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in the sky: Look it's a bird- NO IT'S A DRONE

Mar 26, 2013|

Drone Zones are coming to Southern California. Are you prepared for 1984?

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Plus. Got a lot of stories to cover today. This one I gotta tell you is starting to make me wonder. What is happening in the United States. This has got a this is this story. That crosses ideological lines party lines. It has liberals concerned it has conservatives concerned in as the Republicans concerned and as Democrats concerned. Frankly -- everybody concerned. Yesterday a we have now found out. That the Federal Aviation Administration. The federal government. Being pushed along obviously by the Obama regime. By the dear leader. However now forged. Apparently. Drew our own this home it's across the United States I swear you wreckage and on it could make this up if I want to. It seems almost analogous is coming out of a George Orwell mobile. There are now drone zones being developed. And one of the biggest draw on zones is going to be Southern California. And these are zones. In which you will see what they call unmanned aerial vehicles basically unmanned drones. Patrolling the Scots. And what they're going to be doing nobody knows. People have been asking. What is the purpose of these drones will they be conducting surveillance will be they will they be spying. On American citizens. Would be strictly for law enforcement. No one is giving anybody any answers. What we do know. Is that many of these drone zones. Are there to attract business contracts and military contracts. The FAA is planning over the next five to six years. To give out nearly a hundred billion dollars in fact 94 billion dollars. In contracts. To develop Porter called you -- systems. Unmanned aerial systems. Whereby. You can you have them -- contractors. Bidding. To build these drones. Fly these drones. Administer these drones. And to have them fly over segregated parts of the country. And so there's now a mad rush. San Diego wants to be the epicenter of the -- business. They want to bring in a massive ten billion dollar contract. Because things in California's many you know. Are going self. Taxes are driving businesses away regulations are driving businesses away. There is a massive out flight of people of capital and of talent. And as the unemployment rate picks up and as California's deficit. Slowly strangle the state. They are desperate to bring in new -- new revenue new businesses and you investment. And so what they're pushing for. Is they want a massive factory -- several facilities. That'll be building these UAE air systems these unmanned drones. And then they'll be flying them over Southern California. Dirty Harry Reid wants to get in on the action for number out of -- wants to secure. A couple of lucrative contracts to build these drones and then have them fly over parts of Nevada. And this is going to be going on in. Region after region part of the country after part of the country. And here is the kicker. The Federal Aviation Administration yesterday. Admitted. That in fact by 21. They want to know what you think about this. 101000. Unmanned. Drones in the sky. They want 101000. Drones. Flying overhead. On American soil domestically in the sky. Basically monitoring. American citizens. And I'm asking myself this fundamental question. We're gonna be littering the skies. -- these little tiny unmanned drones. Which can go right above us. And conduct surveillance. Almost. Oversee every intimate aspect of americans' lives. Look into what's in our cars. Look into us in our homes. Who came to us and our apartments. Who came to a -- places of work. I mean. Do we really wanna give the government and got much power. So that they can spy potentially on its own citizens. Now many may say you'll -- what's the difference between say one unmanned drone over Los Angeles where over San Diego. Or over Las Vegas or eventually I'm sure it's coming over Boston. And 203040. Police officers on the streets. While the difference is very simple. Police officers on the streets. Are very patrol the streets to keep us safe. Police officers on the streets. I can potentially. Be spying into the most intimate private aspects of our life's. Police officers in the streets. Can't look into your home. Or can't look into your place of work or can't look into what you have on you as you're driving your car. In other words the potential for abuse here is immense. And you have a government bureaucrat. Where you have anybody in the government. That suddenly feels they wanna play god. Or they -- I was suddenly feel they wanna start spying or looking into people for example take women. I would want some unmanned drone with a capacity to look in and you are -- infrared capability pictures photos. Some guy on the other end of the screen. Looking and I mean it's probably some kind of an X ray shot but still. I would wanna -- C expose like that so almost every possible private aspect of our lives. He's now going to be eventually accessible to the government. And eventually if you have all of these drones flying overhead. They're gonna know every aspect of what we're doing. And potentially they -- spy on their domestic enemies. That's all point. Big government equals Big Brother. And I've been saying this now for years. When this stage grows and grows and grows and gross. What happens is it begins to oversee and control. And regulate. Every aspect of your life and now we almost have the perfect orwellian nightmare. Of literally little machines. Some of them 34 feet. Patrolling. The sky lights. With infrared capabilities. Basically almost acting that you. An infrared sensor. Looking in to private aspects of people's lives. So you're driving your car. Government to lower -- going. What you have in your car government told no. What you have on your person the government won't know. Which are doing in your home the government to normal. Which are doing in your bedroom the government will not. What you're doing your work potentially the government will -- So I was explain this the -- he has -- she made a very good point symbol Jeff look. You know really you put 2030 cops on the street -- -- difference between god and unmanned drone I -- -- a big difference is less. If the government for whatever reason wants to spy on bill coaxing or -- -- Jeff corner or spying on Brittany. They now have the capability. With all of these unmanned drones. And it can be -- to touch of a button by some bureaucrat who for whatever reason he may not like your politics. He may not like your ideological point of view. He may not whenever he may want to smear you he may want to dig up dirt on you that potential for abuse here. Is immense. And this is why people were concerned with civil liberties. -- are asking the FAA. What are the regulations. What are the guidelines what are the safeguards. And do we really need 101000 drones in the sky have you noticed a couple years ago nobody even mentioned -- And now all of a sudden. Not only do we have a couple of them but now we have them almost at my right point one you'll have 101000. 101000 drones in the sky so I want all of you to think about this. Our government is setting in place. Literally paving the way. For technology to be used to spy on every citizen in the United States. The potential is there much -- gonna happen but the potential is there. Do you trust the government would that kind of power. I don't. So why don't we need 101000 drones. Why do we need that. I mean side only what we can do law enforcement without drones. Suddenly now what we cops can't do your job without drones. And so I have to ask myself this fundamental question. Are we slowly sliding. In two -- soft tyranny. Are we slowly sliding. Into Big Brother. Are we now slowly putting together the infrastructure. The apparatus. For the government. To spy on American citizens. Because this is -- eventually could possibly lead to and this is why many liberals are concerned rightfully. Many conservatives are concerned many libertarians are concerned many people from civil liberties. Who care both civil liberties are concerned Democrats Republicans. And this again is being sprung on the American people. No debate. Congress has not been involved. None whatsoever. It's being done again imposed from the pop. Through federal agencies this time through the FAA. And notice the big money involved. Notice the military industrial complex. Notice the collusion of big government and big business. These are huge lucrative contracts. So now they're going to basically recession hit areas economically deprived areas and saying hey. Hate Southern California yeah you may be even be flooded with illegals -- -- -- businesses are leaving but hey you want -- juicy contract yet. You wanna bring some jobs you wanna build unmanned drones OK but you have to have a -- a -- zone. Okay no problem. So San Diego now on the verge of getting a Big Ten billion dollar contract. -- under a -- out for a couple thousand jobs but. We're gonna have drones patrolling the skies. As a kind of experiment as a test case. And now apparently Nevada wants to get him on the action there're other states who wanna get in on the action. Everybody now wants to get a piece of the drawn by. But nobody's asking themselves. What are the long term implications. Especially regarding individual freedom and personal privacy. You know -- this point to really. If it continues at this level we should just have a govern Cameron our homes and we really. I mean if they can -- if they can spy on you from describe why not just. In only in the movies I saw Schwarzenegger movie futuristic movie there's a government camera in every room. -- For supposedly our quote security for quote public safety. Because that's that's the next step. And so my question to you is this. Do you support the use of drones on American soil. Flying an American skies. And secondly. Why do you think. We need and the government is pushing for 101000. Drones. To be in the sky to be in the air. By 20/20. Are you concerned. That the government will eventually spy on you. Or that your privacy will somehow in any way. The violated. 6172666868. Is the year is the number you can text -- -- 68680. Two drawn. Or not -- drawn. That is the question Larry Europe's first thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. Good morning Jeff King Larry. My response would be not to drone. I think that you're right that it's an invasion of privacy. And I also think that you know that's going to be problems and get got a 1000 drawn to him here that we're gonna have malfunctioned and had some of them are going to be dropping out of this guy. You know Larry you make a very good point I mean think about that we can be like 101000 -- Amanda is they don't like locusts and Scott honestly. Can you imagine if a couple just are falling out of the sky they malfunction. There you're Larry here where you're crossing beacon street or whatever there you are minding your own business. You know here in downtown Boston you're having us Starbucks latte coffee and all of a sudden one of these babies falls out of the sky it's a mentally. Or whatever to starts falling down. I mean this is opening up. A pandora's box of problems. This is a pandora's box. And I think honestly we're gonna rule the day. There we started flirting with unmanned drones patrolling our skies. Overlooking our citizens. Should we have drones. And do you fear. That the government will eventually spying on you. And invade your privacy. 6172666868. Is the number. We'll take all of your calls next on the corner report. -- -- which -- -- here on Boston's only talks.