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Sheriff Hodgson On Public Record Privacy

Apr 25, 2013|

Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County Massachusetts joined us to discuss this issue of privacy and public records in the wake of Governor Deval Patrick shutting down the information pipeline on the records pertaining to the welfare received by the Marathon bombers and their families .

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Shorting us now is someone who knows -- quite a bit about the the illegal alien problem and in this country. Because he has a quite a few of them incarcerated in his -- various jails there would be a sure Tom Hodgson of Bristol county. And Tom Tom what do you make of what do you make of Deval Patrick excess stout defense of the privacy rights of terrorists. I can look you know I can -- your salary up with maybe about fifteen seconds to find out your salary inept and everybody in your department salary. Yet you have no expectation of privacy. But yet these people who was slaughtered Americans and you know. In gauged in the worst imaginable kind of terrorism the cost over twenty people limbs. They they hear they are being defended by the governor. Yeah you know Howard -- this is is this is the the epitome. Ridiculous and really ought to reach -- The governor will be saying that the -- this year you know somehow experienced some guys who who who killed several people and in copper serious harm others and any committed terrorist act and that somehow he has a right to privacy for so he's -- webpart to -- -- -- -- It's -- you were talking about this this morning and the camera lands not worried about his privacy he's he's tied up with -- 72 virgins right now. Yeah exactly exactly you know you know the other thing is look -- privacy act is is made available protect individuals -- not paid trip to. Corporate government from being embarrassed because they maybe have been giving out. You know these benefits to people and we know the governor's position wrong you legal in Massachusetts while we've become much different look. It would not all of this started here. To see the marathon bombing here and started here and it was because his quotes around that the other is the shoe bomber started. Well it's a sanctuary state and the people that the markets around real quote can be illegal immigrant communities they -- you hide out somewhere. You know criminals do I think they go anywhere in east. Be identified or. So -- paying attention to what I'm going aboard Mir and that's what that's what illegals to get in the country at -- time. Where people can really pay attention and I can plot things out -- -- over -- -- concrete that's what they need. And it's it's a place where they're basically -- -- what -- status since. Illegal status can help you in educational. In in with regard to getting any entitlements including your driver's. And I -- Ali. Sure sure if I mean yeah that you could come here and be a terrorist and the state will support you while you build your bombs. Absolutely from the taxpayer money and in fact that the governor would say. We don't have a right to know how much we've given what our own money to our money we give them writes books if it isn't just about that it's also about. We walked every bit of information we have about how these people wanted. There there -- -- paid for me the materials that they got fifty years. Taxpayers like to do that dictate that they play our system so that they can get this information I mean excuse -- to the morning. Did they by the pressure cookers with EBT cards. I don't -- -- by the -- -- a sharp brought you -- they gave they gave up me and Chris capacity at The Herald the the statement on the on Tuesday night that that the that the had been on welfare. Now the PTA as saying they made a mistake that they shouldn't have given us the they didn't even the even the vague. Nebulous statement that they did on Tuesday night that that was a violation of federal laws so they're they're backtracking on that I wanna know what I wanna know about this. Situation where they gave out of the the grades to the New York Times. Oh yeah what up almost certainly does I continued to college for the port -- summit. -- free rides from what looked in this set we both know the answer to that share. Of course you know what -- tell you right. You're right on the mark -- to calm this morning it was right on the what is that thing is. Look the public has a right to know what's being done with the money particularly want people using your trip to you know if -- their personal security and the fact is that the governor saying well. Apart -- this is very similar to the governor's previous rhetoric around. -- -- got killed in -- -- -- represented this as a very illegal immigrants takes the neutral driving case. It's -- Here illegally. You -- -- To kill -- That's steps which -- So you know that the point is if we ought to be able to locality. At this situation and every which way to Tuesday and if one of the things we want a look at his government was providing taxpayers money for. Maybe we need to take a look at and say how can we make it more difficult for people who want hurdles. To get any of these these type -- that haven't been. Court decisions about how the the right to privacy is over ridden by the the public's that the Pope -- the public's safety of the of the public's. Self interest here. Actually do what bishop court court rulings say that there -- basically you're you're not entitled to privacy when it affects. The -- Public interest and clearly this affected the public's interest in a very big war. 270 people injured 270. People injured by welfare recipients. -- in welfare recipients. I think people rosters which are expecting all of its government leaders say. Absolutely no other terrorist. -- even if you're wrong in the normal law yet this case we're not our departure. But he people expect to stand up for the the citizens is that what you. It's that this sort. Created this this world blog -- giving your rate that we need to be able to make them harder. The opportunity for people to take advantage of issues. To a harmless. I think. This is great but it took your arm out and watch discovery Bennett and we've seen it. With regards to immigration issue. Easter we -- that he's the same guy of talk about this initial before weary wary of the you know it is it is sort of subtle protest taking off for haircuts in the two Teixeira just -- cold enough from that. This was in Maryland and in Maryland he went after a Democrat governor. I think it was Parris Glendening glendening or something like that but he -- it was live it was a democratic governor and he sued the democratic governor on behalf of these inmates who claimed that the -- appreciate it which -- were too warm. And the metal was too warm. -- when it won a super that -- super Max prison I mean these were the worst of the worst in Maryland but yeah most liberal states of America. -- I edit the people masters it's a longer -- to see this discover as a very liberal policy around. Around -- punishment frankly he's. We always what you -- to sort of give me. -- where are always so they're not for the victims but the people who get up for it really is -- it. He's you know the thing is to be that he's gotten away with stonewalling assay on the on the tip lieutenant governor to -- cellphone records I mean there's -- that's outrageous that we haven't gotten Marie cellphone records from the morning where he wrecked the state car when he was 108 miles an hour. And I and I think that he he's emboldened by that and he thinks he can get away with that. -- -- -- Tim Murray you always amusing Massachusetts type issue but it is it was basically inside baseball I mean this is this is a national issue but this just people in Massachusetts or or the political insiders wanna know. The answer to this unlike the timber cell phone records everybody in the country wants to know the answer how much welfare with -- -- terrorists getting. Well look we couldn't get answers we couldn't get the correcting it -- On the people -- Massachusetts -- citizens here when they first said that there was what 20000 it turns out there's 47 belt -- it. Right -- don't know how they're they're getting -- we've been getting very BT cards recharge but we don't we don't know -- where they live or B if they even exist at all. -- it hasn't been a pattern with the restrictions it's it's sort of like were not taken that maybe looks like it's not. Conformed to accountability for the taxpayer we're not gonna we're not gonna hear information to verify for the taxpayer Williams -- -- look at chart O'Connell I mean like I -- neighbor -- gave -- -- EBT transactions slept for mob from Pittsfield. It was probably four months ago now with a balance of 7000 dollars on that she's she sent it to the -- TA the department of I call a terrorist assistance now. And end. -- and she can't she can't birdie get any kind of answer from the DT LA about what a ballot that what the pop balances aren't. If -- if it ever raises a red flag when somebody's balance goes oversee a 5000 dollars. You -- apple should that they're -- they're stonewalling or they they got there there there are there to protect the interest. Of their clients I know the ball used to be on welfare but that's no reason for him to do it to take the side a bit of -- welfare recipients he's not a lot anymore over the taxpayers are absorbing he's a taxpayers. You know Ali you know -- -- -- fundamental question which you very rarely do different venues on on on this topic of of represent patients. People are elected by the people are taking care of people switching area that there are some other sub agenda that you yourself. Some other sort of personal bias is that the maybe -- about. Government out what Democrats are executed -- something -- think was right but but to the disappearance of the people here it seems to be. You know I don't know seeing children with this administration is it truly. It truly unconscionable for a top concern it would go via the it is just the latest of the worst. And I know in and then and again and and the double in the double standard here -- way I mean I I know you know I'm mama -- -- that columnist the work. For paper it in Massachusetts but yet they're dumping their dumping these records which they say they can't give to the papers from Massachusetts. They're dumping them. To win even it would of a paper that is believe it or not more liberal -- the Boston Globe because it might it might help Deval Patrick what he's running for president at 2060. Well he had a personal -- -- -- the open but let me tell you this. -- you know I don't I don't think -- spoken of this before but you know the drug -- situation that your customers are cost taxpayers may be up to a billion. -- -- -- I hadn't heard -- -- number but I I I don't I don't doubt that this is this is this any dual cam who was who painted -- drug investigations. Pretty much across the state for a number of years they've already -- -- number of these drug guided drug dealers go all the convictions are being thrown out because how can you get a conviction you might as well throw out some of -- have already been re arrested for being in involved in violent crimes and they had these these these drug dealers are now gonna sue the state. Of Massachusetts. For putting them behind bars im -- illegally and improperly you know what -- I don't blame pursuant DO. Well knowing you know what do what's sad about this system taxpayers secured. This could all be deported -- the governor spent his time focusing on creating systems and government didn't managers of these departments State Department. Were required to put in place. It would have been an accountability of the article from government which we first got elected but what captured only about. Without a taxpayer's pocket in the wait -- it is building measurable indicators or think that drug lab won't if you thought what I got to. What happened was when the literature was -- with -- from the drug lab. Go in triple -- thing -- you've got twenty or easier. A one out of the quality. People are comes as much -- -- -- like right away it would have to set up. And right into all this -- do now compound here. How about the compound in pharmacy in Framingham -- again another case were Deval Patrick administration has dropped the ball and in their they're there were about forty people dead across the country end and work delegates at the state is gonna get sued on -- -- Well we got -- anybody you know he's got to get superintendent of -- What area of early education literate Americans and and think you're under that will -- to cooler masters -- -- commitment -- And they can't -- that but on the other hand they also can't find -- that sex offenders are living in daycare at the same addresses as daycare centers because no one in her apartment. Is it's tracking it ended and the all wants another 350 million for a totally. This functional the. And you know what what we -- we think about just the things we talked with the putting war but one common denominator all of -- His lack of accountability it's a lack of what to expect the governor to be -- legitimate partner. People expect the governor put the system would play right there are reported across the border although we just need to use to cut taxpayers' cost we feel in the. The jury hearing his -- were part of the -- sure Tom Hodgson of Bristol county but curious he is micromanaging. The this -- it this stonewalling. Of of getting the welfare records of the terrorists. Lucky micromanage. Michael may -- just not ready micromanaging. But again -- reward towards privacy act wasn't wasn't meant to protect supplies -- embarrassment to government or cover right government official that. If it doesn't say it doesn't say you couldn't you can't -- to the Boston Herald and we did we made a mistake and we didn't leak it -- we gave him a statement. But you -- leaked to the New York Times because they support the governor's agenda. That's where about what they're doing in -- the other thing just one more thing to mention here. You know here you have the the second former secretary of public safety Mary -- -- and she was she was on duty so to speak she were running the state police. The day that they are respond to call about the lieutenant governor's action on mud on patrol accident when he was going a 108 miles and power. I think she knows what really happened so he can't fire her like he fired DM curly from the department of transitional assistance over evil. The most recent EBT fiasco he instead it's because she's a you know I'm just drawing conclusions here sheer bureaucracy that. She has the inside dope on what happened that morning. So did she get fired no she gets promoted to judge lifetime appointment. Just like other before. Well I I think I think if you look at it is just that the greens if you thought about talked about. It's pretty clear that. -- to be the focus is not really on -- averaging. Government and putting good systems in place -- -- consistency across the board yet at the -- and time -- just about. All the kinds of things that are coming for now public that's why. You know when you suggest that. The governor and he. You liked that they like to. Our. Going to be right okay sure clutch and we appreciate your being with us here of how our great thank you expect that your column auction them Bristol --