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Joe Battenfeld from the Boston Herald says get over it! Gomez is your best hope

May 1, 2013|

Is Gomez the only chance the GOP has to beat Markey?

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The corner report this is Jeff -- mosque in bulldozer. It's like 7666868. Is the number. We're now joined by Joseph button fell political -- that the Boston Herald. Then he's basically got the column that started the whole show today. And Gomez is what did GOP needs like it or not. Joseph your argument essentially is Massachusetts conservatives get over it if you wanna be Markey you got to unite behind Gomez correct. That's nephew live in Massachusetts and you have to realize that Massachusetts is never going to elect a conservative to go to the senate is not gonna happen. Gabriel Gomez got about a 100000 votes last night. Easily beating. I don't know exactly solvent so but he's about more than more than beat window -- -- -- So you got about a 100000 votes Ed Markey in the through anyways Ed Markey added to a rate cut 300000 votes. But that's not that that guides you every got 300000 votes that's very huge amount of difference to overcome. Mark he did not do well not trial liberals. Guillen Hernandez Gomez throughout lots of moderate inflation's. Where Republicans need a win like lol he did very well and Scott Brown areas like lol lol applicable for Republicans now. A budget -- bunch of places to look for any five belt what created outsells. I think it's Republicans. Sort of get over their anger there's no I heard a lot of anger about commute to about Gomez. -- the letter he wrote to a Barbara and that's fine. But you have to realize is the nominee and he actually had the shot and be marquee so do you wanna be -- he does what you have to do. Joseph let me ask you this -- I hear that all the time so run a moderate well we've been running moderates. Now -- how's that worked out for us. Well Scott Brown warned 01 -- and I don't know that was unusual. Still well with a moderate wind I mean there's there's plenty of cases of and then the past. A moderate running statewide in when he. Statewide running a conservative movement in these times it's it's. It is just not gonna happen and you saw last night even. Republicans did not elect a Republican so even in the Republican Party conservatives cannot win statewide. So what is such as I did something that should tell you that you know most most voters in Massachusetts are pretty moderate moderate voters. In they have martyred views they have that's you have to do this except that factors would state that you live it. And I even got wrap my arms that we will -- ordered -- I think -- Ed -- a -- Gomez had a good start last night in his speech. Going to write a day we're on message saying I'm not from Washington -- to big selling part. I'm not wash Denmark he was the -- what I would literally. But the great wide -- So we've just got a camera home that message he's got to have the money. To do what I think is gonna start becomes somewhat of a national GOP start even though he's not exactly -- great -- payroll space that we know that. But I figured GOP and naturally get a rally around him to go see attitude has been neatly prototype republic and I'll blow a lot of Republicans want to see in the future he lets you know can appeal to moderate voters. I think you've got to get a lot of attention a lot of money you know and had -- at a decent shot at mark you've got to be the underdog would do on the decent shots would be worth it. Well -- I guess this brings up the existential question yeah I mean if you keep selling your principal's. -- -- for the sake of power. Then what's the point of having a Republican Party. I mean if you're going to be pro choice and you're gonna be pro gay marriage or you're gonna be pro amnesty and -- pro gun control. And you basically say you don't wanna touch spending -- web site. He's not gonna really go after spending and you voted for Obama in 2008. Well what's the point eight where it basically. What we're getting the message is this either you vote for the Democrat before you vote for Democrat lite picture picked. Right well I mean there had not so if you look every could just sit and electing somebody which -- the ultimate goal that. The reality of the situation here in Massachusetts anyway they are failures aren't social positions anyway -- and try to Massachusetts. You can't -- Statewide and win if you're -- pro if your pro life. And Camilo Gomez says he's pro life he says he -- a -- -- attack ormat. But I think the important. A message is that he went as a Washington outsider and that marquis has been -- so -- Now he's gonna take some voters that are different from market let's face you when you get down there the Republican Party if you win. He will take different -- remarking you'll take some -- I think that Republicans -- my life but he will take some Bozo Republicans feel like the last better than. -- why are you there -- Republicans. Who wont take predictable vote every single hard and supportable barber. So you either you have a choice of electing somebody you've got to take extreme liberal and the -- always side with Obama or somebody used I don't Obama. Over time but not all -- are not. That's you choice you have to make your election. -- here is that you don't read all the select somebody it's like it's just like -- sports you know you have -- -- -- I'm a team. Who win the championship or moved from what the -- also are here. We're talking we're Joseph Barton felt political columnist at the Boston Harold. Joseph I did not see one marquee sign I saw she saw a lot of lynch signs yeah I did not see one marquee sign. Who voted form because I I didn't see one bumper sticker once signed form. Well people market district voted for about how -- he got elected by winning a heavily in place who likes Somerville. Hate and rage enough in his area where I think. Framingham needed very well. A number of other places there is mr. in places that used to represented a district. -- traditional liberal -- claims. And Walden an in place like that but he did not do well in the and other areas you know once beat them in the city of Boston in pretty short. Can you all those so I think you'd -- Gomez could appeal at a city like Boston he could do. Pretty well places like west -- birdie and felt -- Which is where the will biggest vote -- in Suffolk County. So mark you -- it 300000 what is not a lot of vote centers statewide race. So mark he has. You upbeat basically people didn't show up or all the liberals voted. For Elizabeth Warren basically did not show up that our opponents question for evidence. You know can you rally people to show up. Those are -- Election Day. And like you said when she did really good race and took a lot of it very well it was like as -- -- wall. That some people voted against mark you bear in blue and wedged it well they're Obama has so that bodes well I think that's. Greg value the key battleground. If any. -- statewide rate. So -- and the Agile to do well Burton mark you did not do well there. We have been talking with Joseph Barton -- political columnist that the Boston Herald. Joseph is always thanks for coming on the current port so thank you. 6172666868. So there you have it basically. Here's the the narrative are laid out the whole election for all of you. I you don't want to vote for -- have to vote for Gomez you may not like it hold your nose vote for Gomez. And basically a quarter of a glass is better than nothing. Let's be annoyed because we're marking you're getting nothing. So vote for Gomez 'cause mark he's even worse that's essentially going to be a line of attack. What I'm gonna do is this. I'm -- open this program up with an invitation. To who gave -- -- And I'm gonna say this is all I gave. Come on the show. And give me your reason to vote for you. Not just a reason to vote against marquis gave me a reason to vote for you. And while I'm gonna keep an open mind. Because I can't stand marquis I think this guy to me. He's one of the worst politicians you could ever elect he is a radical leftist a prophetic Iraq. -- -- This man is an absolute crook he's a gangster. And a guy like came to me is an insult to my dignity that these are represented living out in the senate so gave. You wanna come on the show it's an open invitation. You give me one reason to vote for you. And you know what I just I made back Q over market he does -- had a fair man Tom Europe next go. Hello Tom. We lost -- Bob Europe next go. -- -- I. Don't. Right Ali it'll delay and I took it suggestion not to the protest vote against my rock -- and I about the so they. And I was really didn't go slow to actually go look at this -- Saying that anything gets Mott Ian and I'm election we got to do that we remember that there's an object. A felon. Or projected so well carried determined not -- Our long term until April though a year and half the two years. That's right. You're right Bob is basically for another year and a half to going to be another election I believe in 2014. Right so let's face so I can't go let's go to the head and -- and hopefully. Then you know they can be another. -- Republican. Primary at that point it's tell -- -- to come back horse owner outcomes that may be proud. Bob I've seen stranger things in politics. Lee Europe next goal. All right I've got an idea here right it's going to be a crazy -- but I think we ought to have an organized write in movement right or right wing and movement. Get a candidate we all agree we're gonna go to the polls -- -- our right hand man on that ballot were gonna send -- message and Republicans. Europe finished here. We're gonna have it and we -- actually maybe at this stage between fourteen. We might actually get some people who were only. Queued to stand out and say look -- we're gonna run boycott what do Republicans we get nothing -- anyways why don't we try it we thank. We look -- I'm I've been a big fan of challenging establishment for a long time. Gomez is a classic establishment candidate I know he says he's an outsider. But they -- he was backed by all the major a Republican establishment figures in this state. So we know easy is he's a moderate liberal Republican in the same type we've been running for decades. I think he's gonna lose and lose big and when he smashed in June when he on June 25. May be just may be. People are gonna say you know what corner we've tried it the other way for like thirty years. Let's try it your way just just wants. Just once. And let's go for a real conservative and you know what then the.