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Ayotte No Flip Flopper

May 7, 2013|

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) says out of state special interests are running false ads attacking her misrepresenting her efforts to prevent gun-related violence. Sen. Ayotte joined us to set the record straight on her record and her intentions for the future..

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Joining us now is senator Kelly a -- from New Hampshire. Kelly it's good to have you with us here on the Howie Carr show. And it's going to be with you how I appreciate it. Well good I take how this got started last week -- -- I got a call from somebody who was with who's connected the Fox News Channel. And they said his Kelly and trouble up in New Hampshire. I said I don't think so -- And then they said what they've been reading some stories down in New York lobbyist Fox's you know. In the said the been read some stories in the New York Times right there's problem number one right there. That you're getting pummeled. At these town hall meetings up in New Hampshire. And I so why haven't heard anything about it we haven't had anybody call and and that angry -- with her because she voted against the gun control bill. I I don't know what what's going on here. And so now it's turned out that the people. The people in New Hampshire the -- reporters in New Hampshire the TV stations and newspapers. They've been reporting totally different stories about the east town hall meetings. From from the New York Times in the Washington Post and Politico. And then then it gets me even bigger thing is it big deal because Bloomberg decides she's gonna dump like what a million -- Act act on her head. Basically degree requires an alien at this point three quarters of -- missile -- -- give us give us the background on what's happened. Well well what happened is you're right. Media came up to New Hampshire out of state media national media. And they had heard other stories written to him -- to my town Altman. There were a lot of people in my town halls that people came from other states -- tunnels but a lot of people in New Hampshire to that. Strongly supported. My. Vote on what I did and you know my background answer to that as you know it attorney general and I -- and I'd look at these things very thoughtfully and there's been this cold orchestrated campaign and and now the mayor Kirk is -- Ads against me that -- fault they -- am against background checks. How we and I voted for a bill that would improved the background check system -- key to it picture we prosecute those cases and mental health. So distant then obviously a situation where. Out of state interest are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Representing my position. One of the new town parents came up and kind of blind sighted view as well right. Right yes there was the daughter. The principal in Newtown and certainly I I have to say. You know -- and having worked with victims of crime you know my thoughts are with and so. -- not I understand she came up and you know I respect that now -- certainly -- respect people who are in the situation and my my prayers are with them. Well now. He is that you voted again you're one of the 46 who voted against the to be mentioned right. Regulator for Democrats also that voted against that. You know might my concern Hollywood as I don't think we should expand. A flawed system and that there are your records that are not getting in this system including. Mental health records were people at this adjudicated did danger to themselves. And others in fact that these hamsters only two of those record edit but it should not meet their -- seventeen states that. Are getting most of those records and end up this. Prosecution. -- out as you know I come at this as a prosecutor. They had been on the before the Judiciary Committee in 201076000. Denials of people who were trying to buy guns. 47000. Of them were criminals -- fugitives from justice and only 44. Prosecutions brought forward and only 22 convictions mean so they're not enforcing the current laws that I thought that was what we should be doing. And making sure that we did that frankly improving our mental health system. Kind of like the immigration laws that are being enforced. Well and you know I think -- what this is about is I mean I'm looking forward a look at everything carefully in real solutions -- this is spend. And orchestrated out of state campaign against. Ensure repeat that again in case it went -- went too fast about how many arrests were made in in on the federal level and how many prosecutions were. I'm just so you know in 2010. Very big screen close to 77000. Denials for the background -- This it's. 787000 where people were denied having firearms to date. An -- note that -- 7000 nearly 47000. Of those individuals that were denied having a fire had either. Either were criminals. -- balance or fugitives from justice and other cases they only prosecuted. Prop forward 44 cases. With only -- are only thirteen successful prosecutions. So if you don't enforce and go after those were trying to violate the law. Now all been there is no keep and that system and that's why I believe the focus should be putting keep in the current. And -- a PC yet Obama seemed more angry about that vote which was two days after the Boston bombing. That he was about the Boston bombing 48 hours early. He was much I know he was angry I can tell by the tone of his voice. Yeah out though obviously he came across angry at this and but but how about real solutions and how about. Proving her mental health system. And looking out what the flaws are in the current system rather than standing broken system. So I think that. This is -- you know to have all those those out of state dollars. Spent to misrepresenting your position. Not to say that you're against something it's not true. You know that that's used its it's wrong about Tyre appreciate. Letting people all of my position. Is it mayors against illegal guns that's the name of this front -- is anyone else contributing any money other than a Bloomberg. I'm not aware of it scientist -- he is I think the primary force. And that group. And then hi this is amazing what what. Harry Reid said I mean talk about it insulting. And it's hoping diatribe that are -- and for now from India. The use of the union leader here. Joseph Manchin called me yesterday he thinks he has a couple more votes the one senator Republican senator from New Hampshire has been. Wing man she'd been hit hard she's the only senator in the northeast to vote against background checks. She went from a hugely positive number in New Hampshire or negatives now -- outweigh her positives. She's being hit every place she goes so we're gonna pick up some more votes I may be able to get another Democrat or two that would get us up to 57 right. So there's this guy was saying Ted Cruz is a mean -- there. It also has always read a statement about me as well together pushing that -- and you vote against the background checks that's not true. And back and now this is. Having try to put all their money in from out of state interest. You know to get someone to change their vote and you know I look at things carefully and I go to principal and and doing what I think is effective. And not not based on what -- -- needed. So you're gonna change your vote. I'd know I'd stand by my votes I am certainly hoping that we can improve the current system. And get some improvement in mental health and it can't prosecutions. And that's what I've supported and that's what I stand by. Do you think this do you think this orchestrated campaign from again from out of state and you know these these ridiculous stories in the New York Times the the the Washington Post political I mean if they had any effect in your run in your polling numbers in New Hampshire -- done anything. Well I can tell you -- -- -- -- -- PPP did this poll that is liberal -- -- right lines. Yeah exactly so you know I don't I don't put a lot of ways that. There yes certainly the town hall meetings that I was that there were people that were asking me about this issue -- -- felt strongly supported. The position that I -- but also frankly how we had a lot of questions about. Other issues you can imagine the budget. You know issues of what what's happening with bank -- C issues about the Social Security system. And though. At military spending their variety of questions that we got out that the media that mainstream media obviously that became for Odyssey did want to write about. I notice that he that Concord Monitor which is about as far -- of Boston Globe they they even admitted. Probably you know that they didn't want to but they admitted that there were more -- a -- and more pro war pro gun people at these town hall meetings than there were anti -- people which is exactly the opposite. Of the story that the national media report. Right I mean they obviously gave him with a preconceived notion of what they want to write because it's true I mean obviously. I -- town hall meetings all the time how I do that every count -- intercede every -- to this is their regular. A current serving I had of these things I do every other ones but yet there were a lot of folks there. From New Hampshire. That we're supportive of the position I -- also had a lot of questions on different topics. Yeah someone says do you think you'll get a profile in courage award and what you switch your vote -- you might be in running for profiling courage award from the Kennedy family but other than that -- your byte for standing your ground on behalf of the Second Amendment in the in the the majority of what we're come up by the way with this EV 9% figure and we talk about cook and the blocks well. I think it also dependent I asked the question how lean mean the that are being run against mean our fault that that voted against the background checks I support background checks. I want them to be improved I wanted to be effective. That is the very different question asked that it's station -- -- EXP and the current system what -- I mean I think it is with surveyed it's always argue that the question. And people understanding the underlying issue and your survey it's hard to capture that one question and -- different. Right to pay 9% of the people are are -- cracking down on a Second Amendment Rights why is the NRA bigger than it's ever been widened more people have guns than ever before why is there a waiting list for a guy for some some popular firearms and also for ammunition I mean it's just the it doesn't make sense is that the. And I think I think at the end of the day without about it how is that all of us want to prevent. Criminals and deranged individuals. From that attacked and actually seen. And it seemed to mean the that's what's sad about this it's rough being used as a political tool rather than figuring out what we can really do to be affected. But as you said to what I mean that this there is in one of your statements this that this bill this mentioned to me bill which by the way too he's bailed out right. I don't know he had -- I -- I can't say I but he but he too Lisa senator of the of very conservative senator from Pennsylvania. If it would have prevented that what happened then to now. Now unfortunately it wouldn't have. Because. Obviously -- killed his mother. To get those firearms. Who -- them lawfully said that it did that situation and didn't have anything to do with the background check system. But clearly I think we all believe that their mental health factors and that in many of the recent mass violence situations we've had that we've got to address. If you wanna talk to Kelley -- level -- this for a couple more minutes if you want if you wanna say something to one mates. One which you know gore for thirty -- -- we don't have time to take any calls. -- Audi Q I know why you voted on the Internet sales tax will be one I mean that I was surprised by that vote me. -- -- a small business what I did what I might get a bill. -- it's crazy 9600 taxed jurisdictions. You now -- your online business are gonna have to collect. For the rest of the nation I mean what a bureaucratic nightmare. Even if you're -- -- -- tax state and meet New Hampshire obviously does that it helped -- it's particularly onerous and tramples on -- decisions. And you hear. Against that that you voted to get it all right thank you can't so thank you I know on service. You know the thing I was -- the editorial in the Wall Street Journal about -- and how -- -- -- -- and act right so so now. I'm gonna have to -- some software not not for fifty states -- for 57 states as Obama would say if you include all the territories. But there's hundreds of these -- restrictions I mean how much is the software gonna cost me to sell copy of my blocker. Now how he would. It's so bad actor for online businesses and think about it to have to collect throughout the union tried that and all that statement also touted such a statement. Different like some states have like counties can impose -- Belfast it's different than that. Adam Arkin in New York is one of those places is that I mean -- that stood out in the senate acts on him actor yeah so I mean it's just gonna. And and you know. And I am I guess one of the one of the groups that's for it is is Amazon but -- Amazon is planning on going up per. Producing software. I'd like -- -- -- everyone out there are not confident. Because. Talk to me that that -- a giant company there they're worth billions of dollars a year I mean it's not. It's going to be a terribly at terrible imposition to them but it's going to be it's going to be hell for everybody that's that scientists are. Opposite -- which I fully agree with an alliance of big business. Which. Big government meaning states that want to -- more money again. Little guys who are online businesses or average people who are want to -- a business on the Internet to become attacked collectors for everyone else. Right it's it's it's going and it's it's just it's such a bad how wide lead the world wide -- so many Republicans vote for. So how -- I thought there's nothing conservative about this and I. I've. Pushing against this from the beginning and spoke out vehemently on the floor at and it continued at. Get that word out for the house represented to that they have a chance to stop this nonsense. Well I hope they do gotta hope they do but I begin to wonder about Paul Ryan he say he seems to be getting squishy to use the to use -- Ted Cruz word. But it applies I think sometimes. He's well I don't know where it stands on that side hoping stands right and not because it's. To make these businesses the tax collectors for that Indian tribes and every other state and jurisdiction it's really talk about ridiculous. -- what's the story one last question before you leave this is for Ramallah one of our listeners our way out a New England I can you ask her body -- I was at Fort Leavenworth and they were out. What what that what is going on here why is the government buying up all the CM or are they trying to destroy the supply -- I need to be conspiracy theorist what are other. What are other. Explanation can you come to. I am not aware that the government is buying up all this you know -- we've certainly director of homeland security committee. And we have not been looking into the area -- purchases to get to the bottom and make sure that there's nothing out of line there. But it has been a lot of issues raised about -- but. But you know I'm not aware of any other government agency rather -- issues raised in Gaza. They got -- tomorrow is a big day because you know you have that deputy. Chief of mission and what he has Paris brought forward to say. That they he asked that the Pentagon. Scramble fighter jets have Irving got in this show of -- to avoid this second staged attack but also that he was asking for special operations troops. There were reported Libyan. Military to help the next day this is contradictory to what we heard in the armed services committee. And also I think from the beginning what he has said they knew it was a terrorist attack in the beginning he thought is right is. Which he set -- -- totally shocked by it to get crews from the beginning at this unfortunately has been. A cover up. OK Kelli thanks for being with us an upside you know I told them they didn't need to have you want maybe I shouldn't a told them that they did need to have you want but I didn't figure wasn't terrible problem for him. I'll talk next time I'll tell me you're deep deep -- -- when you can go on fox around. And -- we -- seeing Ali thank. For having me on the ballot for the -- back on. Okay great anytime -- Kelly thanks a lot 18774694322. -- -- -- car.