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Rutgers coach fired for being too tough?

Apr 4, 2013|

Mike Rice, the now disgraced coach, was fired for being rough. Or, was he fired for PC reasons?

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Rutgers university. In New Jersey which is a state school. House or hide the basketball coach by the name of Mike rice. Now with the Rutgers University basketball team has not been doing well. Hasn't been doing well for years very mediocre team and -- invite -- they're about the they've been a bad team for awhile but let that go. Couple days ago. Video surfaced. Of the coach Mike rice. -- hurling basketball's. Out players during their practice time he's throwing basketballs at them if they're making mistakes. I shoving some of the players. In one he kicks the player but how can I put if you you know what the side of your foot not the -- your foot but the side of your foot. Sort of like in the rear end. He did it to one basketball player as he wasn't happy with the way they were practicing the way they were -- including the way they were blank. And he was been using I was -- caught using profane language. And in particular gay slurs and the athletic department at Rutgers university and the athletic director Tim -- -- Had actually gotten a hold of this video. They had independent investigators. Look into it. And they said you know yes. He don't mean this it's it's a genuine video he was throwing basketball's. He does used profane language he does use the -- gay slur. Referring to players sometimes if they make mistakes and are playing well -- shorting well. Yes he did shove some players. And so the athletic director called mend they reviewed the video. They suspended Mike rice for three games. And they find him 50000 all works his annual salary by the way is 650000. Dollars. I think about us as it is good work if you can get it 650000. -- called basketball but let that go. Well ESPN -- ahold of the video a few days ago and they aired it. And they aired it national. And the moment this video was aired there was national outrage. Fans were livid. ESPN viewers were livid. Sports talk radio jumped on it like it was the latest cloud. Everybody got involved I kid -- not. Governor Chris -- you think he's got better things to do weighed in and said that Mike rice should be fired. Very ahead of the new Jersey state assembly weighed in and said Mike rice should be fired so now all of a sudden. This same athletic department people at Rutgers who first said -- a three game suspension 50000 dollar fine. This this this snake imprint -- then comes out and says you know. I wanted to give him a chance at rehabilitation. To change his behavior and improve themselves. But now I see I made a mistake in the wake of the is outraged and so they've tandem. And so Mike rice has now been fired. And so he was. Just it was -- that was announced that he was fired. And ABC news affiliate in New York. Actually managed to button hole Mike rice. And they asked him warrior comments were here's what he sat. As I stated three months ago after I watched a video how deeply regrettable those actions. I also stated I was going to try to work on changing and I think I've accomplished a lot of about rice said. And anyone on to say I -- this is just before he was fired. Can't say anything right now except I'm sorry there'll never be a time when I'm going to use any of that as an excuse. Or will there be any excuse. I've let so many people down my players my administration Rutgers University the fans my family who sitting in their house huddled around because of the fact their father was an embarrassment to them. LeBron James the NBA superstar wade then he said he you know it was an embarrassment my in my Mike rice should be let go. Everybody's jumping on the bandwagon and Mike rice was eventually let go. Now Mike rice was brawling. Mike rice she knew his job hung in the balance. Mike rice. House and had a good record the last couple years he wants to keep his 650000. Dollar a year salary. So we sorry mayor Cole bombing -- Cole bombing a goal but he's basically. -- frustrating himself. In front of everybody and it didn't work. I've looked at the video. I look at the video I've seen the video several times. It's not nice. It's not pleasant. It's a bit embarrassing to the players. Yes. No one likes that basket balls thrown at them. No one likes to one guy in particular after making a lot of mistakes on the court have a coach walk up to UN. We decided his foot kick you in the rear end no one likes to be shoved and pushed. No one likes to be verbally berated. -- you don't like to be insulted nonstop. But let me tell you what I think some -- And it's the elephant in the room. And nobody wants to discuss it. Bobby -- for years was stroking players. Nobody cared. Nobody cared for as long as she was winning nobody -- Other coaches are -- and how he received a basketball term NCAA madness. They grab players closely from the -- them a little bit there yelling -- -- her screaming out and you can tell their insulting them they're pounding on verbally. They don't get fired. It's because he was caught using case worse. That's what did -- That so many people down. My players my administration Rutgers University the fans. My family who's sitting in the girls just all around because of the fact that. Their father. Is and and it was an embarrassed. Honestly it was pathetic. The way he was -- like this it was pathetic me amend. Be a man. And what I would say is this panel and let me be very to look I'll be very candid. -- what you think about this these are men. Mean I column kids because they're in college but these are 192021. Year old men. These are there many of them are gonna -- want to play professional basketball. Now I've played basketball much singer -- elite level far from what -- -- high school basketball. High school basketball it's a rough game. These are what people think. You get pushed you get elbowed you get hit you get smacked in the mouth you get kicked. I mean you're a and and the and the language. That's used on the court. Is exactly what the coach is saying if not worse. And I'll even go one step further. Go watch a Boston Celtics game going to take my word for don't sit up in the bleachers I know it's expensive try to get a seat near courtside. Okay try to get a seat near courtside and cook chicken testified this. The N word is flying left to right and center. The F word that gay slur afterward that's flying left to right and senator. Michael Jordan was brilliant did this he there was one are very short player. What was his name cooks moxie how much he invokes is far what 5354. Who's calling them I'm a midget. And he was just psychologically. Taunt him. As their eyes -- bugs the about about a Bubba -- -- -- was trying to defend him. Do we have answer earlier this year Kevin Garnett Carmelo Anthony went -- KG said something vote Carmelo as wife. And Carmelo waited for him as did the bus after the game. Every December trash talking happens all the all the time. I mean the enemy -- low -- the F word was flying let's talk about youth basketball lived there 181920. Year old man had their men come down. They're -- they're almost warriors in the sense of the kind of physical contact what shopping and getting basketball's -- mature a little kick in the rear end. That's nothing compared to what danger on the court. It's troubling but I won't. At some time maybe I'll try to explain it right now though there's there's there's no explanation for for what's on the film because there is no excuse for I was wrong. What's the explanation. I think I set the -- the proper way could I wanna have to draw the basketball out of yeah that's what I explain to this idiot. Five time how to set the pick and how to write up the screened properly and he doesn't listen so that is slap from the back in the head. I mean the military does an all time not every look I played football and I played high school basketball OK am I trying to offend anybody. But I'm gonna be very candid with few because I think this is a very we have to have this discussion. Because I think this. We are going insane on political correctness. We are going insane on the feminization of the American male we are going insane with this ridiculous. Fear of homophobia. And ethnic slurs and racial slurs were now you have almost like thought control. I say this is almost like a scarlet letter. This is almost like burning people at the stake except you're destroying their careers. You're you're out of professionally burning them at the state. When I play football. We had a very diverse ethnically and racially diverse team. We have blacks we had people of Greek descent we had Italians we got Irish we have French Canadians we had I was Croatia got a couple Serbs. I mean let me tell you and forgive me in my trying to be insulting. But let me tell you when I was often said to us when we were playing first of all they slap us in the helmets. When we didn't play well and especially kept making the same look honestly some of -- weren't too bright. The coaches kept saying run this play and we always make a mistake. And sort of drum -- into our head look guys how many times why I have to tell you block the outside linebacker. Now I sat at once -- cited twice after five times boom for example I got slapped in the helmet on or dark corner and then what he called me hunky. We say you know you where I wanna use the F word but you know you hunky. Not a syncing with the Irish players come on you -- didn't you come on you mix banked. C'mon what come on you swaps banged the French come on you frauds bank. To gay slur the F word was used all the time. Now there wasn't pleasant. It was a bit humiliating. I didn't like it but I'll tell you this I played a hell of a lot better. I sit -- OK coaches really mad I'm really I'm really messing up here and -- up royally. I you know what I didn't run home to my father he called me on key. He called me on the wonder why they do from Eastern Europe ball slides were called monkeys because they like to -- the accordion. Like honky -- And also that was one of the terms that they used. So what I'm saying is my Irish my best friend Paul yeah he was Irish and calling column -- -- -- -- slapped him in the helmet or whatever and you know why you want him under the belt that was the whole purpose hit him under the belt. Insult them to such appointee gets so Maggie actually learns and he's gonna do what the coach wants him to do it shocked him. Humiliate him into doing the right thing. Now suddenly this -- out of a job. And I got to tell you this ESPN and V sportscasters. Much of sports talk radio. Are the most a politically correct bunch of before wounds I've ever seen. I mean one guy in a locker room says it's. It's going to be very difficult for homosexual or gay players to be welcomed in the locker room because it's disruptive and suddenly. Low suddenly all we have to ostracize this guy won't think about it. 304050. Men. Worried and intimates -- setting who showered together who are exposed to one another were in close quarters. Yes having an openly gay guys gonna be very disruptive how cannot be disruptive. I don't like some -- guy who are a potentially finds men very attractive staring at my junk. We're looking at me makes me feel very self conscious. All we can't save not. So let me tell you the truth. I think the shoveling the put. Throwing their hurling the basketball's. Shoving the players. Giving a little kick in the -- -- They would let that slide they -- -- given him a slap on the wrist. But it was the gay sports. And god forbid you should use a gay slur. Well look I'm sorry. I was called all kind of ethnic slurs growing up I turned out okay. Cook she was called all kinds of ethnic slurs he turned out okay. Most of the people I went our school with we were costly called. All kinds of ethnic slurs. We turned out okay. We weren't psychologically. Paralyzed and damaged for the rest of our life. Grow up. Yes sports is big business. And it's very physically demanding. It's among men and there's going to be a lot of harsh language is the same thing in the military. And if you can't if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen and noticed the players weren't complaining. It was everybody but the players who were complaining. 61720666868. Is the number should Mike rice have been fired. And do you think. That we have too much sought control too much political correctness. When it comes to racial. Or homosexual. Or ethnic slurs here's a time for everybody to just chill out. Back with your call 6172666868. In ninety seconds. Text machine guns blazing and unlike the you won't get a signal text that's at 68680. You can tell us what -- saying hi this is Jeff Gruner and I'm.