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Sen. Jeff Sessions On The Immigration Fiasco

May 1, 2013|

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said of the proposed immigration bill “I believe the interest that needs to be protected is the national interest of the United States, and that includes existing workers today, workers whose wages have been pulled down, without doubt, by a large flow of… low-wage labor into the country,” Sen. Sessions joined us to discuss the Bill.

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Where were waiting for us senator Jeff Sessions to give us a call from Alabama. He is he's going he's doing the lord's work he's he's he's doing the work that Massachusetts's. A US senators will not though and by that I mean. Standing up for citizens. And -- the -- after he's -- trying to fight off the gang of Bates immigration bill by by the way this is the same bill that -- Gabriel Gomez says he supports -- called in to they would could've asked him about some of these things and the gang of Bates bill I've a feeling he doesn't. Didn't. He isn't conversant in what's in the bill you -- like -- Nancy Pelosi with the Obama care. The gang debates immigration bill could make illegal aliens eligible for state and local welfare benefits almost immediately after it is passed according to senator Jeff Sessions one of the proposals leading. Critics. Further he contends some particular categories of amnesty immigrants and their relatives. Would be eligible for federal benefits long before the thirteen year waiting period usually cited by the bill's advocates. -- these are just a couple of reasons why sessions and others are calling on the gang of eight to allow amendments to legislation. Under the proposed laws millions of illegal aliens would be eligible to apply for provisional -- legal status within six months. Once the secretary of Homeland Security has submitted a plan up slammed. To increase mortar and fast and in the enforcement immigrants were grant that such status. Shall be considered lawfully present in the United States -- the text of the bill. Joining us now on the line as a senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama senator sessions thanks so much for being with us here on the Howie -- show. -- thank you. We don't -- we feel like idea you know those of us who sense that there's a big problem in this site gang of eight bill. We don't get too much representation appear in the it in the people's republic of Massachusetts as you well know. So go our way out we've been looking so hard it is bill and I got today I expected it to be. You know -- be an improvement over the 2007. Bill. It's not it and it's enforcement is so -- It's going to bring in so many more people than the American people understand. Eleven million people who are here illegally will be legal but they -- remove the limits on the migrations. Yeah and that I had another five minutes. And then the annual flow which is now legal that legal flow of one million a year is going up at least 50%. And you know it's -- Mia so you're talking about. This legislation and over the next in years well over thirty million people legally to the united -- and it's not going to stop the illegal immigration. And therein -- Thing in this is that this is in a cut you weren't a nation that most states the unemployment rate -- 10%. And that's not even the underemployed rate which is up -- to 15% and we're gonna bring in thirty million people. Is so right in wages are not going not wages are down. We have a surplus of lower skilled workers not right not a shortage problem. Mean we've got to figure a way to get our people working. So you've got a job out there and it's not. Paying a modest salary but got a retirement will health care. Benefits to -- you got that kind of thing out there who should get the job somebody came in the country illegally. Eighteen months ago who would be entitled to under the bill. Or the guy who's been unemployed -- own welfare on unemployment ensure. When we get our people working. We have an obligation to the American citizens who do we represent. You know in in this deal so I think congress has got dig into this legislation. Is being sold as something it's just not it just. I was just compared it to obamacare that these people are saying that we have the past -- -- pass its so we can read I mean in that the same isn't at the same ever Villa. I don't find really. That is exactly what it is they're selling that they're as old as the smelling this smell. In its size shoe leather instead of the static is what it is. And there and they're just a mandate that all these billionaires are coming up with these ad campaigns like mark's -- of -- the head of that the head -- FaceBook. In the -- dollars or October whatever name is in the -- got other milk billionaires are coming up with these campaigns -- -- gonna part they're gonna push Marco Rubio while there it says the immigration system is broken. Wolf it's broken we don't wanna make it worse that we senator. That it exactly correct. And and professed support Hamas -- Harvard -- leading expert on immigration and labor. Is it made so clear in his work. That basically what what he concludes is. Any benefit to this economy. Is at the expense of lower income workers salaries going back. It's. That -- he can calculate based on the number of people. In a job area Hamlet two hours in the fall when when emigration occur. So this is not on this feasible. Some might need to stand up for the working Americans. Well here -- let me just read some of the stuff from you know it's comps were your press release -- from national review one line. A notable loophole in the gang debates legislation -- explicitly prohibit Department of Homeland Security for considering the likelihood that an applicant for provisional legal status will become a public charge. Defined as any individual who was -- primarily dependent on the government for subsistence is demonstrated by either the receipt of public of cash assistance for income maintenance. Or institutionalization. For long term care at government expense. Now why would we be letting in people. Who are likely. Or or or I'm not unlikely but are certain to become. Public charges why would we want to Britain which don't we have enough of a deficit in this country don't we have enough Americans on welfare. Arabs look. Other people -- eleven million people here today illegally. Over half did not have a school diploma and statistics and careful analysis shows. They'll all -- a huge percentage you'll qualify. For all and the government programs. We've also discovered our. That the people that are coming illegally less than one. About to hit a 1%. Virtually nobody is being rejected. Based there. There requirement that you should not be a public charge when you. In other words this. We're not even in forcing -- requirements. And it's certainly not going to be enforced with regard to those that they've given and it's so we need. All nations in the good -- Smart nation was -- yet. We won't -- but if you're not able it take care of yourself if you -- come here and be dependent on welfare you don't gated community. We you know there's -- there's a poll today I Campbell he became -- CBS New York Times 49% of Americans think legal immigration racist terrorist threats. You don't know senator sessions I wonder where they would get such and I -- to what happened in Boston two weeks ago. You know I mean these people been -- on welfare than they were collecting section eight. EB ET cards food stamps mass help which is Medicaid they were getting scholarships that we're getting pell grants. We think that we're living in Hud subsidized public housing as well. Mean that they or collect edit. Probably getting fuel assistance we just haven't nailed down yet but we're getting everything. And they -- and this is the way this is the way we've been repay eight. Well this is where our great nation goes broke. 48%. Of the people that are now here illegally. Overstayed their -- -- they haven't been living here for years so somebody could come under this bill eighteen months ago on a -- yet. Decided not to go home they would be put on a guaranteed path to citizenship. Whether they have a job or not. At least the -- We're talking about we're talking with -- our -- policy. We're part of what senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama about the gang of Bates immigration bill which is -- being pushed right now it they don't have the votes to get this through either house right now do that. Well I don't know I mean -- claiming they have been in the senate. And but I think. That tide is beginning to turn I think a lot of people. Myself I thought that the bill was better than it is based on what I'm hearing -- -- -- But as we examine it. We realize that this is going to be a disaster. Going to be a disaster for foursome is going to -- is don't be a disaster for our budget. It's going to be a disaster for the wages of American workers. It's. On to our financial deficits. Is social security and Medicare. Are going to be. Impacted over the long term -- trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. And these numbers are not going to be disputes it is is we go forward. The enforcement is just not going do her. That way on an incredible amount of discretion in Yemen. To the secretary of health and human services secretary and Polycom. That weakens current law. In provides all -- Exceptions. Deportation. For hardship. And they were supposed that -- like that and we're supposed to -- -- some kind of fines but now we now we hear that -- Chuck Schumer all people has moved that that's section of the bill. And in -- as you say. You'd -- if it provides any kind of hardship. For these people they don't have to why did they don't have to pay the fines are considering that we're proving my 89 point 9% of the people under the DREAM Act. You know they just have to show up what -- apparently electric bill and they get a they get approved as a as up as a resident. So what I mean they're just going to say that 99.9. 9% of these people watcher Rupert Murdoch they're gonna say you have a hardship when you don't have to pay any fines right. Debt I think that's correct and with regard to that DREAM Act people. That could be -- fair estimate to -- two to three million. They will get citizenship in five years. They can be sixty years no effect claim they came here as a teenager. And still get citizenship in five years in eligible in five years for every federal program that's out there. After five years -- from the national national review website -- from your press release after five years. The dream beneficiaries would become citizens and their immediate family members would be eligible to enter the country. And they would provide they would apply for provisional legal status. Again the public charge consideration would not apply to these relatives in the DHS secretary would have broad discretion to ease the migration of family members in order to avoid quote on quote. Hardship. A term that appears repeatedly throughout the legislation but has never define. Critics worry this could result in a second wave of immigrants who would be eligible for all federal welfare programs. That's exactly correct. It is in. -- People be able to bring their relatives they have -- prior -- to bring their relatives they don't have economy and improve that they can take care of themselves financially. And that goes straight meaning mania out goes straight to government programs. And who's got a price for money is coming from somewhere where our ratings. In deep financial. Trouble. So we need to be -- out how to read these are. Paul wrote in Greece. What does this gonna do to social security and Medicare senator jumps outs. It's a bit delayed the job better fit shares vote here in Medicare for -- to end at thirteen year how I have. All areas foundation is numbers previously. And it shows that all of our life -- most of these. People given legal -- theory here illegally. Don't have a -- the ball. They'll play in them minimum home around in tight -- larger. And they estimate it would weaken social security and Medicare. 2.5 trillion now. Over the lifespan of these was it. And and and of course most of them come from -- a lot of money no. She meant most of whom come from primitive societies they can claim there's no war birth certificate on file. So they could just come in and claim the claim that their run they could be fifty years old in the and and they could claim that -- 65 and immediately go on Social Security right I mean no one's gonna know. Which is a lot of truth to that and look out of the federal prosecutor for fifteen years. I know they have no ability and no plan what so ever to do background checks. On the individuals to make these kind of play. They're -- not be able to do it in essentially that on the benefit of the doubt will be given to the blame. And if we're gonna have on right deal of these is just no doubt very out. -- you know what I just got to get text from -- somebody in New Hampshire he -- -- all due respect to the senator. We we out here in the hinterlands -- yet. It's the people in Washington the represented us who don't get IQ I don't watch Chuck Schumer on TV and I think how does Chuck Schumer think he's going he and his family and his descendants. Are going to be immune from this disaster that they are wasting on the American people. To release -- something here. New Hampshire kept. Right to the point I do believe. There we are frustrated and we talked we are not angry at people who want to come to America and have a battle life. We understand their hopes and dreams some. Don't qualify and shouldn't be admitted but some would qualify it would be good citizens. Well what we are so -- what that frustration is is what the politicians. Out there who are on not serving the national interest. And businesses to able to cut their -- by hiring illegal workers and bring down the wages of American workers. Mean that's what people are upset about and I think. Americans are good and decent people we won't know lawful system of immigration in this sense priorities. That allowed. People properly to wait their time in India dated. We do not bully people should be in the right -- and communion and violates the law in and that's not. Mean spirited. That's not on compassion. In fact we're willing to be compassionate to people who have been here long tan and try to work with them and and now we're not obligated to. Deporting. Millions of people that can -- But the right thing to do as a trail lawful system that works not put -- in a position a few years from now -- additional millions here illegally. And demanding their hands. I don't this will be the third time 1965. Ted Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy pushed through the immigration reform act. Then in 1986 it was done again and both times we were sure that this would be the end of this problem. And now Chuck Schumer is telling us the exact same thing that that they -- we're told out twice before in her lifetime. But they've promised there would be enforcement first right. Now they've admitted his it's amnesty for legalization -- With a promise out in the future -- enforcement. But if you read the bill enforcement is not -- They promised originally aired via strong I'd be part of biometric. Entry exit visa card. Europe people who come into the country. Limited status. And they can determine if they laughed and not the 9/11 commission. And -- that instead it was a their children financial security and they said that they have that now they've acknowledged that's not -- that's not in the so yes we've got real problems the year with legislation it's just not going to work. In is going to legalize and more people in the country in properly. Assemble. And we don't have to be. Do you talk to Marco Rubio or Jeff flake or even Paul Ryan in the in the house of media talked to these do these your colleague. Doctor Marco mania and Marco. Well -- admit and acknowledge that there are problems with the bill Moscow's. Problems. The problems I mean that's putting it mildly. It's just that. If it is not going to work in my opinion I've looked at this hard. We've decided it. The ice agents they handle all the internal enforcement there have been only 5000. We have 31 million people plus. They they allowed under this bill alone how -- domain is there and then -- State that restrict in an attack a local police. From participating in any meaningful way and it unifying people on their streets in their communities that are here illegally. This is if they don't want to know. Right it's I mean they're blaming the FBI for not keeping better track of these terrorists here in -- but I mean what can they do with these words of people that are totally on track than. 151000 students for Muslim countries disappearing every year never showing up with four for the schools are supposed to be going to. Mean what's what is going to be like with you know thirty million no illegal aliens in this country. Well the right to. Come to America is not a civil rights. Despite what the attorney general -- certainly like -- -- come to America about permission of the United States of America as you do in any other country in the world. And the United States doesn't have to Maine allowed some by the com that they think might be a danger they have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. And if somebody out raises serious questions. This country can sites are we'd like for you to the park there. You know have a civil rights this study years long if you wanted. Surely you do -- on me don't look at Omar or rot why you think. Now senator -- sessions we really appreciate QB and not be -- -- with us some hope to be -- -- -- again I really hope you could not prevail here and this is this is the end of this is the end of America as we know what I think if this thing passes. Well one thing we need to date we need to do it. Recognize that this got represented raptors. Working Americans is our talent on -- on implement right way to. And we need it. Make sure we represent -- Thank you senator Jeff Sessions we really appreciate your being with us that I 187746943221. Car.