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Uncharted DOMA Waters

Mar 26, 2013|

Same sex marriage is before the Supreme Court and the SCOTUS watchers say it is unlikely that the country's highest court will issue any sweeping ruling that would guarantee that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Howie agreed with the court's reluctance to go into uncharted waters.

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I -- I I'm getting close to putting that gay marriage in the category of abortion and and not talking about a bargain you gotta talk about I guess today with the with the -- Supreme Court hearing the hearing the case. In California you have a proposition eight as you know by now it it was -- House with the votes of seven. Million. Californians. Seven million Californians. Voted to affirm that the marriage is between a man -- woman this was this was a constitutional. Amendment to the California constitution. And -- if followed an earlier. And earlier vote which was also huge. That that there would have changed the law but piece -- courts threw that out so they decided to come back and make it a constitutional amendment and the people voted voted for I think 53475446. -- point that. And by the way the -- majority of the -- citizens of California voted for proposition eight. By the way -- majority of a Latino has Gabriel Gomez would call them citizens of California voted. Four traditional marriage. And yet it's the the people who lost the election as they so often do and especially in California. Just like the just like when the -- proposition 187 which cut off for welfare to illegal aliens. They they went -- a running through the courts and they got the that proposition eight thrown out. And then -- went -- it's -- all the way up to the Supreme Court today the Supreme Court is is it was hearing arguments about the about whether or not. They should a tour while the the will of seven million Californians. Basically make -- the law poignant. And historical oral argument on a challenge to state laws that limit marriage to heterosexual couples the Supreme Court indicated Tuesday that it might not strike down such laws. The justice whom many observers -- the swing vote in the case justice Anthony Kennedy voiced worry at one point during the argument that opponents of same sex marriages were asking. The court to issue a decision the we're going to uncharted waters were of course they are has been there's never been such a thing is as its so called gay marriage. Yen in in human history. After the oral arguments Pete Williams of NBC news reported that it seemed quote quite obvious that the US Supreme Court is not prepared to issue when he kind of sweeping ruling declaring that same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Williams said there seemed to be quote very little eagerness from any of the justices to embrace that brought a ruling like this whole. I dare say there's at least four from there pretty eager especially only a Kagan. Sonia Sotomayor. Stephen Breyer. Ruth Ginsburg. I think they're pretty eager to issue this. The it's the fight that there that's the five conservatives were going to be are going to be whipsawed over the next few months so Jeanne as you probably know by now. Justice Roberts chief Justice Roberts has -- lesbian cousin and she was sitting there in the front row trying to war try to get his attention apparently. Jonathan Toobin was all and then there afterwards because he didn't think that that Roberts had made eye contact with his cousin. Why should we make eye contact with the right Papa I thought the symbol of justice was a it was only be with a with a pair of scales and a blindfold. Over head. I -- supposed to what not to take such matters into consideration as the war where your cousin stands on the issue. Williams said the vocal liberal and the conservative justices seemed wary of issuing a decision that would apply to any state outside of California. Now they they keep saying though that all everybody wants gay marriage now everybody wants gay marriage now. What why why is almost gone down to defeat I guess it actually wanted to Maine on the last went on third time around the third time around but. Then 95%. Of the cases where there have been elections even liberal states like California like YE. There were -- these. These folks are going down to defeat and you know my feeling is. If if the polls are right -- the play if if if the American people's views have changed and should be a big problem to go back to them and ask them to want to -- it. -- let's have a let's have an election here. I know that some liberals are gonna call him and say this is a civil rights issue that. That this is like this is like -- did denying women the vote this is like. Yet it making a black slaves again I just heard meathead Rob Reiner saying those things on -- Rush Limbaugh show. But. My feelings is a big difference here the differences. Every one. Has the right to marry someone of the opposite sex you don't have the right to marry someone of the same sex okay. How are your rights being impending infringed upon everybody has the same everybody operates under the same laws. You can marry someone of the opposite section camera or someone. Of these six -- okay. And it's just like you can't marry. The blood relative. Is is that is that a denial of your civil rights you can't marry underage child. Is that a denial of your civil rights you can't Marion animal. Is that a denial of your civil rights. To what you can't Mary more than one member of the opposite sex that's called polygamy. That's being that's being litigated I believe a new car was by somewhat some radical. Throwback Mormon groups they're trying to legalize polygamy. You know. Justice justice Marshall enough whose husband just by the entity will what's. Condolences. She said that marriages and evolving paradigm or -- to say if we open up this boost to war. That the next thing is not going to be polygamy. Or poly more feet which I didn't even know what existed until a couple of years ago -- more feet. Is the is a condition where he group. Of men get married maybe two women three guys. Three women to men. Who's to say. Cool where we're hesitant. You know. Now they say your bigot if you're against same sex marriages -- did pretty soon -- I think right on Russia to the point pretty soon we're gonna say. If you're against in incest was marriages they're gonna say your -- if you're against polygamy they're gonna say you're bigot because it's about love isn't. It's all about while. So I haven't changed my mind about the game hurt them against I'm against gay marriages and now never changed my mind I know hormonal talking about that. I know on mine and I'm not that I am not the best advertisement for Mary tribunal that too but you know I just. You know no one saying you can't live together and you know do the end to do whatever you want to one another behind closed course nobody's saying. And it all that's being said is that if you wanna get married it has to be open to a person. I'm the opposite sex the way it has been since the dawn of him. Show me a society where they have had gay marriage. Until the last twenty years so show me. 187746943221877469432. True. H gays should have the right to be as -- as anyone else they already have that right. They already have that right haven't you seen these terrible divorce is that these people wouldn't claim to. The soloist -- there have been cases were people got married in in like a state like Massachusetts world allows gay marriage. And then they go back to their home states in and they decide to get a divorce and the going to court -- to save themselves a lot of time in legal expenses. They had they say well I I don't we don't have a legitimate marriage because we were married in Massachusetts and it's not it doesn't it's not a legitimate -- white why can't we just let the states continue. You have to stay in the the it was pushed through here without -- -- of the people because they knew would be rejected. Like it has been sore everywhere else. So we have gay marriage but why should -- gay marriage be be forced down the ropes so to speak of Alabama or Mississippi your state like that. The a red state. 617 says I love I love three women. 61 another 61725. Years although I'm against gay marriage to. Police say the -- they say that it's been up portraits so much that you know one in the mass -- is a normal thing that the majority of young people now support it. You know I I think they ask people say how you don't what they asked people watch a lot of TV -- what percentage of the population do you think is again. -- 303540%. Notes -- -- 1122%. One to 2%. Mom all those people wanna get married by the way. 18774694322. How we I'm gay and I do not totally support gay marriage I would rather see some type of civil union or something. How it's all about what it's about the each -- Are there laws on the books against boundary that are in conflict with gay marriage my -- through the -- laws out there was a Houston case. But the Supreme Court ruled ruled that the boundary is is legal. But -- another -- for sodomy. And tissue were Iran you're wandering one it's a good word though isn't ponder. Father Shanley bunkered the young boy. He used him for his own unspeakable Owens. 1877469432218774694322. The best comic yeah was Rick Santorum said you do not redefine marriage you undefined that if if same sex marriage is the law than anything goes that's what it's gonna -- That's you know that's what it's that's that's the way he's right. This is marketing and here. This is not going and don't be -- which we don't be foolish of me it's likely it's like we're going back and I was just reading some of the Ted Kennedy quotes about. The immigration reform act of 1965 ball nothing will change nothing will change the critics are overreacting here -- -- gonna be -- by day for the Third World immigrants the world becomes wards of the state on them like that happen. Same thing same thing with this off you kidding big east the reality is going to be legalized there's no way that would ever happen. Right 1877469432. It's a problem of it's a bottle -- whereas your next with how -- cargo atlas. How we my comments about the question of your day about this this school dinners for school -- days yes I. I say follow the money it's not about the children it's about C union dues. I believe that the union jobs for school cafeteria where. Yes yes they would be but what I'm saying is how why are we giving out all. Why are we increasing the number about people on the on EBT cards are snapped or else from -- million. If we're if we're we're at the same time feeding -- -- there are children. Then there's not enough supervision obviously a particular school countries that parents should be you know investigate. You know had been absent without even saying the money we're spending not to Al ready but as far as speed providing -- for the weekend is more union jobs and more union days. Janitors have to open up the building and keep the appointment call two. Yeah -- you know you'd be you know it's say it's an amazing thing that we all the money that these these Democrats in congress think we we we can use I mean we'd get you to think when word broke Liz. Thanks for the call 18774694322. You seem to love the -- maybe someday but not -- exactly and I don't think so I don't think I don't think I want Mary my talks okay. But somebody else wants to marry their -- who might -- shape right right. Isn't that what they say they ultimately they remember when they have a that they were trying to get a bit on the ballot here in Massachusetts they -- of the vote in the legislature and it wouldn't give the vote in the legislature until late. Until -- not. Enough people who was switched their votes so they couldn't get 14 of the legislature to okay its -- would go on that a ballot. In -- guy outside in the state house and he just that you assignment all by himself he wasn't connected to any group as far as like -- We just had a sign and you'd just set him wondered I want to Mary my dog. It and they were going up to him and they were element you know men and calling them all kinds of names. And I am I thought you know he he wished he was engaging. -- them. He realized that the Chief Justice Marshall is right it is an evolving paradigm he loves his -- he wants the Mary is. -- way to say anything about it. 18774694322. So you say if you say you're against. Same sex marriages your bigot. If you say your for allowing people to marry their dogs -- -- What well how how how can you have an argument. Billiard next with how we cargo ahead bill. And how we think it would take in my culture. Carl. That Ali. Say that met Mary would you late in not 000. -- that do it it's inevitable. It's inevitable. I know that's -- I don't particularly wanna talk about it anymore I think but I still think it's a big mistake. -- inevitable. But that doesn't mean it's not a mistake I mean you know he. -- what are the amnesty for all these illegal aliens is inevitable when it's an even bigger mistake. How we end and how you might like his though Scotland I know I know that that that that the expression is in the Bible as the but we'll let you hooked up my kids. Like when -- so don't want and it's unfortunate I mean. Did I miss you want to that I. I -- paying for this crap. And for everybody in the world to have a bastard and expect me to take care -- that I didn't hear why don't you let these blood these let these. I'll take care of their own -- -- Gauntlet they you know like like you do you have a platform to speak -- -- day. They hope they thought they bought I don't welfare for themselves what if -- -- -- -- come November 6 they voted to give themselves a big pay arrays at my expense in the expensive everybody gets up and goes to work every day for a living. I think you'll be as short sighted I think to be a. And shortsighted ya I'm shortsighted -- I want -- I think it's only getting a lot out of these welfare Pete people that are breeding more welfare recipients she they. That it did you know we keep pocket. Did the next Einstein could compromise these illegal aliens I haven't seen that I haven't seen I just guided a given a press conference he won 241 million after taxes but he's been in the country for 26 years and still can't speak English. Thanks for the call bill. 1877469432218774694322. How do whatever happened to keeping the government out of the bedroom I don't care what they do but I shouldn't have to hear about it. -- you know what they said you know Oscar Wilde used to talk about the law that dared not speak its name. And people said since then that the beloved but dared not speak its name now will not shop. And it won't it won't shut up Steve your next with how we cargo ahead Steve. Steve you there. John your next with how we cargo ahead. I -- -- quite tired yes. I just glad I don't get it done. In that was involved -- yes today. Well there's certainly been no government in our debt grew as because. Thankfully I've got to publicly grandchildren. My dramatic and those seventy who is. But I could outline in my opinion that the ability like. But anyway you know this subject. It is we might actually. Tens Christian Andersen's. I was always -- the emperor. I notice she didn't say fairy tale John Edwards and that was again that was a good decision on your part. The big step yet of the -- ever had no close yes and that and that you know the idea that villagers idea being their problem was. Is he who couldn't say is close. That you weren't comparable. -- award. The beautiful people -- it he. -- -- -- -- -- -- If you didn't -- the close of the magic close. Few words to. You're capable of doing your job. As all of -- villagers say applauded the temporary -- beautiful clothes. Except for the -- -- shouted. And has not part of the except I think that look -- kind of hope so this is. So -- -- -- it as. You know is it's not same sex marriage. It's same sex mirage. -- -- Yeah again marriage I don't care how -- what you claw I don't I don't care you know you can call it which one about a marriage is between man and woman okay. That's the way. It's always. -- and you can't you can't change human history. You know you can you can try to change it I mean they're they're they they they are always been gays living together they used to what the least a hundred years or go to call that that. Boston marriages you know that tool to rich. Lesbians from the the the term but back pay your Beacon Hill old Yankee families they they would leave together and they -- that's what they call that a Boston. -- -- -- -- -- And there was James Buchanan. Was the president of the United States he was eight confirmed the actual you know. He he you never Mary did didn't stop them from being elected president. You know why look at and actually guide the former mayor of New York who just -- was a great Maine or New York much better mayor than Bloomberg that's for sure. And he he was he was gay nobody ever said anything about it until he started running for governor against Mario Cuomo the great liberal. In the they came up with a great slogan. Vote for Cuomo. Not the home. Okay so you know these are the same these -- the same people who while. You know what they're they're great they're great liberals when it and until it and told somebody and tell black person. For me. Gay person or somebody -- someone of the other racially protect that are. Sexually protected groups gets in the way and then they throw out the same month. This the same. Slurs that the rest of us are accused. 18774694322. So you know now you have a now you have about. Christine Quinn running for a mayor of New York again she's the favorite she's Bloomberg -- -- should present the City Council. She's she's gay. And she's married to a woman. And all of course of course governor Andrew Cuomo -- almost on he all he saw -- 100% for gay marriage but. You know don't ask him about his father's campaign slogan vote for Cuomo not bow. -- OK we'll take a break 18774694322. Car. 18774694322. 617 says I love my spinster sister we -- for the benefits. You know points to say. Bet you can't you know like -- -- AM SAL 980 years' sole and -- say I'm Billy Belcher. Okay I'm ninety years old and I'm getting my 200000 dollar pension. Arm the arm that woman in Alameda California the manager of the the -- -- county manager who's gonna get a lifetime pension. Of 424000. Dollars she that's what she makes and she's 63 years old and she's gonna get keep getting them 424000. Dollars as long as she lives. Now what's to stop that woman or Billy Bulger these people with these huge pensions for marrying. Now this is down the line because again you you're opening the floodgates here you're not going to be able to stop any -- stuff in the long term. What's the stop them from -- marrying at bear rug there they're granddaughters. Agreements and skills to -- sexes at this point right. And just saying that they're the survivors. And they should get the job benefits. And then it then they could then bureau than you'd have -- stock on the you'd be stuck paying 424000. And Alameda County or the or or the 200000 for Billy Bulger for for the for another ninety years. Right -- how to how we've got to stop any office. If you're talking. If it's all about love then you know. Who is necessary. You don't want somebody or some thing you know. It's -- it's like -- -- How do you -- how do you offer was -- how come some crimes -- -- and some crimes aren't hate. I getting over the -- -- I -- the person will be over they had must hate me he heard me right. But it doesn't count as a hate crime. Unless it's the white collar going at one not going it would different -- this is all crazy. This is that this is not going to end well. Monty you're next with how we -- ahead -- But in the on call. I'm on a gamble on accident out there are they out. And now at the pro America rally in the back and all the crap on the and I did about -- -- pro -- and traditional family group and -- and we. You know frank amateur yeah I'm -- and so -- all that and that. I've only the legislature in Massachusetts and make -- None muscle whose -- recused herself from the case because it ended homosexual fund raisers. Would herbal was -- -- technically because she attended these -- great. She thought about Monty she'd written wanted did this one of the earlier decisions that she quoted in the decision. She she writes that decision in and says that established a precedent. To want to make -- -- make toward -- to legalize gay marriage mean essentially is this what the founding fathers wanted. -- -- sort of like 250 days to come up with let's a new lot in our slot. And they refused to look at the corrupt politicians did not want to name them who voted for gay marriage. A lot of applied goes on the more dialogue lawyer's gonna make waited for the -- they can be challenged in court but there's no -- out to law on the books about -- But look at a lot of Monty Monty you know in the halls of justice the only justices in the -- -- expecting the expecting a 888 judicial. Opinion. To war to reflect the that the facts. Or war or the proper decision under the constitution there I mean it's it's a dream I mean maybe you'll get one out of three year one out of ten. But it's it's it's not gonna happen most of the time he can't rely on the courts the judges are rock bit the Supreme Court follows the election returns as mr. directly used. Residents who don't want it it took that. We don't -- -- totally right now would be to put to rest because at that any proponent of gay -- approved in the bottom. And why would anyone supposedly normal sex drive superseded. Not -- -- her mother and father. Thanks for thanks for the call mark the 187746. Mind that's that's one of the weaker arguments though that the it's about procreation because -- about procreation and what happens when you know to a widow -- award get married at the age 65. Now mean that's that's not one of the better that's one of the better arguments and threw them beat the best argument is. Marriage is between a man and woman it's as simple as that it's always been that way it's not discrimination to say. That that that you wise -- -- that you can't marry someone of the same sex no one can marry someone of the same sex and -- -- as -- battle the Mary and one of the same subject. It's like say you're discriminated against me because I can't I -- you was I can't rob a bank. No you you you uncle went to a bank but you can't rob a bank. I just I just don't understand I you know it's it's just you know somebody somebody just says. Just read a read that thing was pretty well well what the the and attacks them -- comport here right now. It's. What is it this is 617 what is it with the onslaught of gay marriage gay rights gay everything stories in the news over the last month I can't take another second up -- the gay pride flag is flying over Salem City Hall today. What is the deal with this this state this country is so obsessed with gay rights and only affects about 3% of the population and it affects last. I'm so sick of this it really is a national neurosis or maybe even a psychosis. I think most people feel like I couldn't agree with the more I can't I can't put up with -- tonight and I think most people are for a feel the same way. Steve your next with -- cargo ahead Steve. Hey you know how it's funny that I always find that the people who are most upset with gay marriage. Are the ones -- a lot of these suspicious of little suspicious of these these. You you more and more food and I'm failure. Probably Canada game mattered about five years our society. Four and and you know I. Our I guess I'm guessing Steve that somewhere down in the lower courts those. Post polygamy and poly more fees and beast the Allenby and incest cases. Are beginning to -- a statute of statutory rape case but there are already starting. Well you. You would be wrong but I don't think it would be wrong. I look at a couple of quick points you've got rid of on the military's doing fine and you know what. Forty years ago there was no message that you weren't allowed to have interracial marriage. -- and as they're really. Actually that's not so you know -- that that is that that is another bogus thing that is that the bogus habit you know. They that was that was something that should have been prohibited because people or people should be allowed to Mary. People of the opposite sex because that's what marriage is about you shouldn't have any rules about who you can Mary and I mean if you're seventeen year old guy you wanna marry an eighty year old woman that should be OK it's insane. But it should should be allowed this again this is gay marriage is not marriage Stephen you know it. You know what you don't know how lucky you know this is how -- hours on this are also working god don't don't strike you dead without probable states. Don't worry have meaning for many months and -- -- it's finished it'll. How -- Forty years ago you would out of left -- have the money interracial marriage it would a lot everywhere and the sorrow. Okay so times changed gates. Time change. And it should bench 80% of all under thirty support gay marriage it's got to but I am just getting used to. Okay is Steven is something else get used to polygamy okay. He used to -- the gallery banks. One it's so I knew would come back for us. They were comeback be dessert -- desserts left wing magic radio for that the comeback that it -- would give me the needle. 18774694322. On our car.