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Deval still won't give up the terrorists welfare records

Apr 26, 2013|

Jeff explains his theory behind why Deval is stonewalling any release of records to the public regarding the terrorists welfare funds.

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Welcome to the corner report this is Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer 617666868. Is the number. You can also affects the set six days six days and for those of you want to where you can tweet us. Boy we have -- to cover today. Very good show for all of you hope you can stay tuned -- -- -- the most of it or hopefully all of it. I gotta tell you done this. Deval Patrick story. Of him refusing to release the welfare records. Of the evil it's hard number one camera land -- are now of the slain -- marathon bombing mastermind. This is now gone I mean this is gone much is national in some ways international. Everybody. Is talking about it. Most people are utterly infuriated. By it and it's not Republicans. It's not just conservatives. Many Democrats. Are really angry and I don't blame -- and this story just will not die. I mean this thing is gone all the way to Washington it's gone national. And here it's been two days of nonstop anger. Over this story. And so yesterday. The mean mean mean. How -- press conference. Where surrounded by a -- full of journalists. He was just. Why do you keep insisting. On keeping their welfare records. Under wraps. And so now. Check this out. Did just assure you the arrogance and in this stupidity of this man. Under tremendous political and public pressure what is -- -- do Desi finally say well. They were collecting welfare for years we are the taxpayers. We pay for those welfare benefits. We wanna know. For how long and for how much. We're the evil SARS collecting welfare. Because. What's going on here and this is the macabre up. This is almost out of a horror movie. It now seems that the taxpayers of this state and of this city. Essentially subsidized. These terrorists. To plot and commit these atrocities. -- was the Boston bombing taxpayer funded. Was the box the Boston bombing taxpayers subsidized. Because it seems pretty obvious. The older one the older evil -- I was on unemployment for years. Was on EET cards for years. The younger one we now know was receiving substantial college aid. Section eight housing is subsidized public housing. I mean the only thing they did and -- seriously was get among Kron with dvd carts. That was the only thing. Now I have to say this about the two Brothers. To call them deadbeats. He's not a 100% accurate that's not a 100% accurate. The younger we will Sar usual car. REE was into marijuana. Feel like they get -- high eight he went to college parties he was a frequent party animal his friends say he was fun to be around to get are really there was no tomorrow. And you like the long. Are you like to you like to smoke marijuana you like the bong and he sold marijuana. So in -- way he was an entrepreneur. I mean you know he was contributing to the bad academic life of the unum out of a UMass Dartmouth by supplying marijuana. So -- he had signed a sort of an entrepreneurial site to look so good to me honestly I I heard one of the callers yesterday calling now we show. And say we should column -- who -- bong like that. How well who act long you know that that that list owner terrorist. So he's got the crime in one hand and the bong and the other. So you know he's not appear deadbeat. And the other one while he was a boxer. I he would beat his girlfriend's up. That takes initiative. And obviously get up off the coach to do that sort of stuff. So he goes to the gym he's working now. We're paying for it. Then we pay for his trips to Chechnya. Then of course we pay for -- he's in Chechnya going to terrorist training camps. The only question I have. Is -- DE BT cards work in Chechnya. When you have to replenish -- recharge -- Do they work can you can you still get money transferred to you in an account in Chechnya that's the only thing I like to know. So was there you know they're doing terrorist training camps. They want to take a little break have some gold Milken camel jerky whatever it is with her suicide -- as they sit around. And eat with their hands and then -- -- -- on it's on me guys. Guys my fellow journalists. This is on me automatic out automatic up momentum build different beasts and but Adam who would let that go let that go so. Governor Deval Patrick. Now he's continuing to insist. That the evil SARS that their records their welfare records basically continue to be sealed. And he says well okay. There is an exception in the law because he says hands are tied -- their high. And it's the law that's forcing him -- it's forcing them. Did -- not reveal these records and so he says but there is an exception. That the information. Can be released. To members of the state legislature. And -- white kid you not. He's gonna release the information of the welfare records. Knocked us. But to -- special house oversight committee were -- kid -- not it will remain a secret. And he says yeah there is an exception you can share these welfare records the state legislators but that's where the transparency ends. And according now. Too many -- director of communications. Pointing -- that take a look at this idiot just seem normal does smokey it. The legislature. Is not allowed to share it. So the politicians can see the records. Show the privacy is already been breached because -- others can see it but we can't see it. But it stays there. Pieces on how mean this is -- is almost like a sic comedy. So yes some people conceded but only fellow politicians. And the public can -- it. And he keeps going on. That this is a matter of the law. That somehow his hands are tied well meaning mean I don't know how to tell you this. But when he came to the New York Times on Saturday and I have the story right in front of me. Where they talked about show cars grades. Because remember his financial records have to be under seal. His academic records have to be under seal. Even his college saying that all has to be under seal. But meany mean wants to run for the presidency in 2016. And what is meany mean want. What every aspiring democratic presidential candidate wants the blessing. Of the New York Times. -- liberal rag which is their Bible. They want the liberal Bible to -- some so what is the meaning me doing to ingratiate himself with the New York Times too when it suits him politically. Boom. -- -- Suddenly. They got information was shared. By people in the governor's office to the New York Times. And Saturday's edition. And suddenly we can't find out how much of our money he was taking. No home all how much of his tuition replaying for not -- on all but -- grades so here. They -- New York Times got a copy of the evil so Marshall Carter the younger ones his grades the bongo ally like -- so the bong terrorist. -- -- Apparently got seven failing grades over three semesters. Summer -- this is the New York Times -- right in front of me he was struggling academically at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Well if you're planning Jihad. And you're getting stoned on your spare time yes you're not gonna be doing while in school. And apparently according to the New York Times the transcripts that they have shows him receiving seven failing grades over three semesters. Now this is what gets me. He got an -- in the principles of modern chemistry. Stupid your bomb builder. You're supposed to be excelling in chemistry but no he got an -- In short for American politics he got a laugh Hamas surprised. Chemistry again and the environment he got an -- but check this out. And maybe this is why he's very good in answering some questions early on he got to be in critical writing. Critical writing I'd like to see his rants on the United States and is critical writing but what is so critical writing he gets a B. And I DN AD plus in two other courses. So all of a sudden. When it comes to helping to New York Times with the story. -- incredible response sealed. It's not under wraps suddenly people are sharing information but when it comes to telling us how much it cost us how much we paid for these two terrorists. Cool. Suddenly then it's a privacy issue. This. Is hypocritical. This is insulting. To the victims. To the family members and to the taxpayers of this state. We paid for those welfare benefits. We pay you for meaning me salary he works for us. We demand transparency. And if he had an ounce of integrity. If she even gave a damn. About the victims or about the people of this state. The -- welfare records would have been released days ago. Instead he's playing political games. And the reason is obvious. Because the corruption in this state when it comes to welfare. It is so deep is so immense is so rampant. If he gives us information on these two Brothers. And we say how does such able bodied people get welfare for this long. We're going to be asking about so many others. And then the whole liberal democratic regime. Comes crashing down. And so now he spinning. He stonewalling. He is essentially covering up. To the American people of Massachusetts and to the people of Boston. And if you wanna see his arrogance. Don't touch that dial. Because we gonna -- press conference yesterday and I got to tell you meaning me was in fine form Jeff corner on the corner report. Call 6172666868. Car. Operators are standing by to take your call they heard AM continue to -- This is Jeff Carter Boston's bulldozer welcome back -- the corner reports 6173. 666868. Is the number you can text us. 68680. So here was a mini me yesterday. Now look how he's dancing in stonewalling and suddenly now. It's the law that forbids him from releasing the records. Roll it cooks to go to the rules has to do with leaving the state can leave for a certain period. Most to lose your benefits for those rules follow I don't know the answer that but I wanted to find out what they're pretending to forget what I'm asking our folks -- GTA in the area. Getting some background information. They've made some information public already which I gather they should not have done that I think they can't release that information to me I'm looking forward to seeing who did release -- tell us. Well we'll do all we can't within the large enemies a fair question. You know and I understand the public this is curious but I I also understand there's some. -- somewhat can be properly got released from within the law will do we -- governor -- good attitude to congressman Lindsey and I can do wanna say over the rose let us know we know what. Which they may have gotten I would say if you will that. Critics though say you protect seeing the terrorists right to privacy over the victim's race not about a right to privacy and that abiding by the law and we will do what we can do within that within the law I'm curious to understand people's. Curiosity that I don't think anybody congressman -- -- we're not as saying we should just ignore what what the law says we'll sort to have. And we'll make whatever -- information contact candy made public public. Got governor relevance of this policy and their obvious irony here it seems to stop people what's your take -- as well I think it's more just that it's upset and mean that you know they're there. Good and bad people on an -- Assistants and and it's you know it's obviously. Concerning that. That people who. I have done this kind of damage to assault. Would have been on the on the public dole for some and not accurate and -- Wind in the summer is put on the launch -- the FBI's terror watch list is the state notifying you guys have -- On another -- in the -- get the FBI that and that bad there a lot of questions swirling around about each. Federal agencies knew what the wind and today and the extent to which that information was we share with the state through the I'm I mean yeah. And I'm I'm I'm investigating this now I'm the big advantage. I mean mean mean. We you mean there on terror watch list and -- -- all I didn't although. Anything -- and. We resign and Chelsea. Where is that guys like Timmy did an outstanding. This seemingly elegant dinner and got to look into -- -- -- you mean how how long -- being on welfare. Plan for years. Yeah like everybody else who holds for me what's the big deal with -- -- say -- I can't imagine I don't see them. Parents who were animal fan you mean the eighteen years ten years ago when -- -- while Stanford and. This reminds me so month when we checked my fundraising. Hold your whole. All I -- -- don't know that kind of thing here there were giving us money are we gonna get rid of that we have been getting rid of that record could get. Melanoma can change the papers around -- keep it -- do you think you fancy -- but only when you found this. These are -- so my biggest supporters. And this is we have to get an a hole really tell the press we're gonna get to the bottom of this it's the law we have -- mean belong here. The New York Times on the phone when second call or union direct transcript records that's no problem. Yet I he was very good in critical rainy and chilly again among my staff. He -- he can help me what his speech. But he got a math and chemistry I don't understand. -- -- chemistry -- we build the bomb I think he's innocent. Okay thank you New York Times how -- Europe next go. Good morning Jeff are -- in the governor's attitude about the public's right to know this is vital information. He uses the word curious as though this is just gossip. But there's something also wanted to say are not only do we have to concentrate on the EBT cards that these people use and we can't lose sight of the fact that the sorties saw also a major. Albany and share of these terrorists that we know we need to know -- -- they've done their site and Wally additional bat has given us or give a good inside feel on how sorties. All I have also financial these two characters. How we look what's going on here is a massive cover up we know it you know it and I think increasingly now the people of Massachusetts -- knowing it. And I'll tell you what's going on and it's very simple. We now know the saudis funded over half of the local mosque of these two. Terrorists that did the evil twins. Then the evil Brothers went and visited. So that we know the Saudi anglos -- prevalent even now. We also know you have the person of interest who was a Saudi national on a student visa. With now hi -- prominent Saudi family. Who what is Michelle Obama visit at the hospital. Drizzle literally there was a guy right across from them and American with all legs blown off. She should be -- sale shares -- an insult to -- got so something is fishy and now he's gone. He's gone that's number one number two. Look at him look at this clown like it's a matter of curiosity. It's like crown and we just one and home which is sort of like in all I did you have a girlfriend. I did it did you like it was he was he good in the bedroom. No nukes is not a matter of curiosity. It's a matter of justice. Armani was used potentially. To underwrite and fund a terrorist attack. We demand to know how much were they collecting and how long and you know what they're afraid of you won't -- you you're gonna be shocked at how much they were collecting. 303540000. Dollars in government benefits when everything is said and done. And then the public is gonna screen for welfare reform and that's why don't want it released. John Europe next goal. Yeah yeah I heard you give -- Transcript records for -- going to school and everything. My may not long ago I had just applied for records. She had to keep -- EPA above a certain point. Can you -- whether or not he would even qualified as. To continue to go in the schools so he has such a bad transcript -- to record a period. John that's a very good point you know what I'm gonna look into that I want to make a few phone calls he was there for three semesters. Basically was failing. They forgot that little -- be in critical writing and whatever got a B plus -- -- he failed seven courses. This guy was hardly showing up the score was installed all the time and and plotting G -- And you shouldn't have been getting to about my knowledge our -- Our funding anymore because he had -- effectively plucked out of school. I mean I mean -- have to maintain a minimum GPA. I mean I guess some last year are you know all your refugee. I Tennessee if you're in on an American. I mean he's come here and to get refugee status if you're a foreigner. Then I guess and you come from Chechnya on your Muslim well I guess you can fail as long as you want. But I mean you're completely right I mean I never really thought about the guarantee -- basic standards at UMass Dartmouth. 6172666868. Is the number Jimmy Europe next to go. They can't really teach. The -- an -- or have recall election. That's that's our state you can impeach -- number I mean there. Aren't editor yeah I mean Jimmy. Do you hear are never out these guys keep themselves in power forever. This guy could be -- Ray -- women. Literally in the governor's mansion this guy could be -- mama think I'm either filed charges but if you -- MPH I'm not. He could who knows he could have at the mommy terrorist does his mistress. I did you not he would report almost quimica mommy terrorist as his mistress the -- shouting out Allahu Akbar kill me kill my -- I don't care. And you can impeach him. Anthony Europe next -- Just it's funny how the governor is there any it to -- yesterday we have to abide by the law. But when it comes to illegal immigration they are get a pass it narrowly -- definition for illegal. Well they're here illegally. They violated the law the -- -- the whole -- Cambridge is a sanctuary place is a sanctuary pound. Boston the Sanctuary City Massachusetts is a sanctuary state. And on all all the corruption all the cronyism what went on in the parole department. Man -- fold the law there and the crime lab scandal and nobody's told the law. But now all of a sudden. It comes to the welfare records of -- mass murdering -- artists. And suddenly on prime time and time and time man along. I I I understand your frustration and it's a fair question. And I understand people's curiosity. But it's so I am kind rental car. I'm kind by -- along let's sweep this some command -- just see. Let's let's sweep this under the Enron please can we sleep and ended around I need I need to run in 2016 this is wearing embarrassment. Is it kind to stop commercializing. And branding. The Boston bombings. We will have that story that discussion. Next.