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Herald Reporter Laurel Sweet On Disgraced FBI Agent Testimony At The Bulger Trial

Jul 1, 2013|

Disgraced retired FBI Agent John Morris today vehemently denied that Whitey Bulger ever offered to “get rid of” his first wife to free him from a messy, costly divorce over his infidelity. We will speak with Boston Herald reporter Laurel Sweet who was at the trial.

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And today it was a very very interesting day in India the Whitey Bulger trial's most interest -- -- types I've I've had been there every day missed a couple of days by -- today it was the most interesting yeah I've seen. Just in terms of -- -- pure rod drama and though later on in the -- some some comedy from one of the drug deal I'm -- much in the murders or object discuss it was a drug dealer. It but he was that he was a pretty pretty. I would say you were strong -- But you know it's easier for me to talk about this when I have somebody with me who was who was at at the trial -- while also sees things that maybe I didn't see. But the majority is so joining us now is our laurels we have from Boston Herald she actually -- -- -- -- support mostly use exit downstairs in the overflow area. But it's it's pretty it's it's pretty good pretty good stuff I must -- -- -- What -- what you believe believe you've got on your story and I know there's two different leads here that you can go -- -- on the on the FB the crooked FBI agent John -- you know some people are going with the lead that he apologized to the family that -- family for tip from office. That describe Brian Howard was it was an FBI agent Bonnie you happen to be with -- -- murdered him. And then the of but I think they'll -- is that Whitey is claiming that he offer that white white he was asked to want them to put a hit -- -- To what kill lomb was asked by -- to kill Morrison's wife. Due to settle a divorce. Well it's not bad Morris would be Joseph our towers warmup acts. -- Well I'm glad I get to write about -- tower that's all right now that's that's that's that's my I don't have to worry about offending anybody I can just go for strictly one liners in the punch lines smaller kind of stuff but. -- -- -- -- understand through Larry it was comical -- them say that it's because it was more like an extra you know in the background rap act will be some. Right yeah I. I said Damon Runyon earlier I mean if they're there a lot of data in this guy is this -- the other guys that have been Damon Runyon like characters they've been in their seventies this guy this is in his fifties in these. But he just comes -- maybe he is like classics classic -- the eighties you know. We I'd forgotten about the thing that you could use white -- name I almost forgot that I. You know that no one was supposed to use white -- name it at all at any time that was like a you know damn near capital offense. But T he came up with -- patent but he didn't need the audio also so much for the so much for keeping the drugs outsell the and so much for not using white -- Manning. Just got a prosecutors as normal one point is scheduled hour before I get back to the serious stuff it's it's as easy as the do you see that the president sitting in the courtroom. Any points through -- -- -- put the best pilots that before he did that sort of sit this group of like looking around. Cora and reroute sticking my body doesn't always like to tell the truth -- something. To tackle it any justice -- right in -- I think and. I'm Jim. That. I don't it was hilarious. What they did did -- to respond that he get a smile on his -- when they are yeah. Absolute ultimate laughing right along the -- about. He was probably get much human moments today. Yeah it was it was it was it was it was an interesting story told to but let's let's start out with more the FBI agent now T. Boy did he come across badly today I've never thought much of the guy I mean he's always been kind of -- we used these it's squirrelly guy. But today I mean he just came across as just beat the -- I don't know we -- he was shaking that why he wasn't the only guy that he was that what when he wasn't the only one of -- in fourth quarter on quarter informants that he was taken money for. He was -- -- what -- thought our -- mr. actually said. I wonder if you know pardon me wondering if he -- This could very well be the last time I ever take the stand in the all sorted drama -- what I need saying now. And it. It seemed like an impromptu moment when he turned to the Donahue and -- in and you know it's whatever apology was -- capable of giving. Mom although -- -- it -- any wrongdoing. You know I'm I'm -- express how sorry I am aware might have done. What I didn't do. -- and Eddie also OC also set I would I not gonna ask your for your forgiveness because if I'm in Europe. No one's capable are said to be like the once K I which I thought was weird the first time -- set but then he says the second time he said. Because no once you because you know you're capable of giving me forgiveness for me I guess God's the only one that's capable I don't know. Yeah and I both get up to its secret tradition Patricia Donahue Astor courts and work on the widow and it's. It's got to hurt all abortion wasn't showing it that you know anything. That means nothing -- I believe he must give Christian she said because he's caring around so much still. But he deserves attention and -- to -- -- pretty happy without much fictitious but we need to work and our prisons -- The fact -- that he he he was the head of he was head of the FBI. White corruption unit and and white collar crime in a way I mean he just he. You wouldn't have the stones to go after a position like that after he's been so compromised by and by multiple people. He's done ease ease his actions have resulted in two people getting killed basically at least two people getting killed but we know. He -- he was shaking people down he he was just say he was -- equip or in Winamp. Touch at cheater wrong just a bad just that horrible person. Everything that came out of my desk at work and more. I think you later in the day and need the extra hours. Get the sky -- -- It was so horrendous they want to -- even. All of a -- -- right -- -- just kept coming -- him you know these promotional opportunities and and he was nominated for an integrity award. And tearing around all these secrets and. Yeah it's kind of like it kind of makes you think about that that fake. That's fake identity that that the woman now was Lisa Jackson from the EPA had -- her speech he she invented this name of a guy and the guy -- that this fake guy started getting awards from BP -- Mean maybe this is the way the whole federal government works not just the FBI but the but every with -- bureaucracy. If you're they are you get these award since he just he just seemed to be collecting these awards. And it by the war who were asking NASA we at we now know the answer to the they waited that the variant that to book the last question out there the pension. Yes he gets the full pension which I suspected that. -- The exit out of the business about the first flight came up the other things that you were worried about losing going through. He was going through divorce have been have been cheating on this have been cheating on the first wife with the secretary. The FBI had been taken down to one. To these conference at least one conference that he that he asked -- -- to pay for. And a he was he was Saudia apparently he was so grief stricken by oh by dropping the names of Bayh dropping Howard's name but he got -- and -- killed it. The three weeks after he did it and they were in fact killed. He asked why do you give him a thousand box so we can take his girlfriend down to one about the Georgia what a nice guy and a. 00. Now. Which but you know you know after hearing all this -- I don't I don't necessarily -- why -- he said that this guy asked him to kill I kill his wife. You know and I don't either and and it was apparent that. The prosecutor -- like -- -- you needed to grab that we will strongly they couldn't you know. Stop the -- from happening we try to get marched right back on point which is. In your opinion was Whitey Bulger and FBI informant. There are no it is there any doubt your mind that he was an FBI informant Marsha Berry and Ringo -- yeah. And that's what -- all predate fight was all about. But you know again though the the jury the jury I'm sure was appalled by this guy I mean this is this guy you know he he looked like he was in the same class today with Rico when Connolly in terms of being of being corrupt. And totally amoral immoral unethical whatever you wanna say but fortunately quarrel fortunately. They had a guy warming up in the bullpen and they have a closer. It was the that lets you are going to. The that it actually forgot about everything out and out and. They got this guy or -- was. He comes up they're using your you'll look at -- say the sky is the drug be right I mean that's just be huge drug dealer from the eighties and southeast name is Joseph power. And he was look for it in the yearly setup chronologically took apparently this guy was the first drug dealer that they got. Yen in the South Boston. And he was having some problems with Caminiti who was a who later -- who later became a shooter for Whitey and and and killed a couple of drug -- Killed a couple of people alive who were ripping off one another one -- drug dealers. But just -- wasn't me it was an insane person. And just he was he was going after this guy Joseph power the a joke -- power excuse me Joseph Tower of Babel. There and -- who now lives in port saint Lucie Florida yes a sunny place for shady people and he he he started talking about how we were recruited and it was just it was just hilarious the way they the way they edit and the way he kept talking about. He he finally -- finally the judge the the -- Columbia court reporters. Keyboard was starting to smoke she was talking so fast and the judge had the column slowed down slowed down she can't take your words down this past. I've never I I would never hurt people. We're -- disclaimers at the end of our ads talked about. -- he now is of music he now is a the call themselves some kind of thing that nobody had ever heard about. A loose loose a Furl loose deter some than what they had to do with a guitar. Sort of an instant -- quipped well he knew that -- Bulger in the game because she you can musician at triple. And now he's -- designing guitars apparently floor. Yeah so we but he he was -- apply at the beginning he kept talking about how he was a musician the IBM but a that that that fig -- gave way rather rapidly that he was in May in fact the Major League drug dealer in South Boston. And he needed protection from this guy Caminiti who was -- the -- -- first the shake down drug dealers so he went to Y 82 get to get why these protection. And though NYT. What eighty yet took care not took care from a meeting took it a like when he said separate he said he was getting has again. If he was working with -- -- -- -- any Billy -- who was and it was an X on and why you like that Billy. He he's been -- figured he was right got to be room in the drug operation I guess I mean this one I know from reading rifleman and writing and bright moment. But Billy (%expletive) so so -- every error every go what's awhile so they they tell it they have the -- Is just hilarious. They say. He they say he's gonna meet Y eighty and so Kevin O'Neill calls them up and says says wait -- what -- -- car comes by. And and worms that bright calico but car what car says -- -- love blue blue Malibu with the despite what he say spiked wheels. Why your wheels and white vinyl. -- -- Why Wales and yeah it would. Yeah and white and white vinyl top. Yeah and everyone knew the car so he gets and this is the same car that you know that there against white he was driving when he came open -- Paul McDonald was secure with two guys who killed his father and otherwise. So he gets in the car -- -- they set it up with -- he and bill each day are running the drug organization. And it and he says. What he says so so it did so white he would come by sometimes would have to wait to get picked up his. And and bright Kelly goes when you meet his -- and and he goes well presumably his take. And particularly to me presumably. But it goes to holiest day. This adult daughter reminder oracle Austria Qaeda. -- -- -- Positively. His pay. NN many gets -- he gets arrested an intent to want to tell the story about the -- about about -- he puts his brother in charge of about. He is brother Tommy is and it is and since she's since he's looking at you know short time but he still look a little line. He puts his brother in charge you make of all collections and then boom -- tell us what happens after that does. Well Sony is right testicle you had -- North Shore area and -- -- collection and the next you know you get a phone call. Some unnamed curl and -- big talent that they not only got money they've got his brother. And it's with the brother on the finally tell them you know these -- serious and got a gun on me. You know do you gotta do. Yeah the George and Joseph precedes the hang up the phone. -- -- Oh and then you're -- that you guys are reasonably and that he hangs up the phone and then the brother later tells. A noble way -- stirred up. Because that's my brother you hurt your -- Until then. Have any hangs up the phone and the and they later on he finds out from his brother the sister. There really mad -- know what they're not used to people being -- up the phone like that. And to -- they call -- that -- -- back these guys these are these desperadoes. From Essex County call him back. In the say these they say well what -- your your whip boots and the rifle man. Boots being you know why bees and wanna avoid these nicknames and which ship point. Joseph power system. You'll really dead now. Supposed to used today it's. And they are rotary phones -- thanks. Colleen back we're probably. And now ideally -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the switch may have already been made but they might have had a rotary phone in the bar where they were. But so then the then they'd decided that they admit that then they decided to let him go and like the -- -- that so that he describes his presence and she says I got conquered five. You like everybody in the courtroom those Concord flies this right. Yeah. Conquered five and two and a half months to get to an -- much better than it did a month and a half. Crystal get my have my word was spoken money figures in the grand a week I didn't know what was going on so many gets but that he gets the call talent tells what happens then. Well now sadly all the terror element and that was the end of that you went in and went to a rotary records and he said Bulger gave a wave in which GM's technical you know but its arms common. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other guy quoted epic they called. Gang called -- idiotic the other guys over done. Yes the other center 'cause remember you can't I can't use it. You can't use his name beat your excuse me that that was the old -- can't you could use you -- he was the other guy here. But he but he you know rook at two -- the two guys in the car that was him in the right form and that's what's MacIntyre Macintosh used to call but. But now but but now apparently everything is cool and you can column by GM or why the year. Sell many of those boy toy -- -- whatever you wanna call it's it's okay to call now so power is going to be back on the stand tomorrow right. Are tallied and done with them then -- articulate them if anything with cross examination I mean I was gonna get so the better of that site. Yeah I I think in this case they better. I think in this case they just they they've been -- him. Might as well make make the make the cross examination brief because it just -- it'll just make that jurors forgot that. Forget forget the the the more us humiliation before the long weekend. And then my favorite part it's the whole thing is that setback he. You know over the courtroom -- how entertaining and how much people enjoy adamant that certain link in the early eighties. But these aren't raising -- go out. Would you say he was better than the Macey you're not. IIR. I didn't see the -- I don't know but I he was he's he's definitely my favorite so far so what do we know the other drug dealers going to be tomorrow. I I. Think I do it on to say for sure. Hopefully what we're going to be hearing you is yet to chill out according amounts from our correction. Old what it should be fine. That should be good so I don't think -- for -- -- John that's good I'm Obama conform to them comport to that too as well will be that'll be good. Well really chairman his own words you know what you. Something -- if they are put on the stand jurors may -- here otherwise. Yeah well another part -- just one last thing before much ago but -- -- another one of my favorite lines it was like Woody Allen movie. Final and friendly Jake parties ends up again just like in the Woody Allen says. Your honor I object to these objections. Like they -- will. Why checks -- -- and -- your -- I don't need to be difficult she looked great out and it's oh we're way out it's. Okay well I was that's good and so so you're you got your lead story tomorrow is. -- story to your lead on the story tomorrow is that he is that the Y eighty says that he he was that Morse wanted to kill his wife. Well we had that we can't go on the web -- -- -- I want to -- politics in Baltimore first. And it's just I mean to me. Perhaps when it is loaded with for apologizing mr. to dig himself and the prosecution out of a hole that's a ball on the app street day. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure he has breathing a sigh of relief -- in all likelihood I believe this will be his last time ever testified. And I think that's probably a load off his mind as soon as much as guilt that he feels -- claims he feels I'm mature. How much she really feels all the was -- seem to be cracking when he was when he was saying that. Yes I mean if it sounded sincere I still go back to know is motivation saying he hit 31 year to apologize to them. -- -- Yeah any any never you never -- he never apologize to anybody -- never was overcome with so much grief and remorse until he thought that they Stevie Flemmi was gonna bring him down. You know that's when he that's when he when and try to kind of fashion a deal for himself and by the way keep suspension. So we couldn't you know that's sad that vision is grief where is that tempered by his. But by his. Practicality. When it came to cutting a deal. And you know what he's alive which after all I've heard is. Anything to me. Oh by the way we're getting some are getting some -- things in here rather some -- some Texan here alone he caught a -- the year. That's what he has the guy who builds guitars comes from -- maker LUTHIEER. A little anger is a maker of string -- musical instruments I was open I was open Brian Kelly was gonna ask him the spell it because I had no idea what -- -- was talking about I never heard the phrase. I thought it was on any instruments on Sargent pepper for. Maybe you may get a lot. Video was well -- thank you for being with us warily and other -- no policy at a -- -- tomorrow morning one -- But like 18774694322. By the way Paul the UPS guy wants them.