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Funeral Director, Peter Stefan, on the terrorists burial plans

May 8, 2013|

Should he be buried in the USA? Creamated? What should happen?

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Welcome back -- the -- report this is Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer 6172666868. Is the number of we are now joined. By the director. Of the funeral home in Worcester. -- Graham Putnam in Mahoney. Which is housing the body of Pamela and signing have Peter staff and mr. staff and thank you so much for coming on the corner report -- yeah. I assume it's been a rough couple days for you mr. -- It has been has been rougher days that -- they -- it's gone on too long. And hopefully consultants and make -- Now mr. staff and I'm just curious how did you come to get into possession. Of -- and -- body. Well this had been originally planned a while back. And what happens I think the the widow dollar Batman. That's. Look at some help an attorney and not returning they called another funeral home. And that's funeral home went and picked up to remain. It was a miscommunication. All those people. That did the best they could. But it was just too much to handle. And -- -- -- So you volunteered. Basically did because of the fact that there was a real big problem down there and not apple. Which everybody saw. And the thing was I had intended to a much quietly. But unfortunately. Somebody's is -- miscommunication. Went there ahead of us. They went there at the time of day when everybody was there. Now mr. -- I'm just curious -- the audience this is the question they're all thinking. Why did you volunteer why why you. Well this is what they do number one I don't particularly true. I don't separate dissent in the center I can't do that. It's similar to a -- called -- and -- your uncle pretty the killed ten people like that Q why don't. And look at those summer. They came to me is that my corporate tag but he committed to themselves or -- known cannibals who was it's very -- in the right -- -- handles people simply strike from where it does it begin and that. It's noticeable difference -- why we kind of the -- and mormons. Picketing down into the -- the state instrument flight facility. So now -- mr. -- What is the state mean where's the body now. We have a body care. I mean is it what is it is it as it is that a special location -- No it's not just an apparent on the property where where -- can be seen. And now has all this picketing all of these protests. Has it damaged your business is it hurting your business. Know that apple world because for years and years I've worked a lot of people. Many would support homeless veterans or whatever I continue to do that. And everybody knows what I'd do it is that something that they said the couple years ago the AIDS virus broke -- -- -- the first one to took the -- So you're saying you don't think all these protests are gonna hurt your business down the road because. You've got a good reputation and and and in worst. Absolutely in the very beginning. When this status most of the -- negative I've gotten calls all the world a fully patrol is gone from 80% against and 90% book. -- -- Mr. staff and we're just curious why why why can't you just let's say shipped the body to his family in Russia. Well that's climate the secretary of state was owed it to wait two hours as people. Well and so as the secretary of state waited too well that was a very probably it was thank. Beside -- was brought up because we've been looking unison thanked. Is not like them back in a time like this would have a political. -- but dropped it and act like it would be to drop the other patients and assists take care in this. The -- comes science it's -- is becoming smaller smaller deal with something forget about what's going on go back to Haiti to the rest to. Now mr. Stefan what he what would be the idea. -- scenario for you what do you think ideally if you are things your way what do you think should happen with the body. -- -- buried someplace send them back to his parents which that would normally do all the different circumstances. And the thing here is the community people say well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- wants to do that you know what go ahead and do it but I -- Now mr. Stephan can anybody who can claim the body can anybody just coming in clean the body and just say look I'll take care -- no it has to be an exit can't. Also has to be a family member. Up to a certain point eruption rules -- regulations that -- should about a time passes different concept and that nobody else in the the -- and it has authority does. You have no idea how many people are abandoned because as money to do something they don't claim the person's body. Medical Examiner's shops in the top spot they kind of over the welfare department. The real story on this in Boston it's not too expensive very subsidy. We has -- this city's cemeteries that this very inexpensive outside of Boston and not an expensive. And it's somebody called me from the welfare department to look we have some of the -- -- ago can help us out. Joey hand but I don't get what people were because there's a privacy act in the community information as to -- to myself. And I get a big 11100 dollars which by the way this state has a race since April of 1980 -- that's thirty years of my book. Now mr. Stefan how long can you keep the body I mean I seriously what if nobody claims. -- what are you gonna do after one. A lot of nobody claimed the body. They're ready to bury the body right could under these circumstances. Considering the fact that nobody seems to want and it's not cemetery in -- blame anybody cemetery on church and what. It's the cities and towns and these plots in church's cemeteries are located. That's what the proper visas and see it from neighbors of terrorist property values to a terrorist gonna come here. What's gonna happen is that he has. I don't believe anybody. Well. Well what about the wife. How she claimed the body does she wanna cremate the body. I don't think Hewitt is -- also. So she wants him buried where you know where she wants him -- -- -- buried here it is 1% of back to. Identity choice now after the heat of the funeral pit bull in the China to be such a disaster. They're not involved at all investment. So nobody's claiming the body from the family site so far yes -- resident uncle. And he wants the -- yes he has claimed he's the person we're working. And what does he wanted to. Just get a burial that somewhere in the United States anywhere at this point but we know it Russia Google we'll go take the money anyway. -- yes. It -- a problem as anywhere nowhere at this point. Now how long are you willing to put up -- this a situation. I can put up the -- -- time but the problem here is it's the city was strip was going to step of this police chief -- -- -- City officials. The cost of the police speaking of -- with the city PS economical. One who feels that it's a federal problem. It's a security problem and I think the federal -- the government. You think the Fed should be paying for the extra security yes I do. We have been talking with Peter Stefan he is the director of the Graham Putnam and -- funeral home. Mr. -- thank you so much for coming on the corner report we really appreciate veteran already have a nice day sir thank you well.