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WRKO GOP Senate Debate: Gabriel Gomez and Mike Sullivan in the 'Great Man Up Debate'

Apr 8, 2013|

It is the great Republican Primary "Man Up" Senate debate between Mike Sullivan and Gabriel Gomez as they vie for a place on the ballot for the special election scheduled to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Secretary of State John Kerry. Howie moderated between the two Republicans who covered issues such as the 2nd Amendment, Gomez's contributions to the President as well as his letter to Gov. Patrick and supposed behind the scenes shenanigans.

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This is the moment to that we've been waiting for this is the man up debate now way as you know -- -- last week or Gabriel Gomez C issued a press release she's one of the candidates for the USS Republican senate nomination to replace John Kerry. And he issued a press release asking. Mike Sullivan the former US attorney to man up and and didn't get to the the issues. And we came on the show that evening and as he was on the show while Mike Sullivan was trying to call around. But he couldn't call and so we have him on the next night but Mike's my call sold sent us a text or an email was saying that he wanted to debate. Gabriel Gomez one on one mono a -- man -- And we also invited. DM Winslow the state -- who -- -- third candidate in the fight a former judge and I he says he is at the had. DAM -- debate right now what the state house because they're debating the transportation package shaped the -- These these lesser of the transportation practically half billion dollars out of your pocket including an increase in the gasoline actions which you need right. So anyway it's Mike Solomon here on my on my left -- my right is is Gabriel Gomez -- all against former US attorney former ATF Boston. Former district attorney Plymouth county and state -- and Gabriel Gomez. Who was a graduate of the US Naval Academy. And Harvard Business School and lives now in court asked her core asset. And is really running for the office for the first time OK -- -- I'm gonna be a very EL AP and a moderator here. I was trained by Vince McMahon. And just -- yourself is being an idea at Texas death match type thing here anytime muddy that you know I hadn't I am I gonna try to shut anybody down but I won't. I will step in eventually. If you if you're going on in filibustering. We're just try to get -- questions and I'll let let you guys ask each other questions of the second segment Dirk or maybe the first depend upon how things go. But what let's just start off or give each of you guys a minute just to discuss why you're the most qualified person. In the race and sure I'll do age before beauty Mike you can go first. Instead they very much always great to be on your program. In terms YE in my the most qualified I'd say experienced some I look at the experience and I've had both -- -- a private sector sixteen years to Gillette company. Starting on the factory floor working my way up in July to the assistant and a president pretty minor graduate degree mile -- degree working at the mutual company. And then a number of years and no government service as well serving as a -- representing major the major major reform is save wrapped district attorney. When in the US attorney's office days after 9/11 and took on the enormous responsibility of the US attorney's office at that point time started out fraud -- was that the US attorney's office. We're just a major national security matters and took over. At the national level in terms of ATF as well so I say people want to -- vote for somebody that's been tested. They didn't vote for somebody that they can trust as well this reason I'm running in the ignites it senate race. Okay that was less than a minute a Gabriel Gomez -- I want you. I delegate opportunities in my life and I've earned everything and I've done for -- to learn English usually went to school. To earn his way to the Naval Academy to -- in his native -- links to -- his navy seal trident. Can't earn his -- in our business school. I want everybody at the same opportunity that I had in everybody else is give us an opportunity that I had. Going forward we see on the same path that we're on right now with sixty trillion dollars in debt in economic instability. We can't afford -- that our kids won't have the same opportunities. And that's why we can't send people are -- politics -- good part of their life or career politician down to DC we see where that's gotten us. Really trillion test that finally get more tested and trusted them being aircraft carrier pilot and navy seal. Now and I say I agreed to the table. Is a military -- as disciplined. Followed sensitivity. In a -- experience. This is what I bring to the table this is what the people -- Massachusetts originally said it was certainly go on talk to and they don't want to read another career politician down NEC. There was some -- true effective leadership has been in the military. And true private sector experience helping companies going to be successful. They okay that's Gabriel Gomez and by the way this is that this GOP special senate debate. Show is brought to you by perfect smiles beyond exceptional the mystery going -- very -- guys -- hit -- beautiful. Smiling. And with a -- up. Doctor doctor Bruce. How was all right okay now -- -- -- I know I just wanted to get you guys to confirm it that's -- now I -- now. We've got the I see what letter you have in front of you and I believe Gabriel -- Mike and I see -- Gabriel's sees it though. I did it let's start let's start -- the debate with the obvious here you underwater it would point in time during the course of this campaign -- -- did you wake up and hope that this was just a horrible dream. Did you actually he delivered this letter this -- communication the Governor Deval Patrick. And -- guy when I did they raise my hand. And I volunteered myself. To serve the people the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as I've done all my life. I've been an eighty person and I volunteer now the governor had a very unique opportunity. To reach across the aisle and appoint the Republican -- down in -- work and people a week before wrote that letter. He came on publicly said he would consider you for Democrats side. Republican side he also -- this tax cuts through 2006. -- you know what the governor came out there said that. That's the commander -- work though it's not so I raise my hand as an eighty guys like I've been all my life. And I volunteered to go down. In view the work that people -- what message is -- an effective job. What was on it affects the fact they get asked for the job Gabriel is not the problem from my perspective. It would -- said to the governor when asked him to a point you know I mean how do you reconcile would you say to the governor he told the governor I support. President Barack Obama. Can Iraq -- reporting a Republican primary saying I don't support president Barack Obama. Don't think there's a problem with three guys a double speaking on important issues and people would come -- the Massachusetts. There is this -- Dole's speaking their mind off the fact is and I said that I support Barack Obama means I donated in the primary. Every one of us that would support means a meeting gig gave 230 dollars did you tell you said to Governor Deval Patrick. I gave -- toured thirty dolls did you say I support President Obama. Michael what I'm not a career politician I really don't know you have the -- politician to tell the truth though Michael I haven't been in politics I support the -- I -- support and what consistently I gave me two or three -- in the primary now look. Everybody that I'm competing against either mr. Gensler mr. Sullivan had donated to Democrats I knew I did again I didn't evaluate on Barack Obama it's a simple fact. Now could a person with career politician experience have written orderly differently needs a couple of different words sure. Well I don't look at things through political ends I don't look at things calculated political matter I simply look at it as an eighty guy. I'm a fiscal concern a Republican and -- things that I raise my hand I volunteered I had the guts to raise my hand I don't know where to go after Mike Furrey it will know your -- But -- and will let me just ask you something gave -- because -- -- I looked at the the don't you released your how much money you made and I think you made 88 million -- -- for five year period of time. Mean -- I'm sure you understand that Barack Obama in 2008 was talking about common after. People like you who succeeded in business who made a good life for themselves being -- get that he -- she doesn't like people like fuel. Who or anybody who makes a living on their own and -- is successful -- enjoy -- stay out. I've ordered and any guy I would for John McCain 2008 and I voted for Mitt Romney 2012. Simple fact I believe I gave Barack Obama or senator -- -- time to earn three dollars in the primary why don't you are used to before why it. Friend I went to law school it's that simple yes about to get France. Well you both for any Republicans and Republican primary in 2000 -- Gabriel. Can you said he that you took guts to write a letter to -- up seeing letters that people have written and I would prefer to his gutsy. This is -- she -- this is not gutsy for salt. You it's hard question ACL and he has got her. I'm Michael I don't know I don't I don't I iris -- I was back where you diner why don't I don't hit it any respect for any -- done in my life gasoline respectfully ask you why -- -- I -- -- in my service not given to the people would come -- that's -- that's not -- by -- said the usual the -- was -- I'm not talking about your personal -- and work -- -- don't infect. -- recognized your worth every time you talk about being first generation. American and a navy guy I tell you that you remind me what did and we did was first generation in American in a navy guy. But usually the letter was gutsy does nothing gutsy about the latter -- -- something gushing about the letter you talked about. Deval Patrick -- thoughtful leadership what did Deval Patrick -- That you described as being bold in thoughtful leadership that we can disagree on whether you. Think that's that's you're not. I see videos raise -- hand the Kenyan IDC IDC but you raise you see videos raised her hand Republicans I -- -- and actually give the -- governor the opportunity or reach across the -- And appoint a Republican NTELOS nobody else had no idea that was -- that one thing that the ball has done that ball to pop and I said look I'm not a career politician. I didn't write that through political lens when a musical -- different words. Absolutely but look. I'm not a -- -- I don't look at things through political less efficient and it's as simple maybe somebody who's been in politics forgive part of their life would have written a letter definitely know I don't think -- -- -- he's very good letter written by somebody. Who's looking to get appointed to the position. Did you write a letter by the way actually wrote the letter you did okay and I was when I really that's a really good as that person that I am I'm needy guy and a Republican and I wrote a letter. Not from a political perspective because I'm not a politician no I was whatever the -- consultant wrote it for you. That's all I was asked gasoline that I don't have to sort of humor or I don't have to assault itself on my website either so I said I strongly believe disappointment would be good for the Democrats he should be good for Governor Patrick. He shouldn't be good for the Democrats what do the people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts why would you consider whether -- -- viewpoint that would be good for them. Actually I think he went okay -- appoint somebody like myself a conservative Republican would have been no good for the conservative -- women now you say among moderate Republican not a conservative Republican. Several -- certain views that I have that I -- -- more broader than the -- Republican Party so he would be moderate for instance will be moderate. But gay marriage I don't believe any kind discrimination -- -- I think that -- few people -- left did you really get married and I -- appealing Gelman just like Michael. Okay. OK how do you stay in the gay marriage Michael. I'm a traditionalist I have a long held belief that marriage between one man and one woman would you vote to repeal Obama yes I would you what is this. And the reason behind that is Massachusetts recognizes same sex marriage everybody's -- -- -- should get the same benefits but what are the voters never got a chance to. Two world and weigh in on it through that's right it's it considered part of the constitution and democracy works best when the people participate in the democracy. -- -- Here's here's what Michael and I actually agree on a lot of things. We're both fiscal conservatives. We both pro life. We're both strong performs -- Second Amendment what I had an issue. Is that he's hiding behind. In third party group and extreme group that has extreme views to -- its limited is pleased to announce a couple weeks before they're gonna come to Massachusetts. It's our filming TV ads and radio guys attacking me. And his campaign here USC came out and said that you welcome their support very well I don't know I don't know I don't know I was hazards are brilliant and I just not what I had this. Wish what I'm disappointed is. Is that he's had two weeks. To tell the people -- Massachusetts. Whether or not. He's in. Condones their views are condenser views this is the conservatives should look you should have -- should just say -- he got issues with me bring it up an Alitalia. But we had and the fact is he's had two weeks that he is not come. And said whether he agrees or not with the letter with that would the letter but with the people that are doing these ads. Well I want the name of the group is conservative what is the conservative and police say something like that what does that Gabriel what's the name of like yeah we're Hibernia Qaeda -- -- -- I don't think we're we're not a discount. I don't know who the group told them. -- it was first -- at the residue that conservative campaign committee conservative campaign committee -- go ahead. Let's get the record straight. I did say two weeks ago that they welcome the participation you know good what you're what you're now whenever or not I know your campaign your arrest me not to try to deal -- -- Did you said that I said two weeks ago I welcome their support I never said -- the first time I was confronted. Played this group India potential message. Was born Ellison came from -- I'd never got it neck and ask me at a campaign stop with -- Cole that was the first I knew illumination I don't know anything about the group. If they have any type of hate for her full on message the content. How well this tomorrow it but when you send your press release is Solomon should I didn't disavow the statements. We're demand that they take their tech is back. What statements what are they said the bug you. Did I should be disavowing did you gave money to Barack Obama that you supported President Obama that you support the president's position on immigration. In gun control Michael. Your campaign came out. In -- well we don't know or not to capture after they announced that they're gonna come or a Massachusetts your campaign cannot assess what we welcome and we will support. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I haven't seen yes magazine or lied to us and that's hosting -- but then I thought so -- supposed to do so not the point is deal or not the people Massachusetts deserve whether or not you actually -- you know you agreeing condone and the views of these people -- your hiding behind you he's out. I don't know anything about the group Gabriel and I should here and I Charlie I don't -- -- about the group. You call me a liar in your press release I've never once called -- -- during the course of this campaign and when I really big. What we're loose where these -- It's cities Sullivan's campaigns and they were happy to accept this group's help and O'Sullivan is pretending. He's never heard of them. What I did it or heard of them I'm not pretending I went to my campaign comes and that he says something on the public -- and all of my campaign -- you're saying Beasley donor you're saying that your campaign came and I'll say you don't know what you're campaigns they -- -- -- as I know I said I am I don't I've never heard of them I never heard the group until relishing king mentioned it -- I mean yes we come here. Because you should I should be confronting you about the letter and a twenty during the course of the campaign. I -- -- interest in talking you bought the land of the Charlotte -- you can do whatever you want with it in terms of your explanation -- -- here because you should somehow. I was a minute left to ask you -- a letter to wish me and up what is that supposed to mean my career high and behind the group we have at the funeral I don't want that kind of an equal tenacity rent free online hiding behind anybody of the people message Jesus wanted to know whether or not. You can down -- -- that this group's views and attitudes you let me ask you some Gabriel what do you know about the growth. I know if they'd actually set up -- OK let's let's hear it I mean here's one example. And these are relentless vicious and held that that's that's real and our children so so regular gay agenda down our threats. Now do you dude I can yeah those statements all why is it take two weeks April when this came out group yeah it's taken to lose their cool from. This founder leader Michael who's the leader that's actually what I think markets which is for is that as last first rumors last night. On. I've -- Marcia I've spent my whole career scrubs were in my whole career protecting people's rights protecting people's civil rights. Protecting people from hate crimes this place and I society for those types of statements Gabriel. But we're here because you said I wasn't willing to confront to both the letter in your explanation for the -- somehow you're Smart enough to write a letter that. I mean we're we're here now we're here because your -- in -- grew alassane you need to man up and ask in person about why I'm here asking you per but the point is is that it to -- two weeks. To come out I'm glad -- finally did notify you about finally I'm glad you finally condemning this group of kids MRI -- words that condemn and condemn their worst the worst but it Turkey two weeks doing the math it. Why do they first came out you isn't it isn't it I'm the same as is proper for him as a candidate to two Libyan contact with a third party I have a -- -- was I thought it was illegal actually no but it is really actually come out publicly say you RT what. If it's -- -- two weeks to come out a series you did which I can I apply for that that's not tested and trusted whoa whoa wait a minute now Gabriel now you calling into question my character. -- I'm -- is it that it's not a good idea that group could come out in minutes supported me. Within five minutes I would condemn that group. And that and that person and their manager I was -- -- question. Play Ellison whether I ever heard of the group place I never heard of the group. And I said if there was -- he -- hurtful message but should this why did you or did you go with what did you know that there were gonna take out ads against him actually -- it. Knowing that they followed Obama when Alison King approached me and any campaign stop but they also have -- all. I -- updates Jack -- as well. And I printed ads -- -- -- how -- -- -- is seen as anyone in this -- seen the ads or heard the absolutely you have different so did you hear of the -- -- in the media will on the web site. Looks like two different neighbor said he heard yet who I don't seem part -- I haven't heard yet -- us apart like on YouTube. We're releasing any sort so as far as we know they have a to have they have big -- immediately bought any time I don't know they've all time high. They were by the time on this station I know I don't think that -- and I we have on the none of us have heard of but I just think the silence speaks volumes and what's silence who goes -- he's had two weeks -- if I don't then finally glad you came out hit them did you -- -- we're headed to the governor several. I'm talking about and talking about yeah. It's only and we're trying to give. Hi all I'm glad you actually have to -- -- I'm glad we're here outlined his -- Still interest and true is supporting the -- the positions of prisoners taken. When issues like gun control that's what you told Governor Deval Patrick did you support the president's positions on gun control. And -- -- traveling around the state Gabriel saying you were supported the Second Amendment. You can't -- -- -- -- I'm a firm support the second and Michael and I -- -- I didn't write that letter through right now let him through political land or calculating manner -- You know -- I'm not a career policy was calculated that you wrote the letter if you wrote -- letter in order to get appointed by the governor I resent and as an eighty. I thought I haven't heard there's a slick lawyer today. I'm not a lawyer no no blaming your calling him a slick lawyer tonight and are calling -- -- -- Wu who was the slick warrior you were referring them. Was a dimmer Winslow somebody else asking the question during the -- Somebody. So is his latest. Also was Winslow you were -- there was a slick and you don't think -- think that Mike has a slick lawyer -- a lot of respect for Michael and -- -- -- career Reid has come if we come at things from a different perspective I got a lot different set of Latin spears says. In a different reason I think why I'm running at very different thing if I got to offer the people in Massachusetts. It's a simple. I have a lot Irsay died -- say that we agree on a lot of issues were both fiscal conservatives were both pro life for both strong proponents of the Second Amendment. We just -- things become this race from a different perspective -- difference and life experiences. And I think we just have different things to add third. Different -- if you. Okay present let's take a break we're that they -- breakthrough would be exactly what you guys question each other starting with you Gabriel or. Okay GOP special senate debate has brought you by perfect smiles beyond exceptional dentistry -- -- car. 6187746943. To -- this is we may end up. Debate it's the GOP special senate debate brought you by a perfect smiles beyond. Exceptional. Dentistry and with us. Is a former US attorney and former ATF for acting director Mike Sullivan. Who's running for the nomination against Gabriel Gomez -- comatose camera right. It's hero -- cable. Gomez who is a it was the venture capitalist investment banker and a a navy veteran navy seal India are gradually the US Naval Academy. I just wanted to get a question before we let you guys go it's. This is for both of you would either of you support the US military confiscating personal firearms -- US citizens afforded by the president. No -- -- says no. Capsule and out here and honest. OK go Ford Gabriel last month questioned sure I I think as a Priscilla question. Would you be in favor. Turn on it's as when your priorities down he story you reappear turn on us now he's. Self imposed a term limits -- always believed in it I think it's good to have full of good turnover and certain known positions I think lifelong. Service sun -- position while she could be a I'm committed challenging and problematic for people -- self imposed term limits so yeah central -- you wouldn't go down or try to make it a gap. I think is so unrealistic to expect a constitutional amendment consider the last time the congress passed a constitutional amendment and term effect in themselves to about -- years so I'd probably spent a lot of my time. Focusing on some real important issues particularly be done fiscal issues he added that people -- on the kitchen table most concerned about. Mike ask him what I want you got the letter I mean I'm here because I thought I would just say that on that on that question here on -- it's obviously better if we got to focus on the on the economy economy economy. The one of the reasons that were in the situation rent. If he's got people and politics are far -- -- that I take in the same attitude that. If these are too hard. This the hills to -- It's too hard to challenge to do. How it quite frankly we -- Friday floats when the video of the live the American dream and I wouldn't have done all things that I had opportunity so to have to take the attitude that this is too hard to do. I've just. -- -- likely disagree and I'd say that that's one of the things we need to focus on -- ACL in the economy because we need to get people. They cannot -- then. -- good part of their career in politics that we have right now well on its -- simulate high paid political consultants who suggests that he -- Michael filibuster every now looks like every state but we hit it to make it up and talk about some of the issues that's a difference right here -- I don't commit urinating -- -- to speak from the heart I just -- regulate ourselves. Any I don't have any consoles a telling with the same Michael everything that I sent in public -- that's been on record everything has been on my website. Does your mind you do mine and mine -- he asked me to ask you about the letter every Demetriou -- anyone change the subject. So I -- the letter your. Okay see essentially says I support the president didn't know he's put the positions of President Obama has taken on. Gun control. Do you still stand by that statement you give the Deval Patrick what do you say different words instead of saying full support now. I I agree do you like I'm a firm believer in the second and I just I simple question do you still. Could take deposition -- I don't agree with all the positions on the pressing you know and I don't support them down positions the president is tennis that -- I'm not a lawyer you know -- -- somebody could have worded carefully and headed for the same meaning that I meant to have and -- the worst support. Some people are gonna turnovers all encompassing what I meant by the -- support missions or is that he's that I support the positions that the President Obama has taken on gun control Michael you know I don't support the assault weapon ban bundle it now you know also that I don't site or imaginary guns and number rounds and high capacity and actually imagine the guy police report. I notice I. Show loophole by the way there are many states -- wondering if you -- really isn't the -- and again shall what do you remember explain what -- else what is the gun show loophole there are certain states out there -- you can go into against self. And by weapon without a background check. What's really secondary market it's not the potential potential loophole his son is not a loophole in early may be some New York. You political consultants that told you talk about Michael let's show some respect here I don't have any political consumes that it that he knew I am I don't lock in the meetings or debates -- notes. Well -- my letter -- -- understand I remember writing a letter now lower toll commuter talk to butch a letter solar boat but I think that we should they said they would. The positions of President Obama has taken on immigration reform do you still stand by that statement you gave to governor I mean you ask Governor Patrick for the job. Can we ask them for the job Gabriel you essentially told him take you supported the president on gun control. Can you supported their president point immigration reform. Now you'll -- telling people that you don't support the president most to issue some just yesterday. Do you do you stand by would you say it to the governor when he asked him to give you the job a few weeks ago. I'm not sure of which were clear I can be felt letter was written by me telling me and I am proud I raise my hand and volunteered. And I want to served this Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It wasn't written by a political person it was a written by consultant there was a written by somebody through political lens or anything like that Michael I wrote that letter. And I am proud of that letter now with somebody written it with -- different experience in the political your perspective probably. I mean you're probably just say you were Fareed as you support of the you support what we're looking forward to ask you questions were what is the -- thoughtful leadership of club and -- Patrick what is it what can you give me an example -- He's he's our governor I was writing a letter to him. When I've used different words in retrospect yeah I would use different words in retrospect but we can use can you -- one thing that was -- it's all the -- what he's done. As a set up already used different words than that so many answers no I would musical works out okay your turn Gabriel. I'd go -- I'm not I'm not here today to try to denigrate somebody from our own party Alex. I'm happy to talk about the issues but I'm not here to to put somebody on the spot I had a chance to view that there in the first debate and as you saw I didn't do that. Thought they would like going around I know are already OK Alaska quite a question I got your text or said. Did you support those Schumer when he was up pushing gun control legislation in New York absolutely not no -- never have. Been a big supporter. What do you Second Amendment going back in my early days serving in the Massachusetts. House of Representatives say but I actually was opposed the original assault weapons -- this is not something that has come to me recently. You know between the time a -- Here between January of 2013. And the time that I announced. -- I'll always been a big supporter of the Second Amendment did the did when you were up -- the permanent Joba by ATF director did the NRA support you. Hippie generation didn't the I had your support that they should he may not help you with some of the Democrats. So they quietly supporting me reiterate and I hit -- great relationship when I served as the director of ATF. And it Gabriel. You leave you EU made a lot of money. In the last four years and he -- great -- a lot of money how could you how -- someone in your income range and made. He made he made 3.2 million in the last nine years you made eight point eight million of them I was eleven to ten years I think ten years and you may want how much to 3.2 million -- been ten years you mate you made eight point eight million in in enough for years does that does that qualify you -- -- does it could take two away from the average person that made them much -- Or tell your sight -- sound like a Democrat here that I should be ashamed of my success I'm just asking you cannot get here. Well I am the same person I was right girl on the same person pretty learning this until he was a kid going to school on the same person that earned. Everything he's done his -- every single accomplish I had my life and I'm proud of it come -- and run away from my success I earn my way to the Naval Academy I earn my pilot always a goal I earn my navy seal trident and I earn my way into power Francisco and I've earned. Having him. Very successful business private sector career I'm not ashamed at all. I -- I'm exactly what the American dream is all about in the reason I'm running tally. He's I want everybody to have the same chance that I have another -- one make sure that my kids have a chance American dream and wanna make sure that everybody's listening that their kids have a chance American -- that's not gonna be ashamed. To sit there and think that because I've been successful -- me money disqualifies me. -- makes you were qualified Ashley not what Juli isn't on this campaign but remember successful raising money out and the fact is we had access the same people. And we had a it was a rerun money are you gonna spend I've decided on -- million. I'm decide on that it could be a -- which is a million now know not a million -- Did Markey says that is a bit to -- here and say that because I've been successful. And that can look I mean I don't know I don't -- -- I am I am -- I I'm the American dream how everybody. I want my kids have the same chance they have a different American dream but everybody out there I -- make sure that their kids and their kids have a chance at the American dream now there's nothing that I've done ever been seen and actually I'm proud I've earned it. Everything. Well it. -- I was born here in the in the city of Boston then the south and the Boston. Started my professional career on the factory floor of the joint company. Here's where are we work I did -- tour acknowledge they drove the world can put -- in makeshift you know sometimes I put myself follow through school hum. A lot of has some great blessings during the course of my life and the thing that I'm most fearful about. He does he -- things that we knew my parents dreamed about for me are going to be available for the next generation so that's a reason why I'm running for United States senate. -- -- Thumbs up or thumbs down you know I have some real problems with regards to the other way that they calculated the benefits of keep -- it seems like it's pretty far down the path -- this point in time. Com. I'm not sure that it's a good deal with the the very engine your thumbs up or thumbs down -- I'm not sure to be honest and how we've seen in this is something you should be decided at the local level. In the local community did not have the opportunity to fully participate which I think it. Certainly had the opportunity to pursue whatever and turn him a thumbs up or thumbs down for kick went to should be at the state to look a little bit on the service on upper case I don't against Kate went. Okay let's see here a military service and we know your military service your military service I don't have military service Miley and dad and other family members of certain military probably in the big supporter of the in the military in fact. -- a lot of work with the new worries project when I was an ATF. OK I will say that that is the price -- my professional career being able to protect and defend the constitution United States and the serving overseas. As a lot of friends that are in the military that are out there every single day doing ops all over the world make sure that we can actually be on his radio show and have productive discussion. Marla says you both -- you support the Second Amendment other -- articles in the bill Richard did not support. -- What do you think of Michelle -- -- Celek the the would be the killer for the white strangler who's gonna get a sex change operation and I actually post them on the record of being opposed to that that so that's courageous. -- -- reader and a lot of things. OK let's see what else we got here okay how about now do you what do you support you I wanna ask you what. One more time Gabriel really it will run out of time. Bold and thoughtful leadership. -- can you give me one example. Kelly. And I said I would as an eighty guy OK I didn't write this from a political lens I don't know how much were clear I can be I'm not a career politician. I'm not a -- -- I've been politics I haven't ran five times have been a policy since 1990 well I get a Bill Murray for -- the point is is that. I don't look at these were political as I don't have -- consults I don't what anything is written notes and have to have something in front mead like no what I'm talking I speak from the heart how we. Just like everybody else I'm one of them I speak from the heart and I'm proud to be who I am well. Oh loose from the first time -- -- Gabriel -- last time I served as the director of ATF. When I said I meant united hide around the fact that. -- maybe I didn't put the right words in the when you say I went with police said they supported something. That means something to make and it should mean something to you as well hello imagine Governor Deval Patrick when he read death. She believes you when you told him. And they supported President Obama -- they supported president Obama's policies on gun control in immigration. He didn't think that that somehow he there was a new definition of support. Depending on when you definition news I -- very clear on I don't -- -- not you know Harvard Business School graduate you -- words mean something. Am very proud of my service and in my career and I know exactly what I meant that letter as I say it. Somebody would maybe a lawyer background -- and -- -- don't think so I think what your high school graduate course mostly your Harvard Business School graduate -- words mean the same thing -- obviously governor. The president says your success is not yours do you agree. Pencil in my -- I've heard everything that I've done. And I got a lot of opportunities and that's the key point we need to make sure that everybody else has the same opportunities come and I guarantee that at the same opportunities have the same chance at success that I -- what you like definitely disagree with the president okay thirty seconds each thirty seconds for you start up with the U. Mr. Gomez saw a -- production and -- one -- -- I felt like great opportunities I thought Steve once was one of I think that for the go ahead but he's like -- I'm one of you but I had a great -- a lot of good opportunities and I've earned everything I've done in my career. -- surely isn't the same opportunity. If we continue on the same path we're not gonna have -- our -- for our kids and our kids' generation that's what we can't afford same sent people that are singular down the right now presenting at the same thing we have right now. But I celebrity before is -- military man's discipline of. Follow sensitivity and a business and has experienced that in DC and is very unique it's exactly what we need got to DC right now someone who is actually freshman first perspectives. And we'll bring change doubted he seeks us so we need we need change we can't continue got to -- out front right now Mike I think you need some media news been tested in somebody who can be trusted and certainly have had the opportunity to test it and number different ways to back in my. Private sector days at the Gillette company to the work I -- is a state representative. The work they do in terms of communities improving the quality of life for the people would. -- district attorney working dune national security level. In terms of the work of the US attorney's office. Investigating me in the Richard Reid the shoe -- case which was an international terrorism organization. And the other were kitty TF when you wanna have. People -- you can trust that they say what they mean they do with you gonna say. OK I appreciate you guys commit for the mile debate I'm sorry Dan Winslow couldn't be here but. Things just the discovery now live I may end up he real. Michael Holland basket has -- highlighted they're part of her own I had -- -- it starts up again condescending that's apple put. We're gonna go ahead and respond well I didn't hide behind needing Gabriel. You know what if I could get a ticket to week that would tonight new UN might not agree to -- that trust that's not tested and trust the world didn't listen in now I know you wanted to. He's taking headphones off and walk away plumber your verdict until they are not the same can continue this after the those of you guys understand -- Dixie two weeks now there's simply no assurance that the then there's a very simple test and that's how we car.