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Flash Bang still not talking

Apr 29, 2013|

Suspect number two in the Boston Marathon terror attack Dzhokhar Tsarnaev still has not given any more information on who, if anyone was helping them with the Marathon Bombing. Will we learn anything more from him?

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Just yen 500. Pages of welfare records hold it over I'll hand it over a media startups. Repealing a minute be staying late tonight crest. 18774694322. All we can we were getting tips on more I think it it -- you know at this point. With the with speed Bob and a flash bang. You'll would be that there really stop the presses front page splash Torre if somebody can find where they were. We we all that every form of welfare they work conversant. But the question is did they ever how the job. I know mall worked briefly for dead reputation and Belmont next the war. And that before -- and set up. Studio or whatever was in their section eight apartment. And I know that. -- -- The old man was supposedly fixing cars out on the street I wonder I -- these people ever paid a quarterly estimated income taxes -- we know about the art sales after she got into the shop at. But I mean did they did a better question might be that they have for pay taxes. But in this country for eleven years they were in this country you know that. That the parents the chills when Chechen parents are gone gone back and I think as Joseph Carr is is not going to be paying taxes anymore but that they did any of them ever pity. 18774694322617. Obama love the globe coverage on bin -- what globe coverage on in -- All that's yet I get it now that was a joke hot mop up. 187. -- But Lopes said is the globe that said Islam was a secondary reason gap that's right two that was buried in the Saturday paper right by I pulled that out later -- well last week. X products that were scholars that works that works course that's what it described him in the yeah body of the type. Scholars say that Islam may have been the secondary. -- secondary reason. Globe today Joseph Carr had promising and collect. See I see I didn't. See I didn't read today that's that's why should that's why I try to read it occasionally if someone leaves it somewhere I picked -- But I want refused by. Don't -- Joseph Carr had prompt. How we want all those horses that he even flunked chemistry courses which would think it terrorists -- past week. The chemistry courses but no. Nobody says sales tax on the pressure cookers. 18774. Capped the nice pick up speed bump on the net mice hole in his right side few bullet wounds bloody face good for speed bump. Yet you know what I was thick -- -- the one I was thinking of having a magnet of speed but that app that picture I'm sure most people of CNET mind now it's it's on the Internet has a panel gets appeared in the newspaper on the -- It's rather gruesome but mostly -- of making a magnet that interest you know I'm not promoting a book just like may be promoting web site there you know for the show. I don't know but male managers give me a lot of grief about that. 1877. 97 -- how we I think it will come up that they were on the welfare while they were on the terror watch list. From Paul the UPS Cutler likes I've been saying all weekend I'd like saying at that that. Moss mean speed bumps mom was on the the well it was on the terror watch list before she was on the Natick mall -- watch list. And by the way I got BI got the trash man comic that's another thing I'm thinking about what Narnia a -- I got you for Paul the UPS guys senate to me it's very nice the trash it trash man comics greatest hits. -- his hair was darker than mine though wanna -- even -- my here was barker. It was he's Parker he was darker than me in the misspelled coolest man alone Whitney but that's that's quick point -- -- 187746943221. 8774694322. We are going to be and was thirsty Indian IE and Anthony Moret from the a gardener. Museum the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a world expert on our -- will be there for an evening of crime I'll be talking about organized crime he'll be talking about the the thefts of art spiritually and brand. From museums here in Massachusetts has been a lot of them believe it -- -- I know that -- she. Massachusetts at once again setting the pace rather others to follow. But -- you can order your tickets at how we car show dot com how we park show dot com. It's the Hanover theatre 8 o'clock Friday night there are seats still available to big venue but the seats are going past. So how we -- dot com how we partial dot com. 18774694322. Mad that people will say you're spiking the football world that the email or manager says she she wants nothing to do with the issue and open the envelopes as the -- manager and have to look at that look at his picture world along exit onto one plate we're playing -- a mail it to the -- we yeah. The speed bump magnets if they wanna speed bombing that they can mail it to the station here and then you wouldn't have to deal with the potential. And moaning about that pose a problem though. -- good discussion to a trash -- magnet for and put my next magnet. 187. Some who don't do that that that. That. That made for a promising and -- -- that globe can sure turn -- phrase. 18774694322. The picture is in the top of the tabloid rag in the gross replies that -- OK I haven't been to the supermarket for a couple of days so I haven't seen OK so one of the one of the supermarket tabs this weekend put on the cover. Okay. 18774694322. That's the toll free number about how -- our show what you like to -- if you like to join us here on the Internet almost go to our web site which is. 61 sit there which is which might say. Which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. Also how we cart dot com you can take part in our daily Internet poll question the daily Internet poll question is brought to you by -- house mortgage for fixed rate mortgages in the twos. With no closing cost call power house mortgage 80762. 0000807620000. Chris what is the poll question what are the results thus far. Do you care that NBA player Jason Collins says he's day. Null and I don't wanna see it in the I don't wanna read stories about it in the papers and see on TV for the next week by an on going -- way. I know 2% agree with you -- -- now. The ABBA -- you know what I'm better may be a better question to -- when you heard that Jason Collins was gay it was your first response. Who is Jason Collins. I think he played for the Celtics were about a cup of coffee for. For this year dead you know -- Yeah he must have been very good right 'cause they're doing so well in the playoffs we're gonna get knocked out in the first rounds -- must've been at the troop talent. But you know I will say this for the guy I don't know if he's gay I don't care -- he's gay but this is a very good career move considering at least 34 years all the -- contract just expired. And he's in he's a marginal player at best. So now he's got now that the speaking or restrict about the speaking towards the -- contract. What else errors after that may be at. Maybe a TV show maybe -- one Dancing With The Stars can be be the first day he and it's -- whenever somebody's supposedly somebody's gonna come out in the and I felt Stults go and they commit laughter around. Tail and -- this weekend to go in the second round -- did you see the picture in the of the San Diego Chargers by the way they had three draft picks one to three. You know -- was holed up around there were picked and tell tale the other too happy to be picked in the first and third rounds respectively. AO in the middle looks disgusted. Second round -- 1877469432218774694322. Within the activity on speed bumps parent CBT -- stop the day of the shoot out question mark. I've got a story here I gotta I gotta show there's a story in it and one of the of one of these sites it has been in the New York papers yet I don't think I haven't seen the New York papers. But there is a story that they you know we've we thought we had we thought we come up with a big exco we have that the the EBT carve -- its feel with the 7000 dollar balance on a this this sub blog site in Manhattan has business insider has come up with a -- BP card with a balance of 1002000. Dollars. How many months does it take to get your EBT card up to a million dollar balance. I'll tell you about that one later on. 187746943220. Man these jokes are already coming in about the Jason Collins I can't even read them. I'll talk to you during the break it. Cattlemen choke line so there on the trump lying through our audio. Do they concern his so certain schedules. As a play maker shall we say. More that and more. -- parity on the cutting room. What adore it don't even bother don't don't. Clog up the trump one with Jack stopped c'mon you know it's like can make it we we appreciate the jokes but the there still are some FCC regulations you when you think I -- Manny Ortiz can't get away with this. Our 18774694322. Globe attributing bombings the psychological issue shared by boast both clubs Brothers. I agree acute Islamic delusions oh man I guess I gotta check that out. How we news how we news on NPR today might news about major news on India bids and there's never any news on NPR is only opinion. -- get the MI in the greatest hits our roundup of fox. Fox's -- phobia on on NPR to -- addition to being on MSNBC. 18774694322. Trash man magnate yes gruesome court celebrating -- loser and terrorists know how about a dumb and dumber magnet featuring their profiles I don't want I don't wanna do. The only thing the only thing I want is I just like that picture I was looking for a picture of him why. In the road -- you know there's some YouTube videos from the from from some of the yet TV channels in Boston when he was shot at what 335 when they just have a brief. Brief video. Of him lying dead usually when they get these videos of people dying you know whether it's in the shoot out in LA you know when that the -- Was heat the heat pipe shootout at the bank robbery or whether it's. Whether it's Americans and jumping out of the world trade centers on my eleven you don't see that you see it live with a you don't see it too often I think the same thing is true or bus speed bump lying in the road is speed bump. But they the the picture on the the picture on the on the autopsy take bullets missed. Is easily available anywhere. 18774694322. Well me and -- ABC. These jokes going worse. I'm sorry even brought up this topic but not that that would have stopped that right there was still what is still would've been there. Our 18774694322. That is via toll free number about how we car show what you like to join us here. What's your Candy Crowley first we have Candy Crowley the -- I couldn't believe this one. This summer get -- and -- the oldest woman is this is a woman. Who was who failed out well Obama when he was flailing for an answer on Ben Ghazi and that. -- he said well I did mention that he was terror -- it me it was terrorism on the first day on the first day. If we just mentioned in passing it was it was a boilerplate. You know he was just growing it in at the very end it was not really a man he was he was basically at that that time in this press conference at the Rose Garden after the ambassador in the three others were murdered. He was still basically saying that it was the fault of the Islamic -- the anti Islamic video made by of course will Welch a Christian. A for an Egyptian Coptic Christian. He's that he's in jail now of course they'll still in jail. But the candy Crowley's one on bail amount choose the moderator of the debate -- she's a whale reporter here here she is here she is yesterday on CNN. Here's what I'm gathering from -- showed that day. In talking to -- in office and out of Basra observing from an expert expert point of view that actually is doesn't look this -- is there really weren't dots that were not. Connected it looked so it worked. Even though it ended up horribly what is your take gave -- -- all eight. -- it ended up hardly Camby it didn't work OK I mean you know you could say it was nobody's fault -- But it this system did not at war. All right you have these people on a terror watch list and there on welfare he can't tell me the system worked. 18774694322. Of the dead speed -- Videos saved on my Tivo. Yet it's on YouTube you can find it if you want it's not that hard to find it's out there amount to saying that the -- herald yesterday we had a freeze frame it just does that make it easier forming -- use that one of the -- the video again it. They said that the better pictures the autopsy photo but it it is kind of some. Maybe issues to trash. Freshmen as funny he's he's got these got a machine gone he's scowling and he's got to the -- disease easy he's he's we have equal to tough guy. It looks like he could sweep the garbage off the streets. 187. Says he was more prosperous and I didn't say he was calling I just said he threw in the key word at the very end. Of the speech and she and she was she was -- -- Romo like -- he was he was wandering in the water and a you know Mitt Mitt -- closed little bit but but you know that's what she did. 18774694322. That's the that's the people remember about how we partial every wanna say about what's going on here with this this investigation item. I'm still a hostile saying that he should be roaming with the idea. The -- that happens in a little room people together it happens but still he should that should make an exception in this case. Guy takes 4050 animus -- have liked to see a map that like procedural car this year sell that guy Rome. In the have a guy like to see if BP can't put him in the room with the saint put him in the room with the -- Via in the meet Carmen the moons -- excuse me -- prosper. It's Harman -- unsealed the cheese me weighs 450 countered that when he won in two or three years ago. Now that she used as he has sleep at the short sleep apnea right. Know some might plug in the studio that's mine that's mine snoring impression seriously VP of sleep Japanese. And he -- they said that you know that he was he was going to be. The the the argue more worship sleep at the office alone now and finding out that you don't have to be totally. That sleep apnea but it will be nice to have. Joseph Carter to spend the next few years listening to call. Every night. One excess. If bush president which she be saying the system worked all that is such a good question. That is such a great question. Of bush -- president and he was in he was swirling around with every airline passenger in the United States. By bite -- -- laying off or furlough wing air traffic controllers. Because they cut the increase. In the FAA Federal Aviation Administration budget. Do you think giving George Bush would get no criticism. Hurricanes got a great call about that to sing imagine if a Republican any Republican. Tried to do this what what happened to. -- there will be accused of gross cynicism endangering the public you know -- do -- Now harming the economy of course the Concord monitors got an editorial blaming the Republicans for harming the economy because they want cave. Their job to key on sequester. Never mentioned never mention of course that. This pastor was originally proposed by Barack Obama big fan of the Boston Globe. 18774694322. Just to the trash -- magnets as mine separately there's -- positive to go with speed bumps autopsy photo. In addition -- -- trash it's it's a pretty good magnet is it looks kind of cool. Edgy you're next with how we cargo heading Angie. Good or they just put an honest so that's bill. -- center that he's at an adequate nickname yeah so yes I didn't write. Yeah I know a lot of you dry dock is a good one too actually but we're gonna stick with flash bang it. If if someone comes up with one that just jumps out like speed bump -- will switch or roper but until then we're gonna stick with flash -- It's say I don't what's. Second tier but he would get and -- -- gotta go with the second to your nickname until the first one just comes up in it when it does everybody will know. Automatically that it's the right one thanks for the call Angie can your next without -- car going that can. I how we might. I just wanted to say that. I mean should the terrorist trainer. Lives in west or with his parents. And I know he lives with his parents yet it ridiculous that you don't have a while yeah. How old is this I know he's like -- far median half Ukrainian. It has all over but no you know albeit via now. It just did that channel -- if you lived in the basement. Probably should -- should be apartment. Post but they didn't they're difficult to which would be -- Also lives in an apartment with his parents they don't even have a house -- -- -- must be nothing more than that lived in the apartment -- -- to. Notice that this is an apartment house yeah it BP the other thing I wanted to -- it -- was the I -- Picture -- terrorist mom there yeah and the yeah. -- them in that Haji. -- -- -- equipped with -- which you should do what they should've done was. On the front page -- that they shouldn't go to these greens that you looked like that we did which it with our. You know the weird thing is can you received the earlier pictures over in the eighties Amaechi doesn't look bad. -- I mean I think I know things have kind of gone bad four in the IG that's really help anybody's books which is one reason why it's warning but. She's she yes she is hideous weapon now she was she does look like with with it which thanks for the call. Misha of course is the guy who converted. Who not converted but he he would reintroduce. Law in speed on to their Islamic roots and he is now he's the FBI. Did find him very quickly and he says well if I'd been you know like I kind of fell out what I'm all right I didn't see much anymore the last few years ago I would -- I would've -- counsel them opted not to do such a horrible thing and he's apparently turned over cell phone and his. -- laptop to the FBI just so. Who knows who knows what it was sent when I am what I don't understand is how the New York review of books this story what's up packed. How did they beat everybody else in the media that the punch. 1877. Foresee. Misha the trailer is half Armenian half Ukrainian and 100% -- about idea and that's probably true 617. 18774694322. Charles your next with Howard cargo ahead Charles. I'd like to listen to a lot I'm just calling about the business this situation in Boston here. The implication is that what we do to prevent further attacks have heard this morning host talk about a couple of mosques where. -- are suspicious I think -- Islamic society of Boston whatever and -- -- Australia's. What -- -- -- this administration's. Lack of interest in protecting us and particularly since the Russians. Gave us some warning ahead of time now are just. It was like there another sort of you know the thing. Sentiment just say why do you believe that the Russians. Want this after a the Russians supposedly our competitors. Yet they don't they -- Charles there's a there's been stories out today sort of this counting that that the Russians gave us a great deal. Of information about these guys apparently the Russians. We're happen moss home phone and they heard her having a conversation. Whip speed -- about how he was big quarter -- quote vaguely were offering him going Palestine. And supposedly he said -- but I don't know the language I don't think there's much I can do down there. In the may also have her on tape with it with the idea somebody in the that region who the the Russian police are looking forward -- Are there look -- formerly government terror watch list but he. He's a dodging character -- put it that way. Thanks for thanks for the call Charles 187746943222. We -- basket today what did cool known when that you know. Its site it's C I mean it they haven't exactly denied that they got calls from Russians and it won't last when you -- the Russians you know. Cold War post Cold War was last time you -- the Russians calling us with heads up an ever I can't remember and I can remember any. 187 says Misha is 3939. New lives at home that's great 18774694. In an apartment. 187. One. Does it does an audio books say what he's what is. War -- -- of that kind of flu which questioned but you know. Aren't they all -- welfare. I mean and what I know the I don't speed bump at all were on welfare is is -- on welfare to and if so what. Kind of welfare considering he's unmarried and he's an American apparently. 18774. Cell SSI is that possible. It's possible he gets depressed. When he thinks by going to work. For a what they call us captures. 18774694322. -- Frankel pair of a connection to -- yes he did read the rifleman my new block. You can order and how we harsh how we car show dot com. Or you can you can now order a it's it's in fine bookstores everywhere and it's also on Amazon.com. And if you want an autograph you can you can see you can just passed Wellesley books meant to get it to the seven they won 431. 1160714311160. And they all Democrats. What do you think what do you think to sell them. One dates I don't know I wish I -- if you were on welfare. 18774694322. I -- get a good look at those 500 pages of documents so over the they -- they got on Friday this was house post audit and oversight committee. -- all gave it up to the committee that has subpoena power I mean there are gonna get a one way or the other they could -- -- but I think the ball in the hole was a losing game so he gave -- 200 pages apparently today's giving him 500 page I don't know that. The 500 includes the 200 from the other day or not. 18774694322. Mike you're next with how -- cargo ahead Mike. -- -- things -- do if -- -- don't tell anyone my name and the Lubbock to what language of Russia is Misha so don't wanna say. We're -- have a quick suggestion. All of this -- and what Greg you have to use for other like magnets why not make up a yellow. Survey questions of this week. I was thinking about don't have yes or no should I do the actually do the the autopsy photo album but. Mail room manager told me yes she's she's I won't I won't sit out any if it's the autopsy for what do you think about what the trash -- bomb magnet. -- cartoon figure. That's sort of question I think you know what what the peoples speaking at the people vote and part of that away. Well tweet up -- might have -- I'm kind of tied up right now I'll tweet ultimate picture flashed me picture flash. Well it's actually. Trash mail we got a picture in the what level but up there tomorrow. Thanks for the call like 18 who was Misha Misha is the guy with the red beard remember -- Joseph -- Joker. Slash bank said that that was a guy who was who got in my interest -- in the Islamic yen. In his girlfriend his girlfriend that he beat upset that uses its its speed bumps girlfriend. Said that he became a devout Muslim be told to take off the to take off the -- tight pants and wanted to grow only hang out with the Muslim women. Etc. etc. after he met Misha and so father would come home and not for where and which it what is Misha are still going here. And moss speed bump which say -- studies teacher and he's teaching us a better way. 18 said but he he says he didn't he says he didn't tell them ever that to the bomb anything -- would've told stated if that confided in them what they were planning he would've. He we're told them not to do that it's against the precepts of is don't yell at me. I'm just repeating what's in the New York review of books. 187746943221. -- car. 18774694322617. Says Howard -- browse to catch him up like I finally got speed bump by presumed speed bump is the dead one not the getaway driver correct. Collect he was he was turned into what speed -- by the getaway driver. Who we're now hoping is going to be rooming with the saint and it's not the saint that happens mafia guy Anthony sat saint Laurent. And if not the saint Mitt public enemy number one that he and I hope he's rooming with Carmen the -- the only. -- man AK AMR chiefs. AKA. Big chiefs. AKA who cut the cheese. Okay -- last. 18774694322. 603 did the sequester cut welfare by twelve point 8% like pickup my unemployment I doubt -- doubt it so. It's funny how they didn't cut they didn't cut well they the first thing they went for what's the -- airline passengers. That did you know. Here's something I learned from from that the prop 21 half cut way way way back win. Kevin White the mayor of Boston I was covered city all the time. He thought that the you know he could pull the same crap you know rather than -- -- -- off the payroll -- -- 21 half past and cut back the amount of money could increase the city budget by. And he had this whole political army that put on the payroll the year before when his last election against Joseph -- the he thought he could close fire stations and police stations and that no one would know that they -- one would would go go go clamoring for legislature and the governor to restore all mobile local route to give more local aid so that he he didn't have to. So so but he's -- the -- often of his tax well you know what when when they quote when they do something that affects you personally like clothes police station in in the -- police station in your neighborhood -- the fire station in your neighborhood. -- -- Even if fury low information voter you're probably start paying attention. And so Kevin White buddy was gonna get away with this she was too cute by half prediction they were chasing him like when he went -- Boston one time they chased him through the tunnel back into -- the city proper. Because there were so angry at -- for truck and police and fire stations over there. And IE you know the same thing is the same thing with this such cutting back on the the the air traffic controllers I mean even people who were Obama supporters. Will -- begin to ask themselves why why. Why am -- sitting here. In the terminal for 3:4 how or why am I on the tarmac for two -- worse in the toilets are overflowing. Because they had -- who percent cut -- was 2% cut isn't always the six month 2% cut in the increases at the FAA budget. To be -- to notice some. 18774694322. New show Oprah monkey business channel leave it to Misha. Always opens with moss to keep fingers -- kitchen table and Paula -- went. What's Misha are still doing here. Hi John what's for a better. C'mon how we forty -- -- as the day. I am repeating. What it. Public enemy number one the straight seven under -- he said he couldn't be tried he told a federal judge this on -- -- he couldn't be tried because he takes 4050 animus today. That's what he said. 18 -- truth is stranger than fiction that's why I have always been surprised that the globe by had so many people who would result too was. Were resort to was two to fictionalized and there -- -- of the news because. It's usually not as. Unbelievable. As the actual facts. 1877469432218. Sevenths are thirty father Porter punched a room with Deutsche Bank. Now those guys are mostly and they mostly get -- -- state wraps and this Devin is a federal medical facility so it's gonna have to be -- but the there's that there's another weird guy -- from a New York mafioso who's 87 and he won't give up at least a hundred he's. -- and he's due for parole when he's a mob Perl he's due for release that don't have parole anymore eastern for a release when he's not when he's a hundred years old. 18774694322. And again if you wanna see us in in what star we were that you just go to Howie Carr show about -- it'll be me obesity and the BMW Moret. From the Gardner museum and he'll be talking about -- up I'll be talking about organized crime this kinda stuff. Somebody. Well really -- man's good gut check out rifleman and we have sup and the might of crime for both rifleman and hit man from the Brothers Bulger and some stuff that's not an either in any of those books. John your how we partial dot com how we partial dot com if you want tickets John go ahead. Ali when nemesis Narnia was arrested for shoplifting at the Natick mall last July. Do think she applauded him when quietly. They don't say anything John -- there's no there's no mention of that idea I went over the narrative pretty closely and you know usually if you're poor that the you know why am they'll be glad to put that in there. Saw it may be sure we just to obscure character but I mean she wrecked a lot of -- merchandise. The issue ripped off -- Is -- what I guess which was -- -- -- say that they were seconds or something like that that should bottom I don't know if -- bottom up back from a truck -- But she you know having a -- sensor devices on bright but those are big things in she ripped the ball off. It mentioned on other sheep -- one other clothes that that she brought back. So she not only -- the clothes that she was shocked what the but the clothes that she was using -- cover but -- put back on the rack so that the person who was overseeing the -- -- -- to prevent this kind of epic from -- Happening with that she she did everything she actually. She actually either stroller just worried about 3000 dollars were -- -- you know yeah if mr. and mrs. Narnia they've got to be looking over their shoulder because you know you think about all the negative publicity they brought down on. These quote unquote Chechen rebel groups have to be livid about it. And you know what if they decide to comfort them. The way that those guys role is that not only will mr. -- go by anyone and -- in the vicinity. But do you think the Chechen and Islamic fascist really care about publicity -- -- when -- -- they took over opera house in the Moscow and killed hundreds of people including got themselves killed as well. Mean there I don't think I don't think PR is one of their -- pop but there's nothing in the Koran about the Euro would reported that John thanks for the call. 18774694322. H I missed us part of the show you mentioned judge Janine -- upon flash bang at speed bumps which in my that we got that we've got that seven -- -- who pays for the animus. People still asking me questions like this at this point you know yeah. Well pace for the elements. If your car just -- in the rearview mirror and waved to yourself. And how -- car. -- And 18774694322. Will play the Geneva -- cut after the news it runs about two minutes lead the the main portion of program that's it really is excellent stuff we put some of them on in the intro. We'll play the the good part we come back just than your next with how we cart or had just than. I don't know how it. Got like a different from its open panel would be unprofessional category category I mean I'm feeling a lot of college and I just kind of aggravated with. What kind of my generation and people around my age. -- -- out of he would say that there. Would -- economic FaceBook friends who have done so sick of them putting this conspiracy -- crap. A bloodless. A conspiracy -- were what is their conspiracy theory just. Oh -- this -- all the false flag the government. Than there's no real cruel -- and there's no real proof I. I've deleted friends because of this whole situation. Don't like FaceBook is produced wheat and now we card.