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Mumbles Menino: Boston's Favorite Mayor Will Not Run

Mar 28, 2013|

Mayor Tom Menino has announced he will not seek a sixth term. Howie was desolate and felt compelled to play the best of Mumbles Menino as a tribute to his favorite outgoing Mayor.

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And then this Mayor Menino yes side what are you -- I think you're gonna miss him dreadfully I know we all Amin insists he was a highlight to our day whenever you would give a public speech. That's right yes I I think it's it's it's really a shame I mean I. You know I urged him to run on Sunday tiger are -- urged him in my column this morning to reconsider. -- you know I'm I'm. I'm dismayed. -- currently only 33% estimate along with us well I think they're very shortsighted. That will change that's one thing that really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right if you would like to buy my book by the way my book is available. Yet Amazon.com. It's number 82 is the best selling wrestling we're in the United States right now even though it has hasn't come out. It's called rifleman I don't know why it's on the wrestling best seller list but it is. And it's it it's it's available at Amazon but you can get it for a lower price. At how we car -- dot com how we partial dot com pre order it. You get a for 1995. Instead of 12599366. Box and you get free shipping and handling. How we car. Show dot com is the place to to -- Although it is available elsewhere and a soon will be available. In the but on -- is soon will be available as -- need not available right now but they finished that up and there are argued giving about their their sending off to -- Amazon on. That Barnes & Noble and apple shall soon be available there probably by within the next couple of days. But anyway I hope you watch hope you enjoyed the book and I hope given a truck. And the us where to park where what to talk a little bit about the -- shares in the in the early going and you know I know it's a it's a somewhat of parochial issue but I mean again he is. In member of the show music keys -- -- cast member. This would this would be like you know I listen to the magic radio outage you know was that the satellite radio the radio classics this would be like. This will be like Dennis day leaving the Jack many show -- He's diseased body and every episode but he's he's often here. Whenever we can put him and if there is -- this -- special topic on the line 11. And -- you know we that we we hear we're sorry to see him go I think -- I think what happened us. That you know we we the we part about it yesterday to Tuesday. The they have a picture in the paper guess Monday he appeared at the big Big Apple circus and they were they they were doing little publicity spot in the it in City Hall laws. So we came out you know given the city greetings let's. Andy he looked just awful. -- he was he was on Kane you'll like bikini team was the only thing standing between him and fall on them on those nasty -- -- City Hall laws were terrible in the paper the next day and Tuesday. He also went to. His doctors and the doctors. Street should the doctors I don't know what they told them -- a feeling that the prognosis was not good if you look at. Your doctors -- when ample theater. And the price that you don't you know you you shouldn't be running for another term this is gonna you know you don't have the you don't have the strength -- more to to run for another term. And he certainly is a veteran politician knew that that one more incidents like. He medical incidents and he he would probably be toast to begin. Thank you. You know it was moving around in the city after he first got -- hospital you know sitting in the back VS UB. You know waving to people you know like he was FDR. You know in the inventory -- the only thing was missing was the cigarette apple. But that's that's just my plate now that you know you gotta get out. In the moderate like -- boys start off the camera the president's gotten out of a car letting it happen now days. So he was gonna they'd be republika terrible and I he was a people worry the the fewer events he he was going to he was it was taking a long time to get up to the stage. Last -- last August for example. They were having some kind of meeting at there are some kind as -- of some conference or something. At down at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. And he was Steve it was supposed to be a very brief thanks so he was standing there. So whoever was a master of ceremonies Sunday at two Pelosi in the audience and and -- so there's Nancy Pelosi so she took that you know Nancy Pelosi she took that as an invite. To war come up on that stage and just start yet happened and you happen and you happen. And as the time went on you know people from Boston watching Menino just starting pro like sway in the -- was have a tough time standing up. Mean -- the -- -- twenty years old listening them Nancy Pelosi would be on the verge of falling over -- but you know the mayor you're not supposed to keel over. And finally a couple of guys from Boston. Brought up pitch here in just slip it right under sorted so we could sit down. In men there was a poll. The so most recent poll that the key he that that he saw the globe and a poll. And by he was ahead of -- homily John -- by a margin of about fifty to 21. But the globe noted that. That the a poll. Against his main opponent who was flats clarity from South Boston. And -- he had had 61%. Of the vote. -- and he ended up. So -- -- had gone from 61% in March -- final mar his final margin his final percentage in the in the November election was 57%. So we lost 4%. Now this year he's starting out with 50%. If he loses 4%. This time. He's down to 46%. And there's only two people in the final election there you can't you can't drop a Tim KL. Or a Jack Christie -- -- and there you're gonna have to people in there so. The chances war that there I mean there were too many too many unknowns. Out there for him I think. You know what woody woody have a medical condition that would force him back into the hospital and make people think that the he wasn't ready. What do you have to do while we're -- I mean. People voters just don't like it when you when you can't walk while I've seen it before I saw with dapper O'Neil was a friend of mine also friend of Bob Manny knows. And wants dapper once -- started appearing in wheelchairs at the rallies it was all over you know people's -- and vote for. And if you ever had to go out in a wheelchair and I would have been in the -- line in need to wanna go out like that he'd wanna go like dapper. -- he was there the night that barrage that that that dapper loss I remember back in 1999 you know the work. There were three of us the win and they are compelled dapper that it was over -- Menino and -- Jimmy Kelly the City Council president who we were still one. And it was just it was heartbreaking this it to see dapper you know saying I think I -- his girlfriend named Helen. They gotta I gotta call Helen I gotta tell them they don't they don't like me. You know world said. Jimmy Kelly CN -- -- not your fault the sea change you know I'm sure marbles than wanna go through with himself I mean it was it was. It was talent to watch somebody's life just you know quorum. Let's solve apple was politics and that's basically all the -- Cecil though you know apple was a bachelor he he had it I guess mumbled a little more on -- -- -- But you don't want he didn't want to want to go out. You know feet first he wanted to it's better to what's it's better go -- on -- but too many people get to go on top. In this in this world just asked Jay -- 1877469432218774694322. Look on the bright side how we chick -- may now come to Boston. -- -- -- the chick -- it was ever -- I'm not comfortable lost you know I was just one of those things he just he really over overreached himself feet. Annual book but let's -- you know they they used missing from me gently blowing getting -- -- a lot for your social standing. And that's forcing now I mean models might -- -- always being eulogize here all I. I mean he's he's been he's been pretty nasty -- to some people over the years you know army -- you know. Few years ago I don't remember that there were they were starting to close branch libraries in Boston. It only they regularly and have a they were just a little short there would have to disclose a few of the branch libraries. It's funny Howell all the branch libraries that got clothes were in areas that he and Kerry in the last election. You know me -- he could -- -- he can be as small and that's that X I know no doubt about it. But you know I again I'm sorry to see him go it's such. Tuesday we will what you what you talk about the -- we've got a ton of we've got to -- a pond of Bob. Box sound cuts here that we're gonna play throughout the course of Padilla. The evening. We we just tell people that that just ago they want some laps to go to war mumbled Menino dot US but that that that -- for reasons that too complicated to -- -- That that web site is down but we still have attached. So where it's we've got all the we've got all the cuts from all mumble from mom -- Menino bought US. And I we will have some fun when but you know via the regular. What -- look at who's gonna succeed mean you're you're you're you may well yet. You're gonna probably get somebody who's politically correct chances are that they may not even be from. Boston they may not even be from Massachusetts you know. There were it that you're gonna get if it's if it's you know Dan -- your John Connolly will be someone much slicker. You know somebody who could speak in complete sentences somebody who will be more much more guarded. If it's I -- Presley will be another one you know the ball Obama -- she's black. Sonja Chang-Diaz. The senator from Roxbury she's not really black but. I guess if -- honest not running belch they'll claim she's a woman of cholera and that she is it -- definitely be a woman she's the one who defeated Dianne Wilkerson and or is -- calls at that Diana will -- -- So anyway 187746943221. Rates Fred Berry was in a wheelchair it was Fred Barry was a senator. You know. I mean I don't think you want a an executive -- it's a different thing when you have an executive I mean if you're just a legislator. It's it's all right to be a wheelchair you know -- Tom cavity is an idea a big east old heiress and -- in the legislature for Brock that he's in a wheelchair. But that's not that's not a big deal but you know you want the you want the president but to be governor of the mayor too -- to be somebody who win is a is able to get around -- zone I mean that's just the way it is people -- people see a minute we -- As incapacitated they're going to be a lot less likely to vote for. Let's see here a 978 Menino always speaks for the fisherman's feast opener he always spoke for everything he spoke for the -- he spoke at the opening of envelopes. That was the thing about it you know either he didn't really it again he didn't have a wife you know people were talking about the -- -- channel seven was just asking me they they interviewed me and they said that they said why did the producer that was points at. Why didn't he ever get any speech that. -- the city is full of up people who wore who the you don't like the King's Speech for that you've for seen that movie it was a great movie a few years back. About how the the king of England was -- to get over -- by this by this. Got who was just them middle class. Not even didn't even have a degree just became a speech. Speech expert. End so the producer for channel summits are widening ever -- go to some kind of speech -- -- you know there would -- guys like there was a -- the doctor stay. Doctors Daly school of the spoken word -- -- big you know he owned a big brownstone on nov. On base they wrote you know that which is now now basically all be you. And EE he is among his as his students were -- were rod James Michael Curley. Jack Kennedy and even dapper -- dapper -- took his GI bill -- GI. Bill. Tuition money and and work how to speak. It used to talk about heroes make it speaks the standing up straight you know trade put it put an egg on your head so to make -- your -- their straight. And then I had to hit so that you -- governor -- you would never to speak slouch over because it it made your words less effective and a bit less powerful. -- follow these guys aren't there guys like -- still around so. -- went to one home one day after it became mayor and said the only commute can you teach me how to speak to. -- Because you can't -- -- you you can't talk that's the reality so. The say the -- expects mumble a call back you -- sleeves and says I'll call will be back in touch and waits a week he waits two weeks he waits three weeks. And -- or calls impacts are finally going to big idea calls the the is called city hall and says of what's going on but that the mayor was gonna call me back and the woman I guess who took call a -- briefed on what the site. And does she she told them she said Angela next that his wife said does she said Tommy's a neighborhood guy. And I you know he this is the way he talks in this way he acts in the -- you can't try to change human you'll make him into phony so we don't we're gonna mess with his speech. I think that's what they did the note in the whenever -- No one ever tried to want you know why give him what you should one. It's no no one ever tried to -- On fracture his listen packs. 18774694322. How much money has the as the mumbling that he made over the last twenty years bleep him good riddance. Well you know again the he's he's made -- he makes a 175000. Dollars a year his his son is a cop. Who makes about a about a hundred grand a year and plus he works for a supper construction which is owned by John for issuance of the fish family. They have a lot of construction projects and announcer makes a lot more money there. His is his the -- is I believe it's a secretary. At city hall and she makes over a 100000 here. So only that the thing and we does pretty BM well there's no doubt about that. 18774694322187746943. 22. By the weight she's adorable old Obama do -- like she's blocked. How I can't stand PC crap in that comment offended me she's also from Chicago what are you wanted to say she's a black person from Chicago. The volatile black person from Chicago Obama is a black person from Chicago how shall I describe. How do you want me to describe. She's also got 20/20 grand that are count one how much how far she's gonna get on twenty area. 1877469. Worth three to two. Favored Menino moment during a major heat wave if you have a -- and use it are there a lot of their a lot of moments like that there are a lot of moment we got that we a lot of people wanna talk about mumbled. A actress get a couple more cuts before go to the phone lines. And tell and I'll ask that he be interested they're running for senator Kerry's seat should he win the nomination. For Tuesday. I will not be cancellation policy that well except a draft. I will not be -- intimidation and I will seek okay what he will accept a draft you're give us one more. Boston masters -- -- sorry five years and making. In making one -- there. All right bill you're next with how we cargo ahead -- Holly it's not a matter that he couldn't speak the guy there's no appointees. Don't. And I don't know why the hell of blocking kept putting him yet and yet and yet and yet this guy is a complete there. I'm that bill billion figured you live in Maine so you didn't see the debate last night between Steve lynch and Ed Markey the two congressman the democratic debate these guys wanna succeed. John Kerry on the democratic side what. I'll I'll just gonna tell you -- marquis is is. I think after watching that debate dumber than Tom Menino I would take Menino NA in an IQ test any day over -- -- But you know as it is not a -- oh Egyptian Howard no matter of the guy is a complete moron and it comes out when he speaks. -- got to tell us what to eat what to -- I'm glad he's gone. As far as. Somebody being in a wheelchair if they have a boring I don't give a gamble to damn wheelchair I hear what's on top of this show that this guy was standing upright. And making a mockery of his -- But they voted for me you know he would he either you know bill. He got he got he -- what five times for mayor and he never got less than 57% of the vote. Because of orderly getting dumber and dumber and dumber look at the last presidential election. That's not his fault you can't you can't blame Menino. For representing. The BD based state of the -- But I mean the point is this guy is not -- not a factor that he can't -- he has no brains I think you'll know what he's saying. This guy talks like he -- maybe got what great. It's not do you think it's do you think gut to survive been in a cutthroat world like Boston politics I mean one of a larger cities in the country. I mean for twenty years I mean he can't be totally stupid that bill. Every Arab graft and corruption I mean this guy -- I think it. As I thought well you know that's what I'm saying and he doesn't that you know you can't say I. I don't think you could say he's dom I mean you can shake hands say yeah he's an articulate. It. He's articulate kick it should be Smart ended articulate. I'm being honest and I'm not being politically active guy is complete. Fool who had no business being there for as long as he didn't look at the stadium. Dissenting opinion that the Ambien in charge of. Thanks for the call bell 1877469432218774694322. Would mumbled to ever have -- if he had backed and first replacing -- ball. Of course not he was accidental mayor he was a heat the -- the way -- got to be mayor west when was the -- when was the mayor Ray Flynn. And in bit Bill Clinton was elected and the plan had done some work for him and EEE he oldham a favor and he said what are you want to array. And race and I wanna be the ambassador to the Vatican. And so Clinton said that's fine and so when -- quit being mayor to become ambassador to the Vatican the president of the City Council. Tom Menino became the acting mayor until they can hold a an election in the fall. And the election in the fall was the big guy that the prevailed the it in second place was Jim brat. A or a US state -- whose. Who's who's wife worked as the secretary for Billy Bulger so he was the Bulger camp that he was the state house Bulger -- The angry. White Irish guy Q in value lost you lost big time because he wasn't very good candidate. David you're next with how we cargo ahead David. The title page. That that last -- really tried my he knows. I've brought Brad might. I got about an -- in the Red Sox won again -- who's gonna split the operates. Yeah but yeah. Yeah Barrett very text what's the upper right yell at. That might be my favorite so -- somebody forgetting that a viable candidate -- Walsh comes from the district. I don't agree with that politics and don't personally great diet and he's got a great like many you know. If -- the -- all you gonna get elected bodies great like that. But it again though what they've damage this might call to him. What Marty -- has the old Bill Brown at the old Jim Brett distract right. He got it any -- -- -- I got so I wasn't enough in 1983. So we're twenty years later down the road the gym rat crowd has been leaving one way or another haven't -- immediately he has he has a chilling. Walsh now has a Chinese precinct in in in not Quincy. Right indicating the key point. The thing that makes him different but all in this is why I think he's viable is he does have that district is the old Brett district. But it's a different. Populist so he actually had a lot more in common than maybe anybody but -- immune and -- to thank. Based not only in itself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cops say a mighty -- district is not Cambodian Vietnamese and Japanese army. Both of the people he represents. But is this is his his base is the union -- he works for the Boston building price that's his base. In his bases the legislature. Because he's the chairman of the house ethics committee when you don't Puerto you don't put an outsider or someone who's gonna rock the boat and is the chairman of the house ethics committee. Right also he's like the ultimate insider he's got a big union job pays like 150000. And he's got a chairmanship. Where he's supposed to keep the live on. But but Ali also invite you you know you know this better than most. Look at the field look at the way in the don't get elected we all these reasons why you -- viable. But you gotta look at the field in the he's got to get a chance if not better than I think most of the people -- there the only thing -- he's more articulate -- that's going to be -- back. It's cool that's been dating grown to expect us very much speak at -- they -- and play the clip of that may have who is. At a that would mean Indian -- that -- in and -- -- what kind of accent that was. Always -- -- was out of the ball was that the mayor of Baltimore in the not equal the elementary Arizona -- Yeah I advocate what Beck got accented that have never heard that -- sort of like -- I don't we have our thanks for the call 18774694322. How -- what about lynch running if he loses the marquis well I guess he could but. At that won't give a much -- he would that that the primary is on April 30 for the senator Pete loses he that would give him like about three or four weeks to get the signatures he needed. And I don't how what that look you know you just lose you immediately let you get elected in 2012. Of the house you immediately run for the senate you lose the senate primary. And you immediately turn around run for mayor. And -- by the way if you look at if you look at Lynch's district he's huge war and he he judge he in shape most of the most of the Boston precincts out of that district he read rather represent suburbia than those are some of those districts in the in the or twenty for instance where you would think he would do well but there's been shipped in the population and a it's -- really Stephen Lynch like people and earning more. 18774694322. On -- car. There are more aptly. Was actually a moment. Ever time I aren't. The sport. -- all the ball. Best wherever the ball fair. Or launch right now Mary pass. Terror attacks were in our rights. -- forget those. Marvelous thing is Varitek splitting the upper right. So no more chances to see my favored -- globe headline if Baltimore loses Menino will get crabs. No those headlines are gone. How we stop implying that the reason all the moon bats are being elected reelected is slowly because of low information voter how in the hell can you win or lose an election if you don't even know who's voting or -- citizen not a fell all is lost. Whoever Menino endorses will clearly be the next mayor -- better by a a lot of baby wipes the -- -- will soon begin. Yeah I think you know you got to understand that the the organization. Is not based on loyalty. Two -- at least in Boston City Hall all the organization is not based on. Loyalty to Tom Menino loyalty is based. On loyalty to the job. People wanna keep the job that's what it's all about they don't want to lose the job that they want to be with a winning camp. That's why when when Menino took twins organization in the 1993. All -- people are 90% of them stayed with them. Because they wanted to keep their shops. And I hope they didn't wanna take a chance going with the boulders. 1877469432. True Martin look Martha Luther king. It'll I love that one I don't know how I know from officer mark -- I know how to find a map and or when they get over the size matters. Or when to get my flu shot. Yes. Another one. The boss and I want. Give me -- -- -- watched the way up one Austin way Weston. Our Dave your next without -- cargo a day. -- -- You know one of the things that I I always liked about Tommy was said. He he never aspired to be anything more then. Mayor of the city of Boston right yeah and any love the job I can I can I can envision him get a paycheck every region saying to himself. I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this. You know -- a guy like Kevin White he was always bitter because he didn't detectives. Governor in the right and it. And -- found out the job was too hard to do you like doing it anymore. But there's something to be said for a guy who really enjoys his work. And also provides. The populace with high entertainment from time to time so. You know you know in the streets and less -- they weren't plowed with their use with their usual usual left the efficacy this winter. I mentioned in passing of my neighbor that I think I think I think -- has done. Because prior -- that. If there was never a problem you know -- -- decide in sidewalks for cars repaired and I think he had a lot you know what to do that he he he knew that that's that's what got him elected and soreness in that regard I'm sorry to see him go back -- Thank you day one actually. 1877469432. To do when someone wants -- area shot to we have Mary -- mechanic that's mile paper. He's been much in his Christian commitment I don't know what sort of soft when you're -- but they don't trust -- -- need. Can -- this course you know and give her marriage should get to -- Can. Anybody. Make up your finger right source right source. -- was from like a summer TV. Replacement series and your -- DC the it was for the early reality shows they decide to follow five Bostonians around the city in the just the haircut but things. And a one of them one of those people what followed was -- and a that you were having a problem with the media. And I told them -- in the it was about the heat he used to have he was a to a colleague someone who wish to Columbia journalism ethics professor you know he he you like he he he pondered. The use of sources you know like that's why we -- using -- shot a connection protect whatever she says whatever reset. And then he had a problem with so sources where was the source where we got the sources. Where's that. We're looking for those were looking for resources. Well we'll find it will find it John you're next with how we cargo ahead John. John. They're glad. It absolutely test member. He's in news. Look up for a good. They asked what we are locked -- of like it or it looked forward to the but -- -- Menino. Yeah I know it. Like a look I look forward to what is well I mean I was just as happy as you work you know and here it -- see it coming because I think it cracked me up. And what exactly am I on exports player. Or you're not here taken request but yet a done deal cut. Yeah approved on Gillis is around you we've got the aged just takes a while sometimes to what the -- mop. -- -- -- we actually yeah we had moved -- ambulance last I believe that we'll get you will get food on -- where John Kerry just I don't keep last month. 1877469. Were three to two I'm going to miss hearing marbles which walked from the parking urged the way we're -- George. It played again for doing George. -- -- And be here next with how we cargo ahead Andy. You know. -- a couple of things for. One side my record mumbled putting more I think an evacuation plan when we. -- -- don't worry the major hurtful rewarding. Mapped out. Holy you know I remember that I don't know that we have that when Mel I didn't see that -- today on I know exactly what you mean the idea. Yeah he did say something ought about our hero is the major arteries and he said the artillery as. -- -- Are a bit from a lot because a lot under Margaret York -- indicate you can go on -- and -- Are you called what could have a big smile on your pace otherwise it's funny he go -- what he was let us. No I you know somebody said last night -- -- guess somebody came back from Harold and that clocked a woman and and they said that he said he's not he said he's not running. And and somebody also apparel said have you checked into us of the tape two or three times to make sure you that's what he really said. Lets you could tell you couldn't help thanks okay go ahead. Go ahead you know if -- ever real issue. Issue. Enormous source which ignored because it is a really incredible and I really believe in what is sure it. Why would they give their names I mean -- Harrison has some shall I mean is. And short changed our particular issue like this. Some of media's did not allow. Enormous sources. Of course media is world media missed the singular media is poorly I need to silica. -- -- -- professor but it's it's not media's marbles okay. In Norman us. Mr. -- -- -- with how we cargo ahead mr. acts. I. Was. It's -- X -- acts yet quite -- down memory lane. -- -- act. One was mental detectors in the all I forgot about that. You don't have one that goes a pack of metal detectors yeah. What's. One and -- of this book. What happened. Win. Named ambassador. In. An interview -- the dial the other station. And he promised that you know go in. And make. -- followed. It. Up and dial. Yeah yeah. And I don't balance certainly not. Yeah no it isn't it isn't you know DD have you have you ever heard the one where his his public service announcement for a for a certain type of cancer. Have you heard that when. Hope you got that one press. I could play the you don't want already write this -- which what is beer and when he talked about Colorado -- I don't know we don't know we have when -- -- that's that's great one point that would be made that. Sam Adams and apple against. It's -- that this would put Colorado have been don't have any -- disseminated out. Another subject he's so expert on. Hold all of -- -- yet that we prostrate cancer but he played one against for mr. Ajax. Together we can -- prostrate cancer. Prostrate cancer mr. Ajax. It's a killer and now we are.