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California's Gay Marriage Law Countdown

Mar 26, 2013|

The first of two gay-marriage cases the Supreme Court is hearing this week, centered on California's Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage. If the court to rules broadly the overturning of Prop 8 could invalidate every other restriction on gay marriage in the country. Howie was hoping that the court rules against Prop. 8.

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All right we're gonna give Beck talking about this year you know what the you know what the issue is are we what -- what about the fact that seven million helpful. Twice California. Voted Californians vote for us the very. Adverse state -- Twice they vote for the first time the the big -- got thrown out. They got thrown out saying that it it was a improperly. They re drew the native an amendment to the state constitution. Noticing it discriminates now now all the democratic politicians. Did not tomorrow they argue big dome defense of marriage. Now this was passed in 1996. By the Republican congress. And signed into law. By. President Clinton. He signed -- -- now he says it's unconstitutional. OK so President Clinton was for. The defense of marriage act before he was against the defense of marriage -- same for his wife Hillary. She was for the defense of marriage act before she was against the defense of marriage. Then you have Barack Obama. He supported traditional marriage when he was in the one when he was running for president. He when he was running for the Illinois State Senate in Chicago. He was four game which. -- was against -- so they was against gay marriage. Then now he's become four game paired together so you might say that Barack Obama the current president of the United States. Was Ford gay marriage before he was against gay marriage before he was four game which. OK so you know the big big the that -- they don't. Have too much consistency. Just they're following the polls are like that don't like -- whether you know whichever way the wind and I I know this is a bad word to say blows whichever way the wind blows. So much for the will of the people satisfied away exactly. Who balanced budget is bad who was Evelyn that was -- -- war -- Remember him when he ran for governor of Massachusetts. Ran for governor of Massachusetts I asked -- what's the western -- county in Massachusetts. He chemistry down that's when you get these and that's what you can get these carpetbaggers every time I ask about Berkshire County eskimo. You know really confuses -- mystic Connecticut River. The commanding -- in the Connecticut River is in Massachusetts how command big. Granny Warren thought there was -- seacoast in Massachusetts and and a Robert BA share. From Pittsburg PA. Thought that. But that the we needed no work for you to know where we're Berkshire County was you'd know what he never heard of Berkshire county and you know like I had lived in the state a lot longer than my -- Warren that. All right that's like proposition two and a half the voting does not stop until it passes very go to -- I'd like -- have mentioned that earlier. 187746943221877. You know. That thing is you you don't -- I don't know if you've given at a given it much thought about what this is this is gonna lead to Wednesday. You know to think about this. The a husband cannot testify against a wife and vice verse. You understand that right. Spousal. Privilege spousal immunity okay. Stevie Flemmi was divorced. That the guy that rifle man is the biography. Stevie Flemmi was the worst when he was never -- They could've gotten married. If if this had if the if they had -- gay marriage had been passed and they were still around are not in prison or on the -- they quite gotten married and not testify against each other. I give you another example. My friend Mary -- Manning. You know who was on the governor's council very very diligent worker very. Very serious warrior very serious researcher would be would would have been a great investigative reporter. She -- somebody that was up for judgeship gonna get a promotion. This woman had written in in one -- for judicial reviews she had said that the that that that this guy had. Had been accused of reaping his nephew. You've been accused of breaking his nephew so it was it was incest. Right. And this this person who wanted to be promoted to. To the next level of the judiciary. Had said that it really wasn't a crime. Because. Incest. Laws were designed. To prevent that I inter breeding and genetic defects being passed down from generation to generation. And since cents. In a week sodomizing. You're nephew. Would not by mam I -- uncle would not produce a child he was not guilty of any crimes. And she said Mary on me and said it's somebody's got this kind of views. I don't think I want them on the bench. And how many out there even if your -- how many out there think that's a little bit far. As the as a view. And yet after that that she was she was pilloried. By the by the gay and lesbian transgender etc. She was. She she was you know I asked over and over again in the mass lawyers weekly for for saying. And I just think that the you know which it's not you you mark my words I mean you know I mean they they laughed they laugh at. Rick Santorum you know why I think -- -- -- some ways it's crazy myself. But he's not crazy when he says that it's this gay marriage is not the end it's not the and you what do. Incest beast reality -- more feet polygamy. People are gonna be marrying. People my eighty years old with big pensions are going to be marrying their granddaughters. -- grandsons to walk past the pension down. It's. It's. You know these pensions want forever hazardous. You know -- they have to what that they add to their two people in the United States and still get pensions as a as children of civil war veterans. Think about what they think about what this would lead to -- -- if everybody could marry the thing hand down their pensions. Becoming people would end up with pensions. And there's just the big sign on the turnpike it says. Big billboard also makes me think Michael biased -- -- for couple months now. The first person to live to 150 years old is living now. Big -- you could skip a pension or you can -- a pension going for 300. 400 year. It's 18774694322. Evolving paradigms began evolving paradigms. So -- Bowman is unsettled law. Yes it has because it's in it -- gay marriage so of course it's unsettled law even though was it even though was -- Passed by congress -- large majorities and signed into law. It and I think they also say. What you care repeal gay marriage because has been going on for four years you know we've had for four years. That's that's you know that means it's me it's been go on forever you know we're gonna don't let the people of America. -- Beaumont was passed in 1996. Have been around for seventeen years there you repeal. 186. 18774694322. 18774694322. Obama's not evil -- gave Mary cheese and revolving yeah that's true that's a good way to put it provoked it. Like the weather today. You know spanning. Around and around and around in the wind. Mike you're next with how we cargo that Mike. Point three times this -- been put on them and ballots and then to try and put it to restate that it's gone down to defeat. As one thing I don't do that in this pandemic cannot reconcile whenever I see the debate about this drives me nuts. Prevail we say all the polls indicate that if people. -- you don't let Mike that you how many times have you read that in the globe and that's why it was said when they were they were trying to stop it from coming to a vote. If they believe their own polls I would think they would want it to be on the ballot. I think we respect what you think you could do me in the U listening audience of paper and get a copy of some of these that the questions that they ask in kind of find out who's doing couple who -- targeting. Because something's wrong here. He did you can't be that you can't be 180 degrees of Pope could be wrong but but they have been. So wrong yet that it's almost like it is living on -- -- and -- -- under. And I'm wondering if you could -- I'd like I have been pulled I'd like to know how the questions being that you could skew the question they get an aunt that you know I'd like. No I think a lot of this is just you know people you don't you're bombarded with this propaganda you know war around the clock in in every form of media. I mean it's don't you think some people are entering -- poll of polls just just want to say the politically correct thing. The -- that the the questioner is gonna think that there were retro bigots. That's right I think that's I think that's a lot but I I really would like that I'd just like this is to know hop what what what kind of questions they ask the people because -- -- -- -- appetite. Because the -- into the ballot box. When they typically get. And then -- -- vote against that everything everything into the paint and an end yet in yet. -- date of the if you if you fought game if you just do you discount to be affected the people want sound defeat twenties state but they've all become your Bible. Right right to bend but and again that you say. But you say -- one IP if you're gonna win the election let's have -- election you shouldn't be afraid and they said you can't put civil rights on the ballot. Now what you can but it's okay to -- -- improv group. -- -- -- like I did I just I would really I would -- said well certainly would appreciate. It. I don't know what they I don't know what the questions are bothered. What they they get the results they won. -- you know you know that like to get the results they want to in the in the poll questions especially in things like this mean you I think polls are legit sometimes in the most of the time they're legit you know their polling a primary. You know Woolsey Woolsey if -- -- and to have her or mention mark winter marquee. The most culturally jet because there's no there's no particular acts that. But the you know when there's a political ax to grind you have to look at who's conducting polls again the global was -- -- But -- never had gay marriage losing in any state in in any in in Massachusetts and yet the globe. Has has always been totally opposed to having a vote I mean not that it doesn't make sense I mean if you. If you're gonna win you wanna play the game don't -- I knew I was. I like winning. Winning this five and thanks for the call Mike 187746943221877469. It will never end by may Mary my father to guarantee my inheritance and prevent my brother from getting. You know I hadn't even thought about that you have been treated me very welts on so you know what I'm gonna Mary your brother. And he's gonna get he's gonna get the pension. Yeah I never but that could that could happen. Big and -- use and will they can use pensions. Five await your clown clown okay -- a clown. -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- I -- look I'm a young girl fourteen years old and I am. Against the -- it's a man caught -- on your -- -- compared to -- African Americans getting their -- yeah. Beer eat you act. Hundreds of people why. Can't quite wrap it. Art of the court living in abject poverty treated like that would be your. Actually pretty damn well and not a problem and keep an actual live quiet. And why she day. I know I you know what is the that you know will you or even I'm maybe you don't know this but the you know they've -- they have these problems with the rest stops I don't know you know sesame. Did -- heterosexual people don't hang around at rest -- right they get a motel room and you know. I I -- I just say get a motel -- And let the love it let the love that dare not speak its name not speak its name for a while I mean but it. Only you can't say this in school you're going to be going to be brand that. I go to private school everybody is the -- And Mary didn't bear in horse to admit it in Georgia who appoints their despair is so you can't help I need to build a nearly. Not -- not being mean darn negate community and they really care about children like an apparent. Happened adoption agencies that keep it they really wanted to. Why that is a good point you're very well informed for fourteen Euro. They horse that was -- of the Catholic adoption agency was -- Largest adoption agency in the in the commonwealth and it did a world of good putting putting orphans in or were they -- children. In with the families and the the -- put it out of business totally out of business. Really want to help children want to adopt children. Joint adoption agency. Make and. Thanks for the call early and keep buy -- a -- -- -- to keep up with the news. Thanks 1877469432218774694322. Adding these polls are about as accurate as the ones that showed -- was going to win. They did they they did pass it was passed a few states or somebody said Maine Maryland and Washington State to legalize -- OK that was the first time I was I believe that was the first time the war any victories. Now 18774694322. 120 -- understand that gay sex is. Well and I I'm not gonna say it again it's not just nice guys holding hands. I think twenty year olds understand that open. I would -- -- 18774694322. Wall blow your next with. We are going at -- Oh. Yeah I know she's very she's very intelligent. I -- -- that against the when she applies for college in a few years. Yeah opening get a real name. The -- -- Montreal that I am right when he the only reason that you'll post game aired. Almost actual. When he said song he said most people tonight. And deceased is -- is he such as suspicious of me and he said now. Is relatively. Back on the same thing and let him once -- Helm of the in the last one in line yeah. You saw that there are little things in my. While I was in my daughters -- the other day and you know arguments and stuff when when she came back from the spring break. And us went downstairs and it was a big poster on the on the wall in its six questions you're not supposed to say like OK I get that's so gay. Ward your retarded. In all this stuff but just as I was walking out like hot the last when you know another Frazier now I'm not supposed to say. You got race. What about what is it about you can't say you say it's. If you don't -- not include their clothes that. You know apparently we had a case where I ordinary. I remember interview on -- are we interviewed are among the year Walt. Is -- to show them your members that was it I remember Foxborough -- -- I didn't where crowbar to fresh memory to. -- -- I remember -- They're Robin -- -- impairment -- -- -- like -- to die you know the dog's name was lady. It was still it was a heterosexual. Union to -- -- out. And predator court. And then. He was charged with cruelty to animals right uniquely in the defense was that he had the -- in love. -- all. You know -- personally. First regularly used to say first history repeats itself as tragedy then as farce. I think in the commitment in America now history is repeating -- story begins this -- in -- and becomes a tragedy. You know me that I've got it was a farce and I -- but it's coming it's coming to court on their you know. -- -- 18774694322617. You truly are a vicious human being. Okay I'm truly vicious human thing. 1877469432218774694322. To -- I wish my fourteen year old was that Smart. All right -- you're next with how we cargo ahead -- And how he's had some great calls today took a little bit of my under. And -- I was in north seeing you know walked out of a place in and Robert Wright was coming out and -- tired old white guys almost look like hopped out on top of the -- But I doubt. -- did terrible what a terrible what do. Size of fall and I am. I most vicious human figure -- size of follow. -- and the other thing about. He balding cultures meet people understood any thing about it to the fact is the government doesn't really long. That marriage -- You're originally got in the marriage business there weren't there were churches around so people went to adjust -- that the eighties there was no presumption of special types of lifestyle everywhere with live in the same lifestyle old stretching the boundaries but you know what's happened. If we get this concept because government got involved that's saint Pete sanctity of merit and other deluding. Let these people. Yeah thank you break it up Chris thanks for the call one I'm told to tell you it's -- Emery. Pol Pot Polly -- not -- more be okay I'm sorry Paul are you sure. Now I'm not talking just telling -- anonymous it's worked out ups and I think that's -- -- Maybe it's more -- -- 187746943221. I never know I never knew this existed tolerated in the global but some people work backward thinking of going to court because they have. They they were all very much of the five there were all very much in lolly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK okay I get the Yemen at the -- are married just mixed that apple. All right. 18774694322187746943. 22 that is -- toll free number of the Howie Carr show. 775 do you -- the gays will stand up for me now though want to marry my sheep when all the nonsense and now. You -- to know what was in nature was lady bug it was freaking 1955. In the state thanks to your camp we're currently -- the same. With a -- name lady lady bugs in the now people are saying -- was lady -- -- the lady bug lady for sure. Want to look I mean I'm sure that he referred to her as lady lady that was her nick and that could have been her nickname for lady bug again now okay. If by Mary my dentures is that a polygraph. -- 18774694322. From now we are. 1877469432218774694322214434. A teacher to medical school and win when we just cut our national accreditation review in the major fault raised by the value waiters was lack of LBG whatever it is lesbian gay etc. by tree engenders faculty. All the problems in our health care system but the government only cares about having more gave doctors. You know several people mention on the each several textures -- mentioned that this is a pretty good diet change the subject. Like us which way you play type of event here. You know they they hit the they talked about the economy when there were running for reelection or election. Obama and and it was warm in the rest of the Democrats. Now it's pretty -- clear that the economy is as terrible as ever trek out to a more commitments column and the in the Wall Street Journal today about how bad the economy he has. Look at the look at the fact that way via a warrior former aide to Ted Kennedy. Physically. -- -- -- Couple weeks ago because he wanted to become Venus and an assistant commissioner of agriculture -- it'll have a law degree. NEC and he's you know got all these credentials of being you know hack the career -- was -- -- for a former member of the board of the steam ship up or down which means -- mean -- made me and is actively wanted to be an assist -- -- didn't ups. Even the globe story about it yesterday. About old white guys not be able to get job it's not just old white guys it's everybody. It's. All got price -- sale -- So this is -- this is better this takes the heat off you know. Obama's been dropping in the polls so he's so we decided to have a naturalization ceremony at the White House yesterday. That was that was a deliberate effort to boost up his numbers again because he thinks with his with his crowd you know the illegal aliens in the welfare recipients you know there. Barrel in favor of having having more wrote more welfare recipients moving in the country. So -- he had AM naturalization ceremony at the White House you know -- -- somebody -- you know -- -- financial -- -- -- what's happened in -- now they're saying -- the the banking chiefs of your pursuing its it -- it's like pursuing going to be isn't going to be the last place -- -- -- 40% of the money out off the top. One fuel taxes now if you if it Cyprus. Cyprus takes 40% of your money -- do you still old money. For acts like -- should do -- the only things. Certain in this life for death and taxes right. 18774694322187746943222. Most of them. What is up with all the gay bashing who's been bashing gays. Who said anything. Derogatory about gays all I'm saying is that marriage is between Armenian woman and suddenly that -- I mean that's statement. Which has been true since man develop language. Is now hole. Gay bash. Whatever gave that whenever gay bashing means. 1877. We haven't been calling gays debate yesterday that's you know we do that someday you know I took that I picked that up from arm at Doral. He said the he was tired of of homosexual using the word gay so it was a -- re re reclaim the word gay for everybody. For all us I -- Who were guys or else and he was gonna say that that they consider calling it the gay community was McAuliffe the -- of community. That that vicious home full armament to -- He put all those stories in about trooper gave -- his magazine back way back -- David you're next with -- cargo ahead David. But it Ellen jumped -- -- Mabel and those. You know put a ballot 25 residential it will -- down his throat and get a -- as people you know. -- a bit stay where we don't like gay people but it's not much. Right figured you'd think video of people were against that would've gotten three chances to wanna get their way offended the first time they were -- in the what are called it like I said settled law right. Well about the bigger drive -- trying to flight. There are all about tolerance until -- against the it marriage and intolerant of football quite likely to be tolerant of my opinion and you know it's like that's the way it's been forever will keep it that -- why problem McDowell but not. You know racist or bigoted and homophobic but you know whatever happens -- tolerance for everyone's opinions. Not -- a schoolteacher right up fourteen year old kid. Who's that girl well we have to call a boy we. Because they associate more debt jeopardy the boy is back for what it's like this kid is so screwed up -- so confused. This is -- rubble of our society now this is messed up these people. Like he awkwardly cute right from the get go flight. This is part of what's problem -- our society at dissolution of Americans feel at all like boy adult how popular figures group raised by two women in orbit. We've been girls who go off the box you know father figures compare. Where you -- to two women it's like what the hell is on here don't want we actually grew up kids to launch. She grew up things and have no idea what direction -- pop you know it's quite good. No pun intended it to -- What are the voice think of having this girl in the bathroom -- -- They don't know work out all out to even say it because. Italy and they can probably put two and two together can't they well. -- And it's not profitable book section and I can assure -- he. Well and I can assure its effect or an art school work a little work a -- high school technological control of their parents got to form for graduation present. Yeah and we want to watch all of our society. Municipal. They operation when you're eighteen for as a graduation present I I know I got an -- I don't even like Kevin my kids get their ears pierced. Right well I -- -- so I think that's what I can assure you this one bears no parents pay it forward it's going to be you. Well we are just like the guys particularly well so you better with what you know you should all white dot. Makes me nots. Yet now that's not that's -- worldwide David by the way they get to people in Britain ever I've probably read it on the Internet and -- -- this is a great way I'm gonna go to warm women's prison since you know for the rest of my life so they then you. Now they got a waiting list in the UK. But how do you get to be about service ought to be -- You can order a truck that's a lot of -- it -- I don't do it again on holidays. And they get it on and weekends even though -- -- BBD cards I mean the next thing is is why it's got to be room service right. Thanks for the call 18774694322. We're the guys with multiple wives rights. Yeah well I mean that -- -- What are what are going to be arranged marriages. I mean who are we gonna stop arranged marriages right. Mean they they did that happens -- that that that happens right -- in the -- of some people have been trying to do that they come over for my hat for Muslim countries and may have arranged marriages in there and that the daughter doesn't want to what take part of that they Kelly Keller. Mean with a -- we're celebrating diversity here. Steve your next with how we cargo ahead Steve. How we did today it never according to the term marriage and insisted. A new or used. The term heterosexual. -- opposite gender unions. The militant homosexuals would insist that the term was not specific enough to exclude their relationships. You know. I I just I was listening to you earlier -- Bulgaria and I have one. I have another one that it comes to mind the kind of I think checks by the -- altogether and that would be. -- -- Yeah no I I know that -- that we we talked about this during the Roman Catholic. Church scandal you know -- they always said. The priest or pat off files and you know can -- not go along with that most of the time but sometimes a -- to a non PC and I take. Actually they're -- or us you know that's what they are I mean -- asked is is is 99% of them were at a grass collect. That's correct and the first step to get the pattern -- Homosexual. -- -- arrest is a guy is is a is is a -- male homosexual -- bunkers young boys. And someone said by the way to that that guy in Dover Dover fox -- his dog was named not lady lady bug but leading blogger. Thanks for the call Steve 18774694322. On -- car. -- -- -- as co exist means agree with liberals open minded shooting spree with which I would have involved. Means flip flop your opinions to -- with the liberals. Next you're next with how we cargo -- neck. You know -- -- hit parade. That the political that is -- if you -- all involved in this case judge on walker. I'm not anybody in out of Volvo. The great Georgia eight bush. And then the judge who came along and -- now he should he should look at these uses change we have another file. All this is -- this is the gay the gay guy into effort sisco who -- I -- you know who know everybody had to do but he did in the facility. Yeah it was processed into another just to quote it's that this is James -- That he should should truly yours so wouldn't. Celebrate diversity and Hamas and -- -- car.