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Ann Coulter On The IRS Sandal

May 13, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm...this week's big topic was the evolving scandal regarding the IRS being used to investigate conservative organizations and donors

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Joining us now is in Coulter -- bestselling author. Her latest book is mugged and she's here to the join us to talk about the issues of today. And I'm sure rod Derek you know I as many times as I've asked you you always say yes are you still getting the New York Times. -- of course Sally Clark will. So I assume Saturday you were you when you picked up your addition of the New York Times and you saw that the lead story was something about another -- study about global warming. You probably looked up and down the front pages to see something about this IRS. Scandal and I mean I know you were shocked shocked. Not the fight until you got to the bottom of page hadn't. Well I've barely even noticed that because I was. The distracted by another fascinating the front page article on -- third to -- it. They're very big on to that. -- I feel bad for the Tibetans -- but there are rough -- had been sealed many years ago by the Communist Chinese. No it is strange. How. I mean the same relay. In his sons Fox News. Is is you know dedicating its coverage. Very heavily -- -- -- -- god see which by the way is a pretty big story -- that it only seemed like this -- 8 o'clock news of the session. Because of the -- silence from the on the rock media. That -- -- kind -- OPEC -- topic and try to turn it into you know the story everyone's talking about. My favorite one might be -- -- golf course which they. They log out whenever years nodded and admitting women members and it is it what's strange about it is is not working anymore I mean I think he used to work. They were the only game in on anything it was on the cover of the New York Times the lead. Most of the television news story but the world has changed and and that that NFL refused to acknowledge that act as a whip Eric. There -- their wildly insanely biased coverage as if there is no talk radio or Fox News out there that's going to help people would -- up. Right they and this how astounding isn't an this was in James Toronto's column in the Ed in the Wall Street Journal today. The win this first when the story first broken of all places the would be Washington Post about the the targeting of Tea Party groups. We did New York Times wrote an editorial cheering on the IRS. Tax -- should be encouraged by complaints from the Tea Party chapters applying for nonprofit status at being. Asked why the Internal Revenue Service to prove they are social wealth toward the -- organizations and not the political activist base so obviously our. I just want to point out at this juncture -- Do -- it was under the -- pulled into believing that how -- card does not lead to New York dogged them. But that's a. I was given the New York Times I was in a book signing on it's Saturday and a former herald a colleague of mine brought in all the papers and it. That's my story and I'd stick could do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I I I just can't I can't believe that they think they're gonna get away with this it and this this -- but this is this is more. Q you want to listen Carl Bernstein are if -- heard this you're -- you were on hold. -- how this is Carl Bernstein who who you know helped. With Bob Woodward bring down Richard Nixon for things like this but curious yesterday defending hope. -- on the IRS. -- -- -- -- Lisa Myers point is correct. In the Nixon White House we heard the president the United States on tape saying use the IRS can get back in our enemies. I'd be very. That would arise in the limelight you would Arnold was smoking gun -- -- -- if you haven't watched -- he's a -- everything here Zell could Araujo a lot about President Obama. You can -- -- Bryant is still burn the tapes but go ahead and you know a lot about President Obama and I think the guy. You that he would want the IRS future retribution. We have no evidence of any such thing I think we've also got to look at all of these events of the last couple days in terms of the poisonous. Hyper partisanship and ideological. Warfare in Washington is making governance impostors just in other words AM it's the republicans' fault. -- -- -- Well I do a point does something in just about that Woodward and Bernstein often seem to believe their own -- but. In in this particular case that I want to alert at the Lipton Ericsson is something Carl Bernstein head which. No one else says that kept me constantly correcting them and my first thought when I first met you oligarchs are crimes and misdemeanors. Nixon never had anyone audited if you listen to what Bernstein said just there it was Nixon. Saying by enemies be -- or something out of back. The article of impeachment against it was based on him his only nations in the Oval Office as dutifully reported. Like John Dean and you know they can be blowing off steam -- in the Oval Office at one point he says something that we should you know we could audit these SOB. The order of what ever given BI arrested with no communication with VIR rest. In point the fact Nixon himself out the president -- audited by the guy our. That's the kind of -- he got this would just thinking about it in -- blinder maybe. I'm probably about something that the New York Times. -- did nothing -- actually done it either and I'm my -- which is why it was relevant for high crimes and misdemeanors. The same thing happened in the Clinton admin at. Exactly the white. Paul would you got it been like this whole yeah. Asked the people got audited in the it didn't he had the Clinton admin Mickey -- -- had a big piece about it today on the Internet. Yeah you're right. Striking thing about Paula Jones owned this is. This -- -- in my book up with a very number this conversation and I talked to a former attorney general from the old Patrick division of the Department of Justice. And I didn't and he's dead at Paula Jones in come. The odds of her being audited by the IR -- is not like being struck by lightning it's like being struck by lightning rod talk. Listen there was this a you know if you had sex with Bill Clinton the chances were you were going to get into. We're going to get -- -- after it Gennifer Paula Jones who turned him down allegedly. Gennifer Flowers did have sex with them lives ward Grayson sexual assault accusers Paula Jones and Juanita Broderick and fired white house travel director Billy Dale who did not have sex with mr. -- as well as the National Rifle Association The Heritage Foundation the national review the American spectator where they they printed the trooper gate. The good that great series that sort of was the catalyst of everything. Freedom alliance National Center for Public Policy Research American policy senator American cause senator Citizens Against Government Waste. Citizens for honest government progress and freedom from they should be Concerned Women for America. In the San Diego chapter of the Christian coalition just a coincidence that they all got audited by Bill Clinton right. And he's never seen anything like this during a Republican administration and let me be the first that they not because Republicans just so great at the moment. Climate balance on you know Marco Rubio John McCain and and what grandma I am on both most Democrats. But opponents went a Republican and now they haven't had particularly print out there. Democrats have no we are pretty -- without -- -- we didn't do anything. And they do do what he's. Exactly and now and and now this this this open I mean it's you know bin Ozzie I mean they're still they're still -- circling the wagons over bad guys. There's still trying to was say that that nothing went -- -- away at the re the only reason that we don't have any tapes of of well Obama culminating in the White House. Is that after what happened to Nixon all presidents Republican and Democrat alike and I haven't been in sane enough to allow. Hidden microphones in the Oval Office. -- yankees over the by ST RI. I don't know -- it was -- the -- may have -- -- I think -- I think it was cannot. More of an idea got up. They always cavity -- it was Kevin dividend than Lyndon Johnson just let him run and then. Lyndon Johnson he'd take his own wife. Right yeah that's solid micron in this community who who thought. I mean I -- is off today at stake sale of Obama can -- the incredibly destructive for America. But I didn't think we open -- the Clinton back in the White House is the first time I've thought of my first book micron and misdemeanors like eggs and Obama has that presence. -- now we're getting fiscal moderates now we're also getting. I mean this whole -- got the thing is so much out of the Clinton playbook. Just split the all that it didn't have -- income one -- What about how about the fact too that that they apparently. Sharyl Attkisson my guess I don't know if I think was her that she wanted to the story. Before the the actual appearance of Gregory -- And she wanted to do a story pointing out that Greg Gregory hicks is a registered Democrat and had voted. Twice. For for Obama even after Ben -- he voted for a bomb. Is an extra well how about how about the fact that it's strange but does CBS -- was. Is try to get is trying to get what they they spiked the story they're trying to get red river. -- -- -- -- Believe that. He's violating their policy by engaging in journalist. Well and again more Morse. Bin erode its Obama's fixer behind the Ben Ghazi -- now -- who might have been guys he's brother be Ben godsey. Ben -- brother Betty. David -- they had of CBS news. And more often funny coincidence. Or. Obama again I guess I guess he thought it led back directly to Hillary and was holding Obama harmful. Democrat as most government bureaucrats are also explains CBI arrests on. You here's some more here's some more were -- inch inside the beltway nepotism. Ben Rhodes is Mary -- Yemen north and Norris former senior and foreign and defense advisor to senator Barbara Boxer. Now one might expect with just some justification senator boxer to run interference for Ben rose so you've been -- should the investigations. Began to focus on his role in the -- Ghazi scandal. And we still have to wonder about it. Republicans in the media like Diane Sawyer who was briefly get in turn within the accident that -- Rights the right yeah I know she's got to be she's yes she's a bad person. Five -- says audits for having sex with Bill Clinton no wonder Hillary's never been -- that. -- -- -- And I'm telling me that when the. That's the. This isn't. I mean isn't this amazing -- you all about this in my -- part of the whole the whole virus thing you know. Well for one thing I don't understood in the Jewish groups that still stick with with Clinton with with Obama you know now we find out there were going after Jewish groups as well. Jewish groups Tea Party groups but this is my favorite. There -- also worried this a Wall Street Journal today there were also worried about groups that opposed government spending debtor taxes. And even ones that -- quote to make America a better place to live unquote. According to new details public apartment for. To make America a better place to live that is now considered subversive. By the modern Democratic Party. Yeah I'd -- I'd -- even even the -- at this point is today do you think back on Fox News. And expressing saw it but wade being picked out the groups are audit was -- thing out words like. Constitution. Or -- for their -- -- -- It's just -- needed I think you know level may -- is that it's pathetic that line. Dave white guilt we and if -- party lines applied this to be -- so what else. Yeah someone said how many groups today -- -- they are did they go after groups with occupy in the name. Well -- with -- could have gotten any attack from. Well also it will be interesting tonight to see how war just to see how the mainstream media plays the the conviction of doctor Herbert because now. We have probably the big coverage that that trial has been getting will be -- be leading all the new story. From. The this puts the media a tough position -- doesn't what do we lead with bin Ghazi the IRS or -- now. But I think. I'm back in Tibet. Yet the best beat odds I heard beyond was late for a concert last night. Should be only him. Bruins borrower some old Maple Leafs and it's typical seven game. A live report from but TD Banknorth Garden. Think the talk of anything to keep from like Cuba does. President Obama attending three fund raisers in New York City today so he's he's well you know he's not he's it into your secure about it this -- -- reversed Cindy she -- It was should be she hand was like dog droppings you know if you step outside you're gonna you gonna get someone your shoe right I mean which could not escape. -- You know it's a city she hand you know because she hated bush now you have this woman pat Smith there -- -- -- -- -- -- We have people like that going after -- listen listen to the wire or listen the pat Smith. You talk to her face to face when your son's body that was brought back what did she say to you. She said that. She's cheek she blamed in the video just like all the rest of them did. And she also told me that she would get back to -- she is gonna keep on checking on it did you get back to me with answers. She has not at the hearings did you hear any thing. That brought closure are that gave you a new level of comfort. Regarding the death of your son. Absolutely not I'm still waiting Francis did just about everything I do want to say one thing though. I -- -- wish Hillary happy Mother's Day she's got hurt chides her child I don't have mine. Because of her. When the phone didn't ring she knew was Hillary. -- -- -- -- Can you imagine something drum up like that but it's it's totally -- you know again and it's getting a good leaving alone from the mainstream media. Yeah yeah oh yeah. And and I think it can't be said often enough this. This line we keep hearing. Independent the Obama administration and I won't -- from the Obama administration because it's. Mostly from these non fox media. And that is an. They couldn't have gotten there in time many like how they know weapon -- how long the battle was going to go -- -- kind of gone on more important to. To kind of kind of gone for twenty then how did they know they aren't going to get there at that. No they just didn't want a single other casualties -- is going to be. We're gonna write off these Americans were not an addendum because we don't wanna make it look like Obama claimed that he has vanquished al-Qaeda. Kind of all went well. In the is indeed Muslim country and god that would fantastic flirt or Obama do. To intervene it would be it's all worked out that we're living happily ever after they did not want all the best story. Before the election until they just let Americans thought. It was just it was just five days earlier. Before been Ghazi that he admitted Charlotte, North Carolina talking about -- you know al-Qaeda was on the run Osama bin Laden was dead he would basically said mission accomplished in the in so many words. Of course -- ever get blamed for mission accomplished they've they've never you never see him saying those words on on the TV. As you see bush even to this today. You know it is in his it is pilot's outfit. He didn't hit it with our enthusiastic. Group and put the. But they are up. Right exactly what. I'm allowed to be good -- but they've done a great job of trying to with a little hyperbole. I'm -- don't you won't create. Is the actual speech Obama gave in the Rose Garden after the bank Gaza attack the one that Candy Crowley lap -- we could play. Obama had had described. Begged god the as a terrorist attack it then became a -- in pads where. Some points within the speech he used to work in combination terrorist act. Is not speech he was clearly not talking about the dog that -- general speech it was talking about. All sorts of things and that's how he was gonna be visiting troops sets. At. Walter Reed hospital and and you know we're a strong country we won't let any terrorist act and that's not eight speed limit to Bangkok which he did not describe as a terrorist attack. And moreover. So rounding out Rose Garden speech he said but half a dozen times are bad back and god it was but the -- video that it not just the members of his administration. Why I keep hearing on the -- And anyway how they would tell you where that he went to the you win a few days later said the same thing five times in the course of his speech -- you know that speech. Was embedded -- written and rewritten by his he is rump swabs at the White House. And he without dawned on the view on various TV shows was that an act of terrorism. No it was the big. What do you think's -- bit bigger scandal been Ghazi the IRS is coming up to 2014. I think you'll agree with you and I would have more wholeheartedly. Last week. Because then the IRS audit that's what's nice about it is an independent you're it is simple it is outrageous to go to the heart apart Protestant government. And it's also expanding a little bit -- used to these other you know Mitt Romney proved to god and god are herded and we -- the -- about. The problem it with information from their cut taxes by out of they've got me that's what banged up he is. It's not a Clinton Obama marathon or not they want I think it is an independent. Take time to put these you it was very difficult position because they realize it's. What people -- So it didn't realize this and they didn't know about it but come on behalf that they have to point the -- Bible I didn't find out about this police have been wanting to talk radio watching Fox News if you want the truth these states. Yeah the only -- -- right about that I mean that it was and then and then again during the debate which I'm sure many of them were watching yeah I mean the fact that the the that the so called the moderator Candy Crowley. Showed herself to be a completely partisan Democrat and let the Barack Obama get away with his -- -- I didn't tell you why am I didn't pay up webpart you are eligible to apply apply probably to any of your listeners but tell your -- -- I would turn off the TV after the debate after the debate Candy Crowley admitted -- -- -- He was wrong on the facts not it was wrong to. Food and problem probably win the air force her way into what could I dispute between Obama and Romney got to clear Obama the winner it is wrong. In -- thing -- I just described that Obama called Bangkok the apparent backed. We did not like he is proud parent of the cabinet made it to about what about in reference to thank god you wouldn't conference throughout America general. The fact to it you know I I know that this Egyptian Coptic Christian that that made the video of her. I'm sure he's not as I'm sure he's not as -- all much of an all American boy is the Joker is. But you got all these women there was a big story in the New York Post yesterday about all these teeny bop -- court trying to -- were running all these social media sites for the -- saying about what a nice -- and -- is and they wanna hug a mini camp guilty of this. It get this kid. It is -- get this guy this this naturalized American citizen. Is is cooling his heels in jail now for the better part of a year. We talked about a political prisoners Rich Lowry said he's the first person in America. At the first American citizen ever go to prison -- Muslim anti Muslim blasphemy. -- -- What it boils down to -- He spotted there for B and eggs were a gripped her being caught me and witchy witchy as. But they don't have a month that they have them for being for blasphemy -- way -- imagine. Appropriate or violate from being content and pipe to the point is there an Albany -- -- -- they are. What once you pick the person and you want to prove you can probably find them guilty of complex it would have been caught but without video. -- as well all related. Writing writing the jokes he's -- expect -- to would be. In -- non stick by them that mean his description. It's something about. It's something about my gender Elliott -- the same thing what went to you know I had bought and. We don't we don't tend to produce a lot of serial killers but I would want to follow public. It's pretty weird I -- -- that -- teach your right your tank tops are on the way I guy and I got -- -- -- the department of terrorist assistance and a rifleman teach that tank top. Don't know LB -- it'll be a week or so before you got -- but you'll have a man neither did I I really I really think you're gonna like the bta wanna especially. -- -- -- -- It's it's been a -- since you mentioned tank top she wouldn't be you wouldn't -- you'd be surprised how many women. Who I know have been asking for tank tops and -- that's right now they love up. Other related to tank tops. Okay anything if we missed anything for the week. If. It's really type I didn't cover it but not uptight about it yeah. Okay great face life and you're welcome any time and I appreciate you being with us the title of your new book is -- your latest -- is -- -- available everywhere. Thank you Ali good good to talk to you would have -- how we are.