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The Best Of Mumbles Menino

Mar 28, 2013|

In honor of Boston Mayor Tom Menino's decision to retire from office in 9 months we offer you our favorite Mumbles cuts.....

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And tell and I'll ask that he be interested they're running for senator Kerry's seat should he win the nomination. -- Tuesday. I will not be generational -- Well except a draft. Boston masters us. Rather sorry five years. And making. Ever -- rally in the no a hundred years marijuana. We'll serve right 98 king. Henry has been function. -- we get that high hopes. How. Seems like 400 yes hey -- As we face. These threats to our national security. Let's remember that city. Is a tight tight knit community. If we pulled together. Prepare ourselves. And help our neighbors. That's the best way to face. The challenges. -- today's world. Process and -- minority majority saying. This is a long standing drug addicted to our Brooke. But both -- -- secure horrific on this. There were able to work with the -- great. Congressman Moakley. Four million dollar. Grant from the federal fire federal government to find. This project. I'm still all -- all two rounds. Mobile phone all trying to. I've actually want a comfortable on this issue increased defiantly -- As. Did my duty in blue ocean. How do restitution matter whichever way ahead of the schedule. Today we dedicate this black. What shall serve as a member. -- -- You know. If -- ever real issue -- the issue. -- sources. Because it if they really incredible and I really believe in what is sure it. Why would they give their names I mean -- Harrison has some shall I mean is. Short changed. Our particular issue like this. Talk to win the central. They are and always knew. -- -- -- -- -- We're sort of judge for the residents -- -- To help them conservative engine. -- -- -- Web site. Www. Sure Boston down Don. Government. Brian -- and. What's the best publishers. I know. When you -- it. People like to make. Decisions. Stand that we we. And sole rights. Can you imagine more. That's when -- Dozens that you cannot walk to the -- runs for the kind. It means if you cannot conjure you. You know three or more people contradict on the Boston public on the public -- and over the next several weeks old -- We'll have more police presence on the -- common. I'm probably no. Matter what. There's more good news to news today. You elected me three times. So you know. I am not a fancy talker. That's for sure if the only area. -- here that. They're operating budget we'll look at all the you know I could red line in the yellow beyond Honolulu I don't. It's really great to be here for the year. Celebrate the grand opening of the Brian hall and apartments. -- -- Sophomores and a freshman who. All important is education it is to you all of you. All -- while international monitors her. Get down the transition units that sit back. It's not out. Big problem. AT&T. -- -- now. There's also -- program that you want split open and doing so made do did they -- There was enormous -- I'll call made to the FBI about. For Chinese nationalist. I invite everyone to take advantage to have many activities. Happening in Boston this summer. It's just parents you won't. Find anyplace else in America. Who have be flexible enough to move again. Soft flexible we get through this issue and I just say that. It's difficult it will be difficult. It's really great to be in doubly. Mystery once again. Their hope burns eternal Boston and via we sought out we hope -- -- chairmanship Baxter got the fifth game and number this is -- -- -- -- Now it's my pleasure reduce. Our seniors and -- They have a job out of college -- -- Commissioner relieves us us with a record our -- progress. That's one way into the government created. The lifetime let Biotech Boston -- here. Okay he's been -- consistent commitment I don't know what sort of -- on social issues. I think they don't trust will enjoy -- -- do this course you know and give her marriage should get to protect. Can. Anybody. Make up here AmerisourceBergen. Right source. If you knuckle heads went too far. And things got out of -- at Fenway -- -- downtown areas there are religious behavior but harmful and destructive to people who live. And work in the Fenway and they weren't. Celebrate his good we should all celebrate. Let's celebrate at the expense of others is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The Big Dig for all time purposes. Will be completed -- on those will be some -- -- or some other. Peace is ever but basically we all done by next made. Will not interfere with the Democratic National Convention and not a big powerful west them much -- wasn't part of the states they are new and an area. To get this -- blossom within ten minutes now because of the tunnel take your right downtown. Let me just say this is spent. -- so amount of money in the renovation. On the -- aren't familiar with the very usual whether -- believe in Brian and I took the case -- can't get them into the kids as young pop. Together we can be prostrate cancer. Our plans for tomorrow is to have a -- rally a -- and rallies I've said. Via pines he goes right down to stir up the street right now and yet. -- -- -- -- and enjoy. Only one doctor. That's a very difficult time for the entire country. -- trying to cope. The skyrocketing cost of fuel hedging. We are committed to doing everything we can become more vegetation. You're in the old days forget all the water and the rivers in the -- but because of the environmental issues put. -- the rise -- -- that we can do that and we have to find slope fields to professional and that's the big problem that we can't remember emotionally more than environmentalists were wrote. And which one of the East Coast states can't hit the hardest. I think here Philadelphia they're the hardest. This this project were run today. We'll set our cities ready. The next 2515100. Years. The members of the ground wanna trust we always you can chalk guys do all the work. The members of the ground wanna trust we always you can chalk guys do all the work.