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Gabriel Gomez in studio with Jeff Kuhner

May 13, 2013|

U.S. Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez answers tough questions from Kuhner!

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-- -- Boston bulldozer. 617666868. Is the number. We are now joined in studio. By Gabriel Gomez beat Republican candidate for the US special senate election. On June 25. Mr. Gomez thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Got my pleasure I'm happy to hear your real standup guy for coming in. If you wanna ask questions to mr. Gomez 6172666868. Mr. Gomez does you know it's a conservative show we a lot of independents moderate Democrats who listened to us but we're no friends and Ed -- So for the audience out there why should they support -- Gomez on June 25. I think is very simple this election is about the future -- about the past. -- we need to make sure that we focus on with people care about and that is the seventeen trillion dollars in debt in getting jobs back into Massachusetts. Can't not about personal attacks not about the fact he's been down for forty years hand hasn't been anything we need talk about how we're gonna get this economy rolling again. And since Indiana who's been in the real world had a real job. He knows what the issues are the -- Massachusetts and that's who want to. Now you. There is a point that your campaign is making very strongly and I have to say I agree -- -- -- you're saying you're pushing for a congressional pay for its. I am and why why are you pushing for congressional pay freeze portrait of seven point plan out and this is just one of the seven points -- we believe that -- strongly that. He should go down to DC to get rich and make it a career down there like some people half. And that you sit at the same page you have the first day as the last day we she'll back the citizens servants. And that is a good down there do your job and come back after two full terms and so. Pay freeze is this a waste of the you don't have sent the person you're down there and get rich off the -- government -- can't come back and can live with people -- -- And the current pay a minor things 174000. Dollars. Absolutely and I would never do anything are asking anybody to do something I wouldn't -- I think hundreds and 4000 dollars is quite a bit more than -- you need to live down in DC. Carson marquis is actually. Been down there for almost forty years and is voted six times to increase his pay one time for 40% pay increase. Which 40% pay increase of 40% paying -- The playing time. Yeah yeah. Let me ask you that are now I mean obviously it's a start. Where else would you go you talk about the seventeen trillion dollar debt you talk about you trillion dollar deficits what would you cut in terms of spending. What is flooded areas that we didn't read it trend and I think each part of the government has carries -- you can actually Trent Panthers is our military man has been nine years. The service I was an aircraft carrier pal and UCL. -- I would never do anything to you to sacrifice or to not fully funded the troops and your season train and have the right resources and assets so they can do their jobs and come back home safely. The physical parts of the part of the -- I think there's 1050% to many DOD civilian employees is also a joint strike fighter program. That is for the air force and Canadian navy has the NF eighteen super hornet. But I think they can just upgrade so there's -- -- there's many many parts of the government to weaken the weakness we can address. The entitlements is one that I think we need to address we got a couple options here we can do nothing and had to go bankrupt eventually -- congressman Markey is proposing. -- we can be adults and how to -- resort conversation about this. And have a plan they had a partial support. No my plan is. It doesn't affect any seniors that are receiving benefits right now or people that are approaching retirement age -- for people my generation people who are listening their kids' generation. You know a couple of options out there are so -- means testing I don't think Bill Gates -- Warren Buffett you know on the other Medicare benefits. I also think that there's the way to gradually increase the retirement age he can do it a month per year for 24 years. In -- 24 year period you're increasing it by two years he's your common sense reasonable approaches. That will only rebound reform make it stronger so that my generation like -- generation of people listening their -- it'll be there when they reach reach retirement age. We're talking with Gabriel Gomez he is the Republican candidate for the US special senate race on June 25. Mr. Gomez I have to ask you about the latter because see it's what our audience has been talking about for months. You wrote a letter January 17. To Governor Deval Patrick. You say you're you want it to be appointed to be special senate. See you describe yourself as a moderate Republican. Do you praise mr. Patrick Governor Patrick for his bold and thoughtful leadership is growing national reputation. You point out that you supported Obama in 2008. And as you say later on in the letter. There are two main issues that you believe will dominate the political discussion. Immigration reform and gun control. And you point out that these are positions that you agree with with President Obama so let me ask you the mother of all questions. You voted for Obama in 2008 that's soccer -- you supported Obama. In 2000 and I voted for John McCain 2008 of order from governor Romney 2012 focus a YUC supported him in 2008. I made a small donation to his primary campaign 2008 together cars do then Senator Obama pocono why why why did you do that. I'm a Republican why would you give the money -- it was a primary in front mining got a law school with and that was it but I did. Supported us Senator McCain and I voted for Senator McCain. You support Obama in 2008. Here for same sex marriage you're personally pro life but pro choice. Do you want immigration reform which in many ways release means amnesty and your for gun control. Are you not he -- what do you answer to the charges that your Republican in name only -- Selena. -- But I have a very unique perspective on you know address each one of these issues that are very unique perspective on on gun control policy elect -- one of these weapons. A firm believer in the Second Amendment. And I don't believe that the we should have an assault weapons but I don't believe that we should have to. Minimize the number around the lake high capacity magazine. I do believe that we need to close a gun show loophole and now the exact same background check the you have when your -- from a gun show as you do when you buy from a licensed dealer. Answer if you buy from a guy short -- SL then you -- of the -- -- same background check that you do for me licensed dealer -- do not believe he should at a national gun registry. On internal immigration -- with -- Korea on this -- -- that you need to secure the border first before you knew anything immigration reform the Porter needs to be secure. And his plan out there with a bipartisan group of eight secures the border first -- have milestones that need to be met in order for anything to happen north of the border so I'm fully with Marco Rubio and that's. And in terms. You know a fiscal conservative I understand that we have a seventeen trillion dollars and that we need to address that immediately and get jobs back into DC -- get back just back of your message and address the country have policies that are business friendly as opposed to non business -- was so we have -- DC right now. Let me ask you one final question before opening up to the phone lines -- I know you say you don't make pledges. Will you give a commitment to the taxpayers of Massachusetts. That you will not raise taxes to the only pledge I'm mate is the one that I took -- -- constitution. Has any loss for same pledge my parents took when they became citizens that plays and make the people in Massachusetts he does -- surgeries and people may pledges or pollsters who make plays reasonably trust them. I will. Promised the people and as users. But I'll have to test that view and I go down to DC and that is one bullet passed the fiscal conservative tests continue will be in the best interest to people in Massachusetts. That's all run -- my office comedies it's over you're open meant a tax increases is that what -- -- -- from a comprehensive tax reform which is tax neutral so I would put in. Closing the clothes in the corporate loopholes and close and personal loopholes such as the the past the other carried interest for for the chronic Anemia has been industry. But I would not be for a reason Texas would actually lower taxes both on the corporate side and personal site. So basically -- for tax reform which you believe is either revenue neutral or probably will lower taxes overall exactly -- 6172666868. Is the number. We are talking with Gabriel Gomez Republican candidate for the US special senate race we're gonna open it up to you the audience. And -- your first what's your question for mr. -- Mr. -- that you were taken -- -- Allow us to ask your questions and got to let it be his first state bank is Barack. Your service to our country. That's serving in the military it's sort Prado wanted to talk to you and you you just said -- supported the gang -- eight. And I mean my question you where's. How do you plan on paying for the eleven million people.com. And become legal and then you -- you are also a job reform to try and hold jobs when you make the eleven million illegals. We all just say yeah they're going to be in the workforce and that's gonna -- the jobs popping you defend your position on the day of April -- and support. That case are. We illegals that are on welfare now. Like the Boston almost a 100000 dollars. I -- to ten years. All right thank you for that question Anthony would he say about mr. Obama's from my first point on matters is an absolute disgrace bad that the peace. Terrorist. They're here could potentially received a -- thousand dollars of the wealth for benefits and that's the case ice and immediately bought that have those books opened. Taught in terms. Immigration reform with a gain of eight. Didn't. There are certain. -- -- -- -- that need to be met within the states in order for them to get guests he says a worker visas during that time as well. And so the good the bill protects the jobs within the United States within the state there's a minimum unemployment rate that has to be met which I think is -- a half percent with an Abdullah right now. And and I would work towards a work visas and HP one -- -- as well we're gonna put that bill protects. The US jobs first. And allows them the people that are here undocumented. To compete later on afterward that they've gone -- attend a thirteen year period. But that bill does protect us through United States I would down there and make sure that we get jobs here in Massachusetts for all people unit nonunion people here in Massachusetts first. 6172666868. Were talking with Gabriel Gomez. Republican candidate for the US special senate election mark Europe next welcome. Hi good morning. Mr. -- again thank you very much and thank you for your serve us. In light of the Scott Brown defeat where again we discovered that the Democrat will be a liberal during every time. You mentioned leading off that you want to control the deficit. Where do you stand on Obama cast. And and we want to the pledge that we do everything you can to get rid of it and -- Yes he and and if we somehow cannot repeal it ought to US Senator Obama care. I would give the states the waivers they're gonna need they're gonna need in order comply with the volunteers that not to raise taxes. So -- anabolic here you say you're in other words you would repeal you can vote to repeal obamacare I would vote to repeal obamacare you know I think Congressman Lynch was right when he was -- congress he had the guts. You're down there and vote the right way. And he's a Democrat. 6172666868. Is the number Kevin your next you're wrong with mr. Obama's. -- -- Yeah regarding any good gun control all of you very article quoting what bad I'm. How are you gonna prevent the private sale of one individual to another what sometimes happens that a structural heart that I could go to central and be together on one gotten. -- at all -- at such and -- and girls gone wild -- here. Are you gonna do a background check on that without having a national gun registry knowing exactly where every single time it. Well the first all there'll be some exceptions to to -- transfers for us -- family members and close family members who -- and in terms of that example leaders gave. This this registry right now for solid on -- affect people and -- season we already have some industry -- gun laws in the country. This gun show loopholes for like twenty states that don't have it right now. And then that there one up in S treasury has been explicitly stated by both senator to reset her mansion. In the background check -- I think at last for like a few days and that's it and then it goes away. The -- that the record on so there won't be not there will not be national registry after a few days after that. To -- natural issue whatsoever actually we're talking with Gabriel Gomez. Vicky you're on next what's your question for mr. Gomez. I think I had a comment. If you look at being election result. Being election result -- for Scott Brown both of the cities and counties where red. I would recommend you Gabriel Gomez -- -- campaign heavily. In personally. Speaking theater manager in the towns and cities that have hi. -- Spanish speaking voters but -- boring at all. While river exit at trap -- and edit I wish him all the luck in the world are behind him and I'm a proud you let that they are myself. Thank you for that call -- are you gonna go to some of these heavily Hispanic area as you do have an Hispanic background your parents are from Columbia. Do you think you can peel away Hispanic voters and make a dent that the Democrats have and only now for awhile. Absolutely and we spent quite a -- the primary were spending more time as general now -- to launch last Thursday. I was an East Boston we're going to wholly or we're going to dollars and Dorchester were going to Roxbury. And -- when they're off sometimes honesty Spanish all go after general the morning on there. But more importantly we go in there and we talk about the American principles more personal responsibility more personal freedom and smaller more effective government. And that resonates with them all these urban areas. The thing is -- haven't had a Republican go in there and speak their language in talked about the American principles. And we talk about his American principles. They sit back in the -- that's exactly what I believe series acting like us in also and they realize they're actually Republicans. And I'm confident that we can actually win that part of the vote in these urban areas and that's one reason I'm very very happy to worry are now. Carol here on next with mr. Gomez what's your question. I'd like -- now on that immigration always gonna tell you which became about the unemployment way. The well being asked after that I you can do I think they won't do I doubt the true unemployment ratio since. People -- that unemployment. And that's not been included in the number. It's a good question right now it's it's a deceptively low -- as being in that that always gets trotted out only your jobs report that their unemployment rate is now down to start and a half percent -- reality. The true unemployment rate is in the teens and hyped you know look teens to mid teens. Do you think about the people would have stopped looking for work or had just you know basically quit. The job force and -- don't care about it's been -- -- and -- -- -- just have not gone out there and continue working for a job. And that's the actual unemployment that I think he should use his before unemployment rates are you should be used -- -- industries are stressing because the reality is. If you brought thirty talked a lot of people are small businesspeople that are still looking for jobs this harness that and -- percent true unemployment rate. We are talking with Gabriel Gomez Republican candidate for the US special senate election 6172666868. John Europe next with mr. Gomez. Regardless the garden that I am good for you John very well I knew where -- govern ourselves for your services are so called. I can't -- -- you know I. Not enough can be said about your willingness to step out in excess belly positive that you're gonna take over the next six weeks. Regarding immigration law of course. He would help from the obamacare legislation was proposed bill or I can't both senators with what is different so pathetic getting it passed. That was promised this would never exceed a trillion dollar cost. And there were a lot of promises made to -- other people so -- we have now found out that none of those things are true cost. Far -- seat this trillion dollar so he could roll back it would be a lot because most senator's belt what falsely promising I think what lied to their face. Wouldn't have both export. And his -- point we just lost him I think his point is on immigration. Are you concerned that they're saying the cost will be whatever. X amount but we're gonna find out much later like Cole -- care he'll be infinitely more expensive than were being originally told now. That that's a fair question I think that I mean hopefully you what they will do on immigration reform goes I actually read the full bill I think what happened on the obamacare bill is. The re read the full bill are very very few people actually read the -- -- voted on the bill and an example of this is you have now a group the senators in Carson -- DC right now. That have big big call. Two actually try to exempt themselves and their staff because now they've actually read the bill and seeing what the effects of obamacare is on on any of them but their staff. It's another trying to exempt themselves from parts of obamacare -- apparently. It's a molecule is good enough for us but it's not good enough for our for them down there -- and I'm in reading through the day immigration reform when I get down there. I do you know that from the N highlights that I've seen is that. People that are in line to had become citizens are not going to be eligible to receive. Well for benefits as well as the benefits that were in the obamacare bill currently written the way it is. -- Europe next. With mr. Gomez what's your question. Are being our combat vet I was wondering what your plans are for Dixon veterans affairs that expression it's disability process. Mean I've been waiting sixteen months now. But my claim. I don't people's been waiting longer just the VA hospitals and Gerald Ford passed prop. Yeah it this is that this is absolute disgrace -- -- since 2009. -- we had an increase from 111000 or quarter million people that had. You know being cued up and had to wait and now and they're backlog upon. I'm VA benefits. That's over it did it you know you basically have increased divide twenty times almost. The -- we had two million people served since 9/11 in the military overseas in hostile area and milieu we're gonna get out the source the next five years. And most of these people are deployed for 68 sum up to double digit times over there. And -- a light struck it look out for us on the economy on their focus on media jobs me -- jobs back to present education veterans are going to be a top top priority for meeting at camp when I get down to DC. Because they it's a at least we can deal for people that served overseas and been in a combat area hostile area and have come back. And deal with dishes or deal with I don't care for Superman super woman when you deploy them many times. You're gonna have some kind of PT SD or traumatic brain injury or something they need to have surge is a -- -- so they can get treated. And more importantly get ready get its resilient force in the it has done in the military so it'll be very very high top priority for him and get down. Mr. Gomez. Let me ask you this question on -- There is now growing talk that the molester may get to bomb me by the end of this year. Israel says that's unacceptable and will launch military strikes. The Obama administration has said that Iran getting the bomb is a red line it will not allow the molester crossed. Do you favor military air strikes or some use of military intervention to prevent Iran from getting nuclear bomb. -- Israel is our strongest in our best allies in the world. And we need to make sure that we do everything we can't protect and defend Israel. Can and that includes. View them any kind of green light to us to do to make sure that they preserve themselves in the Middle East and in at this as a last resort if they feel that they need to go in there hand and strike I ran as a very very last resort. That -- that Israel give the green -- to -- -- they needed -- to make sure that. That they can defend and protect themselves do you think the United States should get involved in airstrikes. As a set I think that it's the last thing that we should do but -- -- the last last resort then in and out they -- yes. We are talking with Gabriel Gomez. Republican candidate for the US special senate race will be back right after this break. Text machine blazing and unlike the you won't get a good signal text that's at 68688. And tell us what you think. I tell mode baton is never been easier to look at clean comfortable room motel six you can book online and motel six dot com use our cool new app on your tablet or Smartphone or call 1804 motel six on your dumb phone. Sadly can't move my -- are Morse code so if you -- the lowest price of any national Jane by telegraph I guess urges the dot dot dot dash -- hasn't gotten that done done. I'm Tom whatever motel six and will leave the light on foreign. It is very cold boy -- we love that call 6172666868. This is Boston's talk station AM fix it. Welcome back to the coroner reports this is Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer. Mr. Gomez -- to be leaving guys in about a minute but I just. Mr. Gomez you actually got a lot of questions what your final thoughts to the audience right now. I really appreciate being on here like to come back as many times like canned and I welcome the opportunity to spend as much time with Jeff in your audience -- these are great guys that are very good questions I appreciate them. -- -- Would be hard to come back here any time so you're taking the clear commitment you will be back for at least another half hour in studio interview absolutely you've got to mr. Gomez. Thank you so much for coming in your standup guy we -- the best of luck thank you sort of like certain data for your time thank you. No punches pulled nothing left on the -- room floor if he thinks it says and -- -- then. Seven and ten on Boston stock station KM.