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Town Hall Segment 3: Rinos, illegal immigration and what can we do

Jun 21, 2013|

What can you do? What are our public options when it comes to making a difference? Jeff Kuhner and Scott Brown then discuss immigration and its impact on our country. Jeff offers his own experience as an example of legal immigration and the costs associated with it.

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Gentlemen. And I use that term with -- enthusiast. I have Jews say that Hillary's interesting but the problem right now is this coming Tuesday. Anything beyond that. Has a lot to do with what happens Tuesday. And yet I've said this before right and when. When pop was defeated his -- of people on hand home because they weren't ideologically pure. I'm happy now because what the thing yet he Elizabeth Warren. A and -- Sometimes you have to compromise that we Ronald Reagan's idea was a big tent. And unfortunately -- some people want to make attempts smaller and smaller and more ideologically fuel. Now -- -- -- pro life pro choice or whatever. You have your choice of two candidates nothing else. -- pupil nothing else. You're given it to him are so I would hope that the people were very very conservative. And have single issues rarely drive them. We'll consider what we're not fruitful we'll be if they do not pull it. At least for the lesser of two weevils. I'm sorry if I have to say about -- but unfortunately it happens tacklers like quickly. You wanna -- that's Canadian imports I've seen so. Since around memorial. Thus far. The problem you're jag officer you're a lawyer you know a little bit about the political system legally. Is there anyway we can buy. Us the Department of Justice meaning. Our friend mr. holder. To get him and the congress impeach or do anything and we've got class action lawsuit and -- any boring sort of an armed revolution. What and we do yeah I'm not a constitutional lawyer let me tell -- I called -- -- firing or resignation almost two years ago between what happened with fast and furious. What happened with -- -- -- he wanted to try KS down in New York City. You know it would through but it obviously you're seeing our country in jeopardy what he's been doing now -- called -- -- and -- it. Now I'm on how -- show and others listen. It's a no brainer he should be on rule long before now. Is there -- way to do it probably not. Because the president he's a presidential appointee obviously and you know it's it's a problem. Yes yes yes he has. As I'm not a I'm not a constitutional lawyer I I haven't looked at vapid it's good to think about it I'll try to find out and well lenient number after all all he milieu of volume. Thank you. I so a lot of people wondering if Chris Christie is navy laying ground work for a center right turn. Not to run for president -- and it. Let's and I know Chris. Nice fundraiser -- a month ago. He's one of the nicest honest hard working men and or man number one. I'm guessing and it's great that he wasn't invited to the seat back convention because of the -- and here and -- got a guy with a 76%. Approval rate. And democratic New Jersey who's done more for that state to lower taxes battle against the unions get the pensions and the control. And you gonna throw my under the bus because of what you Obama. He's fighting for his state to get -- the monies that those people needed because of the devastation really. That's a problem right there. Got a guy who has the ability to be a good theater for our country. Whose -- step children who never would've should've won that race he did. He's been doing -- work he's got a 76%. Approval rating right now he's gonna. He's got a kick button that election and when I can make him a chance to try to develop his career further. I hope. Rand Paul on the respective and it might yet I know those guys are good guys are right but they're not. Mainstream American number one. They hard workers -- respect the hell out of what Graham did. If I could if I could just finish. I respect the hell -- -- right -- -- -- about how we filibustered because there's money only tools left for him to get the information that we needed. I'm being guys in every other issue affecting us -- procedural things that he's taken advantage of -- But he's he's never passed a bill. He's. He he has of plays a very important role. In the Republican Party as does every other person. As has Olympia Snowe John McCain Rand Paul Marco Rubio word teamwork collective team when -- just one. Party. That's the problem folks. -- we're we're a party of individuals not of clones. And each person plays a very valuable role when -- ran out of their filibustering every person who is behind him in the Republican Party. In the United States senate. All the respect I was there are spoken of virtually everybody they were very supportive of his efforts to get the information. Okay there's a way to do it. He took advantage of an opportunity any -- brought to light. Something very important in miserable for him as as a role for Olympia Snowe from Maine I mean we I happen. You had -- Susan closet there -- is gone now and if a Democrat independent Democrat. So you can lose somebody who's the sixty semi is she's well. Yeah period. Us islamists is one of the most accomplished legislators in our country's history. Who had a tremendous amount of respect from both sides and can command. I felt an audience of any world leaders have them basically put somebody in there's going to be a rubber stamp them excellence. As the night -- there who's got the night that you have a question. We've lost OK okay out. Wide. Keep this party train moving. Don't move on we don't know I'm gonna come and knowing there's no moving on here on the island to meet you oh you know. People always tell me let it rip on like normal homo. What it's for national comedic relief. Saturday night life. Keep just keep George always. It was a great guy to have a beer with. Listen I have a big mouth but when scared me. Used it a little bit ago. -- -- -- We cannot handle on Macs. We don't have a mess. We get lied to constantly. Daily. Why everybody. You trying to figure out what truth is it's almost impossible it's infuriating. When you hear this stuff. And all this is what we can do we sit we talk. We need to know what exactly. To do to get as seasonal. It's easy to break -- Jeff. Was listening to him this morning. And he said he's gonna hold another town hall encourage each and every one of you to run for school committee. Select and state rep states senate and congress I think that's great and Michael rants of those things one of the my wife of value I was at a select men's meeting. In rent them. And it was back and rent and was a different town and we had some -- in there who basically were. Route to everybody and they on the they've been there forever. And I went up to one of them after -- -- -- town Edmonton oiler and a little bassinet -- -- never heard people -- trees so disrespectfully. As if you don't like it -- arguably been run against me. Okay. And I ever tell in my life -- happening says it on you coming home and complain and whine just Ron. All right that's what you have to do folks like all the complaints you think you this again at whatever I sleep very well at night. Give ample use of put yourself out there and see what it's like. OK if you're tired and you're complaining. And your -- your -- breathing -- and and if you don't want Iran and help somebody run you help them raise money. Get involved in some type of deal. Or some type of group it's gonna get involved politically. Just listen you obviously all care your year. In the -- -- you care to listen Jeff. You know you have some mild cerebral problems -- We really like but he says and obviously you like but he says and that's okay you care so you're here you care. You're complaining here and you're frustrated you crying almost. The get involved and about it. Pick up papers for -- local school committee. Yeah finance committee of border residents -- men whatever you wanna do and just. Hundred I -- email. I have to -- you really nailed it and the next town hall was talking about it with crooks and we're going to be doing is we think tentatively July 17 but will get a firm date. He's gonna have Sean O'Connell state representative from. Good on TV he fraud and welfare reform or because we need to really be educated on that issue. But the bigger issue is this. She was and mother. And I -- mothers -- a mother. And but she wasn't professional she didn't have a job ranking which is just you know mother with two daughters just think you know I cut it. I'm gonna run. Can -- -- -- becoming an answer from she's a great lady I helped her get elected I remember Hewitt against -- if you remember. Represented -- he's the one that said because of a use. She amazing postcard reopen an upgrade a card and it basically -- in speech on the house floor where he said. He was gonna make sure that your kids went to therapy. That they wouldn't sleep at night. Because of drunk driving laws revenues and GAAP and cross examine and make sure that they. You know other than never normal again their lives that's the guy that she ran against and used his own words to criticize and she won by 56 votes of my memory serves he went through a recount. So wonderful -- really wonderful woman. Hard hard worker. Those are the types of people like you -- in this crowd -- say you know that's enough who run against someone so. We have. Forty. State senators in Massachusetts. For Republicans. We have a 160 state representatives. This 3233. State -- Republicans. Three speakers indicted ones in jail for senators indicted ones in jail a treasury stand. -- scandal probation scandal a crime lab scandal and EDT scandal we have a crime inspection. I can -- Drug lab inspection. Problem that led to deaths. It's not a big deal of governors -- a big deal rumors of problems. Many have while that's that's yesterday I was like three when he was. But those are the types of things that we here in Massachusetts and that we don't have anybody running against the the democratic state wraps. So it's you know we have ourselves to -- It's it's a run for state -- listen when I ran for state rep the first time I ran to every house in the district I said. Scott Brown he's running for you and I ran to every house in the dispute about it -- -- on both want me. You can run for state raping and shoe leather it's about thirty to 40000 people. You can run for selectmen and town like rent them and has eight or 9000 people. Or wherever -- from you can run for school committee finance committee you know you recreation you can do it. So money plays a role certainly in my election 42 million dollars and to raise but an estate reparation -- -- 2030000 dollars. -- -- I I have to agree with exactly what you said and two of the points particularly. That you need to get in law and also what was just alluded to now as it takes money to do that. And both my wife and I have supported pupil of New York campaigns and we have voluntarily donated money to help support you. But my -- as a member of the union. That supported. Elizabeth Warren and the loss rates so we involuntarily. Supporter. Her financially. So what can be done about that and what what what do we do and if the public let them know what can be done what an individual union members do. To control. Listen. Unions are different breed and when it comes to that sort of thing has been many attempts to try to. Take it that way the ability for your money and go directly to a candidate that you don't want to support. So many efforts they've all failed. You look when you have what's happening in M in Washington. The NLRB. I'm going in -- actions against. States when they wanna have a right to work and they have the ability to put. You know company and a stated it's out of control. Listen and you have to. Obviously vote against the union in terms of I'm hopefully you voted for me and so that's the money's important but the vote is the most important thing. Yeah yeah. Yeah I'm. Let's I had all the police unions itself mascots endorsements and masters -- The firefighters a they came -- hard for her even though I was working on all their issues and and almost an 89% voting record -- there -- issues that and they get the word from the National League managers do the through their own thing. Is there a role for unions absolutely -- and the unions. I mean after you fell in after -- No I didn't -- And of those in Canada yesterday. Officers is active after yet to be remembered after -- Now -- and show them. So you know you know there are there there isn't an eight footer overall there is a role for unions and just what you were to go around for everybody -- just it's fully worked ignore you just can't be. You know. He can't be greedy. Following the top and I think we're getting close. -- and yes there. Thank you. -- -- wives. Pay you to impeach Obama. Good experience. Wise. And -- than me. -- Obama was on institutions. Experience and sole message. Management. Will put you. The mission. The nation's. -- You would. Quote this week. -- Yesterday it cools the classical. -- to finish and born in the country. -- possible. Citizens. Animal -- Obama. Does well but if it needs to be. Roommates but. -- When you play your opinions on the the corporation. I'm sorry I can hear. Basically he's saying is it was a he thinks Obama with a dose I think and I think that's been asked and answered you know not even gonna comment on map. -- -- it's been answered throughout the last 34 years and everybody has a different answer. Scott does that mean you go down to the press room OK in your show something after. After rot Donald Trump okay put some pressure on you. All I'm an idiot that I am pressure on me I've never -- zone problems monogamy. But don't ask him. -- you when nine knows we wouldn't have been disagreement. And now on the docket at the High Court at the United States Supreme Court without these. It ranked two -- itself. Does that docket. Now I -- it not. I'm glad -- -- Even with yourself. In the national. All -- -- call you all why would somebody. Spend millions of dollars with a list. Okay that went down in two discomfort every single -- and fight that would only when equal pay. Two years. Almost -- he was found in the press room. With some opted caught. It quickly met the -- to show that. Which one does that make as well who. I don't think you -- care your opinion. Idea I think he's been born I think he's the United States citizen until proven otherwise. You know he's he's our president I mean I'd agree with them but I respect -- the obvious -- the office of president. Don't necessarily agree with the positions he's putting out. Just like a respected general that I don't -- they respect the obviously the position of general don't necessarily agree with -- listen I'm focusing on the things that matter are -- deficit taxes spending jobs national security energy. The safety and security of our kids that cannot be bombed -- -- and patriots day event so you know we can talk about that. I'm gonna let other people handle that right now wanna focus on a seventeen trillion. Dollar rising debt. Affected our jobs are stagnant and unemployment claims drop. That we're in deep trouble that Lou we're -- her and the middle of sequestration which is obviously putting some for. It is a joke -- the president has turned back. The president is turned Baghdad transfer authority and not allowed his generals and secretaries do their jobs gets a joke it's a political joke is planning a money. I can tell you that first and it's funny money there. They're terrible Steward of our money in the -- CBO -- -- this immigration issue I think that you or someone else's time about. You can get any type of number -- names does CBO did you -- -- set. I hate it when they see all the CBO says it's like god says that now CBO you give a set of facts they can't deviate one inch one -- and when Milledge. Four not one centimeter I mean from. The formula -- being given saying come up with any numbers I don't believe the CBO I never have. So there's so many things that we need to focus on and what we're more about the guy -- and a in his birth certificate and now I think we have I think we have other things to -- And -- let's move the topic on let it let's talk about it it just briefly earlier in thinking of eight in -- you guys. What needs to be fixed. And Tennessee you know you talk about Reagan did it earlier this morning -- what's the problem. There's a problem when Reagan did they didn't enforce lies thereafter. They should have been forced analyze knowledge before but after we have playoff -- they just don't enforce them. With regard to the gang of -- nice I've spoken to mark I read the bill like I spoke to -- senator through in this morning. I spoke to a couple other senators to see where it stands more than likely gonna pass the senate. Border enforcement the first thing you should do well called them dumped on us -- on them Alitalia new senators OK tell them I feel. That's right they won't listen thank you. So you strong border enforcement giving our our Border Patrol folks the tools and resources and the ability to defend themselves -- -- That's the person for the the second thing we should have -- have a makes a determination. And gives holds our employers harmless in the event that somebody is using some type of fraudulent means to give them an idea vacations so we can verify that the people here -- remember 40%. Of the people that are here illegally. Were once here illegally and it just overstayed their their work or student or the visas so there's no tracking mechanism we have to obviously fix that. We we have to provide the adequate resources to is it more border agents is it more approving authorities is new computers. And what do they need to actually do that do their jobs. Because they're not because they're not doing their job with the resources that they have. So while I commend Marco for bringing this up because it's clear we have to do something we have to enforce the laws. We got to strengthen the border we have to do all these other things -- said. To him and I've said that many others if that doesn't include those basic things first. It's not something I could support. But once again because -- you and others like you I don't have the chance to vote against it but are right you opened Paul Revere in -- marquis down there. And you don't vote for me in and you're gonna have to senators vote for it so it's not a big deal. I already said -- Q I honest and let -- would you vote in the senate bill and as it stands right now now. -- Excuse me. Really I -- other respect they have the respectfully disagree. Yeah okay. What would I change vote obviously they're focusing on there is no border security mechanism right now they're working. As you referenced senator Corcoran senator. I hope and a working on an amendment whether passes increased 700 border guards are once again and you gonna get 700 new union. You know in -- government employees so let's say it's kind of casually too. If if I can just finished with the thought process here. And then. One of the things that Marcos said in the beginning it was that he would not. That no illegal get any benefits whatsoever. That there would be a pathway to working. Talent just -- -- he said if you don't wanna hear it's fine it would be a pathway to working. Get rid of all the guys that have criminal and other drugs and other records get them out of the country. The people that are here that are have not done anything aside from being here illegally obviously. I give them a path we're working a thirteen year. After a ten to thirteen years paying fine 500 dollars is not enough. And then they would get behind the four point three million people that are doing it legally. That's what the original proposal was that something -- -- -- -- I'll wait and listen I'd like to learn more about it he's been working on for two years. See what happens if he can do all those things they don't get any benefits you straight in the border. You make sure that you have the verification you have all the other checks and balances in the -- a strong fine system. And make sure that it doesn't have the ability be -- -- a part of course is gonna we -- you know and I know it. If that's -- and I would think about voting for it yeah. But that's not the case the best -- the -- that's what that's not what's happening.