with long rifles. Will do as much damage. Garish many people away and if you wish to take it daughter. Did teacher shoot it's important. You can shoot at a very reasonable cost. And that's stopping fact that at close range. You hit somebody with a point two I coyotes and take coyotes where that 22. But I and I don't need weight loss coyote -- what thirty pounds. Our audit. -- I mean so is troubled that you think that it's breaking my house he's gonna -- 230. I don't care he waste 500 aren't you -- him in the chest he's going no. With a -- to know. Yes sir point 82 whole point on right well what might be better off with the -- with a 38 well it. Do you want your family to be shooting a 38 snot -- It's it's a fine -- and tissue. Use shooting the ball ammunition. Issued for five rounds where it went -- small handgun. And probably that's the only time it gonna shoot it because once the bad breaks and he just keeps keeps squeeze until they're all gone. Eight. That's good news I'm not you know I'm not planning on you don't Robin Robin now liquor liquor stores. I'm I'm not back but going any guess for -- personal protection I understand but. You had somebody with that point so it'll have. It doesn't have this in stopping pop but if you chats with -- 22 you're going to be just as it is if you get -- with a thirty. -- -- is what James -- he was it wise was to all of us CNB of that valley east he said you had to you had to be get -- -- you had to aim you had -- well. With a 22 wears a larger caliber were if you would you quit you can. You know make mistakes and still take somebody down or not be as precise issue it's. Thanks for the call on Jeff your next -- -- I don't know I don't I don't know anything about this with other than what scored that a class for four hours but. I just it just seemed to me that at 38 would be better would be better than for 41 I want -- I mean I know the 357 Magnum I've seen him in the movies obviously and they look really cool but. But I got his release heavy that's too heavy for me complicit too long or how we gonna stash anywhere from say. What -- Friday in the Cold War felt the -- opted to what to put it and Jaffe your next with Howie Carr go ahead Jeff. Yes how -- good practice recruit more and more my retirement that we are. But when it comes right down to one shot shot stopping power you -- look on the Internet eucalyptus are a lot. It's got one shot stopped percentages. 822 has about it's it's 1% one shots stop you there it's special somewhere in the 60% range. Read 57 Magnum it's 90% -- that's what I. You have a three -- of that 357 that big gun -- -- much is that they way. No creature ever afraid is not much larger at all that it's very special frame and matter of fact I you can shoot 38 -- -- pretty special. You can shoot out at 357 grade via the strength of a senator there is special. Are very similar boat load -- in the CR cartridge itself is not. You can get a class -- special million more college plus power. Or you know I just -- like to 57 Magnum. You know cut right now that I get so we'll let it become -- -- -- -- about it 90% chance that person will -- -- and not get out. Thanks for the college 1877469432218774694322. Julliard acts with -- -- cart go -- Joseph. Our back from Florida. A great a great place to. I -- all the knowledge won't -- his place in open. It's called sports agents and I've got a couple of its rush into -- looked at as one can channel him. You don't pocket which he you should expose ever predict pot and you can't. Or in your pocket book went up. It was an exposed camera in your controller that got object. What used to -- what he said we should have a like a little like little little not like a whole storm but just like a little she reported that you know. -- had a -- -- pocket. And actually able. What the market -- the area that they're a much static guidance at last will be. Pepper spray my wife I told my wife order which we live and will be. Yet the wait three weeks for an appointment. -- not. Not not -- -- to order a job. She is -- out and reached for relation to carry the -- It can strip on the floor because I'd rather be in jail this -- much who works. -- -- -- He should have election. Yeah yeah I don't I. Yes I mean the only way than ever find out as if she had to use it right and then I'd like to see -- -- you know take that case to a grand jury and try to when -- right. I don't think so I'll be -- what happened. Thanks public thanks for the call Joseph 187 social my daughter couldn't have pepper spray anyway even if she's got a New York. 1877. Unless of course she won it interest here anyway 18774694322. Hour. 1877469432218774694322. 617 says -- worth -- used to carry. I think it was a 38. 38. All. I I don't know I mean him I wasn't wasn't what can that. -- he used to get up there and say. Did it take the gun City Council meetings saying. Yeah iconic idea. But I wanna make some of it wasn't alone and yeah it was close -- you know some day. Some -- some not -- a comment here. I think that was guardian there that's. Think it's something that's gonna come in here. These at the guns here in every damn happy the old apps got I've gotten. We shot a guy outside I am -- once. It's CNB. He now I didn't say -- there was a guy named lending again and Lindberg which has been parole and the and and the and dapper in this friend has come on I am lines in the lower and not broad he's brought way. West Broadway excuse me in South Boston and so the guy the guy sticks a mop with a knife. And that he then takes all the money from the guy and then apple pulls out his gun and chases him into an Alley and shoots him. And then the guys in the ambulance on in the way to the hospital you -- -- for the increase. Why he should be all won there was this money. I was there with England Berger call them up. To say please don't come to my parole hearing in spoil it for me and dapper start screaming and yelling -- -- -- and it was it was fun. Cindy what is -- so what are you gonna go you're you're gonna have to take some special courses now argue. There are by Mike and I have to take. While they have actually specialty turning Boston slash Brookline Rhode Island practice test apparently -- and I can't I can't take the actual test. There because I have to take it in Brookline. So I mean a gutsy coming going to -- but now I have to take to prevent companies a practice and then we're gonna have to go to the proficiency test and. -- What I. Captured. This freak out the moon to women whatever they do I'm not sure where -- is to -- -- -- but in now figured out on the country club. A -- would not be -- on the farm area. -- Brady and penalty swells. 18774632218. -- 63. To me like so. Let's hear. Was loaded -- Was coming back after election night in east. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- it is one of his opponents lost the trailer underneath the in the Orange Line. And -- most it was like 2 in the morning and -- the light. And aperture correct conclusion at some. Places men with with his -- and -- caption this was a fugitive for. And upper caption. -- reminded -- here in the City Council would issue me. I was apprentice. You know those guys -- you know they pretended that they were all gone. As reassuring. That O'Neill this -- been drinking since 8 o'clock pennies have gotten. So what. 18774694322. All this crap just to get a gun in Massachusetts -- to a seven. That's Maine yes all this crap just to get a gun in Massachusetts. John you're next with how we cargo ahead jobs. You know I always always. The pit stop -- from bobbled. Andrea where we've got people out here. Or apple what I wanna tell you -- -- kill well is what is your daughter error pepper spray. I have done some -- are. On the line. And elsewhere. And I find that I put they can't want Brady. Right under my bed so to speak. Wash spray. Washed -- that's where you know somebody just sent me an email said his daughter got mugged in New York City and -- and the cops said just take some -- repellent or some bug repellent and have -- you don't have to worry about it's not against the law somewhere else I don't fire extinguisher would work as little a little. One of those little heat and fire extinguisher. Well okay you one thing I always -- range. On this was spray is about twelve to fifteen feet really which is probably better than most. Right and it's got it goes yup that's. It's pretty -- stop but he gets it right. I've ever got it my bullets just. And it's generally cheap could be very cheap to compare the pepper spray I'm sure. I get a cannot bite my bedside. I gotta keep it under under my -- in my truck. And I also gives money to work. Shotgun. Twenty gauge the size that it wanted to welcome me. Twenty -- for presides. And it went well good -- And and it sure as much as is legally possible. To acknowledge have a in my closet right around from what I -- is gently six it's not pump. Are eligible -- what did you buy into shotgun on. RW relentless and. I didn't have we got cut and I wanted to I was up in New Hampshire basically which will be able business. And I was in an idea in a gun store and the connect various various things. And I think one of the war on my. When the real news from buying it was a. I didn't have a pistol. And because. I problems my site is in very good so might get perceptive but very good. So idea. I brought the the plate gauge and it shortened. And I feel very very comfortable having -- dealt with in with a range of my front door step toward. Thanks for the call John went -- good suggestion about the the wasp spray works break 18774694322. -- Chris officer mark says he's got a ballistic vest that you could bar where around the office once via bullets start flying -- there. -- -- -- -- Anything you scars since our likes issue for the had to. Not as it is nothing you can do about that. 187746932. Tool also we Kristen is gonna -- opened me up the story allot more slowly now. Also consider the cost of the -- 22 was the cheapest shoot stopping large capital. Caliber weapons shooting money. I don't think -- is going to be down -- range you know it not too many talented young -- a month. I just can't see that you know him. There's one on one month when Charlotte's friends or father -- -- I'm psychic -- one that I don't cutesy I just would like -- and just -- just in the one pops open. I could feel like I could handle myself Fiat if -- if something happened that somebody. If somebody disregarded the if you come through this or you will be killed side. But I wanna put Malia and you think that would go over Wellesley. But as well as -- giants Scott Brown for senate side. And what the front -- -- the spotlight on it. 18774694322. Car. 1877694322. Georgia are next with how we are glad George. Yeah I have forty caliber with protester -- which are basically hollowed -- So you know if you bought time you know in the right spot that all in need and it's pretty compact ago. Mean but people on the buy whatever it took -- from I would keep keep shooting now to try and at least say well but we're. I don't -- it all I know exactly I I know I I wanna get ya I wanna get good enough -- I know what I'm the -- by I just the I don't know -- -- -- see -- as a hobby or anything like that I I just just doesn't doesn't interest me that much maybe you what is known as they -- it more and more. And how we are.