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Callus On Benghazi

May 8, 2013|

The democratic Congressmen conducting the Benghazi hearing today on Capitol Hill appear to be unmoved by the testimony of the witnesses who were horrified that Americans were killed and the Obama Administration just stood by and let it happen. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, actually addressed the witnesses and said that "death is a part of life." Howie wondered will these hearings make any difference.

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How we how long before Elijah Cummings pulls up the race card in the Ben Ghazi hearings but that. I think eight. Elijah Cummings is he's got to eat this he has not been given an easy assignment here he is the Democrat. Than the ranking Democrat on the house government oversight. Committee. So he's one credit has to lead the Democrat charges -- heard him just now talking about how it was a there with the it was. Politicizing the attacks in the work full scale media tax partly a full scale media attacks when. -- half of the media is caught is conscientious objectors they refused to go with the battle because -- might hurt your leader. He's he he he overplayed his hand right out of the box when he talked about the full scale meet with you the full scale media -- together so it. It just tell me you know how much full scale media -- you've seen on the via on the network newscasts are in the New York Times -- Boston Globe or any. Any of the pebble computing moon -- journals. Campaign. It is not designed to investigate what happened in response -- bipartisan way. But -- our aunts and founder of unfounded accusations. To -- public officials. Let me be clear. I am not questioning the -- about witnesses. I don't question the motives of those who want to use. This statements for political purposes. Tim and I think that's accuse the administration. Intentionally withholding military access. Which could help save lives -- in -- of the effects. I say for political reasons. All irresponsible allegations. That level over the past two weeks. This is the most troubling. And based on our military commanders. Have told us this allegation is that untrue. And that's it for military personnel. We're told to stay in Tripoli resident -- equate him and -- -- at 6 AM. The warning that attacks mostly because of the Ministry's political desire not to have its president and -- There's no evidence of support. As the six told a committee one plane had already know apple and that's what -- -- And it included seven -- security team whipped through military personnel. The decision the next morning -- -- military puts on plays that definitely was not me by the White House or the State Department. But the military chain of command. Yeah right. You and if you believe that you umbrage to -- you. He's this -- guy says death is part of life. You imagine if if -- been. George Bush who was the president and four and that the ambassador in black in the seals have been like to think you that the kid beat. -- going up I mean I think what's so bluntly but that's that's the reality. TV. 18774669432218774694322. The administration had three different stories doesn't Cummings know which one was right. I -- was removed with weekly standard today and the aid if they have a -- Stephen Hayes got this got the copies of the various talking points that they had. -- -- knocked out all the stuff about al-Qaeda they they really they release sent Susan Rice out there. With not thing. In our -- about let's talk about sending somebody out totally defenseless she she she took the bullet for the team. But they they knew the first draft they they mentioned al-Qaeda and they they didn't have any words like demonstrations. Are. Or. Right gets the just they had were they they had the trip the the more accurate words which were was a pack. There was an attack. On the on the so called console. And that is but you know that was on by the second draft -- by the third draft there was there was practically you know the Girl Scouts have arrived the and we're trying to sell cookies when this. Afraid broke out. 1877469432218774694322. Dennis Miller was right to do was to have -- Dennis Miller on this on this. OK maybe we won't listen -- it. -- that a smaller amount of the yes. Well I don't think much gonna come out of this that's just my thoughts bill I have a feeling. That -- floor jihadist. Had been killed by our guys that night on the raid on Ben Ghazi. That there would have been an internal affairs. Commission from our service saying why these guys killed four -- bodies. And they would have found out more than we found out so far about getting for our guys killed. Why do you think that most Americans aren't locked in on this story I mean it it is life and death. Ambassador Steven's good man. That he did ask for more protection it was not granted. The a murdered did take place along with three other Americans. Then the government misled the world about the motive who did it. It there's a lot of ingredients here but people are locked and is your reason. The reason that people don't know Ben Ghazi rebellious era and they don't know -- gives error at all. Is that we are not a culture of the deals in consequences. Anymore. That's no -- it's not like we look at things -- go that's not right. We've got a flood and the perpetrators of that is an Iraq. They look at Barack Obama with the sequestered I think it always makes me laugh when people when he brings up sequestration. Talks but all the evil Republicans are wasting it on the people. And that you wanted to say well if you're -- to hit a. No there there were as a consequence of pure if you're conservative in and Dennis most right if if we killed four jihadist they wherever they they -- they were we were mental there were on the -- it'll wedding. You know what's Khaleda what is the latest one now we can picture of the the Israeli -- chicken far. When they -- They were trying to take out these a surface to surface missiles war on the way to Hezbollah last weekend and they they they blew them they blocked the convoy of trucks. That were coming from when I ran and that we're headed down the Lebanese border. And no doubt there's this great you know while. Rear ending of sack cloth and and dumping of ashes on one's -- all the evil Israelis you know they. They destroyed a chicken farm. You know. So that's that's that's a bad thing but did you know killing Americans nothing to see here folks move along move along you know dear leader is running for for re election we can't have anything get in his way. Again as I told you yesterday the New York Times refuses to cover the story did they they would they want to they won't cover of her under any circumstances. These guys are out there and that in there or. There -- their careers -- roper in the and in the State Department. But that I guess it doesn't matter army why would wanna work for for people who who just. Abandoned. Their own. Their own people like us. 1877469432218774694322. 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If you would like to listen at the show on the Internet you can always do so were web site. Which is how we car. But our other web site which is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on a live audio streaming. Is also what how we cart dot com you can take partnered daily poll question daily Internet poll question has brought to you. But powder house mortgage for fixed rate mortgages in the -- with no closing costs. Call powerhouse mortgage 807620000. Cindy was a poll question what are the results thus far. Will -- -- hearings make any difference. Now idol fix on fortune 67%. Guarantee on that 33% are hopeful. And of course as you know -- always there's there's always something else to to fall back on to you know there's there's always some. Sensational loose today it's Joseph odious -- areas verdict. The announcement will be at 4:30 eastern time. That's so about that world. That will take that battle that's the that's the good thing that they've got. Tonight and tomorrow to take take them -- off the front page or move it down below fold. And a mood -- that people -- on the national map and newscasts. 1877469. Worth three. 22187746943. Two to -- I mean it's extremely clear I mean from everything we know now that the -- administration knew. That this had nothing to do. With with with that video even though they they made that ad in that they sent over Pakistan apologizing. The eve of overthrew the the Egyptian American Coptic Christian in jail where he's playing which -- to this very day. It had nothing to do with that but the problem was that bit. He would that Obama had had his own mission accomplished moment less and less than. Less than a month earlier in Charlotte when he did he have gone on there and Biden had gone up up at the Democratic National Convention. And said that though the United States had triumphed. And so this was a clear indication that al-Qaeda was not go on the al-Qaeda could still kill Americans and that there'd been a firefight. And that despite having the most powerful military in the world we have money from spot to use in the habit to try to save. These guys including the US ambassador. And and in this is this is the reality that and you know he he. The the -- guy hits today he was asked about the you know what I was like when he saw Susan Rice five days later talking about how while. Pat how how what have been all this had been caught it was just the simple demonstration that got out of control because of -- Of a film that YouTube and he said -- -- your city was. -- -- listen to it here listen to it here. -- -- this attack all the video in -- she did it five different times what was your reaction to that. I was stunned. My jaw dropped. And I was embarrassed. Did she talk to use before she went only five Sunday talk Jones -- -- You're the highest ranking official in Libya at the time correct yes. -- she did not bother to have a conversation with you before she went. On national television -- -- So massive arise directly contradicts the governor's on the ground in Libya she directly contradicts the president of Libya. She directly contradicts the last statement uttered by ambassador Steven. Mr. Dixon was that Jones. She -- she's in another room. The State Department. Apparatchiks. And she was she was in charge of the mideast at the time and she knew who she knew this was obvious that. What happened was they started out -- by repeat it's it's pretty amazing they have it in the weekly standard the new issue as as it as the three. -- sets of talking points that they had that would that they put together that weekend for. Susan Rice in the first set talking points is basically true. You know but then they decided that we can't have the troop out there because it's too embarrassing for dear leader. And the administration so that they bin they cut out most of it but there were a few. Bits and pieces nuggets. Of facts in there so they went back over and they claim -- that again. Two was to get everything out of it that that could possibly. Come back. And and haunt the reelection campaign of Barack Obama everything had to be blamed on this want. -- Arnold lone wolf. Whip from is that a familiar phrase lone wolf they blamed it on a lone wolf only this time it wasn't a Muslim terrorist. It was a lone wolf Christian. Terrorists. 18774694322. How -- the press will never -- been Ghazi because it not only involves dear leader but it also involves the future dear leader meaning Hillary Clinton. Yes I know that's that's that's what I'm saying it's not it's it's just. They gonna give it a good leave them alone is is -- as any oil once asked for from the feds Steve your next with Howie Carr go ahead Steve. -- In this -- guys saying it was a really trending on Twitter under the harsh tag. The big. Well if they think this is a big I know I did I know what happened a long time ago. You know if if that happens so long ago the people who were were in school at the timer still in school. It's very funny for Americans were killed by a terrorist attack that that probably. May be could have been prevented. Yeah I don't I don't think it's sort of temperament if you are. Bet that you could have prevented that the -- you quit temperament of the first attack but you -- cement some planes -- Ers are -- 130 in May be scared him off and that saved the lives of at least the last two guys who were killed two Sanyo. All home loans. The planes -- in Italy and there was no refueling plane available but anyways I. I'm sure what they are -- play that the other play -- Italy is so far away from. I dollars. Five dollars I I was trying to and China and on the magic radio and animist and need. And -- and were both covering and and remembered and wait. 114. Fox -- and into the air like art dusted off the button for fox you know. And in and then you know I heard. -- It was so dry and boring -- I'm I'm just so -- That actually came in on Mike -- are just and I wanna go home and so on -- Yeah I know and I'll say OK okay thank you. 187746. They were taking breaks -- you know you understand that that's that's where there were crickets I mean. Fox stood stock -- you know I mean of course MSNBC. And and CNN are gonna go to Cleveland I mean it's it's it's operation change the subject. A month -- support the sale was a conspiracy to get him out of that particular moment just like it's conspiracy today to get the arias verdict. But it's just it's just a lucky break for dear leader that these these. Other distractions have come along that to give by. Howard the worst. Very good people -- proper worse -- -- for the military brass. Actually it's copper to Hillary and two. Right -- -- -- but that's -- Bozo the only talking points of Elijah Cummings as you know that is only now he says do you think that do you think that's we kept saying do you think the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey said this do you think he was -- in. And I -- you know -- and perhaps hicks got it says I. I was pocket of people on the ground I think they know little more than the the of people that are rather you know. Home. Relaxing and having a cocktail in Langley Virginia. Exactly and you know -- and the biggest copper. Is that Craig Petraeus. -- necessarily true the that'd be great the representatives from all. Not lynch got security that -- represented Massachusetts. Which user Barack proper for a -- -- Petraeus says. That we didn't change it's talking or. Petraeus awards suggestion are he has been Hillary's best just to get his attention. He did we didn't change the talking what will I tell you what look. City can you get YouTube QL get a link on the story. From in the weekly standard the new issue that just came out was Steve Hayes story. Because they have three different versions of the talking points Karl. And they progressively. Knock out more and more of the troop and just it. They basically left or what they do you know some rights was sent out there are no shows would basically be you could put on a cocktail -- what she was left when it was all be just. All of true. Exactly and the portrait this statement from that one gentleman employers. That the from the one colonel Lewis they are on the ground said that some of the people actually some of the lower. People in this State Department had more losses than military process and theatrical. And. I know and he says that was quite a compliment he said that was one of the best compliment you ever gotten. And the in the military and the military has come out at the brass are really. Darden themselves a lot of heart on this and I don't think there are gonna recover from. -- it mountain and how broad. There there that you have to be political to get to the -- to get to be one of the -- you know onto the Joint Chiefs of Staff you mean there's just no way around. You know that was George Patton and could be that a guy like George Patton ever get to did you get on the Joint Chiefs of Staff of course. You what you have to play yet the know how to play the political and thanks for the call -- 18774694322. I don't think you know how angry people are -- Ghazi says to a seventh. I don't you know. It's just it's it's a complicated it's complicated that's the thing and it and you know there's there's businesses. -- there's no. There's no if that it's in a way it's too bad that one of a missing crazy like what is it what's -- guy's name in Cleveland Charles Russell. You know there's a guy there's a guy who. It's captured the imagination of everybody because he would he did it was hero. And he's also extremely colorful. These guys that they had today were bureaucrats. And you know they even know their careers are over and they've had higher warriors to make sure that they can they don't get total each room stripped of their pensions -- the true. They. They still. Guys who have spent their careers in these peace. Gray bureaucracies. And they they don't they don't have the as acts of Charles Russell they also bettered that work but that's beside appointments in some cases. Bad dental work works in your -- 18774694322. 703 it was September 11 for crying out loud could may have anticipated security problems before in the range additional security. It was a problem for advanced planning which was compounded by bureaucratic incompetence in the fog of war. And help the USS Abraham Lincoln was in the area to some people -- actually that they could -- had planes that acts pretty quickly. Mean when they just -- just buzz the buzz that building a postal call that the console but apparently wasn't consulate. That CIA out but whatever you wanna call it. And just may be ships here off the the al-Qaeda people mean these were all experienced fighters they they know. They knew. What the the NATO planes had done to stop these forces. Just a few months early here right. And they they know that what would enable the Qaddafi. Would enable the the rebels to prevail once that there were these guys. These these NATO soldiers -- win man with lasers in what would go win and -- point outward to one hit. The the Libyan forces of Qaddafi -- -- they would be destroyed so they they had to fear that there will then they knew there were a lot of CIA guys in in big guys that. -- had to fear that the plane's gonna come back and they were gonna get Lazard and get destroyed. Probably only what I had to do was to send over some points and since you were scared him away -- or were homes. Even just roams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably it was a one time when people across the globe -- fool around with the Americans because they knew that there would get the raft the American government. But under the incompetent administration we have how many more Americans are gonna die at home and overseas because their competence. And -- this hearing was today all iso from the Democrats. Not duty honor and country and nothing but a disgrace very dishonorable. You know all they were its loyal to the president into the party and the country media and. Right. No they didn't they didn't really care they they just and they they knew they weren't a top positioned so there were pulling their punches I mean. Can you imagine if if that -- if that really had the muscles -- off the about what they would've done. There were gone after these people and just accused them of being lying now white Republicans. Now. Also probably the other disgusting. Was it wasn't covenants seaspan. CNN that. Put it on C span of three. I don't I didn't know until I heard he's now I'm -- -- I didn't. The other CN -- but I read it last night on the Internet it's gonna be covered on C span three. Know. Yet exactly. And also CNN all they had was so what was going on Cleveland. And -- and so -- we'd be in the dark. And now I know. It's this is this is the repressed for -- there is. There is no free press this system this is not much all that much different than that then. The Soviet Union the Kremlin when you have -- problem that has missed the right as this area. And then but in the end the only the only way you got real -- was a radio free America. Right fox fox is radio free America. That's head and talk radio that's at 18774694322. While now car. -- -- You don't. The bottom line here that's on board -- From job multi. You just posted about five minutes ago media will never admit it but the hearings prove that Obama lied about. They don't care but Obama lying to us. You know people outside the beltway people who didn't go to. Ivy League colleges people who don't have trust fund its people little -- home summer homes in the hand that it's. Are Martha's Vineyard that we care products but. Obama -- I have. That's the whole thing about this Susan Rice and this is where it really hit some -- that and every one of their networks including fox. She went on. Analyzed. Maybe shouldn't even though she was -- and they prepared these the of these disingenuous. But the document's. -- and then. And then he you know we we hold over and over again you know what we say -- you know -- doesn't matter if we throw while the Second Amendment. If we save one life by just throwing out the Second Amendment it's it's worth it. But now. Hole they're singing a different tone at least for a day here here July shortcomings on on how war life is nasty brutish and short. Death is a part of life. But. So often have to find a way. To make life a part of death. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he was he said that he wanted to make sure that it can use all of you said it pretty much. Wanna make sure we learn from this so. Death is a part of life. Has she ever said about. -- I didn't thanks now. That's swim -- death can be used as a political football for them. When it can be used. Against them then. Nothing to see here folks mobile on. 18774694322. 617 how -- it's not complicated at all there was a terrorist act. The administration did nothing to prevent or stop -- -- they lied about it so wouldn't be a problem for the election stop. Right. Who cares about Susan Rice Obama told the same light of the UN over and over again weeks later come on that should be the story. Well that's true the as as the week war she was on she was on -- on those shows on September 15 Sunday September 50. A week later he goes to the united nation and makes a speech and he repeatedly. Repeatedly. Refers. To this. YouTube. Video this non -- Matt. -- given them the excuse to. Lock up a Christian. And. It was all bogus totally bogus by this point -- made that apologizing. For the video which had no impact whatsoever. On off on the the deaths in -- Ghazi. But he kept he kept it alive first with the the ads in Pakistan. With Hillary Clinton and then going to the United Nations and again you know the latest in his apology torque. Which never ends apparently because it was still going on last week in Mexico and by the way did you see abuse in the stories about the -- Mexicans who were interviewed after the after his speech. They said. Now he's. Baby's okay guy but I don't know what that countries talk about it. He's he's that bad Mexico he was talking about doesn't exist you know this does Mexico it's make a lot of progress is becoming democratic. -- freedom of speech and growing prosperity they did what country he talked about. It's just another Third World -- hall Thomas you're next with how -- cargo ahead Thomas. Always. Wolf Blitzer subnet and talked about it quite awhile back. I say it seemed you know my edit title back prior to September 11. -- but into Turkey. That was bound for CA it and weapons. And there are a lot of thought from the Russians about making sure that -- states to not get involved in Syrian affairs. And then all of a sudden ambassadors meeting with some represented Turkey -- I feel like -- I don't think it's so much more to this story doesn't it. Politics and a presidential election one note about our. Well I mean obvious it it appears that was some off form us as somebody has said they have no there's never been any concrete proof but it seems like it it is the mideast version of fast and furious. That we were trying to run guns in into Syria. Just like just like Eric Holder was trying to run guns in the Mexico for different reasons we were. You know we're trying to make big gun control issue win in Mexico went. And when the guns came back over the border which say we needed -- they would say -- holder and Obama that we viewed gun control. In this case. We're going up we're trying to get the guns to walk. 221. The Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda apparently and in Syria. -- mean it's just it's just -- it was crazy it's the idea of giving those guns to anybody in Syria is just nuts. How the hell they got a ever -- who always who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. Mean who's good who's not to who's not to say that the that the so called good guys that are going to be getting these guns that were supposedly gonna give them now. Little less a little more -- quickly and lasts. Oh little more overtly and less Colbert late. Who's to say these guns are -- just end up immediately in the hands of by al-Qaeda. It's just I don't know I don't I don't know what the what was going on I don't know what that we're trying to do I don't think many people though but you're right there was a lot there's a lot more -- there's a lot more here that we don't know. I'm now car. One 8774694322187746. Fourth story. 22. Five major takeaways from the big Gaza here and thus far to stand down orders were given while the being -- attacks were in progress. The protest about a YouTube video was a complete fabrication by the Obama administration. Cheryl -- Clinton's lawyer the State Department told witnesses not to speak to house investigators. This woman who came up during the Watergate years right. Do when there was a stonewalling. Cover up but now she's presiding over one and I refer of course Hillary Clinton. The diplomatic personnel on the ground acted with incredible I'm Harold Hill and five Democrats came to about the eye witnesses were talking points. It's good to know that you have a guy like John Tierney. Probably one of the most -- -- -- -- members of congress. In that includes members of the current. Congressional Black Caucus as well the guy who's a wife and then wandered eight million dollars for a rough for her. Gangster brother's and did a month in jail he's he is impugning the credibility of the of the whistle blowers and -- -- car.