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Obama now tells Northern Ireland what to do- get rid of your catholic schools!

Jun 18, 2013|

Obama continues his disdain for all things Christian. Now he heads to Norther Ireland and tells them how to run their educational system.

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Did dear leader. How to go out of his way. And deliver a speech. Belfast waterfront hall in front of an audience of 2000 young people. Where he explicitly. Attacked and criticized the Catholics of NORTHERN IRELAND. Telling them they have to abandon their Catholic education. No longer go to Catholic schools and they should start going to public school. And here's what he said quote. If count this is mostly Catholic audience for this for the record mostly the Catholics among Protestants quote if towns remained divided. If Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have bears. If we can't see ourselves and one another and fear or resentment are allowed -- hardened. That's two encourages division and discourages cooperation the president sent. The Catholic Church is -- The Catholic Church in NORTHERN IRELAND the Catholic Church in Scotland the Catholic Church in England the Catholic Church across Europe and the Vatican. What business. Is it of this president. To go to of all places NORTHERN IRELAND. And lecturer at the Catholics. On whether they can have Catholic education. -- you wanna talk about the height of arrogance. The height of what's -- But you know what Mr. President let's get it down to the local forget NORTHERN IRELAND let's talk about education here in the United States that she loved so much. You're a big fan of the public education system even though you send your -- to private school but let that go like most wealthy liberals you're hypocrite. But let that go. I look at public schools. I see. Children who graduate that are semi literate. They can barely read they can barely write forget about math. They know nothing of their country's history except that it was founded upon slavery and genocide and the murder of Indians. That's the only thing they -- -- they hate their country. I look at Catholic schools. Or name your other parochial schools other Christian schools. Who. IC kids who know the ten commandments. IC kids who know right from wrong. IC kids who can write IC kids who can read I see kids who know history who know science who know geography. In other words. I see future productive citizens of the United States. So there you are bashing Catholics walls bashing Catholic institutions. Bashing Christian institutions. When your own public school system. It's full of drugs full of guns full of crime full of drug addicts and full of illiterates. So you wanna put Catholic education vs public education. It's a no brainer. It's an absolute no brainer but all I know what you don't like about Catholic education. Unlike the public schools -- on indoctrinated and their kids and socialism and global warming. And and homosexuality. And abortion and lesbian Hannity and a -- and transsexual -- They're actually trying to teach them you know right and wrong. You know thou shalt not kill thou shalt not murder. A reading writing math the three -- That's which you don't like about Catholic schools. So my question to you is this. Do you think Christian schools. Do a better job of educating your kids. Compared to public schools. -- Europe first thanks for holding welcome. Hi Gina. Yeah absolutely I and you know I've got a lot of money to spend my time to cap -- school it and -- considering now. You know -- schools completely get that sort clinic had an I am very being where does he keep any appetite school as well. It's just for that reason mainly because keeping it basic it worked when they get tight school with a whole -- and you know condoms than those. They gave islands -- -- and you know bring it seems ticket date for the prom at all that like it's just been saying so. In Catholic school my son is one of the things that they can that they had a pen pal eagle school electorate that -- -- -- -- public school didn't metric. And what I. The letters that. Peg pal friend broke his. Hand reading cringing with -- Spelling was atrocious figured he'd -- great. I couldn't believe that this spelling that this attack was moved on into the great. I can't go to Beijing penmanship and making printing his. Grade are off the chart inspired hit and cast their protector they get them there and cast. You know they pray every day which is debating stage. Do the pledge of allegiance like you said they go to church every week. With the class. My son knows you know our current thinking more about the Bible and I don't fortunately which could be. -- you know and look I will tell you this right now Wanamaker prediction on the air your sign is not gonna become another item lands. Your son is not gonna become some drug infested. A kid playing video games all day going into school and shooting people up. He's just not gonna do that. But I will tell you talk about that fifth grade kid you know while he may not right he may not to read but man does he not use a Condo. Actor Bruno report this. Is Jeff -- -- bulldozer -- 275658. The Catholic education. Vs public education. Obama in NORTHERN IRELAND has said it's time to get rid of half. Public schools. What do you say you can also text us 686 say. This is from 50 weight Jaffe is stupid too dumb to spell stupid. I guess he's referring to the three yards. My friends. The expression to three -- which refers to reading writing and arithmetic this is well known goes back centuries. It was first put in a prominent ladies magazine and it goes back to a speech delivered only eighteen century. -- very famous member of parliament said our children should be learning to three arts. And he cited reading writing and arithmetic. It doesn't literally mean the words have to start with our genius. So obviously fives -- weight is a product of the public school system. Jenny Jenny forgive me Europe next welcome. Janine my back Janine in Europe next welcome. -- junior high senior year stay on I agree with you private education whether Catholic or Christian what is. Kenny had gotten better manage public education. I am on our web site now there's an article regarding California on the urgent letting employees use the girl's locker room after. Opposite in public school. What -- yeah. I mean that's the question Jamie and I mean that's it's one insult it's one moral transgression. It's one moral offense after another. And -- look this is the difference between a Christian parochial school or private school and he's a decent private school or home schooling. Vs a public school. A public school is -- interest in educating your kid. May be when you were in school when I was in school. Yes in a previous era but not not longer not with the progressives. A public school is intrastate and one thing. And that is indoctrinated in your son or your daughter. That's what it's it's about sexual lies in them. It's about making them good little progressives. It's about brain washing them so they all know about the LB -- at the LG BP agenda. They all know about abortion. They all know -- global warming they all know about the evils of capitalism. And of big business and the evils of our founding fathers. -- -- -- They can't read they can't write. They can do arithmetic. They don't know basic history they -- -- basic civics and forget morality. Forget having a conscience. Forget right from wrong that my friends -- -- and you're never gonna see that in a public schools in our lifetime. So that's the real issue. So when the left keeps telling us we have to support public schools they don't care about the kids. If you cared about those kids especially -- or inner city children were being denied an education. You'd be against the public school system. Now. That's the shock troops have their future socialist state. I leaned in Europe next welcome. Hello thank you for taking my call him up I am a product of capital school education I think it should have the choice. I think both of my young girls to twelve years public education their highly literate -- morrow went singing opera and get right now -- -- College. Experienced the other -- a fantastic job having. And economics major right out of college. So I think back in public school is if it is too extreme. Yes we have problems I'm also an intercity -- and teacher on my way to work right now. -- MasterCard. Emotions like Carly. And we care a great deal. About making sure that the children can compete in the world that's why are there so please don't think that's all of the same brush. Eileen and and -- cut -- off I -- Eileen your children are the exception that proves the rule and let me give you some statistics. In the New York City public school system. 80% of the students that graduate are functionally illiterate. That Timmy is a travesty. So no one's questioning your compassion. No one's questioning your determination. You have these teachers unions who were forcing a curriculum. And who are not giving teachers the power and the discipline and the principles the authority and the power that they need to. To properly educate the kids. And I can tell you I've heard from public school teacher after public schoolteacher after public schoolteacher. That the kids have no respect for authority. There's not much learning going on. And a lot of them are showing movies. A lot of them are doing and I mean they're they're their I mean for example take sex education what what does that have to do with the child and an education. Sex is something that should be given to the from. It has nothing to do with someone's. Education in the public school system this is a completely new invention so what I'm saying to you was this. How inner city students she should -- young up. When you have inner city students in Boston in New York I saw this in Washington DC. Who graduate from high school. And can barely spell their own names. We're not doing him any favors. You have metal detectors at schools. You have guns at schools. You have drugs at schools. You have STV's in gonorrhea at schools. That's not an environment for kids. Now if you wanna continue to bury your head in the sand go ahead. But I mean I'm telling you is you're gonna be Catholic school or home schooling. Jeff Europe next welcome. After -- -- are great product that they -- high school in Portland me and I gotta -- it through the day I still say there. I learned more air in my four years -- I did it -- other twelve years of schooling combined. -- -- And you know what are you actually had a great leader without that type in my favor classic took their we have a warrior really -- every year -- religion. I stopped or your religion class -- titled. -- They always get what learn how to be a moral effect could hurt that it's that simple. You're completely right. There is no conscience anymore. If you've noticed that among the youth and if you take away morality and you take away religion and you take away god. Were they gonna get their conscience from. Were they gonna get their moral principles. Quite the power with an extra hour. Good quarterly reports now -- -- candidate every weekday morning on. Welcome back to the corner report this is Jeff -- Boston -- those -- 6176. 6868. Is the number. I can go on and on and give you one example after another about the ridiculous things now being done in public schools but -- -- just give you one. Got a bit of a local angle. Hampshire. Students attending the wind in schools. Are not allowed now to be playing dodge ball. Not yet there won't we know not gonna be dodging balls anymore because that I kid -- not. According to the school board to school district voted four -- one any recent decision. To ban dodge -- ball dodger ball is now being it is now better bulletin. Forbidden. And -- schools. Why. Because according to the school superintendent. Are we spend a lot of time making sure our kids -- violence free. And so we sit here we have a games I -- or not where we used children as targets. That's seems to be counterproductive. And it's part of our quote anti bullying campaign unquote. Don't larger ball. Larger -- Is now considered -- is this is considered bullying and using children as quote human targets. First of all it's not like when you when I play dodge a ball where there was a real ball. I kid you not headaches kids in school use recall most foam balls -- sponge balls. So even if it hits you it it doesn't -- would not think. OK that's number one number true. -- ball. It teaches you. Your garbage. You have to evade your -- the ball it teaches you speed it teaches you ability sorry agility. It gives you the ability to think fast on your feet. That's the whole point of the game it's why kids love the player. But not on -- long. -- and I don't. And in Windham and and New Hampshire windows all the New Hampshire now dodge ball is being meant. Now notice. Heather has two mommies that's not meant Kenya has two daddies that's not meant. Teaching them blow -- that -- -- -- the dark -- -- number that's not meant. But dodge a ball -- that's editor human targets. This is -- encourage violence and -- This is what's going on our public schools. Carry Europe next go. Hello Harry you must -- rust -- Europe next. Well. I inject -- Leo I'm back that. Everybody. An idea that I'd like to do that maybe yet talked to me about what she could work. Thank in particular a lot see the thing that the school systems. A really. Adamant about trying to get this evening everybody supper as well as breakfast and lunch. And I think that the Republicans would just give up. And a whole lot -- concept. At that anybody in the one thing that's in in any serious debt that is true is that beat the out. Schools within walking distance to almost any people. Could help if you take the union. Cafeteria workers and have them see it -- Recklessly. Election data to any -- into the school that needed it as obviously the child in the school system. You court essentially eliminate the need to EDT cuts completely content and completely eliminate that as EBP caps are supposed to be. To give you peace sure disposable we have millions of children that go to the bed hungry. The EDT countless sports to do that if we at least he'd -- schools I would think that the liberals love it because where. Employing. Union workers. And we could treat everybody the that the benefit that comes along with that is that the coming into yet in -- and it it will do not know. Nutritious -- We would get a chance to talk to them about their children what their children -- -- -- the school. I like that not pay attention -- -- they're not being you know studious and so Portland at this Annika we -- -- teachers that would. Volunteers stay around to talk that the parents showing up that might be having problems well -- -- would do great to talk to them about. I don't see anything about it and we don't save a fortune. Doug thanks for that call I completely disagree I'll tell you why number one. EBP cards are being abused all across this country and all across the state. And one of the reasons is because we're not cracking down on welfare abusers. People should not be on welfare for more than six months period. That's it. Too bad you can't get your life sorted out in six months to back that's number one number two. This is the problem with schools. Teachers are not social workers. Our schools are not there to feed kids are giving example myself my sister has two kids in a public school in Florida. They're going to be she's taken amount of the public school system but she said they have a breakfast program and a lunch program. She said you know much time is spent these kids just waiting lines to get their meals. How much already cuts into the school day. Schools are not there to feed kids families are they are two feet kids' schools are there to teach kids. So I I completely disagree with the entire premise and that's what we're doing with schools. We're turning teachers in the social workers. Into social engineers. I want -- teach the three yards that's it that's all all take care breakfast lunch and dinner for my kids. Call me crazy Leslie Europe next welcomed. Oh my god can love your show and I just -- the energy immediately get. I have one grant from met in a private school a Catholic school and -- -- tell you he -- the best education. Kids can only child -- but. I don't know why these people can't -- enough. And make people tell. Give to kick a little bit of cereal. That morning what -- you know what the problem. Mother to putting kids from school benefit. Could not practiced that at. -- scheme that. I'm with you Leslie now completely immune to -- if your -- is coming home to school if your kid is coming to school hungry. You call this registered this strategic use all the time. Not to mean but the others he called the parents and you say I'm sorry your kid is coming to school hungry this is unacceptable. -- we're not we're not gonna take your kid until you start feeding your child. It's -- -- to feed your child it's your job to feed your child and if you won't feature kid will eventually call child services. You want your kid feature kid. Frank you're up next welcome. But it Georgia. To -- to Christian cult. It will -- Q school. Can. Live in a completely bogus school street -- that would that's -- -- Either from Britain went from six. -- -- -- To -- public school grades seventh inning. It was literally -- really news because most of the material. In the seventh and with the public schools -- the social Boca me. -- quarterback entered Wednesday's who wasn't took in children in the schools now public schools and abroad that guys would agree that. But. The reason it was -- include agrees to where it was like to learn that you -- at war. Franken mean. Look what I'm here for Catholic schools -- or Christian parochial schools you learn three times as much as you do when a public school. And you can see that in the graduates. And get -- my France. I got an unbelievable story coming up next we've got Joseph -- fell but after that you will not believe. Would they are doing with Obama phones here is another. Welfare scandal. In our midst. Coming up thirty Howie Carr on AMC JD WRKO. It's really very simple. If the interest -- on your mortgage is above 4% chances are we can save you serious money that goes right in your pocket every month. This is Dan Smith for bright path mortgage how much did you say. A 102. 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