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Kuhner VS Another Liberal Caller- Get In The Ring!

May 21, 2013|

Kuhner takes on this caller in an all out verbal war throwdown!

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Eric you're up next welcome. And -- had just -- Colin Pataki a little bit I don't think you know you're talking to boot I'm. You know yup I don't understand why every time you get on their new -- -- anybody that you that there's a foreign country is start cronies actually and so on them to. And trying to build the little woman that that there's something -- something weird about -- for being from a foreign country and coming to America. When you do the exact same thing and I'm not -- any doubt of that at all. I don't understand why wouldn't you I'm out of you especially. Would be a little bit more sensitive to that kind of stuff up myself might look like -- -- you all don't know everytime somebody who don't lose lose I don't -- unify the Muslim. You know and and then you'd like you have a -- uninsured you joked out there have been -- it -- to make any sense when you do that that's -- Chardonnay hello I'm lonely -- -- yeah. What -- make fun of from a foreign country. Who's living in the United States legal or illegal president of the United States. I'm well I don't see where that joke card despair and I have even as a legal resident of the and I. Terrorists. And -- terrorist mass murderer. Make fun of terrorist mass murderers I have to respect his judge and background and not make fun of his judge an accident. An amateur that's been you know the I don't have you heard I. Here's what I could hear a little later I'm I'm -- it's not a man throughout the original guess you don't economic and splintered wood chips here this here's the clip here there's -- glad to hear -- I'm Lansana may have not wanted to -- an accent though give your job tonight. We're we're looking for yeah I don't yeah. I have it. I'm -- land supplements. I want to box automatic camera divide on -- what many guys blow up Americans that know about not joke art. There you go that's a Chechen accents. -- murderer -- and all and she'd TO. -- -- guys who aren't out there somewhere aren't telling you were calling me up and saying. Jeff why are you making fun of -- Chechens. Who came here to kill Americans create active G -- And what they kill us and I make fun of their accents and I'm insensitive one. Jobs we would open up for a second. It's not about that at all it's anybody that comes slowly here you draw the Mexican music well it's not let anybody who's Hispanic. Who's here illegally by make funny illegals from Mexico. Ordinarily enjoy it. Look piers Morgan is a puffed up British wind bag who. Who should be in prison not listen to me I don't understand something he was spying. On journalists and other people he's involved any massive hacking scandal. He's up puffed up wind back. So what what -- your telling me that I can't make fun of a puffed up wind -- Well I'm saying -- you get very sensitive when people point out that you're not from this country. I don't know I don't get sensitive and I I tell people all the time I was born in Canada. Why did you get very defensive when that people like -- and fighting you about. That's not why don't cook she went on my. All the time we -- it's it's my accent is a running gag Adobe York -- Amateur except I don't certainly no doubt that Canadian -- the -- I don't know what -- got an accident and certainly it's. Bob whenever Bob let let -- being -- point -- -- going RB -- mean that that's why he won't do that for a -- you wanna get all the -- out there and that's fine. But you know you look at the look they would have given guidance Delgado like the original point what I remember then came word Republican in there anyway. Well -- obvious. And commodity well it's obvious that they're saying global warming is behind this Democrats support global warming even Republicans Republicans oppose global warming. I mean that's been sold. But we're gonna -- it's it's been -- and even aren't staying on whether or not there's more than one cannot. Well -- generally liberals believe there's global warming conservatives believe there is enough conservatives have science on their side. But look at what Obama has been pushing global warming. SS chief spreading bulletin pushing global warming up. Not bad but it isn't that a lot of science on this side jet that they think. And then when they look like supposedly owed pool with a lot of independent in England stepped up completely turned as being complete BS anyway. It was I think you know they they trapped in this respect are. Apparently it was -- -- -- university. We -- Fiat. Which was feeding the information to the UN that was looking over global warming they found out they cooked the books. They they fixed the computer models. In fact the earth has been cooling for the last fifteen years and I'll tell you what. Don't even take my word for it clicked in BBC on Google. Global warming since 1998. The temperatures have either gone steady or gone down. So Eric don't take it up with me pick it up with the science. Okay yeah I know Nadia percent of disagree with the -- That's not true 500 of them -- 500 of the top leading scientists and climatologists have come out and said. Global warming is a complete hoax but look Eric it's a religion for you people. Really didn't show you don't you don't you don't wanna deal with the facts you don't wanna deal with the evidence so what do you have left all corner makes finds a corner makes fun of Chechen mass murderers all. Corner basically one point corners are racist because he's making fun objections where does that -- the implication. But only liberal I -- know. -- and I'm saying I'm applying something I'm unemployed and want to look at what they know what's. Do you that I make fun objection mass murderers and their accents what did you -- I'm making fun of illegals who come into this country and don't want to speak English. Regarding your application is obvious thanks Eric 061 out and that it's 6868. As the number more or fewer calls next. Sickness that's great cast and every. At wrko.com.