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Here comes the gas tax

Apr 3, 2013|

Open the wallet. Deleo and Deval want more, more, more!

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Welcome to the -- report this. Boston bulldozer. You can also. And for those of you want we're yup we're waiting we're tweeting throughout the show. We asked -- the quarter report. A lot of. I touched on it in my idea for a 4 o'clock hour the fourth hour forgive me the 11 o'clock hour yesterday. However had a holly robber shot on from the Boston Herald. But now we're getting even more details. You wanna talk about the people's republic of toxic choose its. The empire. Strikes back. -- -- and we had meaning me come out with this tool billion dollar tax plan. Well these geniuses. Up on -- hill. And boy they're they're spreading the bacon now let me tell you a lot of pork barrel spending. They wanted for the transportation system they say the transportation system is underfunded. The transportation system needs to be expanded and modernized. So. What they did was your -- I kid you not you're trying to present themselves. -- moderates. Up on on on Beacon Hill. That yes maybe meaning he pushed for a two billion dollar tax plan. All we're asking for is up 500. Million dollar annual -- like so compare 500 million to two billion. House speaker Robert -- senate president Teresa hurry they almost look like moderates they almost look reasonable. And so Teresa Marie and Bob DiLeo released now their legislative plan which they may even vote on today. Today -- tomorrow. They may actually try to ram it through. The house and the senate at least the house the Statehouse today in the dead of night. And I got to tell you. It's almost as bad as meaning these talks plan. I think in some ways it may even be worse now why to why save up. First the home it raises cigarette taxes by a dollar a -- We're only now look according to what I'm Garrett at the information I've gotten from the Massachusetts fiscal alliance which is a very good group. Are really one of the good guys fiscal conservatives. In this state. There they say that won't make us the second highest cigarette packs state in the country just behind New York. Now maybe you're gonna say well shaft -- I don't smoke. Smoking is bad for you we should be taxing it anyway. Cigarettes aren't illegal. It's not a crime trying to send to smoke a cigarette I don't smoke we had this discussion yesterday I hope you don't smoke. But you're punishing the poor. You're punishing the working class. It's a people it's it's a low income people or I will see low income but working class people lower middle income people and the poor who smoke. It's one of the few little guilty pleasures. That they have in their life. So even hit him now with the mother dollar tax okay per pack. All right fine. Then they go after corporations. And they're gonna raise taxes the corporate taxes on court on businesses by 83 million dollars. Which is gonna make this state even less competitive. In terms of generating business in terms of generating investment in terms of creating drops. But don't walk poor. The whopper. Is there -- three cent a gallon tax increase. So they're now proposing. To increase. The packs that we pay per gallon from two point one cents to 24 cents. Now you're gonna say Jeff three cents a gallon a slot the end of the world -- you pay it every time you -- cup. So it affects everybody who drives or who owns a car you got a car it's -- -- that you. But here -- He's what is semi criminal about this gas tax. They genius is up on Beacon Hill. Saying you know we always get flack every time we raised axis. Sold let's do it one time deal. V index the gas tax to inflation. -- -- to inflation. So every time inflation goes up. Gas taxes will automatically go up. Annually. Ad infinitum to infinity. Literally to infinity. So they only get to vote on this baby once. They increase your gas taxes and then from that moment on. That taxes keep going up and up and up on their own tied to inflation. One year will be five cents and -- seven cents a another -- -- -- on some of your three serves it'll just you're going up and up and up and up and up. And if you consider. That the Federal Reserve. Is literally -- 85 billion dollars a month. That's -- that's over trillion dollars a year. You know what that's doing -- dollar. Hamas destroying the purchasing power of the Boller. Each why gas is up. It's why food is up it's why peanut butter is up its won almost everything is up in terms of what it costs. So by indexing to inflation and we know inflation is coming. You were gonna -- perpetual automatic gas tax increases. For the rest of your life and here's the kicker. Just to show you how cynical. Just how cynical these gangsters -- meisters these swindlers. On Beacon Hill are. When do you think this gas tax and all of these tax increases kicking and do they kick in this year. No. Do they can care next year when I know when do you think they kick him. In 2015. Wide 2015. Y 2015. Because then their safely reelected. And that's when they go for your wallet after their reelected. And then it's on auto pilot. It just keeps going up. Year after year after year and they gas stocks which is why they wanna raise it and they're they're not stupid about this. It's a hidden tax. It's not like it comes out of Europe paycheck. It's not like you can see it when you have to. We -- -- taxis and now when you have to file your taxes you all my god look what jumping into the federal government or look how much comparing to the state government. It's hidden tax. That's why they love it. So I want all of you to think about this. You as you're struggling to get to work. As you're getting ready to put in another hard day's work. They are not only gonna be raising taxes on you. Not only are they gonna -- chew at the pump. But now they've put in this system. Whereby automatically. It's a one time tax increase. That will go on year after year after year after year into infinity instead of voting for 203040 times and being held accountable for their vote. Well. One time that's let. This is disgusting. This is highway robbery. This is wonder. That's what this series. This is milking the peasants. As much as you can possibly -- come. And passing it off as being very moderate. We have to finance the transportation. System -- the transportation system is underfunded -- Well did it ever occur to you. Were already paying immense gas taxes did ever courier repairing all of these -- all of these fees all of these excise taxes. So where's our money going to. It's being wasted it's being squandered. And they expect us to take this lying down now. Here are some facts. Because he's gonna have serious long term repercussions for this statement. Unless we stop this out of control spending and out of control toxic this tax and spending policies are gonna destroy this state. Now I mentioned them before. Just a couple minutes ago Massachusetts fiscal on -- great group spoke to them last week last Monday. Basically fiscal conservatives. Who look for waste fraud and abuse. Up on Beacon Hill here is what they said. The cigarette tax the cigarette tax increase. To 351. Per one -- would move Massachusetts. From the ninth highest in the nation to the second highest only behind the New York. That's number one so we're punishing everybody out there for the suppose it's in a smoking mostly the poor and the working class. The gas talks guy hits all of us. Especially the the workers. Via the taxpayers. The -- producers. The gas tax. Would move Massachusetts from having the twenty ninth highest gas stocks in the country to the 24 highest however. Once you kick in these automatic increases. Which is gonna happen when he 1611728. People believe we will be at number one. But very quickly. Very quickly we're gonna show all the way to the top. Massachusetts. According to the -- Massachusetts fiscal -- continues to score low marks for the overall cost of doing business. Now I want all of you think about discuss this hurts all of us. According to CNBC's. 2012 ranking ex Massachusetts. Ranks forty ninth in the country. For the cost of doing business and 41 in the country for cost of living. In other words the only state that is more expensive to do business then it's Hawaii. We're 49 and I'm telling you would this leadership which many mean with another year and offer is we just may be dead last. This is a race to the bottom and we're gaining on Hawaii. We're almost there were 49 going on fifty for the cost of doing business. If it's expensive to do business. Why would a company locate here why would they hire people why would they create jobs why would they come meaning you can take their tax revenue. And help fund all sorts of initiatives that we need and always said we're chasing business away. 41 in the country cost of living. Tell me about it tell me something I don't know. This is an expensive states. I -- that taxes are high the cost of living is high regulations are everywhere. You were I'm stunned her 41 I swear you are thought through the most expensive state in the union outside of Hawaii. So I mean this is what this this spending and taxing and spending and taxing. With all of these people want EDT carts. With a huge population of -- curse. I mean. Think about it they don't drive to work. They don't sit I mean if you're on welfare or you're any VT guy you don't care much -- car he did transportation. To get around and you're able to work so what are you carries on your couch all day eating free always smoking a joint then there and hundred and buying a Coke can buy Pepsi. And notice the one group. Don't want to -- The one segment that they didn't target. Remember mayor Mike Bloomberg have been going on about this is Warren sugar. And he wants the -- so does and he wants to go after people who order a two liter Diet Coke with their pizza and big sugary drinks. Now people were talking about taxing soda taxing can be taxing chocolate right to the sugar stuff the good stuff. Nowhere in that legislative plan you know why. Because all of the welfare people they love this stuff all they do know is each sugar all day. Or eat -- carried free -- or reader read notes or stand there and winters where peace so. Don't hit the takers. Go after the -- producers. That's what this is about and my question to you is this. Where and is enough enough. When are we finally gonna say we want a tax revolt in this state. Where are you gonna say. No more taking my money 6172666868. With your calls next on the corner report. Calling the bulldozer but don't be afraid that they -- loss. We welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer. For 6172666. BA. 68 is the number -- you can also -- the -- 68680. Are you in favor. New tax hikes being proposed. By house speaker Bob -- you know senate president Teresa -- there's a legislative planned 500 million in debt and you. Taxes the centerpiece. Gas tax three cents a gallon. Indexed to inflation automatic increases. Every year forever do you support it Robert Europe's first goal. Tell -- all day good night -- plantation and bought that a couple of minutes ago Gary. And was and I thought that -- -- -- he brought a year ago but he occupiers. When they're trying to hide the MBTA. Back to go there and all that for a lot of you gonna try to all the Big Dig into it and they go to -- -- -- -- Let's say in which you got to remember it every time you put out people on TV. Don't our report this that you -- boycott those bitten and that -- those guys you have -- not to not because they're gonna quit. -- since the beginning. But are gonna quit they don't -- because the album won't choose and they go out in this meeting at the occupies on the MBTA Gooden ninety. Different groups will be handed out -- it to one of these fake debate that okay. You don't drive a cab but ideally -- excise -- then -- that delivered the block and UK three can't do much CIA elected. Well said buddy inherited have been writing are back long enough. Are these guys are unbelievable. So outright opponents. Because they're sold your soul. There and they think they're coming but there are so predictable. So they sneak in the gas tax when he fifteen. And then it automatically keeps increasing every year but then they gonna come back a couple years we think they're gonna say. We have an increase to sales talks in users. We haven't harsh to stating compaction year's. Slow because we government touching -- in years we have to know revisit that we need more money. No government can't operate on the cheap they can operate on thin air. And so they're taking money out of our wallets for the gas stocks is they're gonna increase poles we know the game is played. They're gonna increase all these other taxes and then they're gonna go for the sales stocks in the state income tax. Pay pay pay pay. Until you kill the goose that lays the golden -- meaning us where the Golden Eagles. Mike Europe next goal. -- -- I -- I don't support this guy you said Woolley to think that fly it dollar global leadership knows that the majority of the landing in the commonwealth. We'll take this lying down in the age every election cycle these people put back in -- this. Because all learning to believe that all started that these people are working clutched what the facts prove otherwise doesn't -- starlets didn't. Back 7075. That caught the -- of the commonwealth. Started a revolution or out a stretched their chart so -- I applied garbage I didn't stay to America because. We -- you also broke back each about food processed food. Go to -- brand Mattel every inch and these people don't run all over you. Bingo might now look and not this Saturday. The following Saturday. Saturday. April 13. There will be a major anti tax rally tax freedom day rally. I will be speaking there other groups will be there Grover Norquist from Americans for Tax Reform will be there will be the keynote speaker. It's from one to three -- Boston Common right near park street. I'm hoping all of you can show up. There's going to be a lot of people out there we have to shore strength we have to shore in numbers we after we -- -- -- the politicians on Beacon -- hear our voice. That we will no longer take this lying down. It is time for us taxpayers in this state to say enough is enough. There is a grassroots tax rebellion brewing. And you see you have to understand one thing yes there are a lot of pay curse there are a lot of parasites. But we pay the bills. We control the money. We pay the taxes. Ultimately we have the power. If we don't pay this whole system comes crashing down you can't collect your welfare check. Unless we pay for it. So if the peasants revolt if we say enough is enough. And we show up in big numbers we just may scare these people to say you know what let's not touch a dime of their money. And so when I'm going to be calling for at that -- they rally in my speech is not a penny. Not a penny. 6172666868. -- Europe next go. Yeah ideally yes it's. Blow local gangs is gonna be down here today if we get a jump up a couple of months to -- each year because price inflation. The they've met the national gangsters will be down you know you -- -- -- -- because delivering world news CPI thing if they ever pass so we'll tell you exact opposite. There's no need to jump back. Any incriminating themselves security because it's not necessary you don't necessarily have to buy things like that you know like gasoline. Because that's the kind of world we live -- spoke with -- National gangs is. It's just like they climate change up he got to get its bailout is absurd things -- to generate. -- jobs that are unnecessary as searchers that your. -- went. Like you stated people just gonna have to organize a revolt thank you Jeff. Thank you so much take a look next Saturday could be huge if we get some big numbers out there we're gonna get the media out there to cover it. And you know what -- do we can start frightening some of these politicians on Beacon Hill. There are consequences to your decisions. And we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore. Jim you're up next go. A good morning captain -- pay out. You know just just kind of this show that -- the mentality of the people of Massachusetts up I've met locker room I was in New Hampshire and -- -- so many of -- will move out of Massachusetts after voting Democrat for our whole lifetime because they can't afford to live there already bought they come up some -- state. And then they -- the exact same way. Now we're a blue state in all these factors are on the table that they're doing the Massachusetts then they're gonna try to -- the lots. Anyway it just drives me insane the mentality of the Democrat might. This is absolutely. I representation without taxation and I think the only real -- going to be is if you do not pay taxes. You shouldn't have a right to vote anymore and that's going to be the only way to of people like what are who actually work for a living come on my way in the work now. Is it would take our country back they -- that you get ridiculous. Jim you know it's funny you should mention that I know it's a very explosive topic. But if you take away the papers. The people on welfare of the people or just living off -- government benefits right who are able bodied people young people 20s30s. I haven't paid into Social Security to sit -- collect the welfare check. You take them off the voting rules. You say you don't have a right to vote this is a dramatically different state and dramatically different country. Now you're progressing almighty god Jeff is talking about disenfranchising people. Why do you think our founding fathers insist that only property qualification. To vote they weren't stupid. Their argument wise George Washington Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson James Madison Ben Franklin John Adams. Which they said he's if you have no stake in society. Meaning you don't and then was property. Because it wasn't so much based on income land was really -- that the value. They said no if you don't have property then you're in the -- not a stakeholder in society. So you then then don't have a right there are the same voice. As somebody who does have a stake in society and really contributes. To the coffers of the government. So. Think about it I mean shouldn't we have they shouldn't somebody have some stake in society. Think about this okay really. You're living inland. Just use an example. And you live in an apartment. And you collect welfare annual collect food stamps and your record puree BT cart. Well there is a referendum and -- on property taxes should we raise property taxes to help pay for all of these programs. Well you live in an apartment you don't work for a living of course are gonna say yeah sure raise the property tax because it doesn't affect you. Should be raising compacts ensure it doesn't affect you. Usually use public transportation you don't drive a car. -- -- raise gas taxes schori doesn't affect you because it's more money for you. So what slowly happening is is that the takers -- not outnumbering the producer's us. And -- -- and electing their own people in power or raise our money. To line their pockets. It's essentially a former bribery. Take from one segment of the population. And give -- supporters the papers are now I literally living off smooching off the talks producers. Bowl does the problem in this state I'm just giving you an emotional. Jeff corner on the corner report.