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Who Would Like To See Retire From TV?

Mar 29, 2013|

Barbra Walters is retiring which pleases Howie no end. In honor of this great news Howie wanted to know who else the audience would like to see retire from television.....

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Guess who's retiring. Barbara while law. At the age of 83 she's decided to call -- a career. First joy bait car leaves the view would now wise now at some Barbara Walt -- very disturbed though that. -- BC leaked the news to the papers in New York City. And -- she's not gonna get to announce it on her own she's gonna have to wait a few weeks but now of course everybody knows. So. We're just that we don't that just to do something a little bit lighter on Friday afternoon in the in the spring or what's supposed to be this spring. Who would you like to see who retire. From theory who was who was a person that -- really needs to go in your opinion from from television. I would have to say. All of the network anchors all of the network news anchors. Brian Williams. The guy on CBS is name's Alex. Scott. You know that Chris. How would you know that. Yeah your country you're sound for you. I mean I never asked for sound from CBS you've got a more than one occasion because it's funny. Not I can't remember last on my street bankruptcy BS news and who's who what or who's the Ankara on ABC's Diane Sawyer. They should all ago. All of them and every don't want there's this there's an entire show that should retire on on Good Morning America. I couldn't believe it the other night I sometimes -- up this with my via train the trainer once a week. And they have the sound turned up like -- o'clock in the morning and and I have never seen a news story money on Good Morning America after your. The other day I walked in there and they were doing news -- right it was I was. Shock and dismay. And I said what that change the format for Good Morning America that it up it was the CBS morning. And again I'm I'm loath to. Say anything nice about CBS news but they they at least do. New hoops. On the on the morning's new newscast like ABC. One it's just it's just one in forward sometimes it's an infomercial for advertisers. Sometimes it's an infomercial for prime time show on ABC but all it is as it is it's just one -- slang of infomercials on -- get rid of that whole show. And starting with George Steffi stephanopolous goal. Goal. Get thee behind me. -- -- -- Stephanopoulos 187746943. Two to all the network news shows they call that crap news. Exactly Chris. Comrade Chris Matthews piers Morgan and Manny Ortiz and why can't we deport piers Morgan. Why can't we deport your. What do you have to do to take away somebody's green card in this country. And the -- next with how we cargo ahead Andy. Yeah I'd say. I think gets -- -- so it. And it should be put out the pastor is it gave it your that's waiting in the wing base kind of a fresh -- and always applaud and so. I think it's tied for her -- -- Albright and retired what does. David New York David Muir. -- again it as the weekend knows he has to be bought that general. Oh really okay -- OK I never watch she'll five either and he saw that with the book about a mature -- 45 channel seven thanks for the call. 18774694322. Anderson Cooper somebody just comedy did you hear that this was horrifying news a couple of days ago. Apparently CBS has conducted a cry out with Ian Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin as the co anchors of some kind of new -- almost CNN it's is it's -- -- -- -- it. I can't remember who it is but in an -- -- who pretended you do have pretended to Lewinsky to give him a Lewinsky on New Year's the bright. -- you don't have to be approved two by two bit disgusted by that. You know if you if I wanna see something like that's NB -- go to the public library I. 18774694322. Why would you why would you want to bring back Kathy Griffin I mean you know in a in a scene. Society she would be eager to hit Heather here after band from TV after doing something like that. John you're next with now she's -- now she may get a promotion and get her own show. John you're next with our part or had jobs. Following a god -- -- Cynthia over a decade. And so what program legacy Bob a lot of the limelight would be all create a Barack Obama could get -- -- -- -- live long enough to maybe six unemployment -- that I be truly pre. Unemployment in the deficit John I mean that's who he's dealing with these significant issues of the time. You know for. -- sex change operations for transgender is -- And gay marriage that's what really counts in this country for about an appointment who they can get on disability they can get on food stamps like everybody else. 187. David Letterman needs to retire yes he does need -- -- 66. Can you imagine they're running they're running Jay Leno out of town easily he 62 and a Letterman has. Is four years older and he has much lower ratings and they -- CBS tells them. Or you could stick around forever just make more funny jokes about the Sarah Palin's kids getting. Getting assault but by a raped by A-Rod. In the infield -- is now they A rods on the disabled list we can't make anymore those kind of jokes. Can we -- the reverend Al. Malia the reverend Al's got a column today by the way he's defending Joan Walsh for you know having a double standard you know. It's OK to attack the bush daughters but it's. Racist to attack the Obama daughters. Okay it's now now and reverend Al says. -- told me that each if she had it to do over again she would be this are you write published authors well. But jackass Alec Baldwin needs to -- -- sick of his liberal face about -- -- are. -- they are isn't she getting a promotion though isn't she going somewhere else sandy. I know she's no spring chicken -- think I thought she was gonna getting them getting new shows on restaurant show apart from that anyway she does yeah. So what says Jack Williams on Jack Williams on channel four must be about ninety. 18774694322. Larry King on Twitter 32300000. Followers. That's amazing. Wow 1877. Force and all the CNN's sync up France. I'm gushing about how the Supreme Court is going to oppose gay marriage on the US. 18774694322. -- car. 18774694322. They are has 6679000. Followers of view utilized what are you don't want to have told her that -- of months ago. Namibia should they bishops who want what are bill marks the moments ago Joan Rivers. All good -- good nominees. Barbara CO later I'm now car.