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Sen. Paul Stands Up For Apple

May 21, 2013|

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) went on a great rant during today's Senate subcommittee hearing on Apple's offshore tax practices saying "I'm offended by the spectacle of dragging in executives from an American company that is not doing anything illegal," he added. "If anyone should be on trial, it should be Congress." Howie said hooray for Sen. Paul.

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They have a hearing today in the in the senate. On apple waiting taxes -- overseas billions now no one is accused apple. Committing a crime. No one is accused apple of committing any wrong here. They are just using the tax laws for their own benefit. And apparently that's something that's very bad in the mean time. You know we have another senate committee is trying to right now while re write the laws so it. So that illegal aliens people who were in the countries where they shouldn't be world. You losing many more resources. Using many more tax dollars and they'll ever contribute back and we're trying to make it very very nice for them. And they were there running these silly assets from what is Americans for conservative dream with Paul Ryan and mark rubio. And they're saying that these people can't get welfare. In this still running the ads even though I think on Monday the senate made it defeated an amendment that would have stopped them from world. But so that but we've got to help these people because they're they're -- you know there could be days. They don't do one thing they're just lay offs and we've we've got to make that we've got we have a 15% real unemployment and underemployment rate in this country so that's what -- government and 304050 million more illegal aliens. But in the meantime here's apple. Apple which is created a lot of world class exits meet everybody's life goal better we're gonna go after them even well. Even though most of them are Democrats though. Apple in this is the Wall Street Journal story today apple incorporated paid no corporate income tax to winning national government tens of billions of dollars and overseas income over the past four years. Senate investigators found a revolution revelation that fuels the debate over whether the US tax code needs and overall. What are they always say the you know we we don't enforce the immigration laws soul. We're -- overhaul laws by. Get making some more laws. We don't enforce the gun laws and that's why you have all these gang bangers running around because of the Obama administration won't prosecute anybody on federal -- -- Gun violations but they wanna pass a bunch more laws too wide to infringe on the middle class. And now the congress. Which. -- Everything that's in this cockamamie tax code is angry because Apple Computer is using. The tax code. The they set up. The disclosure follows holding the examination of the technology giant tax practices by the US senate's permanent subcommittee on investigations which is expected to air its findings at a hearing on Tuesday. Apple chief executive Tim Cook is preparing this of the Wall Street Journal was -- did testify is preparing to testify at the hearing. And is expected to propose changes to a tax code the provides American companies strong incentives to keep overseas earnings. Bottled up at foreign subsidy race. So if that's the I mean if that's the the law than what's. What's the problem so here is Rand Paul we have -- Paul cut. -- I mean Crist we have ample cut. I'm outside Chris the other room and staff arm and -- city and find the -- -- cut that this is a Kurdish regional before you before we find it. Am Paul blasted his colleagues today for holding a hearing to examine how Apple's methods for -- taxes. Frankly. I. I'm offended by the tone and tenor of this hearing. I'm offended by four trillion dollar in government bullying parading and badgering one of America's greatest success stories. You know. Tell me one of these politicians up here who doesn't minimize their taxes. -- media and chief financial officer -- would hire if he didn't try to minimize your taxes legally tell me what Apple's done that is illegal. I'm offended by government that uses the IRS to bully tea parties but I'm also offended by government convened a hearing. To bully one of America's greatest success stories. I'm offended by the spectacle. -- dragging in executives from an American company that is not doing anything illegal. If anyone should be on trial here. It should be congress. That is bad -- right I mean why should why should. Apple be singled out if they're not doing anything wrong if they're not breaking any laws. It yet. Yet we invite. Illegal aliens to come to congress who have come over across the border to what. To get to get welfare and drop an anchor babies so -- can get taken care of they're divided into congress and we sell all its terrible that these people are being persecuted only wanted to do was come over here in your welfare. In the -- here in the country illegally. Why don't if you don't like the law's been changed the -- let's go to a flat tax system what's the big deal here. 1877469432218774694322. Ya wanna ask a question here have been thinking about this for wild idea. I think that is taxes have gone up over the last few months I think were more people are getting into one going under under the table. You know -- it is it really is a the situation where. The higher the taxes go to more people go under the table and the the lower the taxes are fewer people via one under the table. In here is and it cures apple. Which they're not under the table and they just they've just discovered the loopholes mean that the you know. Companies paid these people many of whom I'm sure were at the hearing today yeah berating apple. To -- vote to wanted to put in these loopholes that they can take advantage. But some most people don't have that have that ability to want to cry. Legally a a member of congress to to get a tax. A at a tax loophole -- them for them they just to people what they do is they just. Figure out a way to go underground they ask for cash. Now 187. Said you know people or asking for cash are you why are you going underground. Are you work. Going under the table and remember the witness protection program has always available to all the listeners of -- our show. We can -- we can give you the witness protection program and no one will ever recognize your voice. 1877469432218774694322. An old guy who was Gonyea in this not me by the way. Who was gonna get a medical procedure done on me and the and was it was a big it was a very expensive medical procedure so that the doctor just all the -- bring. Bring three grand in cash to the to the course to the hospital. And that's that's how while that's -- wanna be paid. And I I thought I thought that was I couldn't believe I was I was really amazed that the doctor would do something like Apple iPod and we you know why not I mean everybody else is trying to do that. Right 1877469432218774694322. That's what clocked a mob was going you know clipped a mom was working at some -- The -- the mother of speed bump and the Joker she was working for some -- beautician in in Belmont. The end I guess they were taken money out of out of prepay for tips they were taken you know whatever and whenever the percentages for. Having and having your around. Your your place of business there at the beauty shop. And as she decided well like I've got these customers understood that start taking them home and I'll -- -- homeland then that way I want to pay any taxes now that seemed. Rather row and charitable efforts -- wanna pay any taxes consider him should never worked that -- -- -- life. End we had paid for taxes American taxpayers who quit and get out. Work under the table or pay in for. But that's the way it is I mean I guess in that sense they did assimilate very well -- -- country and issues she wasn't paying any taxes I'm sure on the on the people she was providing us misogynist for. Under the table. 187746943221877469. Can we please stop calling it a loophole what's the law that's a good way to and sorry you're right I shouldn't call it a little -- Offered -- hand landscaping crew at your neighbor's house cash to mow your lawn and although it. That's that's true. 18774694322978. How we apple doesn't have the right lobbyists. Why apple has a right lobbyist because there are paying any taxes they just that they they don't have the right PR company apparently. 18774694322. Taxes capital gains with two kids in college what are my working for a minute vacation in two years I'm going on the dole. 18774694322. How we can you imagine how much better would be offered the only and forced the mandatory one year jail sentence for illegal possession of firearms are ridiculous. They want they want reduced 413 said that they want reduced the laws they have announced that wanna put more laws on the books. You know they they had -- they wanna force the immigration laws they have now also -- apple war immigration laws on the book. And now they're saying that you also they want to -- they want AM a simpler tax code what they have a simpler tax code they're gonna get fewer contributions. Because who's gonna need to was it to make contributions to and that's why it's always -- A a real sugar want to get on -- about Ways and Means Committee because that's the tax writing committee. 187 -- that's where you can really shake people in legal way of course -- next with how we cargo ahead bill. Hey Ali Ahmad bark like -- it's sitting on the Philippines were pilloried I'd vote. Well -- that's what they say. So I mean apple yourself there aren't here. -- would you like them to do would you like them to build them here in the United States -- they code that would do a better job building a man who and who do you think would. Provide a more over affordable product. I don't know maybe that's why the federal government as it. Apple. Now -- federal government's got mad because they're using child labor they're mad because they're not getting their cut. It's like I try to set up a game it's like trying to set up -- a hard game and some mobsters territory and not cutting him an audit. So we can eat first the pretty he doesn't resort to violence the he calls the cops -- pay and you guys off so you better put him out of business so that's these in the in this case they congresses -- cops. They're gonna put these guys they're gonna make them pay. They gonna make them pay their tribute thanks for the call bill. 18774694322. Maybe the big leftists who run apple should think of stop support of stopping supporting Democrats. Yeah -- apparently though they -- ember Smart and making technological advances but not very Smart -- point 212 together when it comes to war. Backing. Candidates who would. Which of support their own corporation or helped them. Retain some of the money that they've made in a totally legitimate way. For ma from customers want to buy the products who wants to pay taxes. I -- you can say you wanna pay taxes but nobody really wants to pay taxes -- warned that. Pay taxes John Kerry didn't -- -- John Kerry warning taxes John Kerry. John Kerry and his wife mom at 28. They they have huge. Huge holdings most of their holdings are and municipal. Bond funds and so let's not get silly here municipal bond for its. That means you don't pay any state or federal tax income tax. What -- where -- that John Kerry more his his in the boat the Isabel. In world. Island so we would avoid the Massachusetts sales tax and the most ridiculous thing I ever heard where did they filed a will for the Kennedy Rose Kennedy when she had that when she died in Massachusetts after not leaving the state for the last twelve years of life they filed -- in Florida. Because Florida has has no death tax. Become and don't know who -- no here and now this Republican smear tactic. Smear which were Republican smear tactics I wish I could save some money this -- at 1877469. I wish I had a private point like John Kelly. And I and I wish I could didn't have to pay taxes on my new seven million dollars. And I -- at a at a -- I wish I had five mansion so around the world too good to go in live and which I'd never had to work today in my life and I was lucky enough to marry to multi millionaires woman women. Kevin you're next with how we cargo ahead Gavin. -- yeah I'm obviously there's proper. It's actually you know averaged a pretty you know tries to minimize it's actually used to light to invest in products right capital people. I won't work says the government will get a big piece that I actually double that in Texas. You mention that flat text -- text is not caption the underground economy which you mentioned in the very next breath. National sales surge worked because you're collecting money at that table each and of course in the doubles partnership. -- -- Robin oak avenue with him which of my pro with a national sales taxes -- but he says well you know what they would have to -- -- -- with the income -- -- agreed to. How Long Will it be before the end compacts were comeback in that I didn't say it only to be 2% or 3%. You know just like he wasn't it wasn't much when you started out in the in 1912 or whenever once was it. There you gotta make it constitutional amendment -- our show that that that's where you have a -- and in the house have done this before plumbers -- Would they capped prices that doubled the job you'd be surprised how many people would accept cash. Oh exactly I nor I nor politician at the state house and he was corporate. The put it mildly I know that shock you but trying to plug destroy your faith in the integrity of Massachusetts General Court. And the way you laundered the money was. You would buy these old crappy house that she was very blunt about this he told us all about it if he would -- -- he would take these old crappy houses. We would buy them and then he would launder the money by hiring the workmen to fix up the house for cash. And so at the end of at the end of the renovation project he -- longer all the money in the house which it bought for like arm a 100000 -- will be worth 300000 parks and all the money would be wandered. I -- he told the story for too too many people because eventually was indicted for attempted extortion. 18774694322. Thanks for the call Kevin -- One 877469432. Whose only once has -- -- -- was up there today that's a really excellent. Question. You know genie doesn't pay taxes while -- -- get another guy who should have been up there today about Warren Buffett. Hasn't got a lawsuit going against the feds the feds claim that he owes them a billion dollars Buffett. How the way Berkshire Hathaway. Why isn't he up there. You know me and -- these I was a good democratic company I -- -- -- damn good Democrats enough you know. What are they going after these people that that the produce products that everybody needs a couple Brothers for instance that was talked about it was element for Ed Schultz. But again -- Brothers produce. Energy. How far would you get without any energy. Right. Another thing. How far would you go without your computer -- -- Macs are pretty good aren't they Apple's apple makes some pretty -- -- products don't they why we thought after them. What does George Soros ever made that you could hold in your -- and he's he's paid us back a currency speculator. We're seeing what happens god -- come up and I testified that what she's done with this money. 18774694322. Officer mark your next with -- cargo had a operas or mark. Alia last year a friend of mine want its central air conditioning itself and outs from a contractor. So my friend. As to what the -- upright would be put such an installation yes and that's licensed contractor were quite good they substantially lower price so my friends. Reading my friend about 40%. Which seems about right officer mark considering the rate of this year the this year the cash discount rate should probably go up around the 45 or 50% given the way that taxes have gone up. Right at of course you know that's what some guys operating on the back of my friends pickup truck or anything but. It was a license fully licensed contractor. That they're doing it for years and proudly -- that. Certain certain ways of making money work and not like it is very happy with. The work that was I ran out. You know you don't -- you know the people who -- what tend to what did you tend to -- drop out of the over the table economy officer mark of the people in the in the tipped fields like barbers are rob mutations. Who keeps the books for the company. You know once you start keeping those books and you start seeing how much money is going away and now we want you to pay. A 100%. Tax they want you to pay a tax on a 100%. Of your were tipped and -- But what -- you should back to that because my friend were also accept cash only doing quite well. They are. It's the officer mark. 1877469432218774694322. Jobs criticized the Obama before he died. 603 the Buffett rule be a friend of berries and you can secure about on your taxes. Beverly guy you don't really great that they can get these guys -- like curry like I calorie I mean. You don't -- a guy all its not right that I pay more money and taxes and higher percentage than my secretary. What are your right rich. You don't have to live in Massachusetts to -- those voluntary. Taxes and higher rate you can that you live in Arkansas -- Or you can just write a check that the federal government. And by the way. How much at least that much bounces it take to keep writing these op Ed pieces for the Wall Street Journal about taxes are too low when you wish you all. According to the government a billion dollars in taxes. Mean this to somebody see that there is this something a little. Amiss there maybe. Maybe a little hypocrisy here. -- your next with how we cargo ahead -- that. I guarantee you that tonight there's going to be a lot of moon so occupiers. And 99% owners tweeting and texting on their eyes -- How are -- apple -- not -- You know you're absolutely. Right absolutely right. Wanted to close one other clip by any. Need to play is -- I think it's -- name's Carl Levin senator. Yes -- Michigan yeah the guy -- chairman he's the chairman of that subcommittee yes. You need to play that clip or at rim paltry blame them for all parked aircraft carriers limited -- installer ring. It's all apple all -- thoughtful well. It's because -- stores are so packed in the malls every time away and yet when right when they open if you wanna get somebody right. There are doing such policy -- job they're producing you know producing these these products that nobody wants to buy each match went at all about. Now yep we got that that Karl at the eleventh we we get that but to get the parliament at some point he did he get out -- here's where the story. I can read -- Carl Levin the chairman of the subcommittee was. Visibly upset. He was visibly upset by Paul's statement. -- of course free to apologize if you wish but that's not what this subcommittee is about weapons shot back. Apple's a great company but no company no company should be able to determine how much it's going to pay taxes how many profits that would keep off shore. How they're going to bring them back home using all kinds of gimmicks. To avoid paying taxes in this country and said. Eleven -- -- in in congress. Thirty years right probably more than thirty years doesn't have a -- dollar. To -- his brother -- number eleven he's a congressman from Michigan until they all told members of eleven for him in congress. It so both of the Brothers have had to bow on all of these -- acts in the tax code so. Why only now. In this by the -- -- last term election. Why they only now just discovering that all these gimmicks. In the Plaxico. 18774694322. Is that a gimmick in the tax code windy give you tax that you fuel or tax rate if you produce so called green energy. If they just give you money for your for your bust out solar company that can't make that -- orbit. Is -- a DMX. Kevin you're next with -- go ahead Kevin. Not a gimmick up for the greater good -- that you know. The -- this whole thing with BI error in taxi company like is threatening not very. Apple pro trade billions -- politics Lester right surely. Out of Columbia SC CEO. It's your book quote Barack Obama a very big picnic -- -- me. -- I know what is I mean what is she. This this there's a car eleven think that he built apple I don't think Carl Levin and his brother standard built lab the built apple. I don't any of those other you know. One thing Rand Paul said it was a great quote to alas more about it tonight is east he said. Apple has done more to make people's lives better than any politician. Ever and it is so twirled. Absolutely but illiteracy civil servants they don't produce anything they don't really created under the symbol of it -- I have felt welcome you know it's the bad guys. Yeah but look at net and really get to vote you know accompany I want you to walk its proper -- and that's more -- to produce more stuff. That make it easier. In. But they he had another great quarter at the end of World War II when he was campaigning for reelection and lost the race he said. In England we have civil servants were no longer either servants nor civil. That's just that's that does -- sum it up I mean that that is just an out now lost order by the way. The woman who orchestrated the whole -- Friday afternoon. Revelations about the IRS she's gonna take the Fifth Amendment when she goes before congress. The Fifth Amendment. I know I know everybody's got a right to think -- that amendment. But why do you think the Fifth Amendment if you don't have anything. She's a career bureaucrat. John your -- with how we cargo ahead John. Yeah outside admit it without energy what people like I wouldn't do it. It's ordeal welfare recipients but don't how much they get a lot to -- I don't I chipped up to the mailbox on the -- the strip club got to follow college but I'm not going underground but I thought. A 125 dollar we grace. Because my health insurance was canceled. Well congratulations that's the only way that's -- really raised was. I don't know it rated. What welcome to America what do you expect. Yeah who I called Obama's stand now John. Their -- for the call David you're next with -- -- cargo ahead David. I don't. Be. You know the Google Brothers Sergey. Urquhart and the White House more often -- anyone. You know don't -- doesn't exactly have they are a lot of apple. And somebody brought up earlier. At the big high -- -- outlook Obama. Probably. Sitting right here. You know Steve Jobs took into the what you. Asked how collected so apple predictions over here and just was but I think bankers' bank Barack. Obama didn't want it here. Of course not gonna do any of. Now and here. Obama doesn't wanna hear anything I mean Obama -- searches. Talk about a lot I mean Obama told people in the 2008 campaign if they just put -- make sure their tires properly inflated. But we can do away with the with the dependence on foreign oil the he knows nothing about any. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Up now car. 18774694322. 413 says it would be so painful paying your taxes if you weren't forced to see the results of which in the in front of you when the checkout -- at Wal-Mart. Exactly. I'm with you I I still I would still like to -- it will be great if a conservative college -- there is such a thing anymore could do it could do a study just on one supermarket. Just what kinds of them cuts of meat and what kind of generic products this a taxpayer yet as opposed to them. EDT artful but I think we're already know the now we --