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Town Hall Segment 2: NSA scandal, Benghazi and the direction of the Republican party

Jun 21, 2013|

Edward Snowden: Hero or traitor? Should he be punished for leaking NSA practices? Jeff Kuhner and Scott Brown give their take on the direction of the Republican party. The two also talk about "The Machine."

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I've taken over 7000 votes in my lifetime. And sleep very well at night. And each and every one of them and I am my own man my own person the believes that I have -- at least I've developed. From the time my mom and never married and divorced four times each and -- and seventeen houses the mom on welfare. And I put myself through school by any means possible. So a lot of the votes that I taken their reflection I think indirectly of my life experience is based on fact based on doing homework and research in the -- I'm not gonna change who I am because of you know the now -- like this and check in a poll and then doing things right after reading the bills understanding them see how they affect our country or state or debt and deficit and vote. So I've always -- 7000. Votes. So and -- -- 111 elections and lost one. So to think that we don't I don't know others like me don't have a winning formula love and respect. When Romney was by 23 it was placed them and half a 350000. More votes and -- did last time and had Nomo won almost 70% of the state. And I was was battling Maria until they got the 85 buses and spent half a million dollars and and the city's. -- the difference is with us we need to have that force -- -- -- -- Democrat Republican. I explain the problems we have their own party and finding a way you call it. You know selling that I -- -- -- you know speaking in mine and and finding a way to solve problems for our country. Democrats a rich -- happy say gay straight young old -- 0:9 o'clock you vote you don't hear you do that just they don't care. The vote in the ground force -- the unions -- good the machine you know mama Michelle Obama Biden Clinton coming in against me against him. -- we have come in and Rudy Giuliani. Great guy. John McCain love them like a father. But who else nobody so it's IS. Against them. So you gotta take any of that questioning criticize and maybe not agree listen I have no probably criticism about that your. Criticize my whole life I love it it's like it's like the balance of blood sport. In Massachusetts I love it. OK but based on fact. And make sure that we have the ability to. Like -- at 6078 paraphrase president and importantly the -- So we have to find a way to push back against what's happening out there and one of the ways this is chipset is -- -- like it. Manningham and guy that inexperienced like that who's -- -- strong history of public service and serving -- country self made guy you know may surprise you. And it really -- -- the time that this ideological mold that we all want Republicans they have in this country but you know that's that's the beauty of being you know. An American. Yes. Yes thank you. It seems like I'm here in mind the reasons to -- against that anarchy because he's not from Massachusetts. As a reliever and what we're doing here but. In ninth 2012. Everybody. Massachusetts allow -- elected Elizabeth Warren and she's not from here as well she's also from. The state and -- -- -- that was -- -- and acceptable for Massachusetts. And why would that not -- now. So listen -- obviously I was one of the first people remember. And in this market price -- is -- from here. -- said that is the problem here. -- I've never -- the plane I was back and forth every week and Everest -- so we know that he has arises we know that issue. Obviously he's from here he's been here forever he has placed a moment probably his parents house whenever they -- so you know he's technically from here. But he's living in spending 24/7 almost in in Washington we all know that -- you -- make that decision. You know it was senator Warren listen you know you know what the flies that she had. It's a numbers game we have 11% enrollment here. We've got Jeff and I Kyrgyzstan this station eight and 97% of Republicans in over sixty. 5% of the independence it was the Democrats. Where we expected to get. About two at 20/20. Two to 19%. We fell short. Because of you know the national race with the national money the national -- and national stuff -- was coming and it was just the numbers just don't add up and that's the problem in this election we still have 11% enrollment. So -- every Republican came out and only. Half of the Democrats it's still tied. So then -- then it's up to the independence. So. Listen you're gonna make a decision on the race -- so many other things to talk about make your own decision we you know we agree on more than we disagree Jeff and I and probably everyone in this room. So you can -- make a difference. Well I mean you -- I agree with Jeff we need to run. Wrong Republican. I promise you that Mike Sullivan and you -- Good night's only got 40000 votes lesson I ought to be the first time I -- involvement in the second time yeah if you. Use that you wouldn't do anything went raised. Taxes on Massachusetts. You -- money for Planned Parenthood. The military yeah. Personally gays in the military and I'm in the military 33 years or they reject it because my daughter had great relatively -- I don't. Places. My daughters and the military's don't and its displacement is another top brands and it's a disaster. Rates are homosexuals. Blood due respect if you not in the military you don't know you're talking about number one. I'm in the military I'm certain. Once and serve it. On this issue sir you don't okay I'm I'm I'm I'm an attorney in the military now dealing with these issues at the Pentagon right now. Understand them fully we've had gays serving in the military for many many years. OK and I felt if somebody wants to put on the uniform they wanna give their life -- limb for our country. When they come back in a body bag Eric Kasten doesn't matter to me that they gay or straight. And when you when we got to all the service chiefs and we've we've spoken done many of the commanders and people on the ground about this issue and did the top to bottom review -- and got the support I felt it was appropriate. Hey -- let's move on. To our next topic in of course that is national security and say Eric Snow in hero or traitor. I think he's if he wasn't in China. Was -- for you know if he has a problem without country. There are mechanisms he could benefit under the media he could have gone to the media here we could have actually gone through a process here. Is he here I think he's looking for some the media coverage. I'm glad he did it but there are other ways to do it. I think he's brought up a very relevant issue and one of the issues is -- people still happen and bush and -- all the stuff they were -- but it was meant. A lot of the the issues dealing with obviously. Patriot Act that you -- you talk about regularly. It was meant to deal with terrorists people who are actually. In the battlefield that we had some type of probable cause to determine that in fact my -- we get a check and these guys blow us up. Wasn't meant for people like. You and me and everybody else to have this blanket. Sweeping. Authority to an contingent infringe on the rights and I don't think he's a hero I think he simply trying to get attention. He. He's in China I think we need to find out more before we make a determination. What is status is. -- if you like I disagree with our -- And I think he's a hero. I think he's a Patriot. Act and he -- around here it's. While. Sales. -- -- -- country they have some of the strictest laws regarding freedom of the press. Regarding transparency. Regarding the rule of law so if he's not in Beijing. And Hong Kong. Most likely. Norton and but that's not the issue. Notice how the establishment is trying to destroy this. Already without any facts all the trader he's just fine he's trying spying not a question how much money he made. This guy were the one you think about. That Howard government. Each trolling through our phone records. Through our own -- Monitoring our human growth. Is excuse me this is the beat these are the elements of the assault police say it. This is utterly unacceptable. In any kind of a constitutional democracy. These are abuses of power that I'm asking myself is this country that I am living. And rather than asking -- all these questions. Who Gordon park. Especially in the wake of the IRS scandal where we know this regime and we know this government. That's gonna hurt conservatives has gone after Tea Party people that's gone after evangelical Christians have gone after pro Israel groups. Who the hell have you been spying on the -- And I'm sorry but I -- -- small government conservative. I don't vote Republican just because I'm not pay allegiance to our. My principles trump any political party. We're all Americans. We have the first the maverick First Amendment and to the Fourth Amendment. Against unreasonable searches and seizures. This is not here we are in Boston -- with. This sit it out of the American revolution. Were Lexington and Concord were fought. And what was one of the major grievances. Of our ancestors are for faults. That the British were going house to house the house with out of war. Well what is different between now and today. Except they're going on the phone computer to computer email the email account. Ran a poll and head roots and -- senator Mike Lee are a 100%. Correct on that. This government is out of control. All I'm not show where we disagree man you would the question is is he here at trader. And everything else we're talking about I mean I I agree with the I think you know what they're doing with the. This -- the overzealous approach and you know really stamping and stomping on our constitution is wrong I think it's. The administration's out of control and they need to -- be held accountable and one of the ways you can do that is getting back to the dumbest thing -- you send someone down -- is. Not like the others. That. The last election was probably one -- on this data mining. Advertising. And blasting people's emails and web sites and and -- -- a conservative. Independent and I have received more junk mail from -- his campaign against Gomez in the last week and I know what to do it every day given piece of mail and how much money to -- off. The send out all that -- I don't get a single piece of mail from -- Single piece. Well if you look at politicos an article in Politico today about. How the Obama administration actually in their election cycle were able to. Troll and and get information in scrub it and really find too in the messaging and go after. Different types of groups and in terms of the mailings a lot of those are independent expenditures. The conservation voters rate here in masters spend half a million from -- Mostly outside you know obviously super -- type of efforts that make that happen. -- it's finally nice to meet you I'm -- Thank you -- I call him probably once a week. But anyway I thought I went to hell and back for you on both elections and I'll never forget the first election down and wrote holding your line. Like four -- with the wind chills of and degrees below zero. But. I disagree with you on this one. First -- -- You know. We talked about the NSA and there are other examples of government overreach we're hearing more and more about drones flying over the United States. We're hearing a lot of things about that and even those snowed in May be didn't do with the best way. The fact is he did what he did and I. I guess this guy must've been real scared to to open up his -- Wasn't there. Some guys that made a film about Islam and he's still in jail and I Hillary Clinton said. All I don't know if everything was based the Ben Ghazi was based upon the film and got all of the Muslim World Cup. And that I still in jail we haven't heard anything from him. And I don't know this behavior is corpus act or anything like that you know better than I what you look at third. But the fact is I think there was so much and usual government overreach even when I told Jeff -- in the morning I'm wondering. They gonna find out about their guy and me I'm wonder. Well like he was pulled Jeff homeowner I'm an American and I'm republic -- is the bureau. Public is no way to -- element that I disagree amazingly we disagree. Because you're calling him right. I called him a traitor and said. I don't know if he's a traitor hero and -- and I I I agree I think it's important that he got the information out that's nice that okay so we're well as well as well thing is. I know he's a hero I wouldn't have to think about it I know he's the hero. That's all I want to say let's get all of us know all the facts first OK and -- also killed one final thing I hope you'll be talking about illegal aliens. I've got a couple questions here later what do we will talk about that later on thank you. I believe. It this is just -- but don't let a serious crisis go to waste. I believe that the government put him multi hit. To cut cover -- guys just another way to change it to -- feat that's -- it is what happened Julius decides what happened Bradley Manning. What happened guy with the video where are all these people that supposedly caused so much trouble it created a crisis a coming out and you want in our caught. It's just another creating crisis the cover roughing gutsy that's notice. While I gotta tell you one thing -- The moment. That story broke it was obvious to me it was terrorism related. The first question I had right away it was talk when we were able to rescue work people there. And when they win on the media narrative I remember as a result in beautiful girl even then and I was in -- You -- beautiful. And so great tonight repaired without -- it. And proxy. My executive producer calls me up and he says yeah you gotta get -- hospital. You guys see what's going on in and got. So finally make it home I'm watching while I'm watching CNN. I can -- this the media narrative is why did wrong come out who quickly. And proclaimed this to be terrorists but he's not. He should be speaking like the president and I'm thinking it. Our ambassador is that. Three other Americans are dead. Our US compound has been reached. And you're talking about Mitt Romney released this statement. And the media knew right away. That this was terrorist. Everybody knew it. Everybody knew al-Qaeda with. The president of Libya came out openly say and are out real with behind the east or out. And yet the media swept it under the -- because and repeal. That this administration which ran throughout summary of the democratic national and what was -- -- -- -- Well even -- get out -- alive and well and it's just kill Americans that. To me it's with criminal opera. Perpetrated by this administration from the get go and the more like rotten. Cheryl Mills operated out Hillary's. Lawyer and chief of staff. We now know Victorian knowledge -- spokesperson. Manipulate the intelligence. They went and worked well to -- of the talking. -- rob and rob and brought. Now Indian. Hillary Clinton is responsible. Susan Rice is responsible. And ultimately the president is responsible. And the question I. For many Republicans with what does it take to impeach is out of control criminal. If this is not. -- -- -- -- And I've lived here my whole life -- my parents and grandparents and great grandparents. On and I'm very scared. Of -- what's happening in our future because I don't think voting works. I don't think our laws or we can all sit and talk about it every morning every afternoon every evening every town meeting. But nothing's ever gonna work and that the numbers -- in the numbers of not getting further and further apart and we're falling appalling and I don't see where it's going. And I hate. It sometimes think that. Maybe two centuries. The people gonna think America and it was just a blip in history in time. And we have -- that we ever existed because of Roman empire -- a lot longer than 250 years. I don't know what to 2000. Because I was recently -- The key party barbecue and -- are we beautiful part of the state. And gorges. I mean I don't know people realized that. Boston's a great city but there parts of Massachusetts urges them. And this is exactly the sentiment that people -- much scandal after scandal. It's the NSA the rest guys spying on the press now that are drones conducting surveillance over us guys. It's fast and furious it just doesn't end. It's it seems like it's hopeless. I gotta tell you now maybe it's mean maybe because I got a great white maybe because I'm just happy with my kids. But I'm I'm optimistic I'll -- -- line. I'm talking Republicans on Capitol Hill I'm talking to some Democrats on Capitol Hill to my sources are telling me this regime is imploding. Its popularity is plummeting. He's lost the trust that the majority of the American people his poll numbers are now. And I am telling you that Democrats. Are demoralized. Liberals are demoralized. He is not the liberal messiah they thought he wants. And what you're seeing especially in the rest of the country in middle America I believe your racing here in this state it's -- the in this state. You were seen a ripple in middle America. That taxpayers of this state and in this country right here. And there is now growing backlash. And it is intense. You think 2010. With a route for the Democrats. They -- -- -- seen nothing yet. You look at. Being reported being broadcast over the New York jail so people can only do this. You're gonna see -- -- party Republicans make big gains in the house. You're gonna see Republicans regain control of the senate. You're gonna see tremendous. Momentum turn against Obama I think he may even be impeached. And by 116. 79. In 1980 with Carter with loopholes. And within a year we got Reagan and the Reagan revolution. My friends I'm telling you our time is coming. All we have to do was -- Jeff. -- and I could impeach Obama. He's black. -- -- then Susan Rice the black. Eric Holder was black. But it -- prejudice here. You put the -- deeply black -- you stay there for a seat you get a hold -- contempt and competent. -- do it all -- long. What we have here is we have one network which is Fox News. It's gonna let -- be driven network told me that before that. Always on the networks from bed with this Fuji every one of them. In all the people that look at those networks. ABC MSNBC. CNN. Chris Matthews -- crybaby that he is. They also important gene if people look at it all night long they -- brainwashed. There's only one network they expose these guys who they are. Into other people jump on what. On the look at him why -- allowed to print job to newspaper reading get away with it why they held -- what things they say well they keep on going on. People need to be more informed -- marketing the right information. Administration. Already playing the race card the liberal media is playing the race card. Yeah I mean the other race -- to protect Obama if you criticize the bombing your racist follow -- there's only one problem. The economy is stagnant. Europe is now breaking up bureaus don't rocking out. Italy is now on the verge of going bankrupt Spain is on the verge of going bankrupt Greece is basically economic collapse and the economic signs are not good this -- he's rushing based upon. And what's gonna happen is you're gonna see the country began to slowly turn against Obama and me anyway because because the state ports. It was his fatal mistake mark my words. And even many Democrats are livid about -- they can't stand or cold. When he spied on press. When he went after EP. When he went after Fox News when he went after CBS news and Cheryl Atkinson it literally is think of this think the McCain. Who surrounded by his palace guard that was that was the media and so drunk with power and so drunk with hubris. He just start shooting the palace garden about. And that's what he did. And I am telling you if you're noticing now AP -- -- -- percent are sources of posting warned the government. This guy is interfering in the news gathering operations of the major wire service one of the biggest in the world. So he's media elite that coddled him for so long. They now feel betrayed. They now feels that happened about. So slowly but surely have you noticed that trip determining that did not go well for the cheerleader. 6000 Germans showed up it wasn't 250000. So what I'm saying is that. The computer is off. And he's starting to be exposed for the con man and Charlotte and use and I got -- say this this has been eerily reminiscent to -- of water. It's drip drip drip drip and every day scandal -- I think it without. I'm telling you. Don't be surprised if and when he fourteen. You have a Republican House and Republicans sent. That looks -- all of these crimes. All of these misdemeanors. With the public turning against them and they say you know again. Mr. nearly either you resign or we impeach. I'm saying don't count -- out. And even if not. Once he hit loses control of congress it's game set and match. Paralyzed we stop Obama hole. -- -- Just one moment the biggest problem might see today that the Republicans. Working towards getting this team ladies the Democrats are just slow. We stop them from. And misses. This -- -- -- and I. Want him. And beat themselves. I think the problem that we. Support and if you party. Is under bush we had a great society republic. And it was this -- pop the social. Under Obama with a fast track so. But either way we're going in the same direction. And what I think is now happening to the astonishment that the Republican. And you know thesis. They don't see it disaffection in the country. -- don't see the alienation among many middle class Americans and tax -- And I think it's now time for us this -- Who control the Republican Party. Is it establishment. Or is at odds with grass roots conservatives. Who go out in the snow. And campaign for people and put up signs. And go mailbox to mailbox to outlaw the shock troops. Or is it the only the containers. And Mitch McConnell. And John McCain and the mark -- And I think the Republicans are. And my suggestion to. -- that he or mutual or. It's all conservative. In the it. Eleanor remind everybody -- broadcasting live line and six AD WRQ loss in and it needs -- -- on. Thanks sponsors again. This town hall meeting it's brought to you I've lost an independent group perfect smiles. And security choice an ADT. Authorized. Dealer. Next topic. Hillary in 2016. Mr. Business Scott Brown I got to ask you does think -- hurts. Her chances. I think it's too early to tell it should certainly it should her chances that I agree Jeff. It starts at the president goes out of his secretary's Dayton and down from there are so we should obviously. Should affect her and her run right. You know as the clintons they have a machine. -- -- I can highlight -- because caught a follow. You've gone to Iowa. There to visit now is that people are talking about you going Iowa. Would you run for the Republican nomination in 2060. I think it's too early to say I think there's a lot of good candidates that you question Marco when you questioned Senator McCain and beat me. I think we do disagree I think John McCain is a national hero. Somebody who gives. What he's given to this country and serve this country and dignity and respect. Being a POW and any man of rhythm once again here's here's the problem with a party so you have somebody. As I agree with term limits I it was a strong term limits supporter I agree with -- so I don't know the answer your question. Everyone's gotta go great then everybody here should should go Enron if you're -- Tea Party -- go run. Sullivan granny get 40000 votes in Massachusetts. Was and what a Tea Party members they are concerned about the fiscal and financial future of our country. So -- so was every other Republican I know in Washington in in this country deeply concerned about the issues that. Excuse me. -- to keep spending. Listen. I think you need to check the records in terms of the votes that a lot of the people have on these very real issues -- say voted for Obama is just -- It was already money within the system was in nineteen billion dollar jobs bill. That directly affected Massachusetts in getting people back to work after checking with all the chambers of commerce and a lot of -- The groups are deeply affected by that the time we're in a financial and fiscal emergency in. People are working yet again nineteen billion dollars out into the system a money already within the system that wouldn't rate -- yeah I voted for is proud to do it. I felt it was important to get people back to work as a tough choices you have to take. He. Ever had there. My problem with your analysis though is we had Bob Dole gets rushed McCain gets crushed. -- W bush needs a Supreme Court to win the presidency. Is. Wallop you know is -- re wrong you barely wins that but at. -- got a guy like Ronald Reagan goals and finally you know -- and get a national -- going. I love those guys that you mentioned John McCain national hero. You know I am so grateful that you won last time to read that but we get another Mitt Romney great guy. Right. But he's gonna get. It's a cyclical open democracy is messy yeah yeah to answer your question about you wanting to give up and in almost crying democracy is messy it's not meant to be this. Brief you know this like. -- yeah everything's predictable and understandable it's messy that's what makes our country the greatest country in the world is the fact that we. Have a democracy we have these cycles it happened you know. Very rarely in I think it's important we have we ended the first black president we wasn't a shot fired. We had a reelection we have an orderly transition in our process of voting and electing people -- and the key is to is to get a lot of those people I know for a fact that there are people in this audience right now. Who didn't vote for me who didn't vote for rich to say Mitt Romney when we get a chance to basically put that the nails in the coffin. Here in Massachusetts and nationally and because of the ideological purity test. Didn't get out and vote that's fine. Now you have Warren and you're gonna have potentially Markey and you're gonna have this this juggernaut it's gonna be down there. For a little longer than we anticipated. That's democracy you know you live by the sword die by the sword.