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WRKO Town Hall: Jeff Kuhner and Scott Brown debate the hot issues facing our nation

Jun 21, 2013|

Listen to the complete broadcast of the WRKO Town Hall event, hosted at Bentley University, featuring Jeff Kuhner and Jeff Brown as they debate the hot topics facing our nation. Jeff and Scott field questions from the crowd and moderator June Knight on the following topics: special Senate election, IRS, NSA, immigration and more.

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Good evening everybody -- little -- you tonight welcome. -- -- okay. -- the island pretty. Beautiful and it is it unites. Welcome to -- WRKO mom hall events. But it's -- you heard -- on points evidently aren't you the onion news anchor also Eackles I'll be fine -- there are. All right so tonight we came out. Mr. -- in the house he is your morning drive. At AM 680 WR -- And former US senator Scott Brown is without. And we all will have the. The privilege of listening to bulk of these men -- talk about the upcoming special senate election national security privacy. -- me and the high Cyrus scandal and hours. We want to ask questions we are questions tonight. Introduced you the man who has brought his unique. To pop. Talk radio here in Boston he eats you up every morning wake me up every morning. And is well. At three entertaining please welcome. Mr. -- there. But coming here tonight and I -- -- one thank. Former US senator Scott Brown for being here very gracious of him. It's going to be broadcast -- on WRKO. Commercial -- for the next two hours so a lot of people are going to be listening to this debate before again. I gotta say my wife told me and I walked out the door race. She goes yeah. You don't look it's who you don't get is dressed up for me. I says well hey. I gotta keep up with you tonight. So before we begin I really wanna stretch which you said you really want you to ask questions give us your comments -- want as much. Feedback from you is this is wrong about you. And answering your questions and your needs and and your thoughts on the issues of today. Let me begin by first kicking it off to Scott. Scott has you know -- story. Well let me say -- it can and do their fair share. I said Ohio as well want to thank each and every one of you for taking time might wanna thank you for your kind words -- got here early in that most of you so thank you. They give you support your votes your hard work and thank you for participating tonight it should be fun. You listen occasionally when I have elements and enjoy the -- was wells so let's go. Gonna pick your brain on this obviously the big issue confronting people in Boston Massachusetts is excellent. Marquis -- moments. As somebody who's been through it -- high schools. Let me ask you three very quick question one do you handicap the -- on race what's your assessment right now. Question number two. You recently set that in your view Gomez was quote great candidate unquote. Why. And my third question. Is because he's a rhino what you. Well first of all I've been called a lot of things right there was one thing you receive that. You can any American. -- Another young guys -- not lining it wrong here. You can in -- country reasons and kicked the crap out of people like almost a century. And note and actually moving to rent them. Great many hold the line. -- -- just listen to just always talks about me and show you lose. These types of ammunition you know the -- this among -- not only tonight. That I bring them a nice little memento. I. It says -- yeah. But. People always think you know me. Keep the faith Scott brown and indeed you know he's also moving to rent them. So I have contacted the police to get a restraining. Game. The league well at this moment here on the most. Yeah right next whose screen saver of the other pictures. So anyway listen. I think it's going to be single digits it I don't know which way yet. Obviously Gomez is down. You have a choice I was walking in and jealousy on voting for Paul Revere. That's great but straight calorie -- dead but Yang and a vocal -- Revere is a vote for Ed Markey. If you want to vote for somebody -- race. Your taxes 227. Times and vote for -- there. But if you wanna actually be part of the process them and have a valid say in what's happening in this race right now you get out and vote period. And then I would vote for anybody but -- quite frankly because we have already enough people down there with a rubber stamps. We're gonna just walked down walked down the hallway and walk right in the chamber look at Harry reinstate. I vote. And that's what they do I've seen it it happens all the time. Is -- -- great candidate -- anybody who wants to put themselves out to the public scrutiny and get criticized by people like you and others. Constant barrage of personal attacks. When he's a self made guy navy seal pilot. Family men hard work you're doing it for the flag. Villanova or any other reason went through the process and validates the great -- I thought. It doesn't have a chance absolutely had a chance but it's up to each and every one of remember. About this time last time I was down I think six or seven points about where he is. So he is -- you have a chance you have a choice to make another statement to show the people down and Washington as dysfunctional as it is that you still. I haven't I haven't an opportunity. To -- -- and that's enough. That's enough we're done. We've -- being guys -- -- done with the IRS would down with wood down with the eight. Send a message. That's what I think. Dwelling -- that I agree with you. I definitely think mark is the enemy. I think he'd be disaster for this date. I think there's no question about it on many levels you have a man who's been in congress for forty years. I literally could not make this out he never IQ Juneau never. Met a tax increase in support. Nearly 300 tax increases in his career against the front. So you have a man who pretends to be the champion of the working and middle lots who has led the workers and taxpayers of this -- white. I can -- number one. Number two and can even more important. And this is where I have to criticized moments. And he talks about being in the political and public arena I'm in the political and public arena I get hammered all but that's that's what I choose to do when you get in the public up. Gomez is not running on the -- He's not running on -- god he's not running on repealing obamacare. I think if you went hate if you went national frankly the way it's got its first time when he. There and that he party not -- -- in victory I think or made much better position what is he really running. He's running long term I'm. Okay. But it's not gonna get. Joe Schmo in -- office here as well walk him wolf. So I think his strategy is wrong. I think it's it's fundamentally flawed. I think he has been aggressive enough. I think he's making the same mistake that Mitt Romney is not making the walk all -- east killing him. With negative after it happened I think he's prepared on the one. You can't. Pardon me. But it. It. It. I know I mean you know what the third -- but with best debate. But even then unit marking off the hook again and again and again so it's been -- mark. You mean literally you put him on the ballot hall. Mark. So until that -- Union and it went spinal shock expert on this race should -- -- You have carpetbagger. And mark. Time is bottom Massachusetts. Where. -- -- He spent decades -- Jason that well one point three million well I think it's primary residence so. -- -- A man who live picture chase and now. Represented in the people of Massachusetts in the west. Can meet that moment that can stay on package. When it's the defund repeal it I think it's huge. So what do you think at that moment it's not way. I've stated before policy yet. He had a couple of hear me it's bound to Chevy Chase I've seen bacteria temperature ice Detroit put all the time. It's fun. Each one million dollar home after my -- Gore right -- help -- make a couple of pictures video knock on the door right there the -- 1 o'clock. It's not all eyes filling it all and -- there. Sleeping from sucking on the dog and picking Amman. And he comes -- in his role what it will find probably the one place. And you think your futures. Response. And you move it and you will pick and you will -- And I think -- and -- but nice guys finish last. In light and well. And I -- -- that I think we interviews with them in my. Out. But I got us here in the eighties. If you want to win I got to see this. You -- that moment. Oh. You back taxes on that property insurers are had a lot to me. That's another issue I mean he releases his tax returns Anderson just shall go -- -- not. It does not -- in his address and everything's obviously. If I were the Republicans I would camera that issue over and over again so I asked him straight up in the that -- like today at. -- resident of Massachusetts. Or -- evidence that -- pick your pit because you shouldn't be spending on -- chase. Yes and I'm not them me. And he's new he's inexperienced he's doing his very best he doesn't have a lot of money isn't a big team and you know part of running in putting yourself out there is you know make mistakes I've made them and human who's run for political office. Has made mistakes. Could he do things finisher. Yet you look himself in the mirror and wake up and say you know. I did what I felt was right now Jeff governor Scott Brown -- though was right when he thought was right for him for his family for that for the state and country. And that's where he's so he's gonna live and die with his own efforts. So I wish him well I encourage -- -- ago -- party voted absentee ballot for him and over till it's over for access the Yankees that. Of course his campaign manager listen if you have any specific questions. About how to help them you know go -- and his website pick up the phone. -- This is. Listen there's 11%. Republican and -- in Massachusetts the thirty plus Democrat restaurant in her own independence. The problem -- our party is we have eleven communion the tea party of fiscal concerns of social concerns. The moderates and liberals and we basically fighting over scraps. You know you know effort Jeff you know it doesn't agree with -- voting kicks the crap economy. It's great so he's gonna basically. Belittle and demean me in in criticized my votes and basically subdue my case people here this don't agree with that well in this vote. But that's great. Because it doesn't help. Mean certainly helps the Democrats that's what they want we have to find a way to be more inclusive and be more respectful and open minded when it comes to our own party. Because I've found they're good people on both sides of every issue. That being said we have an opportunity if we combine together and find somebody who's maybe 607080%. Friend vs yet. 100% enemy lately that now you've -- senator Warren in Seneca. We can make. So you have no representation you have all Democrats who just rubber stamps they have been down there for ever. And us that's what we get if we don't start to kind of have a little bit of tolerance and and respect for people within our party. Listen we were all Americans first okay. -- Democrats and independents -- Americans first. -- you got to find a way to got to find a way to figure it out and put our country's interest first that's what I tried to do that's what he's trying to do and and you know we'll see what happens to accept you so next topic. -- gonna move it along that we're gonna get you got some microphones to an accurate they aren't they should be down here in a couple of minutes. And get -- let you know -- we have a couple of sponsors I have to thank Boston independence group perfect smiles and security choice they -- in ADT authorized dealer. And our next topic. Is I think remove an ugly is the -- scandal yes the -- scandal. -- -- that's easy. This and bottom line is. To think you have people like Jeanne Shaheen. Chuck Schumer Al Franken. Michael -- signing a letter you know when you're in the United States -- you sign a letter. Agencies listen I can tell you that firsthand. -- and another -- from Saturday through it no they don't throw it away they actually pay attention to when you send a letter to the IRS saying oh. The way we look at these conservative groups and maybe do a little bit of due diligence and busting chops we have for us. They're gonna listen. And as a result of what they've done and you saw what happened what they -- is completely and totally unacceptable number one. They should be a top to bottom review including an audit of the IRS to see how -- wasting our -- with more all of these these little -- that they have in these. And seminars -- -- fifty million of your tax dollars. Ahead should've -- long before this and to think that it could stop where they say it's not I'm not quite frankly shore and it's not over yet. You can have a lot of very. Intense. Inquiries coming up over that as well as the AP as well as being guys he. Let me just shift -- is -- guys I was involved in those hearings I can tell you all the hearings I had. When they were in this gift which is the you know the top secret briefing area that we go to when we we were interviewing -- in net questioning cross examining Hillary Clinton in the entire everybody on the team associate and I can tell you firsthand. That that was the most. Unbelievable. Squirming in avoidance of answering it -- direct question that I have ever. Experience in my entire life. OK so. What difference doesn't -- Whatever it doesn't make it's not over till it's over that's what difference it makes. Because these things take time because you have to cut through all the layers of bureaucracy. And in BS quite frankly to make sure that you can get to the truth. That's the problem you have to go to all these players in you know half truths and find this in mind that in and demand this -- get through subpoena or another and I'm private and independent auditors and investigators you gotta find the truth yeah. So what do you what is the choice you wanna give up on -- and give up so you shouldn't give up. So you have to find ways to get to the truth. And if it. Yeah it. That's you know you have a choice -- -- -- -- -- on Tuesday is due to wind Tuesday that a choice -- that's a union backed him. In -- -- -- These people. -- -- yeah right now. This was in Washington is the most Washington as the most dysfunctional place that I've ever seen in my life you actually guys you rock in York on five million. It's this and there is a double standard. There's no doubt that's what's -- a problem and you know you get a get involved and stay involved like you doing here tonight. Well look if I can just what he sang and I think this is where things got in my pillow soft we just have a profound difference. I don't think you know he says if I disagree with that might beat them up or he says. If I don't agree with every voter IBM up well. The one I've been getting from northeastern Republicans. And so called moderate independent Republicans it's. In a blue state like Massachusetts. You gotta give a little. You -- to work across the god you gotta be bipartisan. Well OK let's flip it. -- that worker meant I'm. Part of that work for him against Elizabeth Warren. He voted with Obama 50% of the time. He -- Dodd-Frank. He agreed to raise our payroll taxes. He spoke out against the it -- assault weapons ban. I think he supported Obama's jobs bill that Democrats in the states today Lou. We company here is moderate on social issues. Sex marriage and pro choice who support what we were Democrats 50% on. We're gonna go pull the lever for spot. They get hot and and it happened and it happened and so my argument is the opposite. Notice that Democrats never that liberals never -- Democrats give away and work across the didn't get on obamacare. Didn't get on stimulus. Didn't get on raising our taxes. So it's obstruct obstruct obstruct lie about my life. Cheap cheap -- Yet when it comes courtside like compromised compromised compromised well I say something else. I think it's about time. We tell the Democrats in Washington. You have driven this country to the purchase of bankrupt you or -- and we're not. If you -- could just raise your hands. And then -- in promotions will come over. And and it. -- -- I criticized -- Was on -- -- show right now he's asked point blank. Buy off enough to question. Do you support amnesty for illegal immigrants. Do you support quote comprehensive immigration reform. Now his answer wasn't. Something like. Well we should secure the border first -- the borders secured and Morgan -- what matters. That we're watching answer. Everybody can sort of see something and know what's that's. His answer is we have begun debate you send to Washington -- I don't mind I wanna go to Elizabeth warning that you think I have that. So I say. This is a complete betrayal. Of our national sovereignty. Awful workers and taxpayers of this state. What we talk about being reached any. Final. I'm illegal immigrant country. -- -- My first work visa when I went to The Washington Times 3500. Dollars. My second war -- 3500. Votes. Mike -- cardinal never forget this 171467. Votes. So you had the whole thing up it caught Jeff corner. One from the smoke from Canada. -- wanted odd thousand dollars. For the privilege of living and the president of the United States. But let the -- Nobody's read the over a 1008 and a little longer by the monstrosity. I swear him. I think into the Mexican border -- -- biggest mistake. Don't let that go off 500. -- fine. And even about 500 dollar fine I -- If it can be waved at the discretion. Of all of us secretary of Homeland Security Janet couple. I'm thinking. What -- -- Well I mean it from I want you -- my permission spot on just what. They're doing along with doctor. 5000 dollars -- should've gone from the ultimately the one who directs. You're gonna alienate -- here they say. They're not -- do with. -- to stage now I call I just -- a couple of reports coming up Washington. I think commitment. For manually. I'll give you the most important to not be Edward. -- victory. It's not just a major victory for all wrong. It is a fundamental blow to representative democracy itself. Because. This is a fundamental principle of America we are -- government of the people by the people for the people. And our elected leaders should come from us. They should live and work among us in our faith but represented our interest and are out. Not somehow -- in America. Tim -- I think fundamental assault on representative democracy so don't act can be the most liberal Republican on the he lives in which one up he lives in last. He's a businessman -- -- based -- -- -- he lives in this bit on the long I'm voting for moments. We're. Many conservatives are gonna stay home. Because if you keep stabbing him back on issue after issue after should benefit that I want it when people when we -- So -- the opposite. -- -- -- This is an ethics. People that are not -- the laboratory everything we've been debating collapse here what has the national media told us is that the liberal media felon. The Republicans. Have to moderate on the field. The Republicans have to embrace the Hispanic community. The if the Republicans have to become pro amnesty. After you won't. He speaks. Not only because. He goes with -- it's not. Probably yet. He's bought. Oh well we'll find out on Tuesday. Workers were well -- that immediate you think we Republicans -- -- well. It's well -- -- -- We -- election. Like on our principles. And give the people participate in viable real alternative. And he makes -- It. -- Or voting no. Want somebody to vote for. So I just jump -- -- Jeff. I've taken over 7000 votes in my lifetime. And sleep very well at night and each and every one of them. And I am my own man my own person the believes that I have the least that I've developed. From the time my mom and never married and divorced four times each and -- and seventeen houses the mom on welfare. Haven't put myself through school by any means possible. So a lot of the votes than I've taken a reflection I think indirectly of my life experiences based on fact based on doing homework and research in the -- I'm not gonna change who I am because of you know the now gone like this and check in a poll and in doing things right after reading the bills understanding them see how they affect our country or state or debt and deficit vote. So I've always -- 7000. Votes. So and -- at 111 elections and lost one. So to think that we don't I don't know others like me don't have a winning formula all due respect. When Romney was by 23 it was placed them and half a three -- 50000 more votes and it did last time and had almost 107%. The state. And I was was battling Maria until they got the 85 buses and spent half a million dollars and and the city's. -- -- the difference is with us we need to have that force defeated Democrat Republican. I explain the problems we have their own party and finding a way you call it. You know selling out that I don't like solid you know speaking your mind and in finding a way to solve problems for our country. Democrats a rich poor happy say gay straight young. Old age is 9 o'clock you vote you don't hear you do that just they don't care. They'll vote in the ground force -- the unions -- good the machine you know mama Michelle Obama Biden Clinton coming in against me against him. -- we have come in and Rudy Giuliani. Great guy. John McCain love him like a father. But who else nobody so it's IS. Against them. So you gotta take any of that questioning criticize and maybe not agree listen I have no problem criticism from both figure. Criticize my whole life I love it it's like it's like the battle to blood sport. In Massachusetts I love it. OK but based -- fact. And make sure that we have the ability to. Like this at 67 paraphrase president and unfortunately -- -- now. So we have to find a way to push back against what's happening out there and one of the ways this is chipset is -- you know like it. But in -- guy that inexperienced like that who's gonna -- strong history of public service and serving our country self made guy you know may surprise you. And it really -- -- percent of the time that this ideological mold that we all want Republicans they have in this country but you know that's that's the beauty of being you know. An American. Yes. Yes thank you. It seems like I'm here in mind the reasons to oh against that market because he's not from Massachusetts. Doesn't really represent what we're doing here but. In ninth 2012. Everybody. Massachusetts overwhelming to elected Elizabeth Warren and she's not from here as well she's also from. State and on the -- like that with -- is acceptable for Massachusetts. And why would that not you now. So listen -- obviously I was one of the first people remember. And in this market price of is he from here. Aggressive as the front here. As I've never -- the plane I was back and forth every weekend Everest on so we know that he has -- we know that issue. Obviously he's from here he's been here forever he has placed a moment probably his parents house whatever they do so you know he's -- from here. But he's living in spending 24/7 almost in in Washington we all know that -- you know make that decision. You know what was senator Warren listen you know you know with the flies that she had. It's a numbers game we have 11% enrollment here. We've got Jeff and Kyrgyzstan this station eight and 97% of Republicans -- -- over sixty. 5% of the independents it was the Democrats. Where we expected to get. About twenty. 22 to 19%. We fell short. Because of you know the national race with the national money the national axle and national stuff -- and -- the numbers just don't add up and that's the problem in this election we still have 11% enrollment. So it every Republican came out and only. Half of the Democrats it's still tied. So then -- then it's up to the independents. So. Listen you're gonna make a decision on the race -- so many other things to talk about make your own decision we have you know we agree on more than we disagree Jeff and I and probably everyone in this room. So you -- vote and make a difference. Well I mean you and I asked I agree we Jeff we need to run. On Republican. I want -- -- Mike Sullivan and you look good night's only got 40000 votes listen I ought to be the first time. And involvement in the second time right now if you. You said it wouldn't do anything went raised. Taxes on Massachusetts. You -- money for Planned Parenthood. The military. Burst -- gays in the military and I'm in the military 33 years -- they reject it because my daughter had great relatively flat on my. -- My daughters and the military NATO has displaced as there on top brands and it's a disaster. Stories coming out now. Rates homosexual. Blood due respect if not in the military you don't know you're talking about number one. I'm in the military uncertain. -- -- -- -- on this issue sir you don't okay I'm I'm I'm I'm an attorney in the military now dealing with these issues at the Pentagon right now. Understand them fully we've had gays serving in the military for many many years. OK and I felt if somebody wants to put on the uniform they wanna give their life -- limb for our country. When they come back in a body bag Eric cast doesn't matter to me that they gay or straight. And when you when we got to all the service chiefs and we've we've spoken to many of the commanders and people on the ground about this issue and did the top to bottom review of and got the support I felt it was appropriate. And let's let's move on. To our next topic and of course that is national security and say Eric snowed in hero or traitor. I think he's if he wasn't in China. Was in China for you know if he has a problem without country. There are mechanisms -- that -- -- the -- he could have gone to the media -- we could have actually gone through a process here. Is -- here I think he's looking for some the media coverage. I'm glad he did it but there are other ways to do it. I think he's brought up a very relevant issue and one of the issues is listen people -- happen and bush and -- all the stuff that would but it was meant. A lot of the the issues dealing with obviously. Patriot Act -- you that you talk about regularly. It was meant to deal with terrorists people who are actually. In the battlefield that we had some type of probable cause to determine that in fact my gut check and these guys blow us up. Wasn't meant for people like. You and me and everybody else to have his blanket. Sweeping. Authority to impinge in infringe on the rights and I don't think he's a hero I think he simply trying to get attention. He. He's in China I think we need to find out more before we make a determination. What is status is. -- if you like I disagree with -- And I think he's a hero. I think he's a Patriot. Act and he -- -- While. Sales. -- On. One country they have some of the strictest laws regarding freedom of the press. Regarding transparency. Regarding the rule of law so it's on in Beijing. And Hong Kong. Most likely. End up that issue. Notice how the establishment is trying to destroy -- Already without any thoughts all the trader he's just fine he's trying -- another question how much money he made. This guy repeal -- you think about. That -- government. Each trolling through our phone records. Through our own -- Monitoring our human growth. Is excuse me this is the beat these are the elements of the assault police say. This is utterly unacceptable. In any kind of but constitutional democracy. These are abuses of power that I'm asking myself this is the country that I am living. And rather than asking -- all these questions. -- -- Especially in the wake of the IRS scandal where we know this regime and we know this government. That's gonna hurt conservatives has gone after Tea Party people has gone after evangelical Christians have gone after pro Israel groups. Who the hell have you been spying on with the NSA. And I'm sorry but I -- small government conservative. I don't vote Republican just because I'm not -- allegiance to our. My principles trump any political party. We're all Americans. We have the first the maverick First Amendment. And for the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures. This is not here we are in Boston -- with. This sit it out of the American revolution. We're Lexington and Concord were fought. And what was one of the major grievances. Of our ancestors are four pops. That the British were going house to house the house with out of war. Well what is different between -- and today. Except they're going to phone the phone computer to computer email the email account. Ran polls and head roots and her senator Mike Lee are a 100%. Correct on -- This government is out of control. All I'm not show where we disagree -- you would the question is is he here at trader. And everything else we're talking about I mean I I agree with -- I think you know what they're doing with the. There's the overzealous approach and you know really stamping and stomping on our constitution is wrong I think it's. The administration's out of control and they need to -- be held accountable and one of the ways you can do that is getting back to the dumbest thing as -- and -- on -- Not like the others. I believe that. The last election was probably one -- on this data mining. Advertising. And blasting people's emails and web sites and and I am a conservative. Independent and I have received more junk mail from mocking his campaign against Gomez in the last week and I know what to do it every day given piece of mail and how much money does that cost to send out all that -- I don't get a single piece of mail. From -- no single piece. Well if you look at politicos an article in Politico Saturday about. How the Obama administration actually in their election cycle we're able to. Troll and in get information and scrub it and really find too in the messaging and go after. Different types of groups and in terms of the mailings a lot of those are independent expenditures. The conservation voters rate here in masters spend half a million from -- Notes -- outside you know obviously super pac type of efforts that make that happen. -- it's finally nice to meet you I'm -- thank you sir. I call him probably once a week. But anyway I've got I went to hell and back for you on both elections and I'll never forget the first election down and wrote only your line. Like fool around with with windshields of ten degrees below zero. But. I disagree with you on this one. First -- -- You know. We talked about the and -- sake and there are other examples of government overreach we're hearing more and more about drones flying over the United States. We're hearing a lot of things about that. And even -- -- may -- didn't do with the best way the fact is he did what he did and I. I guess this guy must've been real scared to to open up is now. Wasn't there. Some guy that made a film about Islam and he's still in jail and -- Hillary Clinton said. All -- -- if everything was based -- Ben Ghazi was based upon the film and got all the Muslim World Cup. And that I still in jail we haven't heard anything from him. And I don't know this behavior is corpus act or anything like that you know better than I what you're looking at third. But the fact is I think there was so much -- usual government overreach even when I told Jeff -- in the morning -- wondering. They gonna find out about their guy -- I wonder. Well like he was pulled Jeff homeowner I'm an American and I'm republic Wally is the bureau. Public is no way to I'm telling -- that I disagree amazingly we disagree. Because you're calling him right. I called -- a -- and said. I don't know if he's a traitor hero and I said I I I agree I think it's important that he got the information out that's nice that okay so we're well as well well thing is. I know he's a hero I wouldn't have to think about it I know he's the hero. That's all -- -- say let's get all of us know all the facts first okay adults also jumped one final thing I hope you'll be talking about illegal aliens. I've got a couple questions here later we'll -- -- we'll talk about that later Aaron thank you. I believe. It this is just -- but don't let a serious crisis go to waste. I believe that the government put him multi hit two good cover -- -- just another way. To change it to -- feat that's -- it is what happened Julius decides what happened Bradley Manning. What happened I would the video where are all these people that supposedly caused so much trouble it created a crisis a coming out and you want in a clot. It's just another creating crisis the cover -- gutsy that's notice. What. I gotta tell you one thing -- The moment. That story broke it was obvious to me it was terrorism related. The first question I -- right away it was talk when we're able to rescue -- people there. And when they win on the media narrative I remember -- we were up in beautiful girls even men and I was in -- Your beautiful state. And so great tonight repaired without humor popping game. And proxy. My executive producer calls me up and he says yeah you gotta get -- hospital. You've got to see what's going on in and got. So finally make it home I'm watching while I'm watching CNN. And I I -- -- this the media narrative is why did wrong come out who quickly. And proclaimed this to be a terrorist but he's not. He should be speaking like the president and I'm thinking it. Our ambassador is that. Three other Americans are dead. Our US compound has been reached. And you're talking about Mitt Romney released this statement. And the media knew right away. That this with terrorists everybody knew it. Everybody knew al-Qaeda was behind it. The president of Libya came out openly say and -- are -- -- with behind these people out. And yet the media swept it under the -- because I've been revealed. That this administration which ran throughout the summer from the democratic national and what was -- -- -- -- Well even -- yet but I'll certainly alive and well -- means that you kill Americans that. To me this -- it criminal opera. Perpetrated by this administration from the get go and the more the -- rotten. Cheryl Mills -- out Hillary's a lawyer and chief of staff. We don't know Victorian knowledge -- spokesperson. Manipulate the intelligence. They went -- worked well too -- hope that -- -- were up against rock and brought. Now Indian. Hillary Clinton is responsible. Susan Rice is responsible. And ultimately the president is responsible. And the question I. For many Republicans with what does it take to impeach -- out of control criminal. If this is not. -- -- -- -- And I've lived here my whole life -- -- parents and grandparents and great grandparents. On and I'm very scared. About what's happening in our future because I don't think voting works. I don't think our laws or we can all sit and talk about it every morning every afternoon every evening every town meeting. But nothing's ever gonna work and that the numbers seen in the numbers. Getting further and further apart and we're falling appalling and other -- it's going. End. I hate. It sometimes think that. Maybe two centuries. The people gonna think America and it was just a blip in history in time. And we've gone that we ever existed because the Roman empire less a lot longer than 250 years I don't know what to -- -- Because I was recently -- The key party part human part are we beautiful part of the state. And gorges. I mean I don't know people realized that. Boston's a great city but there parts of Massachusetts urges them. And this is exactly the sentiment that people -- -- scandal after scandal. It's the end state the rest guys spying on the press now that are drones conducting surveillance over us guys. It's fast and furious it just doesn't end. It's it seems like it's hopeless. I gotta tell you now maybe it's mean maybe because I got a great white maybe because I'm just happy with my kids. But I'm I'm optimistic I'll tell -- line. I'm talking Republicans on Capitol Hill I'm talking to some Democrats on Capitol Hill to my sources are telling me this regime is imploding. Its popularity is plummeting. He's lost the trust of the majority of the American people his poll numbers are now. And I am telling you that Democrats. Are demoralized. Liberals are demoralized. He is not the liberal messiah they thought he wants. And what you're seeing especially in the rest of the country in middle America I believe you're seeing here in the state -- -- in this state. You were seen in revolt in middle America. The taxpayers of this state and in this country right here. And there is now growing backlash. And it is intense. You think 2010. With a route for the Democrats. They beat you -- you see nothing. Being recorded and broadcast over a Bjork jailed for people can only do this. You're gonna see -- he party Republicans make big gains in the house. You're gonna see Republicans regain control of the senate. You're gonna see the tremendous. Momentum turn against Obama I think he may even be impeached. And by 116. Very different. 79. In 1980 with Carter it looked hopeless. And within a year we got Reagan and the Reagan revolution. My friends I'm telling you our time is coming. All we have to do was -- Jeff. -- and I could impeach Obama. He's black. And is then Susan Rice the black. Eric Holder was black. But it -- prejudice here. He put the troubled conflict black. You stay there for a seat ticket holder in contempt and competent. He waited all day long what we have here is we have one network which is Fox News is gonna let you be driven network told me that before that. All the networks from bed with this -- every one of them. In all the people that look at those networks ABC MSNBC. CNN. Chris Matthews -- crybaby that he is. They also what is -- if people look at it all night long they get brainwashed there's only one network they expose these guys who they are. Into other people jump on what. On the look at him why -- allowed to print job to newspaper reading get away with it why they held accountable what things they say well they keep on going on. People need to be more informed and not getting the right information. Administration. Already playing the race card the liberal media is playing the race card. Yeah I mean the other race -- to protect Obama if you criticize Obama here racist follow -- there's only one problem. The economy is stagnant. Europe is now breaking up bureaus don't rocking out. Italy is now on the verge of going bankrupt Spain is on the verge of going bankrupt Greece is basically economic collapse and the economic signs are not good this debt is rushing this upon. And what's gonna happen if you're gonna see the country begin to slowly turn against Obama and me anyway because because the state sports. It was his fatal mistake mark my words. And even many Democrats are livid about this they can't stand or cold. When he spied on press. When he went after EP. When he went after Fox News when he went after CBS news and Cheryl Atkinson it literally is think of this think the McCain. Who surrounded by his palace -- that was that was the media and so drunk with power and so drunk with hubris. He just starts shooting the palace -- about. And that's what he did. And I'm telling you if you're noticing now AP is historic -- percent our sources -- posting warned the government. This guy is interfering in the news gathering operations of the major wire service one of the biggest in the world. So he's immediately. That coddled him for so long. They now feel -- They now feels that happened about. So slowly but surely have you noticed that trip determined that did not go well for the cheerleader. 6000 Germans showed up it wasn't 250 crowd but. So what I'm saying is that. The computer is off. And he's starting to be exposed for the con man and Charlotte and use and I got a savings this has been eerily reminiscent in the water. It's drip drip drip drip and every day stand collectors I think it without. I'm telling you. Don't be surprised if and when he fourteen. You have Republican House and Republicans sent. That looks so all of these crimes. All of these misdemeanors. With the public turning against them and they say you know guys. Mr. nearly either you resign or we impeach. I'm saying don't count it out. And even if not. Once he hit loses control of congress it's game set and match. Paralyzed we stop Obama hole. -- -- Just one moment the biggest problem might see today -- that the Republicans. Working towards getting this team ladies the Democrats are just slow. We stop them from. And this is this thing -- and I. Want him. And beat themselves. I think the problem that we. Support the party. Is under bush. We had a great society republic. And it was this -- pop the social. Under Obama with a fast track so. But either way we're going in the same direction. And what I think is now happening to the astonishment of the Republican. And you know thesis. They don't see it disaffection in the country. You don't see the alienation among many middle class Americans and taxpayers. And I think it's now time for us this set. Who control the Republican Party. Is it establishment. Or is -- -- the grass roots conservatives. Who go out in this now. And campaign for people and put up signs. And go mailbox to mailbox to outlaw the shock troops. Or is it the only the gainers and Mitch McConnell. And John McCain and Marco -- And I think Republicans. And my suggestion that. Either he or mutual or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- everybody there broadcasting live line and six AD WRQ loss in and it needs about 8 o'clock. Thanks sponsors again. This town hall meeting it's brought to you I've lost an independent group perfect smiles. And security choice and ADT authorized. Dealer. Next topic. Hillary in 2016. Mr. Business Scott Brown I got to ask you does think -- hurt her chances. I think it's too early to tell it should certainly it should her chances that I agree Jeff. It starts at the president goes out of the secretary is Dayton and down from there are so we should obviously. Should affect her and her run right. You know as the clintons they have a machine. -- -- -- I can I like fast because caught a follow. You've gone to Iowa. Been to visit now is that people are talking about you going Iowa. Would you run for the Republican nomination in 2060. I think it's too early to say I think there's a lot of good candidates that you question Marco when you questioned Senator McCain now and me. I think we do disagree and think John McCain is a national hero. So -- who gives. What he's given to this country and serve this country and dignity and respect. Being a pow and I -- in rhythm once again this is the problem with a party so you have somebody. As I agree -- term limits I it was a strong term -- supporter I agree with it. So I don't know the answer your question. Everyone's gotta go great then everybody here should should go Enron if you're -- Tea Party -- go run. Sullivan granny get 40000 votes in Massachusetts. Listen what do Tea Party members they are concerned about the fiscal and financial future of our country. So on mine so was every other Republican I know in Washington in in this country deeply concerned about the issues that. Excuse me. -- to keep spending. -- I think you need to check the records in terms of the votes that a lot of the people have on these very real issues when you say -- voted for Obama is Josh -- It was -- money within the system was in nineteen billion dollar jobs bill. That directly affected Massachusetts in getting people back to work. After checking with all the chambers of commerce and a lot of the groups are deeply affected by that the time we're in a financial and fiscal emergency -- People are working yet again nineteen billion dollars out into the system a money already within the system that wouldn't rate -- yeah I voted for is proud to do it. I felt it was important to get people back to work as a tough choice is yet to take. He. Ever had here. My problem with your analysis though is we had Bob Dole gets rushed McCain gets crushed. George W. Bush needs a Supreme Court to win the presidency. Is. Follow up you know is -- re wrong you barely -- that. And yet at. He got a guy like Ronald Reagan goals and finally you know open and get a national coal going. I love those guys that you mentioned John McCain national hero. You know I am so grateful that you won last time to read that but we get another Mitt Romney great guy. Right. But he's gonna get. It's a cyclical open democracy is messy yeah need to answer your question about you wanting to give up and in almost crying democracies messy it's not meant to be this brief you know this like. -- yeah everything's predictable and understandable it's messy that's what makes our country the greatest country in the world is the fact that we have a democracy we have these cycles it happened. You know. Very rarely in I think it's important we have that we ended the first black president we wasn't a shot fired. We had a reelection we have an orderly transition in our process of voting and electing people -- and the key is to is to get a lot of those people I know for a fact that there are people in this audience right now. Who didn't vote for me who didn't vote for rich to say Mitt Romney when we get a chance to basically put the the nails in the coffin. Here in Massachusetts and nationally and because of the ideological purity test. Didn't get out and vote that's fine. Now you have Warren and you gonna have potentially -- and you're gonna have this this juggernaut that's gonna be down there for a little longer than we. Anticipated. That's democracy you know you live by the sword die by the sword. Gentlemen. And I use that term would -- -- I have -- -- say that Hillary's interesting but the problem right now is this coming Tuesday. Anything beyond that. Has a lot to do what happens Tuesday. And yet I've said this before right and when. -- straw was defeated his arrival of people outside on the hands of home because they weren't ideologically pure enough. I'm happy now because what the EU is that the war. A and -- Sometimes you have to compromise that we -- Ronald Reagan's idea was a big tent. And unfortunately -- some people want to make -- smaller and smaller and more ideologically fuel. Now what they -- pro life pro choice so whatever. You have your choice of two candidates nothing else. -- pupil nothing else. You're given it to -- -- so I would hope that the people were very very conservative. And have single issues. -- -- We'll consider what are not personal won't be if they do not pull it. At least for the lesser of two weevils. I'm sorry if I have to say it up way but unfortunately it happens tacklers like quickly you -- -- that's Canadian imports have seen so. -- -- -- Thus far. The Scott Brown you're jag officer your lawyer you know a little bit about the political system legally. Is there anyway we can buy. Us the Department of Justice meaning. Our friend mr. holder to get him and the congress impeach. We're doing anything and we got class action lawsuit and -- boring sort of an armed revolution. What can we do well yeah I'm not a constitutional lawyer let me tell you I called -- -- firing or resignation almost two years ago between what happened with fast and furious. What happened with -- -- -- he wanted to try KS down in New York City. You know it would through but it obviously you're seeing our country in jeopardy what he's been doing now -- call -- -- and foxman. Now I'm I'm -- -- ratio and others listen. It's a no brainer you should be done long before now. Is there -- way to do it probably not. Because the president he's a presidential appointee obviously and you know it's it's a problem. Yes yes yes it is. -- I'm not a I'm not a constitutional lawyer I I haven't looked at vapid it's good to think about it I'll try to find out and well lenient number after all all he milieu of volume. Thank you. I so a lot of people wondering if Chris secrecy is navy laying ground work for Centre right turn. To run for president -- and it. -- and I know Chris. Nice fund -- for a month ago. He's one of the nicest honest hard working men and -- man number one. I'm guessing and it's great that he wasn't invited to the seat back convention because of the -- and here and you've got a guy with a 76%. Of total rate. And democratic New Jersey who's done more for that state to lower taxes battle against the unions get the pensions and the control. And you gonna throw my under the bus because of what you Obama. He's fighting for his state to get the monies that those people needed because of the devastation really. That's the problem right there. Got a guy who has the ability to be a good theater for our country. Who's who stepped -- who never would've should've won that race he did. He's been doing humans work he's got a 76%. Approval rating right now he's gonna. He's got a kick button that election and when I can make him a chance to try to develop his career further. I hope. Rand Paul all due respect to ran in -- yet I know those guys are good guys are right but they're not. Mainstream American number one. They hard workers are respect the hell -- of what Graham did. If I could if I could just finish. I respect the hell on -- right -- -- about how we filibustered because there's money only tools left for him to get the information that we needed. I'm being guys in every other issue affecting us their procedural things that he's taken advantage of -- But he's he's never passed a bill. He's the he has of plays a very important role. In the Republican Party as does every other person. As has Olympia Snowe John McCain Rand Paul Marco Rubio word teamwork collective team when I just one party. That's the problem folks. -- we're we're a party of individuals not of clones. And each person plays a very valuable role when -- ran out of their filibustering every person who is behind him in the Republican Party. In the United States senate. All the respect I was there are spoken of virtually everybody they were very supportive of his efforts to get the information. -- there's a way to do it. He took advantage of an opportunity and he brought -- brought to light. Something very important in miserable for him as a as a role relentless Snowe from Maine I mean we -- -- You had you had Susan Collins and Olympia is gone now and if a Democrat independent Democrat. So you can lose somebody who's the 67 because she's -- After eight. She's mama she's one of the most accomplished legislators in our country's history. Who had a tremendous amount of respect from both sides. And can command. I felt an audience with any world leaders of them basically put somebody in there's going to be a rubber stamp them excellent. As the night goes there who's got the might make you have a question. OK okay out. Wide. Keep this party train moving. Don't move on we don't know I'm gonna come and knowing there's no moving on here on the island to meet you oh you know. People always tell me that's it we're only normal homo. International comedic relief. Saturday night. -- to just keep George only. -- it was a great guy to have a beer with. Listen I have a big mouth but when you hear me. Used it a little bit ago. -- -- We cannot handle on Macs. We don't have a mess. We get lied to constantly. Daily. Everybody. You trying to figure out what truth is it's almost impossible it's infuriating. When you hear this stuff. And all this is what we can do we sit we talk. We need to know what exactly. To do it as seasonal. It's easy to break through Jeff. Was listening to him this morning. And he said he's gonna hold another town hall -- encourage each and every one of you to run for school committee. Select and state rep states senate and congress I think that's great and Michael -- of those things. One of the my wife of value I was at a select men's meeting in rent them. And it was back and rent and was a different town and we had some select the man who basically were. Route to everybody and they on the they've been there forever. And I went up to one of them after and I say you know I'm outta town -- -- and a little bassinet at I never heard people bees trees so disrespectfully. As if you don't like it was arguably been run against me. Okay. And I ever tell in my life what happens is you don't you comment on and complain and whine just Ron. -- right that's what you have to do folks like all the complaints you'd think -- this again at whatever I sleep very well at night. Give ample use of put yourself out there and see what it's like. OK if you're tired and you're complaining. And you're you're you're angry then Q and if you don't wanna run and help somebody run you help them raise money. Get involved in some type of deal. Or some type of group it's gonna get involved politically. Just listen you obviously all care your year. A year seek care you listen Jeff. You know you have some real cerebral problems -- We really like what he says and obviously you like but he says and that's okay you care so you're here you care. You're complaining your anger you're frustrated you're crying almost. The get involved there's an about it. Pick up papers for your local school committee you finance committee of borders of its allotment -- whatever you wanna do and just. It. I hundred I -- email. I have to say it's not really nailed it and the next town hall I was talking about it with crooks and we're going to be doing is we think tentatively July 17 but will get a firm date. He's gonna have Sean O'Connell state representative from. Good on TV he fraud and welfare reform -- because we need to really be educated on that issue. But the bigger issue is this. She was and mother. And I love mothers there was a mother. And but she wasn't professional she didn't have a job ranking which is just -- mother with two daughters. Just think you know I caught it and I'm gonna run. Can -- -- -- -- becoming an answer from she's a great lady I helped her get elected I remember Hewitt against Kagan if you remember. Represented -- -- he's the one that said because of a he was. She amazing postcard. We opened an upgrade a card and basically they in speech in the house floor where he said he was gonna make sure that your kids went to therapy. That they wouldn't sleep at night because of drunk driving laws revenues and -- and cross examine and make sure that they. -- other than never normal again their lives that's the guy that she ran against and used his own words to criticize and she won by 56 votes of my memory serves he went through a recount. So wonderful -- really wonderful woman. Hard hard worker. Those are the types of people like you were in this crowd -- say you know that's enough who run against someone so. We have. Forty. State senators in Massachusetts. For Republicans. We have a 160 state representatives. With 3233. State -- Republicans. Three speakers indicted ones in jail for senators indicted ones in jail a treasury scanned. Housing scandal probation scandal a crime -- scandal and EDT scandal we have a crime inspection. I can -- Drug lab inspection. Problem that led to deaths. It's not a big deal of governors the -- own problems. -- have while that's that's yesterday I was like three when he was. But those are the types of things that we hear -- Massachusetts and that we don't have anybody running against the the democratic state wraps. So it's you know we have ourselves to -- -- it's a run for state rep listen when I ran for state rep the first time I ran to every house in the district I said. Scott Brown he's running for you and I ran to every house in the dispute about it -- -- on both want me you can run for state raping and shoe leather it's about thirty to 40000 people. You can run for selectmen and town like rent them and has eight or 9000 people or wherever your from. You can run for school committee finance committee you know you recreation you can do it. So money plays a role certainly in my election 42 million dollars and to raise but in a state reparation can do it -- 2030000 dollars. -- -- I I have to agree with exactly what you said and two of the points particularly. That you need to get in law and also what was just alluded to now as it takes money to do that. And both my wife and I have supported pupil of New York campaigns and we have voluntarily donated money to help support you. But my -- as a member of the union. That supported. Elizabeth Warren and the loss rates so we involuntarily. Supporter. Her financially. So what can be done about that and what what what do we do and if the public let them know what can be done what can an individual union members do. To control. Listen. Unions are different breed and when it comes to that sort of thing has been many attempts to try to. Taking it that way the ability for your money and go directly to a candidate that you don't want to support. It's been many efforts they've all failed. You look when you have what's happening MM in Washington. The NLRB. I'm going in -- -- actions against. States when they wanna have a right to work and they have the ability of Puerto. You know company and a stated it's out of control. Listen and you have to. Obviously vote against the union in terms of I'm I'm hopefully you voted for me and so that's the money's important but the voters the most important thing. That. Yeah yeah. -- -- Let's I had all the police unions it's a mass -- endorsements and masters us. The firefighters a they came -- hard for her even though I was working on all their issues and and almost -- -- 90% voting record with their issues but and they get the word from the National League managers do -- through their own thing. Is there a role for unions absolutely I'm and the unions. -- -- after you fell in after mention. Know millions. And of those in Canada yesterday. Officers it is -- Q after yet to be remembered after. No and show them. So you know you -- there are there there isn't an eight footer overall there is a role for unions and this -- were to go around for everybody you know we just it's -- -- ignore you just can't be. You know. -- he can't be greedy. Following the top and I think we're getting close. -- and yes there. Thank you. -- hear -- You impeach Obama. I'm good experience. Wise. And the spin me. Equals Obama was on institutions. Experience and soul c.'s. Management. -- we'll put you. The mission. The nation's. -- You would. Quote this week. It. Yesterday it cools the classical. Holes to finish and born in the country. Sensible. Citizens. Animal -- Obama. Does well but if it needs to be. It but he. -- When you play your opinions on the the corporation. I'm sorry I can hear. Basically he's saying is -- -- he thinks Obama with a dose I think and I think that's been asked and answered you know not even gonna comment on that. -- -- it's been answered throughout the last 34 years everybody has a different answer. Scott does that mean you go down to the press room OK in your show something after. After rot Donald Trump okay put some pressure on you. All -- -- -- that I am pressure on me I've never met don't problems monogamy. But don't ask him. You when nine knows we wouldn't have been disagreement. In and out on the docket at the highest court. The United States Supreme Court without -- It ranked two -- itself. That -- Now I just cannot. I'm -- -- with yourself. In the national. All the people call you all why would somebody. Spend millions of dollars with a list. OK to -- down in two discomfort every single claim and fight that would only when equal pay. Two years ago. He was found in the press room with some opted caught. We would claim that the -- to show that. Which one does that make as well who. I don't think you could care your opinion. Idea I think he's been -- I think he's the United States citizen until proven otherwise. You know he's he's our president I mean I'd agree with them but I respect -- the obvious -- the office of president. Don't necessarily agree with the positions he's putting out just like a respected general that I don't agree with the respect the obviously the position of general don't necessarily agree with -- listen I'm focusing on the things that matter are -- deficit taxes spending jobs national security energy. The safety and security of our kids that cannot be bombed and and patriots day event. So you know we can talk about that they'll let other people handle that right now wanna focus on a seventeen trillion. Dollar rising debt. The fact that our jobs are stagnant on unemployment claims drop. That we're in deep trouble that -- -- were her in the middle of sequestration which is obviously putting some. Well it is a joke -- the president has turned back. The president has turned back transfer authority and not allowed his generals and secretaries do their jobs gets a joke it's a political joke is planning a money. I can tell you that firsthand is funny money there. They're terrible Steward of our money in the -- CBO thing with this immigration issue I think that you -- somebody else's style about. You can get any type of number and -- does CBO did you -- -- set. I hate it when -- see all the studios and there's like god says that now CBO you give a set of facts they can't deviate one inch one -- and when Milledge. Four not one centimeter I mean from. The formula they've been given saying come up with any numbers I don't believe the CBO -- never have. So there's so many things that we need to focus on -- we're more about the guy was gonna -- birth certificate and I think we have I think we have other things before. And Kenya let's move the topic on let it let's talk about it it just briefly earlier in thinking of -- in -- you guys. What needs to be fixed. Amnesty you know you talked about Reagan did it earlier this morning yeah what's the. It is a problem when Reagan did it they didn't enforce lies thereafter. They should have been forced analyze knowledge before but after we have plenty of -- that just on and force them. With regard to the gang of -- nice I've spoken to -- I read the bill like I spoke to and senator -- in this morning. I spoke to a couple other senators to see where it stands more than likely gonna pass the senate. Border enforcement the first thing you should do we'll call them don't tell us who called him Alitalia new senators OK tell them I feel. -- that's right they won't listen thank you. So you strong border enforcement giving our our border patrol folks the tools and resources and the ability to defend themselves -- -- That's the first thing for them. The second thing we should have -- have a you verification program and absolutely positively. Makes a determination. And gives holds our employers harmless in the event that somebody's using some type of fraudulent means to. Give them an idea vacations so we can verify that the people here illegally remember 40%. Of the people that are here illegally. Were once here legally and it just overstayed their their work or student or other visas so there's no tracking mechanism we have to obviously fix that. We we have to provide the adequate resources to is it more border agents is it more approving authorities is new computers. And what do they need to actually do that do their jobs. Because they're not because they're not doing their job with the resources that they have. So while I commend Marco for bringing this up because it's clear we have to do something we have to enforce the laws. We got to strengthen the border we have to do all these other things I said. To him and said that many others if it doesn't include those basic things first. It's not something I could support. But once again because have you and others like you I don't have the chance to vote against it but are right you opened Paul Revere in -- marquis down there. And you don't hold me in and you're gonna have to senators vote for it so it's not a big deal. I already said -- Q I honest -- would you vote in the senate bill and as it stands right now now. -- Scares me. Really night. Without the respect they have the respectfully disagree. Yeah okay. What would I change vote obviously they're focusing on there is no border security mechanism right now they're working. As you referenced senator Corcoran senator. I hope and are working on an amendment whether passes increased 700 border guards are once again and you gonna get 700 new union. You know in -- government employees so let's say it's kind of casually too. If if I can just finished with the thought process here. And then. One of the things that Marcos said in the beginning -- was that he would not. That no illegal -- get any benefits whatsoever. That there would be a pathway to working. I'm talent just telling you what he said if you don't wanna hear it's fine it would be a pathway to working. Get rid of all the guys that have criminal and other drugs and other records get him out of the country. The people that are here that are have not done anything aside from being here illegally obviously. I give them a path we're working a thirteen year. After ten to thirteen years paying fine 500 dollars is not enough. And then they would get behind the four point three million people that are doing it legally. That's what the original proposal was that something -- -- -- -- I'll wait and listen I'd like to learn more about it he's been working on for two years. See what happens if he can do all those things they don't get any benefits you straight in the border. You make sure that you have the verification you have all the other checks and balances in the -- a strong fine system. And make sure that it doesn't have the ability be -- -- -- part of course is gonna win -- you know and I know it. If that's -- and I would think about voting for it yeah. But that's not the case but that's not the case it's not what that's not what's happening. -- -- Let me tell you -- -- -- And there is a bully Chuck Schumer is a bully. And in I don't trust one thing Chuck Schumer says when his -- so. -- me back -- what's that. Bill. Travis the this bill trailer the American people. Round. It will cost them at least six should really callers in the bill it will bankrupt this country. In 1986. Redux -- again. It's very simple it's all immigration problem. The problem we know what he answers. The problem is we. -- will among Democrats and among open borders. Wool and all along the Mexican border. The eighth. And then employers in this country you can no longer iron eagle. And full picture of beauty port them. April. Yeah. We haven't wouldn't. Got there are things that I agree with you on and there are things I don't agree with you on. Like my life then that's that there are act. There's twice I was unable to vote view. On Tuesday I'll be unable to vote for Gomez but that's because I'm Dave from New Hampshire I'm looking forward to voting we possibly in the future. Thank you. Thought I'm just I'm curious you've been up to New Hampshire you have a second home in New Hampshire. You can call your second home that is lesson which is Scott Brown interest data may be running for US senate seat in New Hampshire. Listen -- nothing's the table. I'm thinking about. I'll be honest review by an -- hamsters get to 32% Republican 26%. Democrat 760000. Dollars. Four point six million voters in Massachusetts it's completely upside down. There are a lot of things that I am considering. But right now the biggest thing used to spend some time on my wife and kids in. Recharge the batteries -- Ryan is. You know now eleven races. It's fifteen years of running. So first summer -- -- -- I've had an opportunity to actually go door -- -- home for an extended period of time and and just kind of enjoy each other's company again. And let's I'm the luckiest guy in the world and for those of you didn't hopefully let's understand that doesn't mean I don't. Respect you words no -- have a peer review after I guess that's that's fine. The. Considering somebody like me was able to be -- United States senator for this really the greatest country in the world. 1498. People before me sign that book same area a state senator -- -- going to be more people have to me. The fact that I was able to make sure that obamacare didn't go through and they got 40% of the loaf instead of a 100% of all. To make sure that we were able to do a lot of I felt. Dodd-Frank -- -- respect you should've seen the bill before -- got involved had I not got him on remember we had 41 senators. And we had we were down almost sixty in the house -- know that thing was passing. Had -- not spend time on -- that nine weeks and make sure that they didn't. Make sure that they didn't do other things during that nine week period we are trying to make sure we can get to the next election. And to make sure we save the financial services markets in Boston which is the second highest. Second largest. The financial services in the country is in -- and Boston lot of important jobs I was tired of a -- banks acting like casinos without money. The lies have been updated and an almost half essentially three quarters of essentially no one. Was responsible. Policy is all her fault no one when we have that financial meltdown nobody was taking responsibility. Is it perfect absolutely night. Because the plan was to get reelected. Get. Control of the senate. Yet the presidency and then going and actually make the changes that were part of the craziness of that bill and fix it. The governor op Massachusetts which you consider -- for now I'm not. -- comment on -- political future right now I'm I'm really just gonna recharge the batteries for a couple of months. I've I've done that I felt everything I could do and gave. Everything I felt I could to the people in Massachusetts. They spoke -- you accept that and you know and just try to figure out. You gently. Running jumping in rent them now I know this is gonna tell you I'm gonna do okay what I'm doing. I'm going to the town clerk's office and rent them I'm pulling papers -- -- Priscilla -- of our great sound. And then they're gonna see -- depends what -- your thoughts on Syria to be his campaign right now. What your thoughts on Syria. I think Syria. Is -- disaster. I think it's one of the most unbelievable. Options our government has taken. It's stunning or I mean well I mean in terms of arming the rebels. We now. I kitchen -- the United States of America. Now going to be sending small arms and possibly antitank missiles. Two Islamist rebels in Syria. In major component of which is helmets. Which is al-Qaeda affiliate. Two weeks ago they publicly pledged loyalty. To the leader of al-Qaeda. And our government. Led by this criminals in the White House. Is now arming our mortal enemies of the key. It is in the unbelievable what is taking place I'm not a fan of sharks on. I don't like you wrong I don't like Hezbollah. But the fact of the matter is in Syria. We don't a -- in that fight. And all we're gonna end up doing is replicating what's taking place in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over and what took place in Libya. And I believe that we are gonna rue the day that we arm these islamists routes if they take over Syria. Let me tell you what their slogans. They're slugging it. Out like minority. Shiites -- Christians. -- Composed mostly -- two months. And -- There are ones that anyone's arm. The war. -- wrong. The route we literally are slow news. -- to the walls. And boom -- and the Christians to Beirut. Eleven. Recently there was a massacre of Christians. In several villages committed by Islamic -- in I kid you not. And I'm no fan of -- I despise the man with every fiber might be but even the strong man. -- the leaders of the G-8 summit. Here's the Eagles of these miss rebels. A huge amount. Eating. You passed. Parts of the people -- and murder. And were arming these animals. So we had a disaster in Iraq. We had a disaster in Afghanistan. We had a disaster in Egypt we disaster in Libya and now we're getting involved in to a potential mess and quagmire in Syria. It's an absolute disaster. And the president I think should be ashamed of themselves. To meet I opposed intervention in Syria and. I think that's just too little too late at this point ninety over 93000 people killed. Very unstable we should have had if anything and no fly zone to allow. The original rebels because there's a new influx is you know. Of al-Qaeda coming into that that state. The country. Had reacted earlier I think we've had a much different result and it would have -- obviously. The president would have fallen. You would have had I think a more. Regional. Rebel base of of people from that country. And taking over but because we've waited so long and allowed. The influx of various al-Qaeda groups it's it's just too -- now. So. Listen it's very easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback with Iraq and Afghanistan and all those things. I think it's very appropriate to question what's happening in Syria right now. And. It's too little too late at this point. But the question is do we have a moral authority moral obligation I mean to get involved because of you know the amount of its people being slaughtered and killed. That's a question we have to kind of wrestle with. OK next question this them. Is. As a Republican in Massachusetts very discouraged right now the last election was devastating. I. A phone calls you -- to this day. And I'd even go out and talked to keep pop and I was you know people complain to me about the economy I think that's -- -- in about an army unit they were depressed doesn't have anything to do with that is the need to do with the economy. Or you know I would. Ran into sales clerk at the gap and he'd tell me about these people on welfare and taxes and that's in the that's why -- -- you know voted for Mitt Romney and he told me. Well you know -- it he was and communing with him I'm dating the guy and just voting for him. And is there anything in -- -- for Massachusetts. Had the senators than it was responsible for the death of the woman maybe I know negative ads when you -- is there anything you can say united Democrat to make people not vote for them. -- and we have we have the numbers is just that they are in Massachusetts. We have had we had governor salutes you swift well we've had Republican governors we've had. You know there have been some you know nice wins we had a nice when a competing with a the state -- it was a three way race those. But she's she's there. I can't go -- also one a special election and won reelection. So there are glimmers of hope there is there are you know you have obviously -- in China and hardworking people who -- you know many involved. And that's really the key is -- frustrating tried being a Republican Massachusetts is what I tell people as they speak all over the world and Mike tried the -- Republican in Massachusetts. It's very frustrating but it's also has greater opportunities in great great rewards to. You just getting he would be armed with facts and sometimes you know there's certain folks are just not that they've they've drank the Kool -- they're just not going to. Change no matter what their parents or grandparents they are all Democrats. Hardcore Liberal Democrats in the never gonna change. But you can focus on the independence. -- my followers and a Democrat OK with all due respect them and Republicans since I was eighteen years old. Okay. -- Two different Republican and Democratic Party there's extremes on both sides. -- I think quite frankly a party in in on both sizes. You have extremes but once again they fulfill a purpose and then we have the people on the middle. The problem is with the Democrats they don't care of here in this this I just you know voters the -- as we go through a time you vote. And aside -- nothing about -- -- because they didn't agree with somebody votes and -- -- weren't. Around -- -- beer night. What the Bruins on Saturday and I'm still happy. Scott what do you. Thoughts on gun control. We have obviously the strongest gun laws in Massachusetts and it's something that we work with the goal and other groups to get. I supported him along with -- almost every other senators and -- in in the Massachusetts. I feel that we should have universal background checks they felt that I feel it's important but the real issue. Is finding out how -- people -- these mental disabilities. And end here for civil happening Connecticut he had in clearly the kid had problems in his mom's taken -- of the shooting range. Really. Or why Hemingway where is that we we have to find out obviously YE. We have these issues in -- -- parents and others taking their kids in doing those sorts of things but more importantly power people with mental. Disabilities and problems getting weapons. Well. Every you know you whenever we could go on and on for that so. You know I believe we have the strongest semis in Massachusetts they supported him. I can fire virtually every weapon him a strong Second Amendment supporter and in. Which -- Wilson said. -- asked the governor. Whose question was that the night okay go ahead. Back back to Syria real quick. Would you not say that that the that the rebels in Syria would be since the comprised of al-Qaeda our enemies. Under the constitution of the united -- I'm just I'm just saying. That was our enemies under the constitution of the United States aiding our enemies would be considered treason. Once again I. I -- what I do I would have been a no fly zone obviously I I agree I agree with the adjustments no. Has spoken you guys to getting back to India Massachusetts Republican thing. It is it's difficult being a Republican here in. Massachusetts. And a lot of times immediacy that you. Eight counts of -- Well aren't you day moderates. Republican from Massachusetts. Romney Republican are you and they try to break it down in counties. Different levels of UAL. -- hot how we combat that we come back at these people at the colors this Republican from another planet. If you will because we hear from Massachusetts. -- say to them. -- I I've told them in the past some of Scott Brown Republican I read the bills I understand in my CN effect Massachusetts. Our country today and I guess and I vote do the best I can. Don't have all the answers an enemy mistakes. You know you feel like -- don't vote for me my life goes on. It was that. Going to open it up to open questioning at this point we do have about 25 minutes any thing you like it does very well thank you when things are just a I'm always the question are you Republicans were -- kind. A moderate. Conservative. I don't hold allegiance and you're my hero Ronald rate. Not my Republican power. And the Republican Party hears those principles those about to meet colonel and -- country. -- And remarkable you know the Democrats. Always pushed their -- Since the new deal this country when -- -- -- -- there always -- and the engine consistent. And the Republicans are always playing. Always playing on there on -- On their political. And that's why are Republicans and conservatives and true. Speak for your principles. -- if -- extremists or ideological. Purity. Principal. Want to elect principle. You think -- you. On the -- -- -- -- -- out of my apartment so you think my opponent of the bill you think it is not a liberal. Shall I mean why don't you percent -- -- With a viable real alternative. And. Incarcerated because -- when it. Scott Brown gave -- six months of my time. Greater Boston Mittal and minister -- ocean waffled when Democrat. I did Michael Jackson impersonation for you. I'm Ron Paul libertarian. -- time -- time. I do want to -- leaders. Glossy full -- -- Internet fifteen year project Internet to solve problems without government. I met Patch Adams. Nonpartisan Internet finance with -- government or on the Q admitted today. 50000 dollars or 01%. Goes to Health Care Reform. Consumer goods durable goods Mercedes like this travel service -- -- 50000 dollars 93 people Eagles the other staff in the two minute trash on NAFTA oil you know office. Now along with that all of it. Scott Brown people had to. List and a all the people I'm not a Republican. I spent a whole year you know campaign news tonight you view that document I -- stance -- months ago. Of course you can them happy news look at them. Six months ago I lost this -- brewers in the trash along with a whole bunch of other stuff I think. We'll see each other after okay. Scott going into the media room. -- It's going back to when the average. Person. Only on him so -- me. With boats tied to the pendulum. Democrat Republican. I mean we put people win. And then no matter what we do the active. Even the ones that somewhat educated children want or at least to -- we have we know it. Who's based election which is knocking. And he does that -- -- to to collect product away. Jesse chase Maryland argument Austin there's no calling out -- Women when he thirteen. Sure in 1913. He would -- -- average. The and make -- the Washington but today with the Internet. Okay. Representatives. -- That we put them in and then eight no -- no matter what we do when when typical example going back to the immigration bill. You may -- due on May change its height of the team of me and it seems to be it MP media coverage mostly impressed. He knew what his own stay. OK three years ago on as to when he and it was the -- and seventy pale. Passed by both bought these accompaniment of Arizona. Okay this and that and the reprises a house. In the end signed by -- rule with this average. Each been given Boston which he came to visit. John McCain's own state to put that law a bill and made into a locked up the the S citizens. And and John McCain. On his own state so why are we listening to people like to on. McCain. Okay open this immigration bill. By just his Hillary sample. -- John is one of 100 members there you should also speak to some of the other folks like. Mike Lee and ran and others is a whole bunch of folks on there that are discussing it right now as we speak trying to figure out. You know I guess and I commend him for at least talking about it because. When I was there we spend the first year eleven to twelve days doing anything. To do with jobs. In the next year's -- fifteen days and then last year -- about maybe twenty days to do anything about jobs they did everything but. In the things we should be focusing on right now our jobs in the economy and listen I think you know how Jeff feels about. Immigration you know I feel about immigration. Call up John McCain and he's we're gonna right now I can't speak for him. Yes senator one -- at the top. Good evening gentlemen. I'm my question that basically what I wanna do first just quickly stayed is that. I am of the belief that if the press of this country did their job correctly improperly. Obama would never have been able to ascend to the presidency of the United States. Would blow themselves. My question for you Scott I know how Jeff probably feels so my question is god is do you. And now having been a senator. Feel that Obama. Is qualified. To have become the president of the United States and -- though. Do you feel can you tell us what you believe those qualifications that. Ellison once again it's very easy to Monday Morning Quarterback I didn't vote for him I voted for McCain in -- for Romney so I can only speak for myself. He's a nice guy. Great Family Guy loves his wife and daughters just like everybody in this room. I don't agree than -- hardly anything when it comes to our national security a commended him personally. I went up and I said mr. present a big balls. When he when he killed in the line. As I said. -- -- -- He gave the he gave the orders OK he was -- he was he gave the orders it was a team effort certainly that he pulled the trigger now. We wouldn't get on -- with the navy seal wrote that book he was the second this and that. Mark going. Last man standing -- they -- us. We were than the other and I -- talking about the role of the president and the role of the seals in the entire team. This and there are things that he's done that I commend implicating them and I'm sorry I think everybody here appreciates that effort. I mean you know follow it is folks. So I don't agree -- them and everything I'm not gonna question whether he's qualified he's the president and we have other things to focus on right now and we have to find a way to work together as Americans first. All right that will be our last question of the evening but I do have one that I've got to ask you guys and that is your prediction each one of you your prediction. On the Bruins and the Stanley cup series. I think by the end up playing candidates. The Saddam. I've tweed coat and certainly encouraging get to -- Scott Brown MA had to weed out the Bruins very disappointed in the loss last night they seemed to step behind. Defense was virtually nonexistent they'll line up shots and it was like a free for all. This and I want to win. I'm very excited we have the Bruins we've got obviously the Red Sox. You know and doing well we had the patriots we have some issues now though. Deeply concerned. Celtics. You know of the Celtics do this and I we were just step back from it. Being in Massachusetts senator. It was the like is and the world in I could talk about the Bruins the red side now last year but this year. Talk about the Celtics. The human last year. So we have amazing sports teams we get spoiled sometimes so listen of course on the Bruins to -- I think everybody advance. My prediction is the ethics. It. I just before we go. Maybe you -- out shortly and Foxboro we just -- that announcement. It's now in the solution. Paying them lose and so we wouldn't be an -- And so prominent in Scott's -- alerts you lose two miles from me hitting me hitting me really. It's almost like. -- So I am taking out papers from. Bring him brigade. The house warming party. Are you in there and -- -- -- -- the model shall -- -- -- But we're being -- for your help. -- -- If you experience this is not to be -- -- the -- -- Lotta Lotta fun and I'm -- listener named Julia the kind of back and was so thank you for your activism in you know get involved make you. Thank you. Thank you everyone for coming tonight once again. This town hall brought to you -- independence group perfect smiles and security Joyce an ADT authorized dealer have a fabulous evening and thank you.