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Town Hall Segment 1: The Massachusetts Senate special election

Jun 21, 2013|

Scott Brown and Jeff Kuhner talk about the special senate election. The two talk about the Republican party in Massachusetts and the challenges it faces when it comes to running against "The Machine". The two discuss Gabriel Gomez as a candidate, his platform and how he has performed in debates. Kuhner dives into his concerns around Ed Markey and what Gomez needs to do to defeat him in the special election.

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Good evening everybody -- little -- you tonight welcome. -- -- okay. -- the island pretty. Beautiful and it is it unites. Welcome to -- WRKO mom hall events. But it's -- you heard -- on points evidently aren't you the onion news anchor also Eackles I'll be fine -- there are. All right so tonight we came out. Mr. -- in the house he is your morning drive. At AM 680 WR -- And former US senator Scott Brown is without. And we all will have the. The privilege of listening to bulk of these men -- talk about the upcoming special senate election national security privacy. -- me and the high Cyrus scandal and hours. We want to ask questions we are questions tonight. Introduced you the man who has brought his unique. To pop. Talk radio here in Boston he eats you up every morning wake me up every morning. And is well. At three entertaining please welcome. Mr. -- there. But coming here tonight and I -- -- one thank. Former US senator Scott Brown for being here very gracious of him. It's going to be broadcast -- on WRKO. Commercial -- for the next two hours so a lot of people are going to be listening to this debate before again. I gotta say my wife told me and I walked out the door race. She goes yeah. You don't look it's who you don't get is dressed up for me. I says well hey. I gotta keep up with you tonight. So before we begin I really wanna stretch which you said you really want you to ask questions give us your comments -- want as much. Feedback from you is this is wrong about you. And answering your questions and your needs and and your thoughts on the issues of today. Let me begin by first kicking it off to Scott. Scott has you know -- story. Well let me say -- it can and do their fair share. I said Ohio as well want to thank each and every one of you for taking time might wanna thank you for your kind words -- got here early in that most of you so thank you. They give you support your votes your hard work and thank you for participating tonight it should be fun. You listen occasionally when I have elements and enjoy the -- was wells so let's go. Gonna pick your brain on this obviously the big issue confronting people in Boston Massachusetts is excellent. Marquis -- moments. As somebody who's been through it -- high schools. Let me ask you three very quick question one do you handicap the -- on race what's your assessment right now. Question number two. You recently set that in your view Gomez was quote great candidate unquote. Why. And my third question. Is because he's a rhino what you. Well first of all I've been called a lot of things right there was one thing you receive that. You can any American. -- Another young guys -- not lining it wrong here. You can in -- country reasons and kicked the crap out of people like almost a century. And note and actually moving to rent them. Great many hold the line. -- -- just listen to just always talks about me and show you lose. These types of ammunition you know the -- this among -- not only tonight. That I bring them a nice little memento. I. It says -- yeah. But. People always think you know me. Keep the faith Scott brown and indeed you know he's also moving to rent them. So I have contacted the police to get a restraining. Game. The league well at this moment here on the most. Yeah right next whose screen saver of the other pictures. So anyway listen. I think it's going to be single digits it I don't know which way yet. Obviously Gomez is down. You have a choice I was walking in and jealousy on voting for Paul Revere. That's great but straight calorie -- dead but Yang and a vocal -- Revere is a vote for Ed Markey. If you want to vote for somebody -- race. Your taxes 227. Times and vote for -- there. But if you wanna actually be part of the process them and have a valid say in what's happening in this race right now you get out and vote period. And then I would vote for anybody but -- quite frankly because we have already enough people down there with a rubber stamps. We're gonna just walked down walked down the hallway and walk right in the chamber look at Harry reinstate. I vote. And that's what they do I've seen it it happens all the time. Is -- -- great candidate -- anybody who wants to put themselves out to the public scrutiny and get criticized by people like you and others. Constant barrage of personal attacks. When he's a self made guy navy seal pilot. Family men hard work you're doing it for the flag. Villanova or any other reason went through the process and validates the great -- I thought. It doesn't have a chance absolutely had a chance but it's up to each and every one of remember. About this time last time I was down I think six or seven points about where he is. So he is -- you have a chance you have a choice to make another statement to show the people down and Washington as dysfunctional as it is that you still. I haven't I haven't an opportunity. To -- -- and that's enough. That's enough we're done. We've -- being guys -- -- done with the IRS would down with wood down with the eight. Send a message. That's what I think. Dwelling -- that I agree with you. I definitely think mark is the enemy. I think he'd be disaster for this date. I think there's no question about it on many levels you have a man who's been in congress for forty years. I literally could not make this out he never IQ Juneau never. Met a tax increase in support. Nearly 300 tax increases in his career against the front. So you have a man who pretends to be the champion of the working and middle lots who has led the workers and taxpayers of this -- white. I can -- number one. Number two and can even more important. And this is where I have to criticized moments. And he talks about being in the political and public arena I'm in the political and public arena I get hammered all but that's that's what I choose to do when you get in the public up. Gomez is not running on the -- He's not running on -- god he's not running on repealing obamacare. I think if you went hate if you went national frankly the way it's got its first time when he. There and that he party not -- -- in victory I think or made much better position what is he really running. He's running long term I'm. Okay. But it's not gonna get. Joe Schmo in -- office here as well walk him wolf. So I think his strategy is wrong. I think it's it's fundamentally flawed. I think he has been aggressive enough. I think he's making the same mistake that Mitt Romney is not making the walk all -- east killing him. With negative after it happened I think he's prepared on the one. You can't. Pardon me. But it. It. It. I know I mean you know what the third -- but with best debate. But even then unit marking off the hook again and again and again so it's been -- mark. You mean literally you put him on the ballot hall. Mark. So until that -- Union and it went spinal shock expert on this race should -- -- You have carpetbagger. And mark. Time is bottom Massachusetts. Where. -- -- He spent decades -- Jason that well one point three million well I think it's primary residence so. -- -- A man who live picture chase and now. Represented in the people of Massachusetts in the west. Can meet that moment that can stay on package. When it's the defund repeal it I think it's huge. So what do you think at that moment it's not way. I've stated before policy yet. He had a couple of hear me it's bound to Chevy Chase I've seen bacteria temperature ice Detroit put all the time. It's fun. Each one million dollar home after my -- Gore right -- help -- make a couple of pictures video knock on the door right there the -- 1 o'clock. It's not all eyes filling it all and -- there. Sleeping from sucking on the dog and picking Amman. And he comes -- in his role what it will find probably the one place. And you think your futures. Response. And you move it and you will pick and you will -- And I think -- and -- but nice guys finish last. In light and well. And I -- -- that I think we interviews with them in my. Out. But I got us here in the eighties. If you want to win I got to see this. You -- that moment. Oh. You back taxes on that property insurers are had a lot to me. That's another issue I mean he releases his tax returns Anderson just shall go -- -- not. It does not -- in his address and everything's obviously. If I were the Republicans I would camera that issue over and over again so I asked him straight up in the that -- like today at. -- resident of Massachusetts. Or -- evidence that -- pick your pit because you shouldn't be spending on -- chase. Yes and I'm not them me. And he's new he's inexperienced he's doing his very best he doesn't have a lot of money isn't a big team and you know part of running in putting yourself out there is you know make mistakes I've made them and human who's run for political office. Has made mistakes. Could he do things finisher. Yet you look himself in the mirror and wake up and say you know. I did what I felt was right now Jeff governor Scott Brown -- though was right when he thought was right for him for his family for that for the state and country. And that's where he's so he's gonna live and die with his own efforts. So I wish him well I encourage -- -- ago -- party voted absentee ballot for him and over till it's over for access the Yankees that. Of course his campaign manager listen if you have any specific questions. About how to help them you know go -- and his website pick up the phone. -- This is. Listen there's 11%. Republican and -- in Massachusetts the thirty plus Democrat restaurant in her own independence. The problem -- our party is we have eleven communion the tea party of fiscal concerns of social concerns. The moderates and liberals and we basically fighting over scraps. You know you know effort Jeff you know it doesn't agree with -- voting kicks the crap economy. It's great so he's gonna basically. Belittle and demean me in in criticized my votes and basically subdue my case people here this don't agree with that well in this vote. But that's great. Because it doesn't help. Mean certainly helps the Democrats that's what they want we have to find a way to be more inclusive and be more respectful and open minded when it comes to our own party. Because I've found they're good people on both sides of every issue. That being said we have an opportunity if we combine together and find somebody who's maybe 607080%. Friend vs yet. 100% enemy lately that now you've -- senator Warren in Seneca. We can make. So you have no representation you have all Democrats who just rubber stamps they have been down there for ever. And us that's what we get if we don't start to kind of have a little bit of tolerance and and respect for people within our party. Listen we were all Americans first okay. -- Democrats and independents -- Americans first. -- you got to find a way to got to find a way to figure it out and put our country's interest first that's what I tried to do that's what he's trying to do and and you know we'll see what happens to accept you so next topic. -- gonna move it along that we're gonna get you got some microphones to an accurate they aren't they should be down here in a couple of minutes. And get -- let you know -- we have a couple of sponsors I have to thank Boston independence group perfect smiles and security choice they -- in ADT authorized dealer. And our next topic. Is I think remove an ugly is the -- scandal yes the -- scandal. -- -- that's easy. This and bottom line is. To think you have people like Jeanne Shaheen. Chuck Schumer Al Franken. Michael -- signing a letter you know when you're in the United States -- you sign a letter. Agencies listen I can tell you that firsthand. -- and another -- from Saturday through it no they don't throw it away they actually pay attention to when you send a letter to the IRS saying oh. The way we look at these conservative groups and maybe do a little bit of due diligence and busting chops we have for us. They're gonna listen. And as a result of what they've done and you saw what happened what they -- is completely and totally unacceptable number one. They should be a top to bottom review including an audit of the IRS to see how -- wasting our -- with more all of these these little -- that they have in these. And seminars -- -- fifty million of your tax dollars. Ahead should've -- long before this and to think that it could stop where they say it's not I'm not quite frankly shore and it's not over yet. You can have a lot of very. Intense. Inquiries coming up over that as well as the AP as well as being guys he. Let me just shift -- is -- guys I was involved in those hearings I can tell you all the hearings I had. When they were in this gift which is the you know the top secret briefing area that we go to when we we were interviewing -- in net questioning cross examining Hillary Clinton in the entire everybody on the team associate and I can tell you firsthand. That that was the most. Unbelievable. Squirming in avoidance of answering it -- direct question that I have ever. Experience in my entire life. OK so. What difference doesn't -- Whatever it doesn't make it's not over till it's over that's what difference it makes. Because these things take time because you have to cut through all the layers of bureaucracy. And in BS quite frankly to make sure that you can get to the truth. That's the problem you have to go to all these players in you know half truths and find this in mind that in and demand this -- get through subpoena or another and I'm private and independent auditors and investigators you gotta find the truth yeah. So what do you what is the choice you wanna give up on -- and give up so you shouldn't give up. So you have to find ways to get to the truth. And if it. Yeah it. That's you know you have a choice -- -- -- -- -- on Tuesday is due to wind Tuesday that a choice -- that's a union backed him. In -- -- -- These people. -- -- yeah right now. This was in Washington is the most Washington as the most dysfunctional place that I've ever seen in my life you actually guys you rock in York on five million. It's this and there is a double standard. There's no doubt that's what's -- a problem and you know you get a get involved and stay involved like you doing here tonight. Well look if I can just what he sang and I think this is where things got in my pillow soft we just have a profound difference. I don't think you know he says if I disagree with that might beat them up or he says. If I don't agree with every voter IBM up well. The one I've been getting from northeastern Republicans. And so called moderate independent Republicans it's. In a blue state like Massachusetts. You gotta give a little. You -- to work across the god you gotta be bipartisan. Well OK let's flip it. -- that worker meant I'm. Part of that work for him against Elizabeth Warren. He voted with Obama 50% of the time. He -- Dodd-Frank. He agreed to raise our payroll taxes. He spoke out against the it -- assault weapons ban. I think he supported Obama's jobs bill that Democrats in the states today Lou. We company here is moderate on social issues. Sex marriage and pro choice who support what we were Democrats 50% on. We're gonna go pull the lever for spot. They get hot and and it happened and it happened and so my argument is the opposite. Notice that Democrats never that liberals never -- Democrats give away and work across the didn't get on obamacare. Didn't get on stimulus. Didn't get on raising our taxes. So it's obstruct obstruct obstruct lie about my life. Cheap cheap -- Yet when it comes courtside like compromised compromised compromised well I say something else. I think it's about time. We tell the Democrats in Washington. You have driven this country to the purchase of bankrupt you or -- and we're not. If you -- could just raise your hands. And then -- in promotions will come over. And and it. -- -- I criticized -- Was on -- -- show right now he's asked point blank. Buy off enough to question. Do you support amnesty for illegal immigrants. Do you support quote comprehensive immigration reform. Now his answer wasn't. Something like. Well we should secure the border first -- the borders secured and Morgan -- what matters. That we're watching answer. Everybody can sort of see something and know what's that's. His answer is we have begun debate you send to Washington -- I don't mind I wanna go to Elizabeth warning that you think I have that. So I say. This is a complete betrayal. Of our national sovereignty. Awful workers and taxpayers of this state. What we talk about being reached any. Final. I'm illegal immigrant country. -- -- My first work visa when I went to The Washington Times 3500. Dollars. My second war -- 3500. Votes. Mike -- cardinal never forget this 171467. Votes. So you had the whole thing up it caught Jeff corner. One from the smoke from Canada. -- wanted odd thousand dollars. For the privilege of living and the president of the United States. But let the -- Nobody's read the over a 1008 and a little longer by the monstrosity. I swear him. I think into the Mexican border -- -- biggest mistake. Don't let that go off 500. -- fine. And even about 500 dollar fine I -- If it can be waved at the discretion. Of all of us secretary of Homeland Security Janet couple. I'm thinking. What -- -- Well I mean it from I want you -- my permission spot on just what. They're doing along with doctor. 5000 dollars -- should've gone from the ultimately the one who directs. You're gonna alienate -- here they say. They're not -- do with. -- to stage now I call I just -- a couple of reports coming up Washington. I think commitment. For manually. I'll give you the most important to not be Edward. -- victory. It's not just a major victory for all wrong. It is a fundamental blow to representative democracy itself. Because. This is a fundamental principle of America we are -- government of the people by the people for the people. And our elected leaders should come from us. They should live and work among us in our faith but represented our interest and are out. Not somehow -- in America. Tim -- I think fundamental assault on representative democracy so don't act can be the most liberal Republican on the he lives in which one up he lives in last. He's a businessman -- -- based -- -- -- he lives in this bit on the long I'm voting for moments.