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Jim Carrey insults the late Charlton Heston

Mar 26, 2013|

Jim Carrey's spoof on gun owners. Al Sharpton thinks people who disagree with Mayor Bloomberg are anti-semetic.

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Welcome back into the -- report this is Jeff Horner Boskin. 666868. Is the number of you can also practice -- 686827. O'clock hour opening segment. You know what that. Means. They're biggest BS statement of the day. Do you get to decide via text 68680. What is the biggest BS statement the biggest BS certain. You know and we this is a tough one I got to this may be the toughest one yet I'm telling you. This you've got three very strong contenders here. Okay. This is Al Sharpton. And Mike barnacle. On morning show. Talking about mayor Michael Bloomberg X you've got to twelve million dollar ad campaign. For gun control legislation. Big -- -- non Reverend Al Sharpton. Says to oppose it is really anti Semitic. Because Bloomberg apparently is Jewish. Roll it cooks. Mike Bloomberg mayor of New York City I mean that -- that there's a level of anti semitism. In this thing directed to a Bloomberg no doubt about I mean it's itself there. I don't think it's any sodas and I think it's -- the perception now is Lindsay our city. Well see you know leads telling the rest of the little people how to live their life but I mean what router is a big city Jewish rare road leads I don't know where you're. Movie and so blogs I think you'll remember our. How -- and he didn't like but I did get the end of the day. If we had like aids law enforcement personnel former law enforcement person someone like dead as the national strays that would. It would be easier and some of the areas also mistakes you talk about. It's -- I you know Bloomberg is Jewish but spirited -- Britain but apparently are right so. If you think Al Sharpton and Mike -- statement. That opposing mayor Bloomberg's push for gun control is anti Semitic. Do you think that's the candidate. Tax the latter day is 68680. Jim Carrey. How as a spoof. They wrote to me personally revolting spoof -- Charlton Heston. And basically. People who have guns. He's got a video spoof. Here it is rolling cooks and -- Okay. Okay. I. It's. You'll recall today. That's Jim Carrey -- he can't stand guns. He -- the Second Amendment. In fact he along with that video as a tweet saying that people who love guns people who support gun rights. I don't have a solar body were to protect. So but anyway this is this move he thinks he's being funny. If you think that's the biggest BS statement of the -- text of the letter B to 68680. And remember we discuss this story late last week. About this sort of new video that's out there in Corpus Christi and other places in the curriculum. Blaming the United States are partly blaming the United States for 9/11. Well here is the new educational training video that there are showing to many children on this precise point roll it cooks. As usual because in times of crisis. We -- the united government. Steve what are about the terrible thing that turns -- -- collects gently used terrorism. Terrorism is when people use violence to threaten other people. And a terrorist thinks that fear is the best way to get someone else to see his or her point of view why that test doesn't matter -- anyway. A lot of people blame the United States for problems around the world. I don't get -- America's such a big and powerful country that the decisions we make here affect other countries around the world. And a lot of people think that we don't use our power the right way. That's because sometimes the things that we do here can have a negative effect. On other countries. Have a lot of people disagree with the decisions and policies that the United States patents well it's okay it's a great right. Absolutely it's OK to disagree but there's a difference between political protest. And committing an act of violence. -- Blame America first. But ambassador teaching our kids that's the video. I if you think that's the big is BS statement of the day tax the letter seen this 68680. I told -- this was going to be a tough one. Al Sharpton. Opposition to Michael Bloomberg is based on anti semitism. X 8686. Lady. Jim Carrey making fun of Charlton Heston and basically anybody you as a gun next beat the 68680. And this new educational training video for children. Tax the letter C to 68680. We'll have the results and about cool 750. But here for water. Or a different level than the purity of its results have been false -- huge army based on there. I remember an error that but there's like dozens and dozens of barracks. And on the return they're trying to in the future yourselves. Wouldn't downloadable. I've been hearing reports about that now I gotta tell you it's it's increasing reports. I don't know what to make of it. There are reports that there's a basin in Louisiana. That apparently there were some troops there somebody asked him what is this is this for the national -- and they couldn't get answers. And so. -- look our government is not leveling with us. Let me be very candid with few. You have to drones issue you have all these bullets now being purchased you have all of these light armored tanks or personnel carriers. Being purchased. I think the government is anticipating something. Now whether it's a war with he wrong. And there are terrorist cells in this country. And they're afraid of government buildings are gonna get blown up and bridges are gonna get blown up. And they think potentially could be mayhem in the streets -- have to call national emergency state of national emergency. Or they see the economy tanking like in Cyprus liking Greece like in other parts of Europe. Where then you see mass rioting. And complete chaos on the streets. So either they think a massive economic depression is coming. Or they think a war with few rawness coming. I don't know. What I do you always this. They are not leveling with the American people. You don't need that many drones in the sky you just don't. You don't. That are only designed to patrol the streets. They cannot be used on a front line. And when members of congress again Democrat and Republican press this administration. They're not getting straight answers. So clearly the government is planning for some think what I don't know. Or what they think they're planning for but they're not leveling with us. -- is there's no question about that in my mind. And to me the first principle of democracy. Of our republic is transparency in government. I wanna know what you're doing for are you planning to do something. Against American citizens or are you planning for war with Iran that we don't know about. And you think there could be. A jihadist in our midst they'll be blowing up cafes and grocery stores -- try to frighten people. I'm just telling you I'm being very candid with few. Why. Why all of this stockpiling why the tanks why the bullets why the drones to spot for training. So something is rotten at the VHS. 6172666868. August Europe next. -- I guess thank you take my -- was -- Are important to comment on this big guns thing in the scored totally. -- It's like Hitler he was trying to brainwash -- their kids so they didn't turn against kept. August how all the fourteen. On why you sound young while they are very very tightly for fourteen year old. So you're saying it's now August have you encountered anything at school or form -- I chose. During your very Smart guy think it. You -- far in life so they're basically saying it's the way Hitler took away everybody's guns and they're trying to indoctrinate all the kids. Just I can't disagree with you. August that you think you're running for office one day maybe we could use more guys like you August. Listen -- EU US -- mommy and daddy yeah they're good -- god bless you August. Daycare Chris Europe next welcome to the -- report. Jeff good -- I don't love your program thank you so much Chris. Big gap I had no I'm Soledad there also a bad idea of being a good day of the open supply dead the peppers right. You know they come and not. A bad -- the nail right already like -- I read the ready made meals instead. And this week after the baby -- -- those still reels are below the -- strategy that stuff. So our president from a few people. -- what they -- We don't exactly vote really mean they're buying everything. -- it its merits or by radio stations have -- -- we should look and did is because the government made an offer -- to bite and a -- -- that's the only thing they're not buying. Paul you're up next welcome to the coroner report. Going to have to default you know these big conversation but that's what it also -- -- -- the you know -- okay -- mainly in the substance. We discuss things like religion politics and what we discussed regularly. It was only occasionally would -- top -- troops threw out that everybody you know. 640 years ago they brainwashed apocalypse that it would be polite to talk. Politics it could talk religion and talked into substance and I think anybody can talk a well. Do you get to -- for people who are not. You -- members together we talk about the bachelor or American Idol or you know oh what kind of car you Gloria I. You know what stark contrast since I mean we cannot talk radio we get a little bit this -- -- -- too narrow areas. But really. What happens is is that when we don't this. Is an important what happened is the government gets to tell our school system what they're gonna teach the school system Kodak can. And -- -- but we know it. Pro gay marriage are -- -- I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The last caller talked about -- alert August when he talked to. -- if they don't let it come -- every great. Just I doubt it particularly earlier caller said I don't know anything wrong I'm okay with your own well if you look at what Joseph is located or how -- And complete inspection of your home. Because you don't know anything are you might just come here and its second being a senior just to make sure you don't have to contradict you mean somebody hit accurately and then there. And -- sanctity. Let's have let's go look through it and you know -- that's -- -- a lot of these criminals and you'll be showing perk you know significantly and we won't know. I -- really. Now by your company -- ball I mean look this is this is the question now do you want liberty or do you want security. I prefer liberty. To me that's where our founding fathers wanted it's the America that I love it's the America I believe then. I don't want the government controlling almost every aspect of my life. I can take care myself and my family. But you touched on something much earlier in in in -- your points. And you almost stole my thunder. I have been saying this to my wife now for years. Have you noticed when you get a bunch of adults in a room who aren't founding members -- that are very close friends. We talk about the most trivial and unimportant thanks. I think it's the ball game it's the weather. It -- its American Idol what are you watching on television. What movie did you see. We're like children. It's it's what literally it's what -- former Pope Benedict said. It's the entertainment. Isolation. And in shine the -- is nation of America. That's what's happening children are obsessed with -- its children are obsessed with the entertainment. And if you noticed this is part of the dumbing down of America. So yes you focus on Lindsay Lohan you focus on American Idol you focus on what card you're gonna be driving or what's the latest look at the latest vial. Or is who sleeping with who. You you focus is Michael Douglas gay or is he not gay. This serious stuff that we would that we that we leave to the Bloomberg's in the -- east and did -- leaders of the world Jeff corner on the corner report.