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Rand Paul tells Kuhner that impeachment isn't off table

May 2, 2013|

Jeff Kuhner talks with Senator Rand Paul about Boston, Benghazi and impeachment

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And welcome back. Our report this is just where Boston's bulldozer. We are now joined by Republican. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Tea Party favorite. And potential presidential candidate in 2016. Senator Paul thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Good morning the Boston bulldozer that's felt pretty ominous. If they say cleaning up the liberal bull. We've got your share evident there. She senator. There's a lot going on in the news. That our audience obviously would love to get your take on. That would obviously Boston having suffered the bombing a couple weeks ago. There is now breaking news from a British newspaper the UK mail. Apparently according to the UK mail. Saudi Arabia explicitly warned our homeland the department of our Department of Homeland Security in 2012. In writing. That camera -- -- -- have. They believed. Was a potential jihadist. Who was planning to target and hit a major US city. They thought he was such a threat they denied him an entry visa to go to Saudi Arabia to make a pilgrimage to Mecca. This comes on top of the revelations that the Russians. Had tipped off the FBI. That camera lens -- -- may have may be a potential jihadist. Was very systematic breakdown. In our intelligence and in our security. And should people be held responsible for it. Well if if what you're reporting is true absolutely there was a breakdown and I've been saying this repeatedly that. We're in the middle of talking about immigration reform and border security. Part of that is knowing who's coming in and out of our country and for goodness sakes when a foreign country. -- -- the someone's a danger. We don't even put him on the right list we don't know that he went I think for the most part they're admitting they didn't know that he went back to check -- And that didn't send off any alarm bells which it should have. In my little town Bowling Green, Kentucky we had to Iraqis who came in here on the refugee program assaying program they're all put in public housing and on public assistance. And they turned out to be. People trying to -- stinger missiles to attack us and it turned out loans fingerprints were already on an unexploded IED it was in our database. And wasn't early vetted when he came into the country we've found out he already had been plotting to attack us in Iraq. So it's inexcusable and the original attackers are not allowed that many of them here on student -- and had overstayed their student peace historical on the school. Barely one of those and are Australians. Who is going to be deported to bear may not been associated. They find -- is not going to school and people think oh that's no big deal wolf it is a pretty -- order they're in school. And I think we also need to make a haystack small -- got too many people coming here. From the Middle East and we need to make the numbers smaller so we can screams people that are. We are talking with Republican senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. Senator. FBI director Robert Mueller has so far been immune from criticism. Eric Holder has been immune from criticism even Obama is acting almost like he's an innocent bystander. Yet the Boston marathons and bombings occurred under their watch you have to Fort Hood shooter. You hide. The attack on Ben Ghazi. You've tied the FBI now out on numerous occasions. Not be able to fly you down jihadist or potential jihadist that are in the US homeland. Is it time for Robert Mueller to go. Is it time for other leading administration officials to be held accountable and redemptive effort calls for them to resign. Well it's certainly time to try to find more answers on this I mean for goodness sakes think back to the under Obama. Lee is -- bad traffic report on him he was reported to the CIA in the State Department and yet nothing was done to stop this entry into this country. My point all along and this is from sort of a libertarian Republican point of view is. Instead of sifting through the records of 300 million Americans. Let's do good targeted police work. And what we have someone like this and tolerance are still get a judge's court order but I would do all kinds of investigating how would get a judge's warrant -- -- -- I would follow him I would know we're going but I would take evidence to a judge and that there's probable cause that he's involved with terrorism. Instead what we're doing is we're looking at 300 million Americans phone records and emails. And trying to find -- a ball moves in someone's email and so we never can even read these emails much trust we have. So many hours of audio. Of phone calls and have been Asia dropped on they can't listen to a mall. So instead of just doing this sort of shotgun approach to everybody. What we need to do is more thorough. Approach to the individuals who might be -- correct. Senator. We -- now finding out more information regarding being Ghazi and what took place there and apparently according to Fox News and other media outlets. There are now apparently State Department to whistle blowers who were there on the ground who saw what took place. They say they wanna speak. They say they wanna talk about what they believe is a cover up by this administration. And yet according now to numerous reports. The Obama administration or some unnamed officials in the administration. -- threatened them. And even. Pushed to deny them legal representation. To testify in front of congress. We announced it is under -- to the bottom of this. You know we've been asking for months to interview those who were there how how can -- -- until you know prevent something like this from happening again. If we don't exactly know what happened what went wrong there the one thing we do know for certain is that Hillary Clinton. When she was asked did you read the cables asking for more security there. And when she said no that really alarms me -- the person in charge of the State Department never read any of the cries for help any of the police for help. And then her department denied these requests for enhanced security. And that I think really it dereliction of duty and should preclude her from holding any kind of Christian worship bin and that -- that kind of authority again. Hun senator do you believe that she committed perjury when she testified in January 2013. Saying she never knew of any request for extra security. She never knew about what was going on and been Ghazi and yet we now know have at least one cable with her signature on it. Where she not only denied requests for extra security but in fact according to this cable -- even more security cut back. Did she lie under -- in your opinion. You know I think it's equally damning either way the one thing we do you know for sure we take credit worthy she did not read any of the request for security. Do no better word that she didn't do her job which is our job if she says she didn't have enough time to read all the tables from all countries. Why don't expect -- to have read every cable from Estonia or from Bulgaria. But from Libya idea that the ambassadors at her table which he did asking for more security. If she read it and denied it that's that's awful. But if she didn't read it that's to be equally as offensive because it is her job she should prioritize -- time. And really the biggest mistake in Benghazi was. Thinking that the embassy there would be the same spare us. The embassy in Bangkok he should have been treated like Baghdad with a full military parameter under the command and control the military not the State Department. It was a it was basically a leadership decision that she failed us on and then she failed when when they ask for help she grilled salmon and help. We are talking with Kentucky senator Rand Paul. Tea Party favorite potential Republican candidate after the presidency in 2016. Senator let me ask you one final question. I look at the Obama administration. And like Q I'm a Tea Party Republican a constitutional conservative. And I see fast and furious. I see the way obamacare was rammed down our throat I see an administration that has been suing other states. To prevent them or deny them from a protecting our borders and controlling illegal immigration. Now why C Ben Ghazi gate now I see the Boston Marathon bombing. I see a president to his abuse the constitution. Who's abused his power. Who in many ways failed as his job as commander in chief to keep Americans safe. And maybe now even implicated in a massive cover up regarding Ben Ghazi. Why are no Republicans I know here in the senate -- impeachment begin the mouse. But why -- -- Republicans. Drawing up articles of impeachment. Why think first things first and I think the first thing that need to happen is good -- hearings on Ben Ghazi. And really see this house has subpoena power. There's no reason why they can't subpoena those witnesses and ultimately. The people who do wanna just fine. I think if the house is adamant on this they will testify but I don't think you can make your decision on anything else until you've got to. More information on what happened in Benghazi. Which I did ask another question Hillary Clinton in the hearings I ask. You know. Was -- CIA annex there facilitating arms sales score arms transfers to Syria. And she acted as if she never ever heard of the concept even though it's been reported in the New York Times in various other mainstream media. And there's documentation of the ship left to Turkish ship left -- in the week before the attacks -- loaded with weapons course Syria. And I think that's -- questions still to ask does that have anything to do with the idea that they were. Covering up and saying that this was. You know some sort of local protest of a movie. Does that have to do they were trying to deflect attention away from what does function of the CIA and actually is doing their. And well I think we've still never gotten to the bottom of what what was the CIA and next doing there it was CIA and X as well as that consulate. Our target because of the -- stressed workers. Senator Paul do you think the CIA was running an illegal gun smuggling operation. I don't have evidence that they who are bigger there -- stories from the news media as saying that they may have been involved. That's why ask the question and I've never gotten a direct answer. Hillary Clinton's answer was she'd never even heard of the concepts. Which -- -- disingenuous. At the very least. But I don't have any particular evidence that they were warned -- I think the question should be asked since there have been news reports of Turkish ships leaving. And that the ambassador met with the Turkish Kurdish today. Within a day or two his assassination. You would think if you're investigating the issue wanna know is there any connection. Between the -- going to Turkey transfer of arms and the killing -- the ambassador. We have been talking with Kentucky senator Rand Paul Tea Party Republican. Potential 2016. Republican presidential candidate. As usual great stuff senator Paul keep up the great fight and thanks for coming on the -- report. Thanks god bless you sir. 6172666868. Is the number. Well you just heard senator Rand Paul what do you think what do you make of the interview will be back.