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Gabriel Gomez on Benghazi, People's Pledge and his cred

May 6, 2013|

What does Gomez have to say about the doubt people have with his GOP credentials?

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Welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff -- Boston bulldozer 6172666868. Is the number. We are now joined by a Republican candidate for the special senate election. In June Gabriel Gomez. Mr. Gomez thank you so much for coming on the -- report. -- Appreciate. Mr. Gomez I'm just curious do you have any thoughts. Or opinions on where Tamil concern AM is body should be buried. You have to do I think the last -- -- buried in January Massachusetts. I'd be more than happy to have buried -- to see. You know maybe next -- bin Laden was buried. A now how about sending the body back to his family in Chechnya. You know our ability to cover their Serb you know I'm I'm I'm more consulate being buried up to see you know next -- and it's been. Now mister Gomez there has been a lot of talk about you signing the people's lynch. And a marquis is now challenged you owe the Democrats are now challenging view. Are you gonna sign of people's pledge are you now going to. Pledge yourself to not take any money from groups outside the state of Massachusetts. Absolutely not I think that's the height of hypocrisy apartment congressman has been down there literally for 37 -- not a plane literally baseball. And you'd been taken money for special interest groups from day one of his career pattern BC. From groups that you regulate and control over. A total of 3.4 million dollars and only -- and it's taken the pledge I mean when I -- -- -- -- -- deal. Protect its gonna cut his United States in play my parents start a became citizens. And the play results take any diplomat -- -- it -- -- an audit lottery isn't politicians make these pledges. If -- nobody trust them. Mr. Gomez do you think would mark he's trying to do is basically in trench. The financial advantage that he house because she can raise his -- not a war chest to begin with and he's got a lot of liberal special interest groups in this state. That are willing to bankroll -- campaign. Surely you start out a bit of a financial advantage but I'm confident that obliterated our money be edited refineries in the primary but the reality it is. Is either blocked -- seen me you -- the retreat points or nine dollar this career. He spent over a million dollars of special interest money groups that are supporting him in the primary against congressman Lance. He crowded it is all pledged there. And we sent a letter saying he should return all the -- formula and RT great restrict more orderly than Brooke is helpless against our marquee. Or that place that it would it would donate 50% of what was and -- -- the charity for the elderly are about our maturity that we -- We settle -- it -- -- -- -- to -- -- for oracle political studies that it is an AM community response yet. We are talking with Gabriel Gomez he is the Republican candidate for the US special senate race. Enjoy on June 25. Mr. Gomez and there is now a lot more information coming out on Ben Ghazi. Whistle blowers will be testifying this Wednesday in front of a house committee. What are your feelings on Ben Ghazi do you believe the administration has engaged in a cover up. And do you think senior officials should be held accountable. We needed at the bottom think Ozzie it'd been over six -- sentiment I'd -- Incidentally -- for Americans their equity in -- ambassador and former seals and other individual. And I think that they've been dragging their feet waits too much on this incident at the bottom of that you know about the -- scene there afterwards. And I look forward to open did not yet understand it lead the target in the bottom this is an absolute disgrace at any answers -- a six month. As a former navy seal. And I know you've served your country I and I so what's your professor and I thank you for that do you think. The administration. Could've done more should've done more. To prevent the attack from taking place. And even maybe sending in a rescue team when they were asking for help -- the attack. Well I don't have enough interest anatomy -- what I'm disappointed that actually I'm really upset about it that we haven't had -- at a report. Invalidated and to all the acts Ellis what sort of happened you did before -- and -- -- after the act. And I think that went the American people needed now because we got to get involved in this yet to know what could have happened. You know what should happen to visit the -- -- act happened it would degrade in Israel and are you reminded other. We recently did you know particular to David about -- -- -- And we need to deal to react to -- bad incidences before it happened -- when -- -- as well. Mr. Gomez. A lot of our listeners as you know on WRKO in the show in particular. Conservatives they lean Republican. And if you can just clear the air up now for a lot of them they don't know who you war. If their uncomfortable with the letter that you sent to Deval Patrick the governor regarding your. Support for Obama in 2008. What would you say what do you say to them now. Introduce yourself to them. They have some concerns. What do you say to these people that have some concerns that gave Gomez is not a real Republican. Sure they are owed it all my life our republic and -- believe -- principles more personal responsibility or personal freedom it's smaller more effective government. I wrote -- letter went reasonably original animated guy charisma and a lot lot here but others are the people of Massachusetts. In view it's right the diplomat she is that the reason I wrote a letter. And I stand by right now letter -- -- a good oddities you wanna make sure that. I lived in your entry about a lot of opportunity in my life I wanna make sure that everyone bites it everybody is now barricade. It's an opportunity. -- -- kicked out of sync up front right now is that it's going bargained out. Yeah and economic instability of our company is not our. That's like it happened like it's nobody -- is Berlusconi and I wanna make sure that. Mike is in their -- at this point average house on that I want it on me it's it's fixed the problem we have other. We are talking with Gabriel Gomez candidate for the special US senate race in June. Mr. Gomez are up against some time we've got to go but let me ask you this before election ago. Would you be willing to talk to the audience of corner country and in studio. Interview right here for one hour. On any topic any issue so our listeners can get a better understanding of who Gabriel Gomez is. Will you signed a corner pledge and come on in studio for one hour interview. If -- you don't go to a place -- got to take one place but I'm more than happy Cuba this and keep annualized answer any question. I've been out amid an up from day one. I don't want any radio station any TV station not just the ones that are currently in my party. I've been on every station you know in the attic are under his -- this is gonna come out and -- TV stations national and local slightly more than -- -- logged -- to take any course whatsoever -- All wonderful solace in mr. Gomez you you're basically you've signed a corner commitment that you will come on. But for one hour in studio. Are right mr. Gomez Britney -- assistant producer will be giving you a call don't call us we'll call you. It thank you so much for coming on we appreciated. Have a nice day thank you we've been talking with Gabriel Gomez. As you you just heard it right now he will be coming in studio. One on one man on a man -- he'll be talking with the corner man. In studio interview we're gonna open it up TU the audience to ask him questions as well. So we have this commitment from Gabriel Gomez and hopefully we'll get some answers that we'd like to hear. 6172666868. Will be back right after this break.