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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) On Scandal Ridden D.C.

May 16, 2013|

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) over the next few months is making stops in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada over the next few months. Howie said can you say 2016. We spoke with Sen. Paul as he heads to New Hampshire for an event in Manchester this week end.

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First we want to speak to what senator Rand Paul Republican of Kentucky. Who's going to be in New Hampshire this weekend. Senator Paul -- what are you going to be what do you know we don't want to appear in New Hampshire. You know trying to grow the Republican Party trying to help us win in New England again. Not does not the year and you're not the beginning your campaign for president and that's when he sixteen. -- old. Now all of their -- of the Republican Party is always. I was along well -- so I'm gonna guess so you wouldn't mind meeting a few people and taken out a few phone numbers and email addresses while you're here. We have a thing about it is is no matter what the final objective is when you get -- you have term people pay attention to it when you go to what people pay attention to it. And I think we can't keep doing the same old same old we can't you know we gotta ask a little bit different than what we've done in the past if we're gonna win again Nationalists. We'll tell us where you're going to be here's where were a lot of Wear and Boston but that we're going to be in that we aren't a lot of stations in New Hampshire -- New Hampshire myself -- were you gonna be this weekend. It'll be in now Manchester and I tell you to that don't have the exact location because they told me for a went on the air they've already sold all the tickets. So but I will be up there and an illegal to sell. I think there will be a media availability -- and I'll have my office fortunate once were -- OK that's great. Senator Paula you that you -- you know for a while you were you worked for the immigration bill now you seem to backed off little bit what's the we're where do you stand on the immigration. The so called amnesty right now. Well I've never taken a position on the bill itself I've been saying which is still true that I am for immigration reform the system we've got to horribly broken. And the reason why we have illegal immigration is because about 65000. People use the work visa program and about 300000 come in illegally. So the work visa program that we have is broken and we add to the illegal population. Every year because we don't have a good legal immigration programs we do that -- we don't fix that we keep getting more of the same problem. With regard to the current bill since I've been reading it my staff's been reading it we think it has to have more border security. And we think it also should depend on congress voting on whether the borders here so I have an amendment called trust but verify that -- gonna try to attach. And it says every year we vote on whether the borders secure and if we don't say this secure in the process and -- So do their directly tied to each other. We also instead of saying well hey guys you gotta have a plan to build fans. We already Alter as the dollar and cents ten years ago wire while we put them that they have to plants have a plan to build -- -- what do we just tell them to build -- bouts. So Paul why do we need new laws win -- the administration right now like. Other previous administrations of both parties won't enforce the laws we have currently. Well the reason you have to have new laws is because people are coming in illegally. Because the legal immigration system is broken in the work visa programs so. Give you an example 65000. People come in officially to pick crops 3040500000. Coming in unofficially. So which you really have to do if you wanna stop the flow of illegal immigrants coming in you have to have a better work visa program. The problem is that Democrats. Want voters not workers it's Republicans are open to it FAA and hamstring expanded work visa program. But we wanna make sure that that's what it's about as the primary purpose to stem the tide of illegal immigration. But that's kind of where we are right now and there are some unfortunate things I had a meeting an hour ago or so trying to make this thing. Actually do some good. The estimate is that there's a million and a half people do and construction work here that are undocumented or illegal. The caps in the new bill allow 151000 people to do construction work. Tell me how that's gonna fix it. Because the unions have gotten involved and limited how many people coming. So right now was one point five million people do and construction worker who are not here illegally. If you're gonna tell me you gonna fix that by making it capped a 151000. So that's my fear and the reason -- holding me up for the bill is. -- I can't vote for something is illegal if the legal immigration. Is going to be so limited that people are still in the coming in by the throws it league. Yeah -- -- they you for the ad with rubio and I Ryan where they keep talking about you know well. The we -- we have the fact going amnesty but I mean isn't -- -- -- amnesty better than having visual or amnesty where where the EU would legalize all these people in one way or another and they would be allowed to bring in all their relatives in the chain migration which -- they would be allowed to bring in their their relatives I mean. It -- just I'd rather keep this as bad as the current system is I think I'd rather do that than they have all these and have 3040 million people suddenly swarming into the country. To go on the welfare rolls. Well I'm not for open borders I agree it would Milton Friedman says that you can have open borders to welfare state and we do you have a welfare state. But what I would say is I'm not positive it is a better idea to have eleven million undocumented and documenting them giving work pieces. I would stop chain migration I wouldn't allow there to be free flow. And what I would say is that any of the ones who actually wanna come and do the legal process under the in the work -- She didn't lie in the same way someone in Mexico City it's in line. We have two other amendments were trying to attach one is secure the treasury which rules say any welfare program that gets federal money. You have to have a process in place of checking citizenship. If you do not Czech citizenship you cannot get welfare and we withhold federal money to the states on doing this. Then you get that then you get the anchor baby problems insulin you force everybody to have an anchor. Yet if you don't fix immigration system you get another eleven million in the next ten years to you do that today we have to fix it and so. I do wanna be part of the solution in the sense that. In the last 1015 years we accumulated eleven million people who are now here illegally. If we do nothing that happens again over the next decade. So really there is an advantage to having them -- -- work pieces because then they will officially be paying taxes. Anti -- expanding the work these super. Just like you know why I mentioned this myself -- and you you why I'm sure you didn't see what I you to hear what I said but you came up with the same the same idea which is. This is turning into obamacare -- That's a big problem it is it's huge and I said that I said the same thing in the committee hearing last week because. What I'm concerned about is it's a big bill but it doesn't say exactly what to do it is to the president you do it. And that's -- obamacare doesn't as the 2000 page bill that -- 18100 times. Mr. President do you in the secretary can decide at a later date now that -- 20000 regulations. So I think we often appear abdicate our responsibility we say the executive branch but you do it. I'm not willing to do that and say the executive branch you've come up with a plan to build -- -- you come up with a commission if you don't have a plan and then come up with a report. Meanwhile. The immigration reformer documentation of the undocumented goes forward whether they do many of the reforms or not. That report right exactly I don't know. Yeah -- well what about this what about the IRS scandal was in net dollars now -- -- his house member who's saying that the he believes that the phone mobile phone lines were packed in the in the house cloak room. Yeah I don't know about that but what I do know is that there's something profoundly un American and about anybody using the apparatus of the power of government and abusing it. To go after their political opponents that is so profoundly un American. And really criminal that someone should lose their job and be fired they've known for two years as a school and all no one has been fired. No one's been fired over bank -- No one was ever fired over nine elevenths that's why people are unhappy their government is because government does these things that are unconscionable. And they nobody's held accountable. Do you believe President Obama kind of we try to weasel out of the question but he basically said he did not want anything about the the reporter via the problems and tell -- lot late last week when he read in the paper. You know I pride don't know the truth of the matter on the app but I taking matters were that he did know. But he's created a culture -- of this sort of go after your enemies and do it takes this sort of you know take no prisoners attitude. And I think that kind of attitude is filtered down into the apparatus of government bureaucrats who think he's told us to take no prisoners maybe that means we can target political enemies. On the bottom line is somebody wrote a memorandum. Somebody passed a policy. There will be people specifically were responsible for this policy and who approved this policy and I I counted now this happened and one local office I'm guessing it happened. Somewhere in Washington. And their party let this one. Acting commissioner's that -- he didn't admit culpability in the menus as well but anyway. Yeah he is leaving -- policy whose policy was and they need to -- never charge of another IRS -- that I don't want these people traipse around the country. Using a political vendetta to go out. Your people think they you know I I don't know if they've set it on the record but they've been dropping hints and have been all kinds of stories -- this was only a couple of quote unquote role -- bureaucrats in Cincinnati. Mean that's I mean if they're saying that I mean how much credibility can may have about anything except it. -- else like there was a written policy on this I'm guessing somebody had to come up with the policy. And there's also talk of 500 different -- involved you know there's a group in Kentucky there's been groups and Ohio. Being groups around different places like kind of suspect this is one office. We're wondering if the New England Patriots were effected by this you know that name in there for a corporate structure. Maybe two after Tea Party patriots you'd think New England Patriots would be right on them. Right exactly so -- -- so what so what what happens next with the the IRS and -- what happened with all these investigations being -- the IRS the how how -- can Eric -- last. You know I don't know but I do know that with the release of the emails on Ben Ghazi Tuesday that Hillary Clinton's fingerprints are all over it in as she says she had nothing to do the talking points. Turns out that -- spokesman. All night long was disgusting nose and saying that. We need to take out references to terrorism because. There may be political ramifications of having that in there is Hillary Clinton spokesman. So what she's an -- -- a spokesman doesn't speak for me. You know I really think that. There's so -- explaining the spokeswoman claiming she's a career employee she's been you know she's been trying to protect her career and as you know since last week about the east these memos and she says. She was just trying to you know return is she she doesn't wanna help she she didn't want to put put them in a position well I don't know what you were saying I can't make it didn't make any sense but that's what she's. Special bottom line to me is what was most important and still the most important sort of breach of duty on Hillary Clinton's part is that. They asked repeatedly for security over six month period there were denied. Now she says so it in runs up to my level I'd say that's precisely her culpability it's precisely the error of judgment. That she should have been making those decisions -- level and that's why she shouldn't be in that position ever again because. She made some grievous errors and as a consequence we get a real tragedy -- -- And again to she approved a she approved the charging stations for electric vehicles and Deanna had the same time that you was turning down mine in any kind of us. A security. Upgrades in Libya. It was that a 100000 on -- charging stations agreeing embassy in Vienna. They spent a hundred grand on sending three comedians to India to do it may try and out war. We spent 300 grand on dog kennel dog kennels. And they spent eighty million on a consulate in Musharraf Sharif and then someone noticed. Take -- did you nodes that are balconies that are all above the courtyard of the embassy and you can shoot down and scores aren't. And they never occupy -- they've they've faced an eighty million they would never occupy this consulate eighty million now on the drag -- under her direction as well. About that about spinning all that money not there was a lot of money in the larger sense but spending all that money on ads on Pakistani TV to apologize for video nobody had ever seen. There's something truly bizarre about that because either they're utterly incompetent. And they believe thoughts and now this news he has something to do it. They you know there -- protests were people died after today. Played the ads so they played the ads most people -- can't have probably never heard of this movie. So living wills it's sort of like the first thing you learn in a political campaign is someone attacks you. You don't put an -- up airing their attacks. So basically what they do is they aired this movie or clips of talking about this movie. And everybody didn't believe moments and now they have by Pakistan they got together and the government -- day also people could ride it. Right what Rich Lowry had a good column last week about this guy that they've they've thrown into jail musical on artist is scammer grifter and all this but. Mean this guy is basically in jail this is a reset for a for -- for them committing blasphemy against the Islamic religion. I mean he's amid discussion is an American citizen the guy who made this film I mean can't kid can somebody try to help this guy out. Does seem like a good good issue for you was senator up ball. So are Rich Lowry is article on it and you know the bottom line this is part of this home this correction campaign. Let's direct people away from you know what really was going on Benghazi which. I think we've really may not have gotten to the bottom of yet because. Yet there's still some questions. Ambassador was meeting with the Turkish attache that today. There's a shipment of arms went into Turkey that we before from Libya. Question is is were we involved somehow transferring arms from Libya to Syria to Turkey. Sony admitted but there are there are some questions have been raised in the mainstream media about this. Right is it did the war conceded the civil mortgage -- -- by the day visa videos are being posted on the on the Internet -- just Paula. The IRS taking override. Over obamacare -- -- kid kin is there anything that can be done about that. Mean -- -- part of obamacare retiring 161000 new IRS agents the IRS. Has been talking about the different categories that are intimately involved in all of this. And if it doesn't make it worrisome that if there's any private information that they come in contact with cart your medical records. I guess there's a little bit degree of lack of competence and get our best out of say the least. So no I am concerned. -- -- -- integrity I mean that's even worse I mean your your physician archer yes -- in your father's a physician I mean. I kid you kitsch will mention a nightmare scenario where you cross some bureaucrat and you made contributions to the wrong candidate that you get -- bump to the back of the kidney dialysis. Wine or suffer some something like that that you need to stay alive. Well and -- it's part of a broader problem to your your records in each -- held by third party. The government for a long time really in the courts have ruled that the Fourth Amendment doesn't protect your records. So we are now have emails watcher emails or six months old they don't need to have -- to a future emails. I think that's crazy we need to change the -- to reinforce. That your records whether or not they're held at a bank or about peace or your private records because think about it. Many people put most their expenditures on peace and now so they can tell -- you go to a psychiatrist when you gamble what you drink where it. When you read. Reason magazine -- time magazine says. You don't really do you watcher government you know look at true -- bill knows so much about you if you have not been accused of a -- -- judges not issued a warrant. What do what about the pro pulled -- that this -- George Soros funded group which now has as it acknowledged that they were getting they were getting. Sensitive by improper information from a pro -- the IRS I mean what's this I suppose you wanna -- suppose you -- to run for rock congress or mayor or anything. And the higher in the annual Republican in the in the IRS decided to -- To leak your medical records that you were taking antidepressants I mean could they could put an end to a lot of problem a lot of careers very quickly could -- Yep and it's another reason to limit the power of government and limit how much authorities here because of the fear. -- someone would abuse that power and this has a longstanding thing you know Madison talked about. That if government were comprised of angels we would need restrictions we would need to bill of rights for the reason we put these restrictions on government. Is because governments often not comprised of angels come have to run out. I understand rare event will do it again okay thanks a lot yeah we'll talk to you was soon and you'll be in New Hampshire and I will let us know where you're going to be so people can see if they want to -- right. Thanks a -- senator Rand Paul.