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Mayor of Boston calls into WRKO!

Mar 29, 2013|

Honored to have His Honor on this morning!

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Intel announced it has. You be interested in running for senator Kerry's seat should he win the nomination. Brasilia. I will not be generational -- throws up a draft. Boston Massachusetts. Rather sorry five years and making this program rolling rally and you know a hundred years marijuana. We'll -- right 1918. -- -- -- -- Welcome back to the corner reports 6172666860. Is the number. And it is now my distinct honor and privilege. To now be joined by the America mr. -- how are you. Climate Cornish Irish American army army assure walking. And that's W three not a long hard. Well mr. -- very grateful you're on the show and and so you're now I guess are calling it quits now after five terms you've you're deciding to not run for reelection I'm just curious. Why why did you decide not to run for a sixth term because we're gonna miss you mr. man. While -- -- prop. -- day out but it took all children. Blunt talk from -- depth tomorrow. Our irrigation. -- -- Who are you know discretion -- regulation. A -- now finally governor made me call to ensure it. It decided that -- are what you gonna work. Mr. Mary did you talk to Wes Welker. Well. What -- what. He would not like it should be joked in our no -- properties are sort of -- -- and not -- or so there -- car. And now about -- -- and got so tired editorial. -- Now mr. -- just curious. So what I mean what are your plans for the future now that you're you're gonna retire or are you gonna or he's still going to be active in politics what do you plan to do. -- -- -- The property apartment from all recorded just shoot it off I mean what you might -- Asia. Might grow our market she'll call and not. -- show up in blood sugar -- -- don't. Sure it's one thing. In the dark -- partial. They -- morning drives. Us spiritually kept. -- Our job you're really need to be a partial. We didn't it is. So all -- you wanna take my job or are you wanna compete against me mr. manner. While the now there's little opportunity to be drawn to him don't shoot -- us. Mr. man I'm just curious coaching one I mean asking this question what do you think of North Korea mr. -- Are you concerned about the situation man. Our job. You bought a long history. Can't compare -- -- from the Mercury. Is not. Shops. Heroin when it went to Germany bombed -- Robert Gibbs you know we've we've response are ordered -- out. Are are really are what which one North Korea and North Korea says you're popular what -- Us. That's our guys the bug does Vista now. Darren planned out to be sure -- what -- you know. Should -- market they did and I don't think there are mourning period feet six. -- -- marriage here is it true that President Obama called you last night. Well yeah yeah you get it in all. Sports are real art mart are no brought. For president weeklong song start me -- to mail her ability. I'm an unbelievable. The arsonist -- -- -- import job concrete you know trying to trying to shut up my -- Thought. Now mr. -- masters final question. You said you wanna spend more time with your family. You wanna spend more time with your grandkids. So war who's gonna give your family jobs. -- City Hall now that your gone mr. manner was gonna take care of your very your Simon you know you're you're the people in your family. -- -- I don't know I'm not well prepared. Hey -- John Major our. Show aren't now. Cart than what everybody else can pass a tax cuts this year my conscience and I didn't finish it. For right go. Ridiculous tomorrow morning I'll -- you wanna be remembered. The world. I want to be remember appropriate reimburse it should you know and -- and are our people. You know -- -- or if Clinton couldn't -- -- stores are like our employment prior art and announced. Boot camp spin while reps. Aren't. Imprint number. It is on the walls. Mosques and nine -- what publicity when a student. Alarm bells you know. My administration. Is fairly coal industry. Expert. Ali beat number or not this is from a particular part of Maria. -- work on here. Made it actually will -- -- -- those posts you know he -- as bitter ordeal legal -- It dropped carpet wrong morally. And -- -- -- trying. And trying to get. -- both. Sides are -- -- -- and helping your -- -- mr. -- I heard that thank you for taking out time from your busy schedule we really appreciate it and we're gonna miss you mr. Matt. Well. On our crime yet -- -- -- not long enough Kirby -- They're not. Again and I want Clark -- draft there -- your question sir. -- to your wallet aren't yet it could. Hurt ya -- opponent including all remark. You have to kind of you want we want to start out slow while welcoming in the super -- and you are rich or richer poet and update bureau. It's a lot of thank you so much mr. mayor we love you. But world -- -- -- -- in top let's have a nice day mr. man. As we face. These threats to our national security. Let's remember -- -- lead. In a tight -- in that community.